Project Planning Software: 60+ Best Software in 2023 (Free & Paid Options)

project planning software
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  1. Need for Project Planning Software
  2. Best Project Planning Software 
    1. #1.GanttPRO Best Project Planning Software (Paid)
    2. #2. CROOW Best Project Planning Software
    3. #3. Forecast Best Project Planning Software
    4. #4. GoodDay Best Project Planning Software
    5. #5. Kissflow Best Project Planning Software
    6. #6. Smartsheet Best Project Planning Software
    7. #7. Confluence Project Planning Software
    8. #8. Project Planning Software
    9. #9. I next Project Planning Software
    10. #10. Float Project Planning Software
    11. #11. Teamwork Project Planning software
    12. #12. Upwave Project Planning Software
    13. #13. Proggio Project Planning Software
    14. #14. Mavenlink Project Planning Software
    15. #15. Beesbusy Project Planning Software
    16. #16. Space Project Planning Software
    17. #17. Visual Planning Project Software
    18. #18. ProWorkflow Project Planning Software
    19. #19. VOGSY Project Planning Software
    20. #20. Notion Project Planning Software
    21. #21.Ravetree Project Planning Software
    22. #22. Backlog Project Planning Software
    23. #23.Resource Guru Project Planning Software
  3. Free Project Planning Software
    1. #1. Trello Free Project Planning Software 
    2. #2. Asana Free Project Planning Software
    3. #3. Nifty Free Project Planning Software
    4. #4. MeisterTask + MindMeister Free Project Planning Software
    5. #5.nTask Free Project Planning Software
    6. #6. Zenkit Free Project Planning Software
    7. #7. Airtable Free Project Planning Software
    8. #8. Teamdeck Free Project Planning Software
    9. #9. TeamGantt Free Project Planning Software
  4. Project Planning and Management Software
    1. #1. Basecamp Project Planning and Management Software
    2. #2. Wrike Project Planning and Management Software
    3. #3. LiquidPlanner Project Planning and Management Software
    4. #4.ClickUp Project Planning and Management Software
    5. #5. ProofHub Project Planning and Management Software 
    6. #6. FunctionFox Project Planning and Management Software
    7. #7. Workzone Project Planning and Management Software
    8. #8. Paymo Project Planning and Management Software
    9. #10. Celoxis Project Planning and Management Software
    10. #11. Kintone Project Planning and Management Software
    11. #12. Clarizen Project Planning and Management Software
    12. #13. Quickbase Project Planning and Management Software
    13. #14. Robohead Project Planning and Management Software
    14. #15. Planview Project Planning and Management Software
    15. #16. Yodiz Project Planning and Management Software
    16. #17. Todoist Project Planning and Management Software
    17. #18. Infinity Project Planning and Management Software
    18. #19. MindGenius Project Planning and Management
    19. #20. Podio Project Planning and Management Software 
    20. #21. Rindle Project Planning and Management
    21. #22. Accelo Project Planning and Management Software 
    22. #23. Process Street Project Planning and Management Software
    23. #24. Chanty Project Planning and Management Software
    24. #25. Planning and Management Software
    25. #26. Procore Project Planning and Management Software
    26. #27. Freshservice Project Planning and Management Software
    27. #28. Quire Project Planning and Management Software 
    28. #29. Google Task Project Planning and Management Software
    29. #30. Indy Project Planning and Management Software
  5. Project Planning Software Mac
    1. #1. Teamwork
    2. #2. Hive
    3. #3. Smartsheet
    4. #4. Omniplan
    5. #5. NiftyPM
  6. What is an Excel Project Plan?
  7. Can Excel be Used to Manage Projects?
  8. Which Project Management Tool Is the Most Effective for Small Businesses?
  9. Conclusion
  10. Project Planning Software FAQ’s
  11. What are six planning tools?
  12. Which software is used for project planning?
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Is there a need for project planning and management software? People frequently ask such questions. And yes, there is a need for it. Read on to know which one is the best and free project planning software for business owners.

Need for Project Planning Software

Project planning software makes it easy to design the work breakdown structure and estimate the work effort necessary for every task from the WBS. Then solidify the most logical activities order during the project scheduling phase. Then simply define and detect risks that may affect project development. So it is a necessity for a business owner to have software for project planning. 

