10 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

10 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day
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Employee Appreciation Day was created in 1995 by Workman Publishing to commemorate the equally beneficial relationship formed between employers and employees. Celebrating this day is essential, and you can show your appreciation through gifts like the ones in this article.

10 Great Gift Ideas For Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

It’s Employee Appreciation Day and you’re looking for ways to show you care. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do just that. Here are 10 gift ideas that can help you express your gratitude

1. A Certificate of Appreciation

Showing your employees that they’re appreciated with a formal certificate is a great way to recognize their hard work and dedication. You can also make a custom plaque or trophy that explains why they earned the reward. Present it in front of staff to make it extra special. 

2. Gift Cards in a Card

Gift cards are a great option as they give employees the freedom to choose what they want without actually asking for something specific. However, if you feel this gift isn’t personal enough, include a card with the gift card. Write them a note that thanks them for their hard work.

3. Custom Coffee Mugs 

If you want to offer an individualized gift for your team members, consider getting them a custom coffee mug. These can be personalized with each employee’s name or an inspirational quote, making them extra special and unique. Plus, they can use this mug at work for tea and coffee.

4. An Extra Vacation Day

Many of us don’t take enough time off of work, but adequate rest is necessary if we want to give our 100%. An extra vacation day is a great incentive that shows appreciation for all of their hard work throughout the year while also providing them with some well-deserved time off from work. 

5. A Team Lunch 

Food is a universal language, which is why most employees would appreciate getting a free lunch from their managers. While you could cater the lunch, consider taking your whole team out to a nice restaurant instead. It’ll make the experience more memorable for your staff.

6. Movie Tickets 

Movie tickets make an excellent gift, especially for movie buffs. If you know your employees well, you can probably purchase them a ticket for a show they’d enjoy. To make this gift even better, include a day off. Book the show when they’re supposed to be at work or a conference.

7. A Charitable Donation 

Making a donation to a charity in each employee’s name is an excellent way to show them your appreciation and give back at the same time. But don’t just give money to any charity. Ask your staff what causes they support or follow and find a trusty organization you can donate to.

8. A Gift Basket 

Instead of giving them one gift, why not give them plenty? Gift baskets are great for employees who enjoy snacking or need some extra things around the office, such as pens and journals. You can find all sorts of gift baskets that cater to many interests, so make sure to shop around!

9. A Low-Light Desk Plant

Plants are known to reduce stress, improve mood, bring relief in enclosed spaces, and have major restorative capacities. So when you give your employees plants, you’re literally brightening up their day! If your office doesn’t get a lot of light, find a low-light desk plant.

10. Technology Accessories 

Technology accessories, such as wireless headphones or phone chargers, are practical gifts that can be used by any employee on a daily basis. If you want to go the extra mile, you could give them a standing desk, portable wifi stick, controller for a game console, or webcam. 

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