TASK MANAGEMENT TOOLS: 24 Best Task Management Tools for Teams [2023]

Task management tools
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Managing our day-to-day activities can be a major challenge, especially when you have a plethora of tasks piling up for you. Thankfully, there are task management tools available to help you manage these tasks effectively, and most of them are free and open source. So, whether it’s for your personal or office tasks, let’s see some task management tools that can help you manage them effectively. 

Task Management Tools

A task management tool, as the name implies, allows you to plan, organize, and prioritize projects in order to complete them quickly and within the time limit specified.

Task management tools are specifically intended to meet the needs of project managers, eliminating the potential of missing personal and work-related deadlines and over budgets.

The nicest thing about the leading tool management solutions is that they are simple to use, regardless of whether you have used similar apps in the past.

So, if you’ve landed a job where managing tasks for yourself and others is your primary responsibility, a task management tool is an excellent choice.

The Best Free Task Management Tools

Here is a comprehensive overview of the top free task management tools on the market, including capabilities for both individuals and teams. They all have free versions, so it’s worth the try.

#1. DragApp

DragApp is more than just a task management system. It is a shared inbox solution with several capabilities to assist teams in managing their complete workflow.

It is the only software on this list that may be used within Gmail. Because most projects begin and end as emails in your inbox, Drag was created to eliminate the back and forth between Gmail and another task management service. When you manage your projects within Gmail, you gain productivity by eliminating steps that would otherwise be required with third-party apps or additional browser tabs.

#2. MeisterTask 

MeisterTask is a multi-platform task management collaboration solution. It allows you to organize and manage individual tasks in a flexible environment that adjusts to your needs. It works with Kanban boards and allows you to fill your responsibilities with all of the necessary information.

This program allows you to create automated workflows to assist your team in being more productive while handling many project responsibilities at once.

It has a free version that small teams can use extensively, while paid subscriptions start at $4.19 per month.

#3. Nifty

Nifty is a free task management and project management software that allows individuals and teams to handle activities in a very flexible and tailored manner. In Nifty, one may manage the duties of a full team as well as personal responsibilities in daily life to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.

In Nifty, tasks can be managed in two ways. Teams can utilize the list view to provide a more strict approach in the style of a current spreadsheet, or they can use a standard kanban board that can be displayed in dark mode, light mode, or classic mode. On its no-cost plan, Nifty also supports time tracking and configurable fields on tasks to deliver the best possible experience.

The free edition of Nifty allows for unlimited team members and expands to only paying for what you really use, allowing administrators to avoid overpaying.

#4. Todoist

Todoist is one of the free task management tools that lets you keep track of everything in your personal or professional life. It enables you to construct sections and subtasks, which improves your ability to keep track of your projects. It is also possible to favorite tasks and prioritize them.

Todoist allows you to delegate tasks and receive updates on new activities in the assignments if you need to work with a team. Furthermore, comments can be included so that everyone on the team is on the same page about what has to be done.

Individuals and small teams can use the free version. In the event that you need to upgrade, the annual plan starts at $3 per month.

#5. ClickUp

ClickUp includes features that allow you to personalize your experience within the tool. As a result, everyone on the team can manage individual and shared duties according to their preferences. It is software that enables functionality for many types of teams, including sales, marketing, and development.

#6. Hitask 

Hitask is a simple task management app that is easy to use and does not require a lengthy onboarding process. As a result, it may be ideal for many businesses or even individuals.

It includes a single screen with everything you need to handle a project on it. You can organize your tasks by due date, team, or plan, and you can also assign them to other teammates.

Small teams (up to 5 members) and individuals can use the free version. One notable feature of this freemium is the ability to create an unlimited number of tasks and projects. Prices start at $5 per user per month for larger teams that want more complicated capabilities.

#7. Basecamp 

Basecamp operates on an “all-in-one” concept, which means it acts as an organizer to keep all of your work in one place rather than scattering it all over the place. So, to make your life easier and avoid irritation, consider using Basecamp. Use its task management capabilities to get more done and be more efficient.

#8. TaskQue

TaskQue is a web-based task manager that goes beyond the idea of a standard to-do list tool. It assists organizations and individuals in simplifying their everyday activities and tracking task progress.

You have access to project analytics to assist the team in staying on track and completing everything on time.

#9. Trello.

Trello is possibly the most well-known task management software among those with a kanban interface. It is simple to use for each team because it includes a large range of templates for each of them — sales, marketing, business, HR, support, and others.

Although Trello may be preferable for simple workflows, you may make your projects more flexible and custom-built.

#10. Wrike

Wrike is a project management software that may also be used for marketing and product development. Because of its adaptability, this software can be used by a wide range of teams to interact and communicate while performing activities.

#11. ProProfs Project 

ProProfs Project is a task management program that does it all. It has useful features like task prioritization, instant messaging, and file sharing that allow you to work on numerous tasks at the same time.

#12. Podio

Podio is a task management system that allows you to concentrate all of your company activities in one location. It is adaptable and simple to use, and it has even won awards in the field of task management.

#13. Quire

Quire blends the Kanban-style with to-do lists to allow organizations to properly govern their operations. It provides a hierarchical task list that assists teams in breaking down large tasks into smaller segments.

Quire is now completely free, with all of its features available. They are finishing off their premium plans, and you can use them for free until the third quarter of 2020.

#14. Freedcamp 

Freedcamp is a platform for project planning, organization, and execution. It provides task lists, subtasks, and the option to make them private or public. You may also organize your tasks by dragging them across columns on a Kanban board.

You may also share and assign tasks, submit files, and participate in team conversations within the platform. Also, you get a calendar view that shows all of your projects’ tasks, milestones, and events.

