OKR SOFTWARE COMPARISON: Compare 10 Best OKR Softwares in 2023

OKR Software Comparison

This article will aid you in swiftly making comparisons and evaluating the best OKR software and other OKR tools to support your business strategy and goals.
Setting goals is quite important. According to the 2018 People Management Survey, 58 percent of employees are dissatisfied with supervisors who fail to convey clear expectations. It was the most common complaint, the above even violates trust and fails to listen. Setting specific, measurable goals is necessary.
Do you want to align your organization’s aims as a group? Do you want to improve your communication strategy and need ways to do so? In this essay, I’ll make comparisons of OKR software meant to assist you with these tasks.

We can see from our previous piece that OKR software is a great method to get your firm started in developing ambitious yet attainable company goals and objectives.

It is worthwhile to devote your time and effort in selecting an OKR software tool that may better aid your organizational ambitions and boost effective communication and directional success if you want to be more productive with your business responsibilities.

To save you time, we’ve developed and made comparisons of a list of our top ten OKR software tools to help you better track your major objectives. Please see the list below.

Best 10 OKR Software

  1. Betterworks
  2. Profit.co
  3. Unlock OKR
  4. Kazoo
  5. Timely
  6. Peoplegoal
  7. Heartpace
  8. Engagedly
  9. Yaguara
  10. Weekdone

Criteria for OKRs Software Comparison

In our comparison for OKR software for evaluation, what do we check for? Here is a list of my evaluation criteria:

Is the user interface (UI) clean and appealing? Does it have the appearance and functionality of modern software? Is item placement intuitive, especially for non-technologists?

Is it simple to onboard new users? So, is the company’s tech help, user help, tutorials, and training up to par? Also, is there a product-related online community/forum?

Functionality and features:

  • Feedback and review tools: Is it simple for team leaders to communicate with employees and evaluate their performance? Does it foster and enable peer-to-peer communication? Is high performance made more accessible through gamification or other means?
  • Goal Maps: Does the tool make it simple to see higher-level targets and how Key Results relate to them? Is the tool effective at aligning individual responsibilities with larger organizational goals?
  • Employee Surveys, Comments, and Insights: Are there features for employee surveys, comments, and insights? Is the tool meaningfully elevating these voices?
  • Reporting and Insights: Does the tool provide real-time data and insights that are easy to view, share, and analyze? Are the reports editable? Is it possible to find ready-to-use templates?
  • Integrations: Can it be easily integrated with other tools such as performance management software, talent management software, or personnel management systems? Are there any pre-built integrations? Is it possible to import objectives and goals created in other software?
  • Value for money: Is the price reasonable in relation to the features, capabilities, and use case? Is the price straightforward, transparent, and adaptable?

Comparisons of the Best 10 OKR Software & Tools

Here’s a quick software comparison of each of the OKR software on this top 10 list.

#1. Betterworks – The Best OKR Software Features for Executives

Betterworks OKR software improves tools for goal setting and alignment, discussions and feedback, deep insight and analytics, continual quality drives, employee engagement, industry standards for program design and deployment, and FAST and SMART goal setting.
They handle upward transparency well, allowing team members to track the objectives and progress of team leaders just as easily as team leaders can do the same. Users can also push others for peer feedback, which is a major benefit.
Google, Microsoft, Slack, Jira, G Suite, Asana, GitHub, Salesforce, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Ultimate Software, ADP, BambooHR, and Oracle are among the integrations.

Betterworks could be more user-friendly, often bordering on cumbersome, which cost them points in the usability area of the OKR software comparison evaluation criteria. Old/outdated goals, for example, cannot be eliminated even if they are no longer applicable; instead, you must manually change them to reflect the current state (or lack thereof).

Betterworks features a free trial and starts at $15 per user each month.

  1. Detailed organizational chart for the corporation
  2. Managers will find this conversation/review prompts useful.
  3. Setting simple milestones within each aim is simple.
  4. Gamification and social engagement tools
  1. There is no method to prioritize targets for sorting.
  2. More benchmark data would be beneficial.

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#2. Profit.co: The best user interface and UX.

