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Due to the rising crime rate in today’s culture, business owners are now responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees and other important business-related matters 24/7. It can be quite difficult for a human to keep an eye on the actions taking place in an organization, especially at night. In this article, we’ll explain the notion of security cameras, the top 10 business security camera systems, and the best wireless options available to you. Having a security camera allows for increased security as well as the ability to review footage of previous events.

Business Security Camera System

What is referred to as the security camera system are the hardware and software components that are found in security cameras. The output quality would depend on the camera’s components.

You should think about a security camera’s data storage, video analytics, internet connection, and several cameras before choosing one for your company. 

Data Storage

There are different ways different business security cameras store data. It’s very common to find business security cameras that are limited when it comes to storing data, while on the other hand, some store theirs directly in the cloud.  


Imagine no internet connection in the world today. The advantage of having an internet connection for a security camera is that it allows one backup remotely, the camera can also be accessed remotely.

Video analytics platform

One thing that can not be removed from the business camera system is the video analytics system. As data are collected from the camera, acting upon it is very important. 

Best Business Security Camera Systems

Choosing among the top commercial security systems will make protecting your company or home office simpler and easier.

Below, we’ve provided a list of the best based on reviews and functionalities.

#1. Lorex 8-Channel

Lorex 8-Channel is your best bet if you enjoy putting things together on your own without feeling pressured. With this camera, capturing high-quality footage is not a problem. The price is roughly $469.98.

#2. Night Owl

Night Owl is a camera that can spot movement and heat. Yes! For only $299.99, Night Owl offers crystal-clear video images in addition to the advantages listed above.

#3. Amazon Cloud Cam

Good for a friendly budget. The video quality is great.

#4. Amcrest HD 1080P-Lite

Setting up can be a bit complicated. Its vision for both night and day is incredible.

#5. Cromorc All in one 

Can be used easily by the user. 

#6. NETGEAR Arlo Pro 2

The disadvantage of this is its limited battery capacity. Apart from that, you get great motion detection.

#8. ZOSI 1080P 8 CH DVR System

Here, you can add 1TB. It’s good for minimizing costs.

#9. Nest Security Camera

The vision at night is excellent and has great motion detection.

#10. Arlo 720P HD Security Camera System

This camera is wireless. You can view an angle of a wide range.

Business Security Camera Systems Reviews

Lorex 8-Channel

In terms of price, Lorex 8-Channel is more expensive than Night Owl.

But compared to the Night Owl, its night vision was much, much greater. You can be sure to obtain video surveillance for any size property with Lorex 8-Channel.

You can receive a warning if there is background movement using Lorex 8-Channel.

For the sole purpose of chasing intruders, this camera has a siren with a loud sound and an LED light.

Night Owl’s

For people who need a security camera but have a particular budget, the Night Owl is the best. It comes with a 5MP infrared camera, which gives very clear images and also boosts the colors of videos even if light reduces or fades off.  

Best Security Camera For Small Business

For small firms, it can be difficult to record a video in low light. Therefore, it is preferable to use a security camera system that offers infrared light or lights that help record even when the light appears weak.

Different systems, spanning from indoor to outdoor or both, are created for the various needs of particular enterprises. We specifically chose this for you.

#1. Cromorc All in one

The wireless Cromorc All-in-One camera is a simple-to-install camera that is ideal for small companies. It can detect motion and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It offers good quality for nighttime recording.

The price of this camera is its sole drawback; it is extremely expensive.

#2. WYZE Cam v3

The cordless nature of this camera makes the setup simpler for small business owners. With this security camera, you can both detect motions and capture excellent nighttime images.

The security camera’s additional features, like its ability to capture sounds, voice control, and live streaming capabilities, would force you to choose it above other security cameras.

Its size and weight are the only unsatisfactory aspects of it. You should check out this camera because there aren’t many that can offer you a great resolution at a lower cost.

#3. Hiseeu 3MP/ 1080P

Low on budget? Then this is likely your bus stop as you can get this camera for a cheap rate. 

Not to worry much about setting up, the camera is a wireless one. Motion can be detected and it offers clear night vision.

Yes! This security camera system can be expanded. It’s also wireless and offers quality night vision. With its system comes two cameras that can give 2160P resolution from each of the cameras.

