Recruiting Agency: Best Agencies and What You Should Know

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A recruiting agency is a cost-effective answer to reoccurring challenges with internal hiring for many enterprises. Internal hiring, for example, is costly and time-consuming, with no guarantee that your new employee will succeed. Recruiting agencies, on the other hand, can help you reduce your employee’s workload and speed up the hiring process. Here, we’ll explain how a recruitment agency works, with a list of IT and remote job recruiting agencies to help you with the hiring process. We have also outlined steps you can take to become a recruiter.

How Does A Recruiting Agency Work?

Working with a recruiting agency has the advantage of having an established recruitment procedure that they employ for each open post. First, the recruiter inquires about the hiring company and the position that needs to be filled. This provides the agency with a clear image of what the company is searching for in an employee. The recruiter will then go over the services they provide and the prices they charge. After both sides have agreed on their terms and signed the necessary papers, the recruiter will begin looking for a new employee.

The recruiter will discover job-seekers that fit the bill for the position through networks and external sources and contact them to see if they are interested in an interview. The interview procedure varies with each agency, however, it commonly follows the following timeline:

#1. The recruiter will contact the candidate and seek a phone interview.

#2: If everything goes well over the phone, the applicant will be invited to a video interview.

#3: The most impressive prospects will be offered to the hiring organization, which will choose candidates for one-on-one interviews with the interview team.

#4: The hiring company selects its best candidates, and the recruiting firm initiates job offer talks.

What Can a Good Recruiting Agency Do for Your Company?

Recruiting agencies may assist organizations of all sizes in maintaining efficiency and expanding their reach.

Small Enterprises

The majority of small firms lack the resources to discover, interview and hire qualified people. Recruitment agencies fill this void by acting as a company extension and the organization’s on-demand recruiting staff.

Hiring agencies can also assist small businesses in adhering to equal opportunity guidelines, removing the difficulty of employing a diverse workforce from a restricted local recruiting pool. Third-party staffing services can help emerging organizations get a “head start” on obtaining top-tier personnel by widening their reach.

Mid-sized Enterprises

A great recruiting agency will develop a long-term strategy for your staffing needs and then put this strategy into action as your company grows. Recruiting agencies are crucial for midsize businesses when it comes to developing talent pipelines that can be referred to when their next job arises, whether it’s a new role or a result of turnover. Long-term planning and pipeline development guarantee that mid-sized firms maintain momentum and satisfy expectations.

Enterprise Companies

Businesses have a 10% turnover rate, which means that a company with 2,000 employees must fill 200 or more positions each year; statistically, this equates to over 16 new employees each month. Keeping up with the personnel need caused by turnover while also hiring for new positions or divisions necessitates significant expenditure. Recruitment firms relieve managers and the talent acquisition department of this burden.

Top Recruitment Agencies For You

#1  Uplers 

Uplers is a premier talent outsourcing firm dedicated to providing clients globally with solid, scalable, and innovative solutions.

The agency assures clients of cost-effective and quality-driven solutions, having been in the staffing market for more than 8 years and have an 800+ professional workforce with diverse skills and skill sets.

#2. Kelly Services 

Kelly has been in the temporary staffing business since 1946. It offers its services to both small and large businesses. It is useful in a variety of industries, including finance, information technology, and law.

#3. Adecco 

Adecco Group provides temporary staffing services in a variety of nations, including North America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Australia. It offers services such as temporary staffing, permanent placement, outsourcing, and talent management.

#4. CareerOneStop

The US Department of Labor sponsors CareerOneStop. It also works with the AmericanJobCenter network.

#5. Elite Staffing 

Elite Staffing is a staffing business that provides temporary staffing and employment services to a variety of sectors. It offers its services in a variety of industries, ranging from contract packing and warehousing to administrative assistants and machine operators.

#6. Q-Staffing

Q-Staffing is a recruiting agency that specializes in working for the back office, factory floors, and programmers. It is applicable to a wide range of industries, including information technology, human resources, finance, light industrial vocations, engineering, and so on.

#7. Pridestaff 

Pridestaff is a recruiting firm that offers temp staffing and recruiting services to a variety of industries. It works tirelessly to give outstanding client service and qualified individuals.

#8. Prologistix 

Prologistix is an employment firm in the United States that specializes in filling warehouse and logistics positions.

Recruiting Agency For Remote Jobs

With so many on-demand, gig economy, and remote work job boards and freelancer platforms to choose from, it’s crucial to do your homework. To locate exceptional personnel, each tool and job listing site should be researched and used in the best way possible for your specific industry.

