LEADERSHIP QUOTES: 35 Inspiring Quotes of All Time

Leadership Quotes
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Every person has an opportunity to lead at some point in their life. Yes, it’s not often that we’re thrust into a position of absolute power like becoming President of the US, but there are times when we must step up and take charge anyway. Several great and influential people throughout history have used memorable leadership quotes to help others understand the weight of their position and the responsibilities that come with it. Many people’s lives, as well as the lives of those around them, have been altered with the help of these quotes on leadership. You will feel invincible and ready to take on the world after reading these leadership quotes from influential figures like Martin Luther King Jr. Put them somewhere you can see them often to serve as a constant reminder of your strength. Let’s go through with top-inspired leadership quotes about teamwork and women. Enjoy!

Who is a Leader?

A leader goes above and beyond simply leading others. They need to have the appropriate kind of motivation, one that inspires them to help those around them.

Also, a leader is someone who sees the potential for growth and inspires others to work together to realize it. Leaders may make their vision a reality while prioritizing the needs of their followers. Leaders require more than the ability to inspire their followers; they must also feel for them and build rapport with them. Furthermore,  leaders might come from any walk of life or any background. Diverse backgrounds and experiences will be represented among future leaders. It’s possible that other individuals will disagree with how I’ve defined the term. It’s crucial for businesses to have a common understanding of what constitutes leadership within the company.

What Makes a Great Leader?

To be better humans and leave a better world for future generations is an ongoing goal for all of us as we develop and change as a species. But leading others isn’t a walk in the park. It might be difficult to know where to begin, whether your goal is to become the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company or simply to be an exemplary member of your own family. Integrity, delegation skills, communication, self-awareness, gratitude, learning agility, influence, empathy, courage, and respect are only ten of the numerous attributes that make for an effective leader, as outlined by the Center for Creative Leadership. Also, read LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Process, Strategies & Importance.

#1. Integrity

Integrity is a quality that is necessary for a leader on both the individual and the organizational levels. It is of utmost significance for top-level executives, as they are the ones responsible for charting the course of the firm as well as making numerous other key decisions. According to the findings of our research, the integrity of an organization may potentially represent a possible blind spot for the organization. Because of this, it is imperative that your business emphasizes the significance of honesty and integrity to executives operating at various levels.

#2.  Delegation Skills

One of the primary roles of a leader is to assign work to subordinates, yet it can be difficult to distribute tasks in an efficient manner. The objective is not only to create more time for yourself; rather, it is to make it possible for your direct reports to advance, improve the quality of teamwork, grant greater autonomy, and make better decisions. With a strategic distribution of responsibilities, the most effective leaders earn followers’ and coworkers’ trust in the workplace and among their teams.

#3.  Communication

It is essential for great leaders to be able to communicate with others in a way that is sincere and authentic. This does not imply that in order to be a leader, you need to be an extrovert or someone who is good with people; on the contrary, there are many exceptional leaders who consider themselves to be introverts. Rather, it involves being able to display empathy, engaging in active listening, and creating meaningful working relationships with those around you, whether they are a peer or direct reports. These are all important aspects of effective teamwork.

#4.  Self-Awareness

Understanding your own abilities and limitations is a crucial step in developing into a great leader, as is developing a leadership style that is genuine to who you are and how you perform at your best. You should focus on becoming the most effective leader you can be rather than trying to mimic someone else. Strive to be comfortable in your own skin, and you’ll find that your leadership style will take on a more genuine tone as a result.

#5. Learning Agility

The capacity to know what to do when you don’t know what to do is a crucial component of learning agility. It’s possible that you’re already learning agile if you’re a “fast learner” or if you do well in challenging situations that are unexpected to you. But, by consistent work, experience, and practice, anyone can cultivate and improve their learning agility. After all, the most effective leaders are also the most effective students.

#6. Gratitude

Being grateful has been linked to increased self-esteem, decreased levels of anxiety and sadness, and improved sleep quality. Being grateful has even been shown to improve one’s leadership abilities. Despite the fact that the vast majority of people claim they would be willing to put in more effort for a boss who appreciates their efforts, very few people routinely express gratitude in the workplace. The best leaders understand the importance of expressing gratitude in the workplace.