Best Project Planning Software 

There are features that come with project planning software. We’ll look at the best project planning software.

#1.GanttPRO Best Project Planning Software (Paid)

GanttPRO is a project planning software with advanced functionality for organizing and completing a variety of tasks. However, In a centralized workspace, project teams may plan projects, schedule tasks, and manage resources while collaborating with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

On the other hand, GnttPRO users may use Gantt charts to break down their work into tasks. Allocate tasks to teammates, organize them into projects for timeframes, define task dependencies and milestones, review the team’s progress, receive notifications, and more.

In addition, this planning tool allows you to create many workplaces and projects. When you’re finished generating them, the drag-and-drop feature will make it simple to begin adding tasks and setting start/due dates. Meanwhile, GanttPRO is a low-cost project planning tool with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to get started quickly. However, You can use ready-made Gantt chart templates to get started quickly. You may also export and import charts from software such as Microsoft Project and Excel.

#2. CROOW Best Project Planning Software

This is basically a platform with a simple and adaptable structure for collaborative project work. The application supports waterfall and agile techniques provide numerous perspectives like Gantt and Kanban and automate operations using customizable templates.

Again, the application contains project management capabilities for organizing to-do lists, schedules, and deliverables. Users can also create tasks, give due dates, and interact with team members via comments and message boards. Another useful feature is the ability to design bespoke workflows that correlate to certain project plans.

CROOW also includes project and business management capabilities such as automated workflows and notifications, dashboard forecasting and reporting, and Kanban and Gantt views. Users can also manage workloads and digital assets within the platform, which includes resource scheduling features.

#3. Forecast Best Project Planning Software

it is a project management solution that combines task lists, resources, and financials into a single AI-powered platform. Similarly, Forecast’s workflow automation tools enable project managers to construct smart schedules, anticipate timeframes and budgets, and rapidly generate timesheets. The Forecast is now utilized in over 40 countries by a variety of agencies, consulting firms, SMBs, and businesses.

#4. GoodDay Best Project Planning Software

This software provides powerful project planning capability. For creating thorough project plans, adding stages, tasks, milestones, and dependencies, and obtaining a comprehensive view of progress against the plan.

GoodDay also provides strong yet simple task management. Plus resource and portfolio management, time and budget tracking, progress tracking, and analytics features. Management of resource consumption and task balance are examples of resource management capabilities.

Moreover, GoodDay is extremely adaptable to both complicated and basic project structures. Users can create custom views, change the user interface, alter fields, and create custom task kinds, project templates, priorities, workflows, and other features.

#5. Kissflow Best Project Planning Software

Kissflow Project is a collaborative project management application that emphasizes cooperation, transparency, coordination, and productivity. Tracking tools have been simplified to provide a better perspective of objects and tasks that are genuinely important.

This software Project’s customizable platform allows you complete control and adjusts to the needs of your team. It provides a variety of project views, such as Kanban boards, list views, and swimlanes. The Project States tool reduces the amount of tracking required by team members by letting them label activities with one of three statuses: on hold, in progress, or done.

Kissflow connectors include native Microsoft and Google Suite interfaces, as well as a REST API and webhooks.

#6. Smartsheet Best Project Planning Software

Smartsheet is a work execution platform that helps businesses and teams to move quickly from idea to impact. With flexible settings that meet individual work preferences, Smartsheet can help you develop uniform project elements, boost speed, and improve cooperation.

#7. Confluence Project Planning Software

A tool that helps you keep track of all the moving pieces in project planning. This program can serve as your primary project management software. Confluence can also be used to construct timelines, collaborate with stakeholders, and do a variety of other things. With our tagging tool, you can bring your team in where and when they are needed, allowing you to delegate work without confusion. Furthermore, keep track of your expenses on the same page to stay on budget. Confluence aids in the advancement of projects by allowing them to be completed in one piece.