Profit.co is an OKR software that allows you to execute strategies utilizing an OKR-centric methodology. The software also includes strategy tracking, task management, employee engagement, and staff development tools. Users can use OKRs to break down their 1-5 year strategic initiatives into a prioritized list that can be executed quarter by quarter.
Profit.co enables you to iterate more quickly every quarter by utilizing the Plan-Execute-Engage-Learn cycle. Users can plan OKRs at the start of each quarter, leverage collaborative features to increase staff participation, and use a highly organized reflect and reset process. Because Profit.co is highly adaptable, you can start with OKRs and build on other modules as your business grows.
Profit.co interfaces with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Salesforce, HubSpot, and a variety of other major business apps. In addition, you can use the Profit Integration Engine to create bespoke integrations.

Profit.co offers a free plan for up to 5 members, with normal pricing starting at $7 per user per month.

  1. Provides step-by-step instructions and templates.
  2. Facilitates one-on-one sessions and departmental review sessions
  3. OKR coaching and certification are included.
  1. Only 15 languages are supported.
  2. The number of feature options available can be bewildering.
  3. Although they have a huge list on their plans, they only have 30 integrations.

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#3. Unlock:OKR — This is the best option for teams new to OKR.

Unlock:OKR is an OKR software that incorporates features such as people maps, goal maps, feedback, and reporting. The tool’s goal is to assist organizations in developing an outcomes-first culture and ensuring that the adoption of OKRs is a shared vision established with a common pursuit strategy.
Unlock:OKR offers a basic user interface and UX, as well as an easy-to-use dashboard. Users may quickly set Objectives and Key Results and check-in on them using the tool. Users can provide and request feedback within teams and across cross-functional teams, as well as conduct one-on-one meetings.
Unlock:OKR provides pricing upon request, as well as a free trial and demo. The tool also provides OKR coaching.

  1. Simple user interface that is simple to use
  2. Implementation of the OKR framework is guaranteed.
  3. Coaching is available for OKR winners.
  1. Email integration is not included.
  2. There is no method to duplicate an existing OKR.

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#4. Kazoo — Best OKR tracking software for peer-to-peer feedback

Kazoo, which is used by over 600 businesses, works to accentuate performance, acknowledgment, and feedback systems in the daily schedule. Goals and OKRs, check-ins, sync-ups, feedback and coaching, talent assessment, and insights and reporting are all included in this tool.
Kazoo provides a large number of third-party app connectors and an open API, allowing you to connect what you need when you need it. This resulted in them receiving good marks in the Integrations component of the evaluation criterion.
Kazoo’s open API can assist you in integrating your preferred tools, regardless of how proprietary they are. SFTP Integrations, ADP, Bamboo HR, Kronos, Namely, Rippling, and SAP SuccessFactors are among the Kazoo HCM and HRIS integrations. Kazoo SSO integration supports Autho, Microsoft, Google Suite, and OKta.

A lack of pricing transparency is usually a disadvantage, especially since every other competitive item on our list provides specific information on cost and available trails, demos, and specials. Furthermore, there is nothing to prevent people from awarding “points”/kudos for no reason, which might cheapen the experience.

Pricing is available upon request from Kazoo.

  1. A fun, social media-style activity feed
  2. The ability to create a personalized rewards catalog for incentives
  3. Outstanding gamification of incentives and challenges.
  4. Surveys of employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS)
  1. Reports might benefit from greater customization possibilities.
  2. The expiration of “recognition points” may incentivise illegitimate use.
  3. This is a text-heavy tool.

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#5. Timely: Best OKR Software tools for time tracking.

Timely is an OKR tool developed by the Norwegian business Memory AS that includes modules for team time tracking, project and team planning, real-time KPI tracking, performance reviews, invoicing, mapping and scheduling resources, and a 60-day timeline display.

It is easy to use and has documentation in the form of a product blog, podcast, case studies, API manuals, and active social channels. This resulted in a high score in the Usability category of the evaluation criteria.

Teamwork, Monday.com, Clubhouse, Kanbanize, and Aha! are among the integrations. , Mavenlink, Freshservice, Process Street, Team Gantt, WorkflowMax, Todoist, Asana, Wunderlist, Trello, Scoro, LiquidPlanner, ClickUp, Taiga, Pivotal Tracker, ZenHub, Podio, YouTrack, OmniFocus, Smartsheet, Wrike, Jira, and numerous others.

A few drawbacks include the time-consuming nature of several stock management processes and the SMS automation tool’s character limit, which is now less than that of a current Tweet.

Timely costs $8 per user each month and offers a 14-day free trial.

