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What is it that allows you to be productive throughout the day and effectively finish all of your planned tasks? You are unquestionably correct if your response is efficient time management!
When you manage your time efficiently, it is simpler to focus on the important things and complete your tasks on time. This is true in both the professional world and your personal life: if you have a goal to fulfill, you simply cannot avoid time management. And the best time management tools discussed in this piece will undoubtedly assist you in better organizing your time and achieving the desired outcomes at work.

Top Time Management Tools

#1. Scoro

Scoro provides you with all of the tools you need for effective time management, such as time tracking, billing, work reporting, and project and task management.

Features include:

  • Monitor both actual and billable time and apply it to an invoice.
  • Automate late invoice reminders, as well as scheduled and recurring billing.
  • Invoices based on hours completed are emailed to clients.
  • Project, task, and customer management expertise
  • Work, sales performance, budgets, and so forth are all reported on.

Scoro combines time tracking, project management, and CRM, boosting collaboration and making it simple to manage all of your company activities in one location.

  • The price starts at $26 per user per month.

#2. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab integrates time billing and project management to make it easier to plan and track creative endeavors. This program also includes tools for team collaboration and real-time communication.

Features include:

  • Task creation with multiple users and deadlines
  • Tasks can be filtered by users, dates, and labels.
  • Providing feedback on jobs and naming coworkers
  • Planning a timeline in the form of a Gantt chart
  • A shared team calendar to facilitate collaboration
  • Tracking time and sending bills

What’s unique about this technology is that it improves team communication and makes it more enjoyable. For easy customizing, any user can set a custom theme for their platform.

  • The price starts at $25 per month for 5 users.

#3. ProofHub

ProofHub is a versatile project management system utilized by major corporations such as NASA, Disney, Taco Bell, and others. This all-in-one tool is jam-packed with strong capabilities that reduce the need for many tools to run your business.

Features include:

  • Using online proofing software saves a significant amount of time during the feedback-sharing process.
  • Team task management is made less demanding.
  • ProofHub’s Gantt charts provide a visual representation of projects.
  • There is also a mobile app for Android and iOS users.
  • The price starts at $45 per month.

#4. Clarizen

Clarizen’s cloud-based project management software has one goal: to help your company grow.

Features include:

  • There is no limit to the number of projects that can be created.
  • Processes that are automated and repeatable, as well as warnings and workflows
  • Social cooperation
  • Budgeting and expense management

What makes this application unique is that it provides flexible workflows; customizes Clarizen to fit how your firm does business, not the other way around.

  • The price starts at $60 per user each month.

#5. Harvest

Harvest is a well-known time and billing application on the market. Harvest’s simple UI and limited feature set make it extremely simple to log time and bill clients.

Features include:

  • Making estimates and invoices depending on the amount of time worked
  • Timekeeping from any browser, Mac, iPhone, or Android device
  • Time-tracking integrations for all of your favorite project management tools
  • Time spent reports in real time
  • What’s intriguing about this tool is that it focuses on doing one thing well.
  • Price starts at $12 per month, plus $10 per month for each additional user.

#6. Toggl

Toggl is an easy-to-use time-tracking program that interfaces with dozens of project management systems. It is the ideal complement to your current tools, allowing you to be more productive throughout the day.

Features include:

  • For accurate time tracking, you can create an unlimited number of projects and sub-projects.
  • Updates on the progress of the team
  • Time tracking both online and offline

What’s unique about this program is that it connects effortlessly with your favorite productivity tools like Trello, Scoro, and Asana.

  • The price starts at $9 per user per month.

#7. Replicon

Replicon is a sophisticated multi-feature system that allows businesses to track work time and bill clients for completed tasks.

Features include:

  • Timekeeping and timesheets
  • Different billing rates for various users
  • Budgeting and spending management for projects
  • Time utilization analytics

What’s intriguing about this product is that it appeals to major corporations trying to better manage their employees’ time. The application assists in obtaining a detailed picture of each minute spent at work.

  • The price starts at $20 per user per month.

#8. Timecamp

Time tracking is used by Timecamp to bill clients, measure project profitability, and pay employees at the end of the month.

Features include:

  • Automated tracking of billable and non-billable time
  • Payment getaway integrated
  • Budgeting in terms of money or time
  • Reporting that is effective
  • Apps for mobile and desktop

What’s unique about this application is that, in addition to paying clients, Timecamp makes it simple to compute income based on time worked.