Some of the benefits of using a recruiting agency for remote jobs include:

  • Faster time to hire remote workers
  • Access to more talent
  • Flexibility
  • Part-time & full-time employees.

A good remote jobs recruiting agency will provide these benefits and more. Let’s see some of the best recruiting agencies for remote jobs

What Is The Best Recruiting Agency For Remote Jobs?

#1. Toptal

Toptal is a freelancing platform and talent service that connects you with the best remote workers for your tasks. Applicants are pre-screened and evaluated to ensure they have the necessary capabilities. Toptal will only accept individuals that match their stringent screening criteria, ensuring that you are recruiting top talent.

#2. only hires professional freelancers for a variety of technical positions. They specifically attract individuals interested in working on a contract basis, which is ideal for firms trying to hire remote workers and companies interested in work-from-home rules. will collaborate with your firm to find the greatest fit using a number of talent assessments.

#3. Turing

Turing, a name linked with programming, prioritizes providing quality matches to their clientele. They put potential applicants through rigorous testing in all parts of programming for more than eight hours. They use that information to link candidates to employers as soon as feasible.

#4. FlexJobs

Got a flexible job to advertise? It’s written in their name. FlexJobs, like typical job boards, is designed around the applicant’s experience. Companies, on the other hand, can benefit from this because potential hires are more likely to be happy when they have a favorable applicant experience. There are numerous employment categories available, including programming.

#5. WeWorkRemotely

We Work Remotely, which bills itself as the world’s largest remote community, has millions of monthly visitors, according to its website. As a result of their big following, they have become one of the most popular sites for finding and listing the greatest remote employment. This site is used by Fortune 500 corporations and well-known brands to hire tech expertise.

#6. WorkingNomads

The “technomad” movement is massive, and it’s an excellent source of talent for your remote work positions. WorkingNomads is a platform designed specifically for folks who desire the freedom of remote work. The portal curates and posts jobs specifically for that demographic.

#7. Outsourcely

Outsourcely, which focuses on startups, is dedicated to pairing remote employees with job opportunities at new businesses. While your new firm is just getting started, having a remote staff can help you save money and boost your prospects of long-term success.

IT Recruiting Agencies

IT recruiting agencies assist businesses in streamlining efficiency, lowering hiring expenses, and eliminating process headaches. An IT recruiting agency can provide temporary personnel at inexpensive pricing for a wide range of requirements instead of hiring a specialized staff of in-house technical recruiters. IT recruiting agencies collaborate closely with hiring managers to ensure that candidates have the necessary skills and expertise.

What Are the Top IT Recruiting Agencies?

Here are some of the best IT recruiting agencies for you to consider. 

#1. Adecco

Adecco provides ample options in industry, region, and employment type, whether you’re a job seeker looking to connect with big-box brands and top-tier organizations or a business owner looking for exceptional IT expertise. Since its inception more than 50 years ago, Adecco has advocated for scalable solutions. Adecco draws varied talent through collaborative initiatives that focus on older workers, disabled workers, veterans, and youth.

#2. Bridge Technical Talent 

Bridge strategically connects organizations with IT professionals who are capable of meeting an employer’s specific IT requirements. Healthcare, banking, insurance, software development, retail, manufacturing, and e-commerce are among the industries served by the agency.

#3. Diversant

Diversant’s screening process results in greater matches between vacant positions and what IT workers seek, establishing company-candidate fit as a distinction from other staffing firms. Diversant is a recognized minority-owned business venture that specializes in matching extraordinarily diverse talent with Fortune 500 and mid-tier corporations. It is one of the largest IT staffing firms in the United States.

#4. Epitec

Epitec takes pride in putting people first when it comes to client care and screening. Because of its excellent client satisfaction rates, the agency has earned a solid reputation since its inception in 1978. Epitec, a company that specializes in IT, engineering, and professional staffing, strives to reduce expenses, increase efficiency, and improve workflow management.

#5. Frontline Source Group

Frontline Source Group, named the Best Staffing Agency to Work For (2020-2022) by Staffing Industry Analysts, employs a team of technical recruiters with an advanced awareness of industry standards. It is known for covering highly specialized tasks such as help desk support, software developers, software quality assurance testers, and network administrators.