#8. Project Planning Software Work OS is an open platform that brings teams together with custom-built solutions to break communication barriers, move projects forward, and align everyone involved. Next, it easily accesses all progress updates, budget approvals, and more on one platform and sees where all of your team’s work stands at a glance. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go without wifi, allows you to access important information and make better data-driven decisions quickly

#9. I next Project Planning Software

The i-nexus Business Planning platform enables you to manage all of your projects through a single digital solution. Connect short-term annual goals with multi-year strategic efforts, cascade goals throughout the organization, maintain optimal resource utilization and respond rapidly when project success is jeopardized. In the same way, Improve performance by utilizing exception reporting, timely root cause analysis, and corrective actions. Improve decision-making by increasing the accuracy and timeliness of performance data

#10. Float Project Planning Software

Basically, this tool is a capacity management tool. That is utilized by both large and small teams (from 5 to 5,000+). Plan projects precisely by including phases and budgets. Tasks should be assigned swiftly based on your team’s availability, and tasks should be linked together to build dependencies. With extensive reporting options, you can forecast capacity, track actual spending, and monitor use. Streamline workflows and easily interface with project management systems such as Asana, Jira, Trello, Teamwork, and WorkflowMax.

#11. Teamwork Project Planning software

A project planning software that assists in-house teams and agencies in improving collaboration, visibility, accountability, and, ultimately, results. With all the capabilities you need to plan, collaborate on, and produce your work, it takes care of the details, allowing your team’s talents to be freed up to create the results that matter to your organization. So, Use teamwork to manage anything from client projects to marketing campaigns to sprint planning and product launches.

#12. Upwave Project Planning Software

This tool is practically a visual collaboration platform for projects, portfolios, and daily activities. Visualize your projects using several views, such as a board, a table, a timeline, and a calendar. From the portfolio overview, you can actually track the status and progress of all your projects. Keep track of your time, make estimations, and create timesheets. And, involve external colleagues easily and securely. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to get everyone on board – no further training is required.

#13. Proggio Project Planning Software

Basically, it is designed to provide you with the portfolio clarity and control you require to easily perform top execution for strategic alignment. Every plan includes unlimited users, as well as easy-to-use and intuitive tools and views, making company-wide adoption a breeze. So, Get a quick overview of your entire portfolio, including signals, alerts, and notifications. You will always be informed, allowing you to make the best decisions at the right time.

Find the best project management system designed by service professionals for service professionals. Mavenlink typically changes your business by centralizing project management, collaboration, time tracking, resource management, and project financials. Users report increased operational execution, higher business agility, and financial performance. Gartner has named it the leading project management system.

#15. Beesbusy Project Planning Software

Teams can simply organize, plan, and collaborate using Beesbusy to complete tasks and projects. Besides, Beesbusy is popular among project managers and teams due to its user-friendly interface. It is the most straightforward method of organizing your work. There is no need for setup; you may begin immediately. Beesbusy also includes advanced capabilities like Gantt charts, customizable multi-project views, team planning charts, on-demand notifications, a customizable dashboard, and so on. Your squad will perform better than ever before.

#16. Space Project Planning Software

JetBrains Space is a comprehensive platform for managing the whole software development pipeline and collaborating as a team. However, Host Git repositories, review code, automate your CI/CD, store and publish packages, manage bugs and documents, and talk with other developers. Everything is in one spot and ready to use. Space eliminates organizational silos, allowing people and teams to be more productive, and making the collaborative process more fun.

#17. Visual Planning Project Software

Visual Planning is a great software management solution designed specifically for professionals in the Project Management business, providing cutting-edge organizing capabilities to boost company productivity. Users may monitor projects, deadlines, staff workloads, reports, and more in real-time with full-stacked capabilities on a single platform. Visual Planning’s tailored software setups and detail-oriented employees make it feasible to grow your team and company. 

#18. ProWorkflow Project Planning Software

ProWorkflow is a powerful project management application for teams of 5 to 5000 people. With 17 years of expertise and over 3 million projects under our belt, we understand everything from minute details to large data. Gantt chart tasks, Kanban boards, time, documents, communications, quotes, and invoices may all be tracked. Nevertheless, ProWorkflow may be simply customized because of our strong API and customizable features. The decision to join is made simple by world-class customer service and free onboarding.

#19. VOGSY Project Planning Software

VOGSY naturally connects with Google Workspace to enable project lifecycle planning, tracking, and optimization simple, collaborative, and intuitive. With project templates, intelligent resource suggestions, and an automatic Google Drive file structure replete with automated quotes and invoices built-in Docs, you can plan quickly and easily. Gmail can even be used to assign assignments. You can also quickly keep projects on track and maximize revenues using a real-time schedule, budget, margin, and completion statistics.