  • Pricing: Free Solo plan (one person), starting at $6 per user per month for bigger organizations.

#9. Bill4Time

Bill4Time is a feature-rich cloud-based time billing program. It streamlines billing, assists with revenue recovery, and allows you to track time and expenses from anywhere.

Features include:

  • Keep track of both billable and non-billable time.
  • Get work summaries on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Client access portal
  • Options for invoicing and online payment
  • Accounting, project, and other reporting are extensive.

What makes this application unique is that it provides a comprehensive set of reports on the team’s productivity, project profitability, and much more.

  • Pricing starts at $30 per month plus $10 per user.

#10. Nutcache

Nutcache is an all-in-one project management application with time-tracking and invoicing capabilities. It is intended for small teams that bill their clients on a project basis and want to better manage their time.

Features include:

  • Timekeeping and billing
  • Expenditure control
  • Connecting projects and completed tasks to clients

What makes Nutcache unique is its simple user interface, which is ideal for teamwork.

  • Pricing: Up to 20 users are free (with limited functionality); larger teams and more features start at $6 per user per month.

#11. Hubstaff

Hubstaff assists in tracking both work and leisure time for your workforce. It’s an excellent choice for businesses that want to track all of their employees’ time spent at work (not just the time spent on tasks).

Features include:

  • Using screenshots to track time spent on tasks
  • Client billing for projects
  • Reports on the time spent by the team
  • Sending customized reports to clients via email
  • Employees are paid based on the amount of time they work.

What’s remarkable about this program is that it counts time spent on various websites and desktop applications in addition to time working. You will receive data on your team’s time utilization and will be able to track how they spend their time.

  • The price starts at $49 per month for ten users.

#12. Freckle

Freckle’s objective is to make time tracking quick, simple, and nearly enjoyable for your team.

Features include:

  • Time management
  • Billing and invoicing for time worked
  • Dashboard displaying your time expenditure
  • People classification and report generation
  • Apps for Mac, iPhone, and mobile web

What makes this application unique is that it uses tags to monitor projects and navigate between billable and non-billable jobs. This makes entering time entries quick and simple.

  • The price starts at $49 per month for 5 users.

#13. Teamwork

Teamwork allows you to estimate how much time you think it will take to complete tasks and then track your actual time against that estimate. Soon, your estimations will be highly accurate, and you’ll know exactly how long it takes to perform particular jobs!

Features include:

  • Time estimation and tracking for a project
  • Invoicing based on the amount of time worked
  • Bespoke time reports with export capabilities
  • Timekeeping on the go

What’s noteworthy about this tool: Teamwork’s invoicing component isn’t as robust as some other tools, but it interfaces with all of your preferred billing tools, such as QuickBooks, Harvest, Xero, and so on.

  • The price starts at $24 per month.

#14. Bric

Bric is a time billing program that is based on analytics. They provide insight into the future in order to develop budgets, plan hires, and track how employees spend their time.

Features include:

  • Time tracking that can be customized
  • Rates and user roles
  • Reports on usage

What makes this product unique is that, in addition to substantial time billing features, it also includes project planning and management tools.

  • The pricing is $7 per user per month.

#15. Avaza

Avaza time tracker allows you to set and stop a timer on your phone, tablet, or any other device, and always keep track of the hours spent on a specific work.

Features include:

  • Timekeeping on the go
  • Invoice time entries
  • Timetable approvals
  • Keeping track of your expenses

What’s unique about this program is that, in addition to time tracking and billing, Avaza provides a number of automation and project management tools.

  • Pricing: Free for up to five projects, starting at $9.95 for bigger teams.

#16. Asana

Asana integrates project management, file storage, and collaboration features to let teams manage projects without using email.

Features include:

  • Divide your work into tasks and distribute them to team members.
  • Divide your tasks into projects to create roadmaps and timelines.
  • Check up on your team’s progress and review milestones.
  • Get notifications about project updates.
  • To gain a rapid overview of a project, use project dashboards.

What makes this product unique: Asana is a very simple program with a simple layout. Check it out if you’re a small team with simple projects.

  • Price: Free for up to 15 members, $8.33 per user per month for premium.

#17. Trello

Trello is well-known for visualizing project activities on a cardboard-like dashboard, which is ideal for managing short and rapid daily tasks.

