How To Protect Your Business From Fire Disaster

The accidental events happening around markets and business places seem to be quite on the increase. In October it was in Anambra, damaging business goods and assets worth more than 800million naira in a couple of hours. That wasn’t the first time such occurrence was happening. Markets and businesses in Nigeria have lost more than 7billion naira since 2011 added to the recent fire outbreak in a Lagos market, which leads to the question, “What are the Ways to Protect your business from Fire Disaster?”.

This isn’t a time to point fingers on the government or wait for the government to protect your business. If the government isn’t taking the step you want then you really would have to learn to protect yourself. Do this 4 things to protect your business from fire outbreak

1 Take Precautions; as one of the 4 ways to protect your business from fire disasters.

There are fire accidents that can be avoided and there are a few that could be out of your control. The important thing is to do all the necessary things you can to avoid accidents that are within your control. Precautions to take could include to off electrical appliance from the power supply control not just from switches each time you close for the day. Keep away things that could support fire burning.

An example could be to avoid keeping fuel gallons or inflammable liquids within the business premises. Avoid smoking within business premises but if you must, take precautions to put off the fire from the smoking residue and discard them in a stainless plate. Such materials on a flammable material are enough to cause fire accidents.

2 Fire extinguishing material

Instal a fire extinguisher in your business place and should be within reach at all times. A fire alarm can help, it works with a temperature sensor and rings once it measures temperature above normal room temperature. Water spillers could be installed in your work or business place, they work with sensors too.

Added to this could be that you might find manual but automatic fire extinguishers. An example could be packing bag(s) of sachet water close to possible places where a fire could spark from. Maybe close to switches or cooking gas. The fire would easily dissolve the nylons thus exposing the flow of water to the fire source immediately. Also, train your workers on fire and health safety.

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3. Insurance

There are fire incidents that are beyond your control. The October fire accident in Onitsha Anambra state Nigeria was out of control as it got started as a result of a tanker load of fuel which fell and caught fire burning down almost a big part of the market. In this case, only the fire service arm could help. Millions of naira worth of assets were lost but some people were protected. Why? They had insurance.

This is the reason you should have an insurance policy that protects your business from fire disaster. It will protect you from circumstances beyond your control. The cost is way cheaper than the loses one might encounter should there be an accident.

4. Business data back up

Always have a back up of your business data. Be it a document, files and other important things that matter to your business. You can back up on your mail, hard drive or simply have duplicates stored elsewhere outside the business environment. It might even be online stored on a part of your website hosting platform and removing the link from public access.

There are numerous software applications that can help with data storage and back up. This can also help you access your documents from anywhere in the world at any time as long as you have the log-in details. This is important so you don’t have to lose important data and documents after a fire accident. Insurance would not be responsible for affected files and documents. It’s your responsibility to protect you, your business and as well protect your business documents, which makes this the most important of the 4 ways to protect your business from fire disaster.

Share this article to friends and people who operate close to your business premises,  fire spreads quickly if they learn to protect their business premises, your business too is protected.

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