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Inclusive Leadership
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People in an organization or groups are of diverse race, culture and belief. Sometimes, they feel cheated or feel their leaders are acting in an bias manner. Hence most times, these causes inefficiency in goal attainment. Nevertheless, this is one of the reason why every group or organization needs a inclusive leadership style. An inclusive leader is never bias with his judgments, he ensures that the team members feels valued. However, this article will bring to your understanding some of the inclusive leadership traits, behaviors examples, and also trainings.

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What is Inclusive Leadership?

This is the ability of a leader to lead a complex group of people and respect their differences in an unbiased way. However, it’s an actual leadership style that doesn’t support discrimination, bias. Also, it doesn’t allow favoritism based on color, race, and allows employees to feel valued for their own input. 

Truly, we live in a diverse environment, people we work with are of different behaviors and even our customers are different. Hence, an inclusive leader will work effectively and efficiently in today’s world. 

Furthermore, an inclusive leader adapts to diverse scenarios with a different perspective. He makes sure he bring the best out of his subordinates without being bais or judgemental. Nevertheless, research shows that teams or groups perform better when working with an effective inclusive leader. 

With business evolving globally, organizations work with diverse cultures and behaviors, hence, inclusive leaders are needed more now than ever.  However, no matter how an organization operates, it needs to embrace the differences and diverse characteristics of individuals. It must also create a workforce where everyone can bring out the best in them in achieving the organizational goal. 

However, grouping diverse people in an organization won’t guarantee effectiveness. It requires inclusive leadership where all team members are treated respectfully and fairly. Also, it requires a leadership style that will ensure members feel inspired and confidant. 

Inclusive Leadership Trait/Behavior

There are six traits that are mostly found in inclusive leadership. 

#1. Humility 

 Firstly, an inclusive leader must be humble for him to be effective in his performance. However, they are humble about skills, own mistakes, and provide the space for others to contribute.

#2. Visible commitment

Secondly, another trait seen in inclusive leadership is that their commitment is visible to every member of the group. However, they are committed to diversity, challenge the status quo, hold others accountable and make diversity a personal priority. 

#3. Awareness of bias 

One trait of inclusive leadership you should take note of is that they disapprove of bias. However, they show awareness of personal blind spots as well as flaws in the team and work hard to guarantee excellence. 

#4. Cultural intelligence 

Another interesting trait of inclusive leadership is that they are attentive to others’ cultures and adapt as expected. However, they respect everyone’s culture and allow them to believe in what they want. 

 For example, culturally intelligent leaders will show caution when doing business with individuals whose cultures value modesty. However, they control the tone of their speech and adjust their nonverbal behaviors gestures like facial expressions, body language. 

#5. Curiosity about others

Also, they display an open mindset and are curious about others. Again, they listen without judgment and seek empathy to understand the people around them. However, curiosity and openness are hallmarks of inclusive leaders. Also, they are eager to learn from other perspectives to minimize their blind spots and improve their decision-making. 

#6. Effective collaboration

Finally, they support others, pay attention to diverse thinking and psychological safety, and focus on team collaboration. However, for collaboration to be effective, team members must first be willing to share their perspectives. 

Hence, they create an environment in which all individuals express their opinions freely with the group. For example, they avoid teams breaking into subgroups, which can undermine relationships and create conflict. 

Inclusive Leadership Training

Inclusive leadership training help leaders in understanding their implicit assumptions and preferences. However, It also improves their motivation and ability to empower diverse talent and integrate difference into work practices and decision-making. 

Furthermore, here are the inclusive leadership training programs. However, you should note that these inclusive leadership training are not in any form of ranking or for investment purposes.

EW Group Inclusive leadership

This training program groups inclusive leadership under five pillars. These pillars are Leadership, people, strategy, excellence and performance. However, they are located at 7 bell yard London.

 Additionally, they design and deliver sessions that cut across all aspects of day-to-day management. Also they educate leaders on benefits of inclusive leadership and prompt them to re-evaluate how they manage, promote and lead others.

EDX Inclusive Leadership Training

This inclusive leadership training has three skill-building courses. It can be completed in three months, however, it is on your own pace. Also, for the full duration of the program, the fee is $132.30. Additionally, you should know it is a professional certificate for inclusive leadership.

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DDI Inclusive Leadership Training

They also create an inclusive leadership program that help leaders develop the necessary skill to engage and value everyone on their team. However, DDI stands for Development Dimension international.

Coursera Inclusive Leadership Training

This is an online course program where an individual can learn more about inclusive leadership. After completion, you will be awarded a certificate. However, this certificate can be sharable.

Additionally, it is approximately 21 hours to complete this course. Nevertheless, it has a flexible deadlines, you can reset your deadline according to your schedule.

Class Central Inclusive Leadership Training

This is also an online course program where an individual can learn more about inclusive leadership. After completion, you will be awarded a certificate. However, this certificate can be sharable.

Now, lets discuss some of the inclusive leadership examples.

Inclusive Leadership Examples

For a better understanding of this topic, here are some of examples of inclusive leadership.

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook

McDonald’s with it’s bias awareness training has reached over 10,000 employees and continues its global rollout roadmap. However, recently the organization launched a new strategy call BETTER TOGETHER.

Also, the company also reviews its high-potential talent pools to support careers with a diversity focus.

Deloitte approaches

Deloitte is known for its strong moves for ensuring inclusion in the workplace. However, the company created a framework for inclusive leadership among male employees. Also, it aim to place them as allies to female employees and leaders.


At Salesforce, the leaders takes a more ground approach, thereby influencing everyday workplace interactions. However, among the tips of the company are authentic conversations, inclusive meetings, fair work assignments.


Making genuinely inclusive decisions, company leaders need accurate, and bias-free employee data. Nevertheless, that’s precisely what Google wants achieve with its annual diversity report. However, this is what they are employing every year since 2014.


At P&G, leaders do not always avoid disagreements and heated discussions in the workplace. However, obtaining access to diverse points of view is crucial in creating optimum strategies and plans.

Hence, an inclusive leader provides an environment where disagreement is viewed positively.


In conclusion, inclusive leaders are not just any leader. They are humble, committed to their work, curious about others and are aware of bias. They are inclusive, their leadership style is one of the best.

In any organization you find an inclusive leader, know that the diverse people feelings are well articulated for.

What are inclusive leadership behaviors?

There are six traits that are mostly found in inclusive leadership. 

  • #1. Humility 
  • #2. Visible commitment
  • #3. Awareness of bias 
  • #4. Cultural intelligence 
  • #5. Curiosity about others 
  • #6. Effective collaboration

What are the 5 Principles of an inclusive leader?

  • Lead with Equality. Integrate Equality into everything you do
  • Have Brave, Authentic Conversations.
  • Practice Inclusive Meetings.
  • Be Fair in Assignments and Promotions.
  • Celebrate and Bond with Everyone in Mind.

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