#20. Notion Project Planning Software

The tool is a fully-featured workspace for taking notes, managing projects, documenting, and collaborating. So many teams and businesses use it to keep their employees informed and working together in one location. The notion also delivers focus and transparency while consolidating tools, reducing time, and driving higher productivity for teams of all sizes by bringing all work and knowledge together and making it extremely customizable.

#21.Ravetree Project Planning Software

Ravetree is a work management solution for project-driven enterprises that has won several awards. Project Management, Resource Planning, Time & Expense Tracking, Digital Asset Management, CRM, and more features are available on our platform. Having all of your information in one place allows you to easily see the big picture better.

#22. Backlog Project Planning Software

This is practically a one-stop-shop for online project management. It includes task management, version control, and bug tracking. Backlog improves team collaboration across enterprises of all sizes by combining the organizational benefits of project management with the power and ease of code management. Backlog allows you to plan work, track progress, and release code updates. Subtasking, configurable statuses, Kanban-style boards, Gantt charts, burndown charts, Git & SVN, and wikis are among the core features.

#23.Resource Guru Project Planning Software

This tool is the quick and easy way to schedule people and other resources across several projects! Increase team visibility with a single smart calendar. Bookings can be made in seconds by dragging and dropping. Manage vacation and other sorts of leave. A capacity bar aids in capacity planning. Clash management allows you to maintain control. Dashboards, email notifications, and calendar sync ensure that everyone is up to date. You can monitor utilization rates thanks to powerful reports.

Free Project Planning Software

#1. Trello Free Project Planning Software 

Typically, The tool allows teams to design and adjust it to match their specific demands and work styles, from sales and marketing to HR and operations. Moreover, Trello is a dynamic, breathing project hub of cross-team communication no matter where your work needs to happen, with over 100+ connectors with other critical apps like Google Drive, Slack, Jira, and more. Trello makes collaborating more enjoyable by making it transparent and easily shareable between boards and teams.

#2. Asana Free Project Planning Software

Asana as a free project planning software, assists teams in organizing their work, from everyday tasks to major objectives. Apparently, Teams are more confident, move faster, and accomplish more with less when they use Asana, regardless of where they are based. Asana is used by over 100,000 paying firms and millions of more organizations in 190 countries to manage anything from organizational objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing activities.

#3. Nifty Free Project Planning Software

Nifty’s founders take satisfaction in creating an app that includes project management and team collaboration. The fact that this app includes a team chat adds to the sense of collaboration. Moreover, it is free software that you can use.

#4. MeisterTask + MindMeister Free Project Planning Software

It is a task management software that allows you to plan out your work on a board on its own. Aside from that, Its combination with MindMeister, a tool for building mind maps, is particularly appealing for project planning. Mind maps are excellent for developing the first structure of your project.

#5.nTask Free Project Planning Software

If you’re seeking a solution for project planning and management. Then nTask might be just what you’re looking for. Of course, it will also be appropriate for a single project. It’s just that nTask excels at giving you a comprehensive overview of all your ongoing projects.

#6. Zenkit Free Project Planning Software

Those of you who like to start your free project planning software with a mind map may love Zenkit. While there are several mind mapping tools available (besides pen and paper), translating your visual map into a project backlog can be time-consuming. It’s a breeze with Zenkit.

#7. Airtable Free Project Planning Software

Airtable might not come to mind when you think of free project planning tools. Because it isn’t a project management app in and of itself. However, It is more of a data storage and organization tool. As a result, Airtable is extremely adaptable and, in my opinion, ideal for project planning.

When establishing a list of tasks/milestones, first of all, you have complete control over the structure of your database. Therefore, you can add fields (in various formats), link separate tables, or import a previously created spreadsheet.

#8. Teamdeck Free Project Planning Software

The free project planning software is commonly referred to as a resource management tool. Essentially, the emphasis is on your team members and their abilities, rather than on the tasks themselves. Moreover, Teamdeck provides a comprehensive view of who is available to work and for how much time. It is frequently exactly what you need to know when embarking on a new project.

#9. TeamGantt Free Project Planning Software

The fundamental functionality of this software is, as the name implies, the creation of Gantt charts. But the procedure of creating and altering charts is fairly simple, and you can even allocate employees to certain duties.