#7. Respect

One of the most essential qualities of a good leader is his or her consistent demonstration of respect for other individuals. It will reduce tensions and conflicts, build trust, and make the organization more effective. Building a culture of respect requires more than simply eliminating instances of disrespect. Being respectful can be demonstrated in a variety of different ways, but it typically begins with the ability to be a good listener who genuinely attempts to understand the points of view of other people.

#8. Empathy

The ability to empathize with others is essential to both emotional intelligence and effective leadership, and it also has a positive relationship with professional success. Our findings suggest that managers have a more favorable impression of employees who demonstrate inclusive leadership and empathy for their subordinates. Also, compassion and openness are necessary for enhancing the working conditions of those around you.

#9. Influence

Some people see “influence” as an insult. Nonetheless, inspiring and effective leaders have the ability to persuade their followers through the use of influencing strategies such as argument, emotion, and cooperation. Having influence is different from having power, and it requires being open and honest. It calls for sensitivity and faith. Discover the secrets of powerful persuasion and see how it can transform your life.

#10. Courage

If you want to share an idea, give your direct report some constructive criticism, or bring up an issue with your superior, doing so at work can be a challenge. It’s for this reason and more that bravery is an indispensable quality in a leader. Leaders who lack bravery tend to postpone difficult decisions and let disagreements fester, rather than taking bold action that can turn the situation around. A coaching culture that values bravery and honesty can flourish in an environment where employees feel comfortable enough to speak their minds and where leaders are skilled communicators.

Inspired Leadership Quotes 

Being in charge is a solitary job. It’s important to remember that no matter how large your team is, there will always be times when it’s just you. Alternatively, you can draw motivation from the example of someone who has “been there, done that” successfully. 

Despite the seeming complexity, it all comes down to being a good person who never quits trying to make the world a better place, not just for themselves but for everyone. In order to provide you with some insight into what it takes to be an effective leader, I’ll share what I consider to be some of the best quotes about leadership.

  1. “You’re not only supposed to make money, after all. You were put on this Earth to help its inhabitants enjoy a fuller, brighter, and more fulfilling life. We have come into this world to improve it, and if you fail in that mission, you will only bring misery to yourself and the planet.”
  2. In other words, management is getting things done efficiently, while leadership is getting things done effectively.
  3. “Success is the child of a hundred men, whereas failure is an orphan.
  4. “Leadership is the skill of convincing others to do what you want them to do because they want to do it”.
  5. “There are three things that I cherish greatly. The first one is kindness, the second is thrift, and the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself first. You can get to the top of the male hierarchy by embodying these virtues: kindness, modesty, and frugality.”
  6. “Tell people what to do and let them surprise you with the outcomes,” rather than “teach people how to accomplish things.”
  7. “Use your brain to take care of yourself; your heart to take care of other people.”

Quotes About Leadership and Teamwork 

Henry Ford’s “If everyone is working forward together, then success takes care of itself” is one of my favorite statements about collaboration.

For the simple reason that it’s true: teamwork has tremendous potential to boost output, morale, and even employees effectiveness. These are some of our favorite leadership quotes about the power of teamwork to motivate your team to band together and celebrate collaboration.

  1. “There is so much more that we can accomplish as a group than as individuals.”
  2. “Success takes care of itself” if everyone is making progress together.
  3. “Many ideas flourish when transferred to a different mind from the one in which they were conceived.”
  4. “One cannot create a symphony by whistling it. An entire orchestra is required to perform it.”
  5. “The ability to collaborate with others to achieve a goal is the essence of teamwork. The skill of channeling one’s efforts to achieve group goals. It’s the fuel that lets average people do extraordinary things.”
  6. Through the eons of human (and animal) evolution, the most successful societies have been those that learned to cooperate and adapt.
  7. Getting together is the first step, working together is the next, and remaining together is the final destination.
  8. When talent and brains come together, they can win a championship.
  9. Independent guys working together for a common objective are the most effective teams.
  10. Without widespread communication, cooperation, and agreement, significant shifts are extremely unlikely to occur in any given industry.
  11. Being polite might backfire when working together.
  12. “The first step in working as a team is establishing trust. And the only way to do that is to get past our obsession with feeling invincible.”
  13. “The concept of the “self-made man” is a myth. Only with the aid of others will you be able to accomplish your objectives.”