#6. Insight Global

Insight Global is well-positioned to locate a broad talent pool due to its commitment to women (who make up 70% of its workers) and its IG University training curriculum. In 2021, the firm won multiple awards, including Best Sales Teams, Best CEO Roles for Women, and Best Business for Professional Development. Insight Global focuses on IT, government, finance, healthcare, and engineering personnel.

#7. The LaSalle Network

Aside from employment and recruitment, LaSalle Network prides itself on “employee-employer fit.” It was been named one of the Businesses That Care in 2021. LaSalle Network conducts training sessions where recruiters can learn how to link talent to rising organizations.

#8. Lucas Group

Lucas Group, a Korn Ferry recruiting business, searches the global landscape for candidates in IT, legal, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain, and sales. The firm ranked seventh in Forbes’ America’s Top Professional Recruitment Firm rankings in 2021.

How to Become A Recruiter

If you’ve decided to go into recruiting, you might not know where to start. For starters, there is no recruitment degree. To begin this fulfilling and rewarding job, you must first learn how to become a recruiter. Here are the fundamental steps to take to become one.

#1. Get a degree

An undergraduate degree is not required. Nonetheless, it may help launch your career as a recruiter.

A bachelor’s degree may assist you in developing necessary soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. So, which degree should you go for?

According to one study, the following are the most popular recruitment majors:

  • Psychology 
  • Business 
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Sociology

It’s fine if you majored in something else. The aforementioned are typical recruiting majors. However, they are not the only ones you could pursue.

#2. Acquire recruiter skills

Another important aspect of becoming a recruiter is allowing some of your recruiter skills to shine.

To be an excellent recruiter, you must have strong sales, communication, time management, and problem-solving abilities.

You must be able to pitch your recruiting services to potential recruiting firms, clients, and prospects. Demonstrate why people should want to collaborate with you.

Communication skills are also required for recruitment candidates. To make a successful placement, you must collaborate with two parties. You must also negotiate in order to help your customers accept job offers.

Learning how to become a recruiter necessitates time management abilities. When you’re handling many job orders, you must divide your time carefully.

In an industry where you’re filling unfilled positions with enthusiastic job applicants, problems are bound to arise. When it comes to problem resolution, you must sometimes be creative.

#3. Accumulate appropriate work experience

You may not begin as a recruiter after receiving your degree. You could work in industries that will help you improve your recruiting abilities.

#4. Get certifications

There are several recruiter certification programs available to assist you to advance in your recruitment career. Certain certifications may also be used in place of a bachelor’s degree.

Certification may be required by your potential employer. Certifications can be obtained in person or online.

#5. Attend recruitment training

In any industry, ongoing training is required. You can learn new sourcing methods, industry trends, and how to integrate important technology (e.g., applicant tracking systems) into the hiring process through recruitment training.

Over your career, you should also consider extra recruitment training. 

#6. Apply for jobs

The final step in learning how to become a firm recruiter is to apply.

Unless you decide to create your own practice, you will most likely have to go through the hiring process on your own.

Prepare for interview questions by familiarizing yourself with them. Make a list of what you like about each company’s hiring procedure to assist you to create your own recruitment strategy.

Utilize each hiring process as an opportunity to establish and expand your own recruitment brand. When applying and interviewing, demonstrate your recruitment skills, education, and experience.

What Does An Agency Recruiter Do?

An agency recruiter is a professional at locating, screening and attracting candidates for open positions. The recruiter is often in charge of the complete talent acquisition process, from start to finish.

Who Pays A Recruitment Agency?

The recruitment agency is usually paid by the employee after it has successfully hired a suitable employee for the employer. 

What Should I Avoid During Recruitment?

Some common mistakes you should avoid during recruitment include:

  1. Writing job descriptions that limit inclusivity
  2. Not putting the candidates’ skills to the test 
  3. Conducting poor interviews 
  4. Not taking advantage of HR technology 
  5. Failing to keep candidates updated 
  6. Not asking for candidates’ feedback

Can I Be A Recruiter With No Experience?

You can become a successful Recruiter even if you have no prior experience or background. Anyone, whether a new graduate or someone wishing to change careers, can learn to become a Recruiter without having attended a college or university degree program.

In Conclusion,

Recruiting agencies serve as a bridge between talent and career openings. Employers typically utilize recruitment agencies to identify job candidates, but this is not always the case. What all recruitment firms have in common is that they try to uncover the greatest individuals for a job opening, streamline the candidate screening and hiring process, and ensure the best possible fit between candidate and opportunity.

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