Project Planning and Management Software

#1. Basecamp Project Planning and Management Software

Basecamp is a cloud-based program that allows task collaboration for individuals, project managers, and even marketing teams. However, to-do lists for tasks that can be given to multiple users are among the features, as are tasks that the system will automatically follow up on when the due date passes.

It also offers a real-time group chat function and a tool that allows the client to track the project’s progress. Basecamp, like most of the services on this list, maybe connected with other programs for reporting, analysis, and time tracking, among other things.

#2. Wrike Project Planning and Management Software

Wrike is a robust project management application that excels at developing customized team procedures. From there, you can quickly create a timeline, interactive charts such as Gantt charts, and easily see tasks and future actions. Wrike’s real-time report building feature also helps you to analyze performance.

#3. LiquidPlanner Project Planning and Management Software

LiquidPlanner project management software is a hybrid of conventional project management and time tracking. However, one of its most distinguishing qualities is that it refreshes and moves due dates and projects as project resources change. Hence, this allows you to manage expectations about when a project will be completed.

LiquidPlanner also offers an excellent resourcing function that clearly displays how many available hours an employee has per week, as well as a useful budgeting feature.

#4.ClickUp Project Planning and Management Software

ClickUp is project management software with customizable views such as a list view, a board view (akin to a Kanban view), a box view (which separates each activity), and a calendar view (sorts actions by due date). Users can utilize ClickUp to work towards goals, which serve as the user’s “mission control center.”

Meanwhile, Other capabilities include two-way calendar sync and connections with Toggl for time monitoring.

#5. ProofHub Project Planning and Management Software 

ProofHub enables users to communicate, organize, and deliver on projects across an organization. As a result, Clients can assign specific tasks to individuals, which can have a breakdown of deadlines and recur at a predetermined frequency. ProofHub provides several views, including Gantt, Kanban, and calendar views, as well as a central location to store files related to all of your projects.

The tool also includes chat, proofing, timesheets, and reporting to provide teams with all of the tools they need to collaborate effectively.

#6. FunctionFox Project Planning and Management Software

FunctionFox project management software is based on tasks, timesheets, and budgeting features that allow users to view the entire scope of a project through the app. Basically, FunctionFox is designed primarily for creative workers and individuals who work in a project-based environment. The application also supports thorough reporting and offers a view called CEO Desktop, which shows a graphical representation of projects as well as the expected number of hours they will require.

#7. Workzone Project Planning and Management Software

Workzone is a configurable project management software that helps teams interact. Both at the global and local levels by bringing all essential information together. Within Workzone, you may access features such as the “Project Dashboard,” depicted above, which provides a high-level overview of where all projects stand across an organization.  

#8. Paymo Project Planning and Management Software

Paymo is a tool designed to assist teams in working together and staying on track. Subsequently, Paymo’s main selling point, and what makes it one of the best project management software, is that it allows you to firstly, manage tasks, then, create team schedules, and lastly, track work time all in one platform. Thereby making it the most useful if you work in a project-based environment. such as an agency or creative organization, and need to track time spent on specific tasks and projects.

#10. Celoxis Project Planning and Management Software

Celoxis is a project management tool designed to assist teams in easily achieve workflows and tracking resources. Hence, It makes our list of the best project management software. because it assists teams with project request tracking, project planning, resource management, accounting, and portfolio management.

#11. Kintone Project Planning and Management Software

This tool may be the project management software for you if you work on multiple projects with a large team. Basically, users can use this app to automate workflows, view the status of ongoing projects, receive reminders when things are due, and prioritize or filter tasks. Kintone also offers a number of apps and add-ons that can be used in conjunction with tools such as Box, Domo, Dropbox, and Eventbrite.

#12. Clarizen Project Planning and Management Software

This software is an enterprise-level project and portfolio management solution, that assists teams all over the world in simplifying work and achieving their goals. Meanwhile, Clarizen can assist with a variety of tasks, Firstly, communicating goals across an organization so that people understand macro-level decision-making. Secondly, integrating multiple work styles into a single complete framework, and finally, enhancing the speed with which teammates can communicate.