What Are 10 Famous Quotes?

Several of these authorities have distilled their considerable knowledge and insight into pithy sayings that are sure to inspire. Here top 5 famous leadership quotes.

  1. There is no greater glory in life than to fall and get back up again and again.- Nelson Mandela
  2. Doing something, rather than just talking about doing it, is the way to get going.- Walt Disney
  3. Don’t squander your life trying to please other people. Dogma is the outcome of other people’s thinking, therefore don’t let it ensnare you.-Steve Jobs
  4. Predictability would remove the excitement and novelty from life, rendering it bland and uninteresting.-Eleanor Roosevelt
  5. Just take stock of what you already have, and you’ll find that there’s always more to be grateful for. There can never be enough of anything if you always focus on what you lack.-Oprah Winfrey
  6. Don’t follow the beaten road; blaze a new one by going where no path has gone before.-Ralph Waldo Emerson
  7. Don’t evaluate your success based on what you get out of each day, but on what you put in.-Robert Louis Stevenson
  8. Focusing on the light requires us to face the darkness.-Aristotle
  9. If you don’t like where the trail ends up, make your own way by going off the beaten path.-Ralph Waldo Emerson
  10. Go out of your way to share the love with those you meet. No one should ever visit you and feel bad about it.-Mother Teresa

Leadership Quotes Women

Women have established themselves as equals in every field, from sports to astronomy to the arts to business to politics. Our compilation of inspiring words from female leaders is a testament to their fortitude and determination. Despite the unequal playing field, some women excelled by being courageous, diligent, and determined.

It’s possible to reach a breaking point when life’s challenges become too hard to bear. Thus, you need to take a dose of motivation to get going. Please take some time to read and reflect on these powerful leadership quotes from some truly exceptional women.

  1. “Through the years, I’ve heard the criticism that I’m weak because of my empathy and hence not aggressive enough to stand up for myself. I strongly disagree with that. I refuse to accept the notion that strength and kindness are mutually exclusive qualities in you.
  2. “Leadership is not something you get or hold. It’s a complex moral relationship between two people that requires trust, commitment, dedication, emotion, and a common morality. “The dread we have the most is not that we are not good enough. Infinite power is our greatest fear.
  3. It’s like magic when you bring people together. One of the keys to my success has been building genuine connections with others and assisting them wherever possible. It’s crucial to the ongoing success of our company. Women entrepreneurs, in particular, tend to be exceptionally adept at networking.
  4. Good leadership is much more elusive to pin down than leadership itself. “You know you’re a great leader if people will follow you to the ends of the planet.
  5. You can’t expect a child to comply with your wishes at a specific time. Businesses aren’t always the case either. Really, you need to pay attention. Discovering your persuasive potential is essential.

What Is a Literary Quote About Leadership?

Don’t go where the crowd is going; rather, go where the crowd will go when you lead. “Excellent leaders breed additional excellent leaders; they do not merely inspire followers.” The leader with the most impressive resume is not always the best leader. He inspires others to accomplish incredible feats.


All of the aforementioned quotes emphasize the importance of having good leadership who can inspire their employees to better teamwork to achieve great things. Leaders may only inspire followers to follow in their footsteps if they themselves display the qualities they value. The greatest way to inspire your team to constantly strive for progress is to set a good example yourself, but it is also important to know what drives each member of your team individually.

Leadership Quotes FAQs

What are some great leaders' inspiring quotes?

  • “Develop into the kind of leader that others would follow voluntarily, despite the fact that you hold no official post or title.”- Brian Tracey.
  • Each day, you must prove your leadership worth.— Michael Jordan.
  • When you give people initiative, it doesn’t mean you lose any of your own influence.-Andrew Carnegie.

What is the best quote for leadership?

Lack of leadership and direction leads to a society’s demise.

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