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As a leader, you have amassed reasonable exposure which has given you an edge in your industry. The knowledge, experience and wisdom you got as you climbed the ladder is well enough to impact a business.

Your job as a coach is to pass them successfully to the next generation of leaders assigned to you. This is how you expand capabilities and build legacy you can be proud of in time to come.

You’ve heard of the popular saying, “Give a man a fish, you’ve fed him for a day but teach him to fish, you’ve fed him for his lifetime” let me add that you’ve also fed the world around him.

Our goal is to help businesses achieve increasing sustained growth while yielding profits. And this can’t be achieved without you coming on board to coach businesses.


The most effective way to coach is not to call often or show care, yes these are good but it’s more effective when the coach appears in the field with the player as they train, observe the weakness and strength of each player, gives specific useful recommendations to each player based on his noted observation.


The skill of the coach is the art of questioning. Asking probing questions, forces people to think, to discover and to search. What strength do you have to grow in this businesses? Who are your competitors and what strengths do they have? What workforce do you’ve compared to theirs and what differentiates you from them? Questions like these to the people you coach, will reveal their strategies and expose the weakness of their preparations and plans.


However, the coach does more. Don’t leave them miserable feeling they’ve got a poor plan and cannot start. No! Still with questioning, ask what if you build your strength around their loopholes and start with areas they’ve no penetration yet and dominate there? It forces the person you’re coaching to strategize again and draw up a better plan. Yet all these without offering a single advice? A coach does more of questioning than advising but in a solution oriented manner.

Whether you’re coaching a business we assign to you or your own team, the same applies. Irrespective of your style – gentle or blunt, the goal is to ask the questions that bring out the realities and give people the help they need to correct problems and effect growth in their businesses.


We are not throwing in a bunch of advice at you because, we believe you’re a leader in your field. We trust your abilities and believe you will give your best. We admit there are 101 reasons you might choose not to offer your skills to other businesses which may include certain organizational barriers, however we trust you enough to give your best.

What do you stand to get?

  1. You automatically qualify to become our ambassador without the rules though simple, yet you get all the benefits included for our ambassadors
  2. You get paid for growing other businesses.


If you have what it takes and the benefits is captivating enough to bring you to the board, then Apply here