  1. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  2. Excellent AI/memory function for missing daily data.
  3. Outstanding high-level project and scheduling perspectives
  1. There is a strong emphasis on time tracking and timesheets.
  2. Jira and Zoom connections are only available on higher-level services.

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#6. Heartpace — Best personal OKR software for setting personal goals.

Comprehensive employee pages organize objectives based on the specific goals of each worker.

Heartpace is a modern HR System that may be utilized to improve goal-oriented teamwork through an OKR-focused approach. Create public OKRs for each department in order to bring teams together while employees establish ambitious goals and personal key results.

It’s a wonderful leader-to-team communication tool because it has automatic reminders, different templates, and organized evaluations. The software improved user communication and collaboration, scoring highly in the evaluation criteria’s Feature & Functions – Feedback & Review Tools component.

AD Csv Sync, Azure SSO, REST API, ADFS SSO, AD LDAP Sync, and G Suite are all integration choices.

Some minor drawbacks include the inability to define soft targets in a flexible and productive manner, as well as a learning curve, especially for people who are unfamiliar with using PM software in their workday.

Heartpace costs $5.40 per user per month and offers a free 20-day trial.

  1. Excellent for meeting planning and record-keeping.
  2. Automatic “action required” reminders are really useful.
  3. Templates for lectures, surveys, and evaluations are available for free.
  4. Many further features, such as wage pay gap analysis
  1. There are only two plan tiers, and only one of them includes specific pricing data.
  2. API, DSM, profiles, and document management are optional features.

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#7. PeopleGoal: Best OKR management software for human resource departments.

Use specific features and analytics to improve recruitment and retention.

PeopleGoal, which is used by Shell and Formula 1, is an employee performance management software platform that is centered on OKRs. A balanced scorecard approach to goal setting and a customized technique for creating 360-degree feedback forms are two standout features.

PeopleGoal excels at versatility, with several methods for monitoring objectives, numerous levels of overview, configurable department goals, and flexible review drafts.

BambooHR, Slack, Microsoft Azure, Workday, OneLogin, Okta, AWS Transfer for SFTP, Workable, Jira Software, Asana, Microsoft Teams, and Namely are among the integrations.

PeopleGoal’s visual design is reminiscent of Google goods, but it lacks the depth and appeal of the rainbow-logo’d behemoth. When compared to the other items on this list, their appearance is both muted and old, costing them some points in the UX area of the evaluation criterion.

PeopleGoal costs $10 per user each month and offers a 14-day free trial.

  1. Excellent tools for career development planning
  2. Performance appraisals are very customizable.
  3. Supports many offices/sites with ease.
  4. A powerful reporting package
  1. Some integrations are only available on the Enterprise subscription.
  2. At the time of writing, there was no smartphone app.

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#8. Engagedly – The best OKR cloud software for PC, Android, and Apple devices.

On any device, you may see your OKRs, competencies, and profile health.

Organizations may use the Engagedly platform to align and motivate their employees. Goal Setting, Manager Feedback, Peer Praise, Idea Generation, Knowledge Sharing/eLearning, Rewards, Objectives Alignment (OKR), and Social Performance are some of the features of this software.

Engagedly’s user interface is one of its best features; it is colorful, organized, modern, logically segregated, and eye-catching. This resulted in a high score in the UX area of the evaluation criterion.

ADP, Namely, Bamboo HR, iSolved, Paylocity, Google Suite, Microsoft, OneLogin, Okta, Oracle, HR Cloud, Slack, and Compport are among the integrations.

One disadvantage is that smaller businesses may struggle with the “anonymous feedback” approach, which appears to rely on masses of data to conceal who said what. There is no built-in tool for concealing when something was stated or changing the language structure of conversational tells.

Engagedly features a free sample and starts at $6/user/month.

  1. Users can be nominated to provide feedback.
  2. Check-ins and progress indicators that can be customized
  3. Excellent social module for engagement and incentives.
  4. Tools for automating goal setting.
  1. There is no method to generate reports on users who have been canceled or blocked.
  2. Old posts/reviews aren’t as easily found as they could be.

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#9. Yaguara: Best profit OKR software for e-commerce retailers.

Yaguara is an OKR tool that focuses on data-driven projects that have quantifiable links to bigger company goals and objectives. This software can aid in the planning of website analytics strategies, community involvement, product launches, and sales acquisition.