#15. nTask

nTask is another free, simple app that does not have a steep learning curve. This means that it may be used by any team to manage their responsibilities.

It offers a number of capabilities for project and task management that are appropriate for an individual or a team. You can create tasks and assign them to coworkers. You may also utilize checklists, manage priorities, repeat tasks, receive notifications, use a task timer, set due dates, and other collaborative tools while managing your complex projects.

#16. Any.Do

Any. Do is a to-do list tool that allows you to rapidly create checklists and fill up task cards with all of the relevant information. It was created to assist you in organizing your life, achieving your goals, and never forgetting anything.

#17. Casual

Casual is a visual task and project management tool that lets you organize your job blocks any way you want. This task management tool, which is excellent for small and expanding project teams, uses visual charts to plan project activities.

#18. Tasklog

Tasklog is a to-do list tool that also tracks time and expenses in the cloud. This tool can be used by both freelancers and businesses. A task manager, a time tracker, timesheets, team boards, and a Pomodoro timer are among the key features of Tasklog.

#19. Proggio 

Proggio is a great tool to have on your side if you want to manage your project portfolio or keep track of all project chores. Its revolutionary features help you plan projects and complete them on time.

#20. Hive

Hive is a productivity application that uses automated task management to help you manage your tasks more effectively. It may be used by everyone on your team to organize and collaborate on assignments.

#21. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular task management applications on the market. It is a piece of software designed to manage not only jobs but also fully customizable workflows.

Asana’s UI is simple to use and adaptable, allowing teams to work with a variety of assortments. It enables you to track nearly every stage of your projects. Within this software, you can also easily coordinate all of your groups and allocate work.

#22. Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive business platform. It aids with the management of tasks, projects, CRM, communications, contact centers, and website development. So, if you’re looking for a tool that can help you with the majority of your daily operations, Bitrix is a terrific option.

You may expect a wide range of capabilities in online task management, such as an interactive Gantt chart view, task dependencies, and reports.

#23. Infolio

Infolio is a project collaboration suite that employs kanban view boards with custom lists and statuses to manage tasks and track their progress.

The built-in chat is a significant feature that helps teams stay connected and communicate in the same area where their projects take over. Additionally, project comments, online links, documents, and photographs can be added to the boards.

#24. Wimi

Wimi provides more than just online task management. Within this program, you may also manage documents and use a message system. Its interface is quite similar to that of a web browser, with tabs that allow you to switch between tasks.

Open Source Task Management Tools

Here is a list of free open-source task management tools on the market that are constantly updated and helps you keep on track:

#1. Fluxday

Fluxday is the first on our list of open-source task and productivity management tools that assists you in managing your tasks efficiently. This open-source task management application, with multi-user schemes, aids in the management of all corporate processes, from development to production.

#2. Task Coach

Task Coach is an online to-do manager that keeps all of your tasks organized and tracks them effectively. It assists in sorting everything out by providing all types of desktop versions that are compatible with all operating systems.

#3. Smart Sheet

Smart sheet is one of the open-source task management tools that handle projects of any size and assist in the collaboration of work, projects, and the team. Being simple to use and available on desktop, tablet, and mobile phone versions, Smart Sheet is a lifesaver for businesses looking for a time and project tracker.

#4. TaskFreak

Most organizations would want to have simple task management software that is free and open source, and TaskFreak can help with that and more. TaskFreak is a project management web application solution with a plethora of plugins that make task implementation simple.

#5. Producteev 

Producteev, which offers free trial versions and is ideal for small, medium, and large organizations, enables team members to effortlessly view one another’s work lists and achieve project deadlines. It assists in taking project management to the next level by keeping track of high-priority tasks and improving communication among team members.

Personal Task Management Tools

Personal task management tools enable people to plan their everyday tasks on a personal and professional level. These tools can help you stay focused on your daily goals, prioritize your most critical chores, and be more productive overall. Some of these personal task management tools include:

  • TeuxDeux
  • Habitica
  • Evernote
  • I Done This
  • ActiveInbox
  • Ntask
  • Microsoft To-Do
  • Any.do
  • Tootledo
  • Eisenhower

Is Asana A Task Management Tool?

Asana is included in our list of task management tools. It is a task management software with features such as projects, workspaces, tasks, and sections to manage projects and tasks for multiple clients and teams.

Is Asana Like Jira?

No. Unlike Asana, Jira meets the advanced needs of software teams and provides the strength and flexibility that agile teams require to deliver value to clients more quickly.

Which is Better, Asana or Trello?

Asana’s homepage is far more organized and provides a more comprehensive overview of a user’s projects and tasks, unlike Trello.

What is the best task management software?

The answer to the question of which task management software is best depends on a wide variety of factors, including the nature of the tasks you need to manage, the size of your team, and the amount of money you can allocate to the project. When looking for reliable task management software, we advise Infinity due to its adaptability and suitability for teams of varying sizes.

What is task management CRM?

One way to keep track of all your tasks Using customer relationship management software, you can keep track of your conversations with clients and customers by setting deadlines, assigning priorities, and tracking progress in real-time. By catering to the needs of project managers, such applications eliminate the risk of exceeding financial and time constraints set by clients.

In Conclusion

In today’s competitive marketplaces, firms must manage project duties as effectively as possible. As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team completes all tasks on time, and you will require a task management tool to do so. Task management tools are also important for your personal schedule, and we have made a list of free and open-source tools that you can use.

FAQs on Task Management Tools

What are PMS tools?

PMS tools are a collection of software developed to assist project teams in planning, tracking, and managing projects in order to meet project goals on time.

What is the most commonly used project management tool?

JIRA is the most commonly used project management software by firms that follow the Agile SDLC philosophy.

What is the best tool for project management and tasks tracking?

Kanban is the best tool for project management and task tracking.

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