#13. Quickbase Project Planning and Management Software

It is a customized teamwork management software that enables users to collaborate effectively, measure time, and manage projects in real-time. Meanwhile, Quickbase aids in the streamlining of overall processes for teams of all sizes, resulting in more insight and agility across the board. Moreover, Quickbase has a number of useful capabilities, including low-code development, integration and process orchestration, and continuous deployment.

#14. Robohead Project Planning and Management Software

Robohead is project management software specifically made for content creators and agencies. With a range of features such as to request forms, conditional logic, approvals, templates, configurable project views, and more. Finally, this application helps you to manage creative projects from start to finish.

#15. Planview Project Planning and Management Software

As a portfolio and project management software, Planview has five sub-products such as Planview Enterprise One, Planview LeanKit, and Planview Projectplace. In addition, your team can discover the ideal fit for strategic planning, corporate rapid planning, work management, or agile program management among their diverse options.

#16. Yodiz Project Planning and Management Software

Yodiz is a widely used project management software for teams that desire to use Agile and Scrum processes. Firstly, Yodiz enables participants to track, plan, and gain useful insights throughout the lifecycle of a project or campaign. Secondly is team planning, which helps you obtain an understanding of team capacity and capabilities. The third is delivery tracking, which allows teams to create goals and track them with strong dashboards. And finally, analytics, which allows teams to track performance indicators are just a few of the features of this product.

#17. Todoist Project Planning and Management Software

Todoist is a simple project management software that allows users to construct collaborative to-do lists in order to handle projects and tasks. Part of their aim is to help individuals open up mental space by consolidating all of their tasks in one location, with more mental capacity, people can think larger and better.

#18. Infinity Project Planning and Management Software

A robust project management software that enables teams to filter and retain project and task information in a streamlined manner. Moreover, Infinity practically features a unique perspective and solution for every team member. With dozens of various project views ranging from table to Gantt. Furthermore, using this project management software, you may organize data into hierarchies that include workflows, objects, and tabs.

#19. MindGenius Project Planning and Management

First of all, MindGenius is indeed a powerful project management software. Secondly, It enables diverse teams all over the world to stay in touch and collaborate. This app comes in several flavors, like MindGenius and MindGenius 20. The latter is a desktop app, which assists teams in creating mind-maps and displays tasks in a variety of views including Gantt, solutions, and slides view. MindGenius Online enables teams to collaborate and delegate work to one another remotely.

#20. Podio Project Planning and Management Software 

Podio is an excellent project management software that assists teams in improving and structuring their operations. You may, however, use Podio to create content, dialogues, and procedures to keep your team and organization on the same page. Other useful aspects of this project management software include the ability to bring in freelancers and other parties, high-level admin skills, and the ability to develop unique structures and processes.

#21. Rindle Project Planning and Management

Rindle is an excellent process and project management software that can be used to motivate teams to apply the proper processes and workflows. You may develop processes in a no-code setting using Rindle by establishing “rules” for each phase of the process. You can then create triggers and actions, which can be arranged into boards and given to teammates.

#22. Accelo Project Planning and Management Software 

Accelo advertises itself as “profitable project management software.” Users can use Accelo to not only plan projects and deliver client work but also monitors results and automate operations. If you want more conventional project management, Accelo includes drag-and-drop Gantt charts, and if you want more team-focused tools, they have team scheduling capabilities.

#23. Process Street Project Planning and Management Software

Process Street is simply a procedural and project management tool that assists teams in managing recurrent checklists and procedures. Organizations can use this project management software to construct a workflow template with tasks and actions, run numerous instances of the checklist, and measure progress all while collaborating with their coworkers. Within this project management software, users may also configure conditional logic.

#24. Chanty Project Planning and Management Software

Chanty is a superb team collaborative management software that is simple for using. Normally, you may talk with peers, plan team activity in the Team book, exchange screens, and files, and integrate all of your favorite apps. Furthermore, Chanty has a dark mode.

#25. Planning and Management Software is an excellent project management software for client-facing teams. Each project includes a dashboard that contains information about the project’s status, comments, team members, payments, and time tracking. Hence, you can also conduct real-time chats about project progress with internal or external collaborators in the discussion section.

#26. Procore Project Planning and Management Software

Procore is a project management software made especially for the construction industry. Teams may interact more effectively and have a single source of truth for all project information with Procore’s project management software. The mobile software also allows teams and individuals to communicate while on the go.