Yaguara excels at unifying communication and data so that teams may have more meaningful conversations about goals, setbacks, and progress. Collaboration is simple and rewarding.

Shopify, Facebook Ads, Klaviyo, Instagram, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Zendesk, Stripe, Mailchimp, Asana, WooCommerce, Quickbooks, Yotpo, Wrike, and Youtube are among the integrations.

Yaguara is one of the more pricey tools on this list. It also doesn’t help that it is a yearly fee that must be paid in advance; this costs them some points in the Value for Cost section of the evaluation criteria.

Yaguara starts at $500 a month and offers a free trial as well as a free demo.

  1. Excellent for agile e-commerce teams.
  2. Excellent tools for communicating
  3. Design that is pleasing to the eye and easy to utilize
  1. Live dashboards and reporting are only available on higher-tier plans.
  2. Custom integrations are only available with the Enterprise subscription.

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#10. Weekdone – Best OKR software and unlimited OKR coaching for small and medium-sized businesses.

Track progress on team targets, connected targets, and other goals.

Weekdone software is intended for best practices in OKR. For premium users, the tool provides unlimited OKR coaching to assist organizations in developing a results-oriented workplace culture.

Weekdone’s dashboards make it simple to evaluate whether OKRs are on track, at risk, or progressing well. Any Weekdone user can create weekly progress reports to see how OKRs are progressing and what plans team members have to move OKRs forward. In addition, a TV Dashboard is available to ensure that OKRs are always displayed at the office.

Weekdone is designed around OKR best practices to keep your team focused on their Team OKRs and company goals. Teams can match their Team OKRs with business objectives to see how their work contributes to the overall aims of the organization.

Weekdone’s unrestricted OKR coaching services enable businesses to train their executives and staff on how to use OKRs effectively. This includes 1:1 training, onboarding meetings, team training, quarterly OKR reviews, and any other training required for a firm to properly build the correct OKR mentality.

Weekdone is an excellent value for money for SMBs when compared to competing for OKR software because of its limitless coaching offer.

Weekdone connects with a variety of tools, including Slack, Jira, and Asana.

Packages begin at $108 per month for up to ten users. They also provide a free edition with all software capabilities for teams of three or fewer people. The free version does not contain coaching.


  1. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and teams
  2. Paid subscriptions feature unlimited OKR coaching.
  3. The newsfeed promotes transparency within the organization.
  4. Simple navigation and an interactive design
  1. Not suitable for large corporations.
  2. Customization options can lengthen setup time.
  3. There are no performance management options such as 360-degree feedback.

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How can I get started with using OKR software for my organization or personal goals?

Starting with OKR software is easy. You can start by choosing a software that best fits your needs, such as one that offers features that align with your goal-setting process, and then sign up for a free trial or purchase the software. Most OKR software providers offer resources and support to help you get started.

Does OKR software come with customer support and resources for getting started?

There is customer support and resources available from most OKR software vendors to help new users get up and running quickly. This may include phone, email, and live chat support for customers, as well as access to online tutorials and user guides.

How does OKR software support goal setting for different departments within an organization?

OKR software provides a centralized platform for goal setting, tracking, and collaboration, making it easy for departments within an organization to align their goals and work together. The software typically allows for customization and organization of goals by departments and individuals, making it easy for everyone to have a clear view of their goals and progress.

Can OKR software be used for personal goal setting and tracking?

OKR software can be used for individual objectives. Individual user accounts are a common feature in many programs, making it simple for users to establish and monitor their own goals.

How does OKR software handle reporting and data visualization?

OKR software provides a variety of reporting and data visualization options, such as goal progress charts, progress reports, and real-time updates. The software often provides users with an at-a-glance view of goal progress, making it easy to see how well they are tracking towards their goals.

How do I choose the right OKR software for my organization?

When choosing OKR software for your organization, consider factors such as the size of your team, the features you need, and your budget. Compare different software options to find one that meets your needs, offers the right level of support, and fits within your budget. Consider trying out a free trial to see if the software is a good fit before making a purchase.

What are your thoughts on these OKR Software Comparisons?

Have you tried any of the above-mentioned goal-tracking software? What tools do you use on a regular basis to define goals for project management and company objectives? What tools do you search for in goal-setting software? Would you add any objective tracking tools or goal software to this list?
Please let us know in the comments section below.

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