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Progressive Management Systems is a debt collection company. They purchase debt from various creditors who have given up trying to collect the loan themselves. Read on to get a better understanding of what Progressive Management Systems is all about, including their collection, agency, and reviews.

Progressive Management Systems(PMS)

An organization that collects debts with the main office in West Covina, California, and a branch in Las Vegas, Nevada, is called Progressive Management Systems (PMS).

The debt collection company, Progressive Management Systems (PMS), which is employee-owned, was established in 1977. In all 50 states, they offer bilingual services and do debt collection on behalf of numerous companies.

These are the debt collection services that PMS provides:

  • Third-party and first-party collection
  • Aftercare for insurance
  • Individualized reporting
  • Handling of accounts

The terms “PMS Collections,” “Progressive Mgmt Sys,” “Progressive Management S,” and “Progressive Mgmt System” may appear on your credit record. If you forget to pay, this could occur.

Your credit score could be significantly impacted by any negative mark that hasn’t expired. It is the same with a collections account.

How Can You Get Progressive Management Systems Off Your Credit Report?

If any information on the account is false, fraudulent, or wrong and isn’t fixed (or can’t be fixed) in a reasonable amount of time, your credit report might be able to get rid of the record for Progressive Management Systems.

There are three other ways to repair your credit if PMS debt is lowering it:

#1. Appeal the Debt to Each of the Three Credit Reporting Agencies

You should dispute the debt listed on your credit report if you believe it to be fraudulent (for example, if you paid it off in full or it belongs to someone else).

Progressive Management Systems is associated with this debt. Debts older than 7 years (counted from the date of your first missing payment) can also be contested. However, by law, they should have vanished from your credit report by then.

#2. Deal With Progressive Management Systems in Negotiations

It will be quite challenging to have Progressive Management Systems removed from your credit report if the debt is valid and less than 7 years old (although not impossible).

The best course of action for you right now is to settle the loan. Because paid-off collection accounts are no longer taken into account by more recent credit scoring models, paying off your collection will raise your credit score even if you can’t get rid of the item.

#3. Allow Progressive Management Systems to Disappear from Your Credit Report After 7 Years

Unfortunately, following your first missed payment, the majority of collection accounts will stay on your credit record for 7 years. Your debt to PMS will continue to appear on your credit record even after you pay it off.

Progressive Management Systems Collection

We know Progressive Management Systems to be a trustworthy debt collection company with offices in West Covina, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. They are based on the West Coast and conduct business there.

On behalf of numerous businesses across a variety of industries, Progressive Management Systems seeks unpaid debts. We also know them as “debt buyers,” since they buy past-due accounts from other businesses for pennies on the dollar with the intention of recovering the debt and reaping a healthy profit.

To put it another way, PMS frequently pays a very low price to buy your previous debt from the original creditor (such as a bank or credit card company). Next, they’ll try to convince you to pay the full sum. Progressive Management Systems will probably turn a sizable profit once you have paid everything off to them.

This is only one of the dubious techniques PMS uses to recover a debt.

Progressive Management Systems Collection Agency

The PMS collection agency accounts for collections reported on your credit score. They may have acquired the debt from the original creditor in some situations (i.e. a credit card or loan company). To buy this debt, they typically pay pennies on the dollar, occasionally even just a tenth of the initial cost.

In other instances, it’s possible that they are being paid to collect debts on behalf of another business and do not actually own the debt themselves. They could make calls or try to send you mail in an effort to get in touch with you (demanding payment).

And to make matters worse, your credit report now shows a collections account. Your credit rating (and chances of being accepted for a loan or other significant financial event) are negatively impacted by this.

Progressive Management Systems Reviews

You need to manage your business. Your objective is to complete the task at hand while fostering and upholding positive relationships. You will not accept anything less than excellence. Wouldn’t you want to collaborate with a business that has the same objective?

The bilingual company, Progressive Management Systems, is owned by its employees. That implies that those accountable for our business are those working on yours. In the field of receivables management, this is unusual.

Their own personal stake in your success drives them to be conscientious, adaptable, enthusiastic, and innovative, which results in an environment that is far superior to what you’ll find in other businesses in our sector.

Progressive Management Systems is an employee-owned business that aims to be the country’s top collection agency. The reason they offer exceptional service, outstanding solutions, and education with moral integrity and character is for their consumers and their customers.

Their business values you and your customers. Therefore, even though they will always put your interests first, they also give a lot of weight to striking a balance between giving you the financial success you deserve and maintaining your good name in the neighborhood.

I hope you gained some understanding of Progressive Management Systems Reviews.

Is Progressive Management Systems Real?

Progressive Management Systems is an authorized debt collecting agency, so they are in fact real. This does not imply that they will act morally at all times, though.

Progressive Management Systems violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in 2015. Additionally, some people might impersonate PMS representatives in an effort to defraud you. Therefore, determining the legitimacy of any debts they contact you about is always something you should always do so before taking any further action.

Contact PMS directly to achieve this by contacting them through this web portal or by using the contact information provided below:

Phone: (800) 258-7482 or (800) 640-9211

Address: 1521 West Cameron Avenue #100 West Covina, CA 91790-2738

Which Collection Agency Does Progressive Management Systems Use?

Progressive Management Systems collects money on behalf of several lenders (called creditors). Since they are ever-evolving, collection agencies often do not disclose who they buy from, and PMS is no exception.

Progressive Management Systems handles both first- and third-party debt collection for companies in a range of industries. They might get in touch with you to attempt to get money from you or to talk about payment options for past-due invoices.

 How Do I Pay Off Progressive Debt?

Confirming whether they listed a collection on your credit report is the first step. You have three choices for paying for collections after it is confirmed.

  1. Reach a settlement;
  2. Make a one-time payment.
  3. Beginning a payment schedule.

You will make your payment following the execution of a documented debt settlement agreement between you and PMS.

Sending a check via the mail with a return receipt is the most secure method of paying a debt collection agency. This will serve as proof that the collecting agency received and honored the check.

A mailed receipt costs $3.05 whereas an electronic receipt costs $1.85. These receipts will be useful if the collection company ever asserts that you failed to make a payment.

By Phone: To make a payment by phone, dial 1-800-776-4737 to reach Progressive’s toll-free automated phone payment system.

You can make payments 24 hours a day using a debit/credit card or a bank account.

Postal Service: You can submit a check to PO Box 984105, Los Angeles, CA 90189-4105, or to the address specified on your bill.

How Can I Get a Collection Removed Without Paying?

Three methods exist for getting rid of collections without paying:

Firstly, you can write and mail a Goodwill letter pleading for forgiveness. Conflicts are different from goodwill letters.

The purpose of a goodwill letter is to urge a creditor or collection agency to remove a negative entry from your credit report once we have paid the amount in full. Although they are not required to, creditors may honor your request, improving your credit score.

Secondly, you can make research on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Draft dispute letters to contest the collection.

Lastly, you can have a collections removal specialist delete it.

Collections can prevent you from obtaining a car, a house, a personal loan, a credit card, or even some jobs because they can remain on your credit report for up to seven years. Making every effort to get rid of them, starting right away, is the prudent choice.


From the above reviews, you now have a better understanding of Progressive Management Systems as a debt collecting agency and how they work.

Progressive Management Systems FAQs

Does Progressive Management Systems Operate As A Debt Collection Agency?

Yes, the Progressive Management system operates as a debt collection company. They purchase debt from various creditors who have given up trying to collect the loan themselves.

Does Progressive Management Systems affect my credit score?

Yes, your credit score may be negatively impacted by any negative mark that is still within its statute of limitations. The same applies to a collections account.

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