#27. Freshservice Project Planning and Management Software

This tool is a new project management software designed exclusively for IT teams to boost efficiency and project delivery. Furthermore, Freshservice also provides teams with a unified platform on which they can cooperate and execute seamlessly all projects and activities. This project management software features an excellent overall dashboard that allows you to see how projects are progressing, as well as project templates and time-tracking tools.

#28. Quire Project Planning and Management Software 

Quire is an excellent project management software that assists teams in visualizing and collaborating on their projects from all perspectives. Moreover, teams in Quire have Workspaces where they may collaborate. As well as individual worklists that can assist contributors to stay on top of things. Furthermore, actions can be organized into a Kanban board, which aids others in the organization in understanding progress.

#29. Google Task Project Planning and Management Software

We all know and adore Google as our favorite search engine or email provider, but are you aware it also has a task management system called Google Tasks? You may use this software to create and organize tasks, add subtasks, view, edit, and manage tasks, create tasks from emails, and much more. Nevertheless, this project management software is suitable for someone who requires simple project management and is already familiar with the Google suite.

#30. Indy Project Planning and Management Software

Do you need a simple tool for organizing freelancing projects? Indy is the perfect tool for you. With its capabilities, you can centralize all of your workflows. Using automated tools, you can create proposals, contracts, and bills in minutes. Moreover, Indy makes project management easy by allowing you to utilize the Forms tool to automate client information requests, plus the Time Tracking tool to handle hourly invoicing, and lastly, the Tasks tool to connect tasks to Projects and complete work.

Project Planning Software Mac

Below is project planning software for mac.

#1. Teamwork

This is a work and project management software that assists internal teams and agencies in improving cooperation, visibility, accountability, and, ultimately, results. Moreover,  It provides all of the capabilities you need to effectively first, collaborate, secondly, streamline communication, and finally, centralize project information, making project management faster and more efficient.

#2. Hive

Hive is an excellent choice for agile firms of all sizes since it is ideal for remote work. Moreover,  Gantt charts and Kanban boards are among the flexible project perspectives available. Hive also features firstly, time tracking, secondly, resource management, and finally, analytics for tracking individual and team progress.

#3. Smartsheet

This is basically a web-based project management solution recognized for its easy-to-use spreadsheet interface. Furthermore,  Smartsheet assists teams in transitioning away from time-consuming spreadsheets and into more advanced software with greater functionality.

#4. Omniplan

Many common project planning software capabilities. Such as Gantt charts, real-time collaboration, network diagrams, and more, are included in OmniPlan. Most importantly,  OmniPlan customers may now effortlessly export and import files from and into Microsoft Project, saving precious time for teams in transition.

#5. NiftyPM

Nifty, an elegant and simple-to-use project management system for Mac. It provides portfolios that assist teams in planning, managing, tracking, and automating projects and workflow processes. In addition,  Nifty, which is mostly utilized by mid-sized organizations, has an easy-to-understand price structure and enables speedy onboarding.

What is an Excel Project Plan?

The most important aspect of project management is the excel project plan. A feasibility assessment and the specification of scope are essential components of a successful project plan. Only once a sound strategy has been developed can execution get underway.

Can Excel be Used to Manage Projects?

You may continue to use Excel’s robust spreadsheet features while utilizing Project to keep track of your project’s resources and timeline by exporting your project data to Excel. Additionally, you can incorporate or import Excel data into your project plan.

Which Project Management Tool Is the Most Effective for Small Businesses?

A company’s needs and budget should be taken into consideration while selecting the best project management software. However, because to its wide range of features, affordable price, and readily accessible free edition, is a very well-liked project management tool among small enterprises.


With so many individuals working remotely. Consequently, it may appear difficult to increase productivity. However, You can actually transform the way you and your team manage projects by using this guide.

Project Planning Software FAQ’s

What are six planning tools?

  • forecasting. using statistical tools and intuition based on experience to predict a future state.
  • contingency planning.
  • scenario planning.
  • benchmarking.
  • participatory planning.
  • goal setting.
  • five qualities of a good goal.

Which software is used for project planning?

  • Wrike
  • Runn
  • GanttPRO
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