Features include:

  • On cardboard, simple job management
  • Generating an infinite number of task lists
  • File and image sharing
  • Arranging listings according to dates or priority
  • Collaboration and commenting

What makes this application unique: Trello is the most visible way for teams to collaborate on any project, from startups to Fortune 500 businesses.

  • Pricing: Personal use is free; companies pay $9.99 per user per month.

#18. Zapier

Zapier is a web-based automation application that allows you to link two or more apps and automate repetitive processes. You can link and automate your apps using tools like Zapier in just a few clicks. You may use Zapier to search for your favorite apps and then select from a list of “Zaps” (integrations) or construct your own process.


  • Synchronize with Google Calendar
  • Apps should be shared publicly.
  • Create triggers and actions.
  • Repetitive tasks should be automated.
  • Pricing: $19.99 per month for the starter package, payable annually.

#19. Focus Booster

Focus booster is one of the most dependable time management programs on the market today. You can quit procrastinating and track your time with Focus booster to achieve more, understand how you utilize your time, and feel content knowing you are productive. Focus booster is great for freelancers, students, and goal-oriented individuals.


  • Timesheets will be generated if you record your sessions.
  • The top tiny timer lets you know when your next break is.
  • To be most effective, work in short sharp spurts followed by brief rests.
  • Fast and simple reporting for sharing reports or creating invoices in seconds.
  • Individual plans start at $2.99 while professional plans start at $4.99.

#20. Clockify

Clockify is a free, full-featured time-tracking tool for teams. Clockify’s free plan includes limitless basic functionality as well as unlimited users, infinite projects, and many more features. It is meant for teams and can be used in the cloud or installed on Mac, Windows, or Linux OS.


  • Use a stopwatch to keep track of time.
  • Hours can be entered manually in manual mode.
  • Keep track of project time.
  • Label time as chargeable.
  • Each week, quickly load activities.
  • Pricing: Unlimited users are free indefinitely.

#21. Monday

Monday.com is a prominent time management program and a cloud-based work operating system that provides the right time management platform for small to large enterprises. Users of Monday.com can add code-free automation to their boards to reduce human mistakes and devote more time to work that matters.

In addition to time management, monday.com allows users to connect and collaborate in a single shared workplace. It also connects with your existing tools to help you streamline your processes and get more done in less time.
The mobile app version allows users to track time from any location at any time.


  • Completely adjustable board to suit your needs.
  • ordinary processes are automated
  • One versatile platform for planning, executing, and tracking work
  • It offers a versatile reporting function that provides users with a time breakdown by task, project, and client.
  • Pricing: The basic plan is $39 per month, the standard plan is $49 per month, the pro plan is $79 per month, and the enterprise plan is available upon request.

What is the Importance of Time Management?

Time management is essential for helping you prioritize your work and avoiding unneeded stress at work in order to get better results.

How Do You Pick the Right Time Management Tool For You?

Here are some crucial factors to consider while selecting the best time management tools:

  • Pricing
  • Tracking capabilities
  • The learning curve
  • Compatibility with various devices
  • Reporting functionality

Why are Time Management Tools so Vital at work?

Simply said, the purpose of time management tools is to help you better manage your time. You may become more productive, make better time decisions, and spend less time on things like reporting and invoicing by using time management tools.

When it comes to time management tools, it’s important to remember that it’s quite simple to get excited about a new tool. The difficult aspect is using the chosen tool consistently.
That is why you must first have a compelling reason for wanting to improve your time management skills (for example, to earn more money or have more free time), then identify the most appropriate tool for your needs, and finally, use the tool for an extended period of time to become accustomed to it.
Here is a list of things that time management software can help you with:

  • Making a list of your objectives (clearly defined goals help with time management tremendously)
  • Arranging your week and planning how you will spend your time ahead of time
  • Keeping track of all the things that need to be accomplished (with deadlines)
  • Organizing your tasks (or not forgetting about them)
  • Keeping track of and analyzing all time spent (for optimization purposes)
  • Administrative simplification (such as reporting, invoicing, etc.)
  • Coordination with your group
  • Better meeting management
  • reducing distractions and improving concentration
  • Thinking about where you might improve and forming new behaviors

All of this should lead to you being more successful – making better decisions about your priorities, taking on larger projects with higher value-added, saying no to unimportant things, and so on – and more efficient – working faster in the flow without distractions, saving time with reporting, communicating about your goals more effectively, and so on.


If you want to improve your time management, try some of the tools and apps on this list. There’s something here for everyone, from simple productivity boosters to full-time management tools.


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