#5. Hiseeu All in one

It’s also wireless and offers quality night vision. The drawback is that it does not work so well when the light is dim.

Top 10 Business Security Camera Systems

Choosing from the best can be challenging, so we’ve created a list of the top 10 business security camera systems just for you, to help in your pick.

You can find them below:

#1. ADT Security System

Everyone tends to trust a company that has not failed to deliver premium products over three years. ADT Security System is not an exception as it has been for over 140 years in this field. 

With ADT, you’ll get features such as motion sensors, good night vision, and voice control.

#2. SimpliSafe 

For a business owner who wants to monitor his or her business by himself, this is the best. Customers give this security camera a rating of 9.2 over 10. 

You can also set up this camera yourself without needing any tool. It doesn’t end there, you can also choose either a paid or free monthly service depending on your budget.

Not to add that after purchasing this security camera, you have a warrant of three years.

#3. Vivint

Customers rate Vivint‘s performance 9.4 on a scale of 10. This shows that they must be doing something right. With its mobile apps (iOS and android), you can monitor anytime.

With Vivint, you’ll enjoy continuous video recording. Vivint also works well with Google Assistant and Alexa.

#4. Front point

Installation is easy. Customers gave Front point a rating of 8.9 over 10 which isn’t bad at all.

#5. Lorex

You’ll want to try Lorex out. The customer review shows the satisfied usage as they gave it a 9.6 out of 10. Now, that’s convincing. 

The good part is that Lorex cameras can be bought singularly or in packs.

#6. Cove

Cove suits small businesses more than larger ones.

A great thing to know is that while a team is watching over your business security so you wouldn’t have to be bothered so much.

Cove works well with Google Assistant and Alexa.

You can never go wrong with the Reolink Argus 3 Pro. Customers term it the overall best. 

If you are considering this, it’s good you set aside $129.99.

With Reolink Argus 3 Pro, you don’t need to think of paying extra to save videos. The video quality is superb.

#8. Wyze Cam v3

In the Wyze Cam v3, you get a built-in siren, improved night vision, and a higher frame rate for smoother video. Wyze’s offers free cloud storage where you can save clips of 12-seconds up to 14 days.

#9. Arlo Pro 4

This wireless security camera works with a wide range of smart home appliances such as Apple Homekit, Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and Google Assistant.

It provides multiple cameras and great video quality. 

#10. Google Nest Cam 

With a paid subscription to Nest Aware, users can get a smart alert. The image, sound, and video quality are commendable.

You also get free cloud storage, unlike other security cameras. Many features can be accessed without having to pay monthly for a subscription.

Business Security Camera Systems Wireless

If your business space is a small one or is one you got for temporary use, then, a wireless security camera is portable just for you.

A DIYer would love the wireless connection as it would make setting up easier and less complicated. With wireless, you have the answer to going smart and remotely monitoring motions.

Another great feature the wireless business security camera systems give is the ability to recognize whether the motion is that of a vehicle, animal, or human.

What Security Cameras Do Professionals Use?

Professionals are known to use AXIS Q16 Network Camera Series or the Hikvision Warehouse among others.

How Much Does a Commercial Security Camera System Cost?

There is a home safety solution available for every budget since the average cost of installing security cameras in the United States is $1,330, but the common range is $150 to $2,040.

How Much Does a Professional Security Camera Cost?

You’ll have to budget a range of $1000 to $10,000. For small businesses, the budget is within the range of $3,000.


Getting a security camera for your business is a great step to better security measures and other advantages, but the question now is which is best, which should I go for?

This article gives a detailed explanation of wireless business security cameras and the top 10 business security camera systems. It’s left for you to choose based on your budget and the features you are looking for in a security camera.

Business Security Camera Systems FAQs

How much does it cost to install cameras in a business?

For wired cameras, the cost is $150 – $500. While for wireless, it could be between $130 – $400.

How much does it cost to install 4 security cameras?

Security camera installation generally ranges from $125 to $450 per camera, labor included. A set of four cameras, labor, plus a monitoring or recording system should cost, on average, $1,075.

What are the best commercial CCTV cameras?

Google Nest Cam is great for commercial use.

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