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avail property management
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Managing your rental(s) might be time-consuming if you are a small landlord. There aren’t many instruments to aid, and the ones that exist are mainly built for huge residential complexes and corporations and are quite expensive. And, as a small landlord, the more fees you pay, the less profit you may make. This is where Avail comes into play. They provide amazing software to small landlords to help them manage their rentals at a low cost. Read on to learn more about Avail Property Management.

Who is Avail?

Avail is a property management software tool with several features. They were previously known as Rentalutions, but changed their name to Avail in 2018. Their goal is to simplify property administration for do-it-yourself (DIY) landlords.

What Is the Purpose of Avail?

Avail property management can be used by independent landlords and house renters in the following ways:

Rental listings

By posting an online listing, landlords can advertise their home rents. To attract the perfect tenant, you can personalize the listing by giving a fascinating description, adding photographs, and detailing the property’s amenities.

Automated listing distribution

After generating a listing, landlords can distribute it to famous house listing websites like Realtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow.

Landlords can build customized rental application forms and deliver them to potential renters via the Internet. This assists the landlord in learning important information about a renter, such as their residency history, reasons for moving, and financial status.

Tenant screening tools

As part of the rental application, Avail allows landlords to conduct tenant screening and background checks. The software includes a full credit report, identification authentication, and eviction history for renters.

Rental analysis

The program provides rental pricing for surrounding homes to assist landlords in determining competitive rent amounts for their home rentals.

Avail has a collection of customizable, state-specific lease agreement templates that have been developed and authorized by lawyers. The technology also allows tenants to digitally sign the agreements.

Rent reminders

Tenants can schedule rent reminders to be sent on a specific day each month. Landlords can also use Avail to send reminders to their tenants.

Automated rent collection

Avail allows landlords and tenants to add their bank information so that they may receive and send rent payments. Renters can also set up auto-pay to pay their rent on a predetermined day each month.

Maintenance management

vail allows tenants to submit and send maintenance and repair requests to the landlord. Landlords, on the other hand, can manage maintenance requests from a single location.

Accounting tools for property management

Avail tracks all financial activities and maintains records on a single page for convenient viewing and administration. Based on your input, the app’s real estate bookkeeping program performs numerous computations.

Avail Pricing

The most basic services provided by Avail property mmanagement are absolutely free to use, including:

  • Listing of syndication
  • Credit and criminal background checks
  • Rent can be paid online.
  • Tracking maintenance
  • Leases that are unique to each state

Still, landlords have two subscription options to select from:

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Plus

Unlimited Plan

This subscription is free and costs nothing per unit.

Users in this plan receive the basic services (mentioned above) for free, but must pay for various premium services, such as the opportunity to modify leases.

The Unlimited plan is ideal for new and independent landlords with fewer than ten rentals.

Unlimited Plus Plan

This plan’s monthly subscription fee is $7 per unit, making Avail an economical property management software for small landlords.

Users can enjoy all of the features included in the Unlimited plan, as well as the following:

  • Fees for ACH and card payments have been waived for your tenants.
  • Leases and rental application forms that are personalized
  • Website for property marketing on its own
  • Rent is due the following day.
  • Custom leasing agreement cloning and reuse
  • Rent for Tenants

Tenants’ Avail costs are one-time fees rather than recurring charges. The following fees may be incurred by tenants when using Avail:

Avail tenant screening fees – In most circumstances, the tenant will cover the cost of background checks and tenant screening reports. Full tenant background checks and a screening report cost $55 at Avail.

Rent payment fees – Direct bank transfers (ACH payments) will cost landlords on the Unlimited plan $2.50 each transaction. In addition, regardless of the landlord’s membership, the tenant is charged 3.5% when paying by credit/debit card.

Renters’ insurance – Through Avail’s partner, Lemonade Inc., tenants can obtain insurance coverage (optional). Rates vary depending on the tenant and the property value.

Avail Property Management Features

Avail is outfitted with several features that have been smoothly integrated to provide a variety of rental property management services.

The platform’s key features for landlords and tenants are as follows.

#1. Listing of Rental Properties

Landlords can use Avail to generate and post rental listings for free. The software allows you to enter all important information about your property, such as:

  • Fantastic description
  • Available facilities
  • Property images
  • Amount of rent
  • Amount of the security deposit
  • Lease period
  • Moving day

#2. Syndication of Rental Listings

Once your listing is complete, the Avail rental app allows users to publish it on leading listing websites. Avail has collaborated with the following websites:

  • Apartments.com
  • Apartment List
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Walk Score
  • HotPads
  • Rent.com
  • Rentable
  • Realtor.com
  • Zumper

This function assists landlords in generating more leads and filling their apartments more quickly.

#3. Website for Property Marketing

Avail’s subscription plan (Unlimited Plus) allows users to develop standalone marketing websites for their rental homes.

Avail allows landlords to tailor their websites with custom themes, logos, and call-to-action buttons.

Marketing websites, as opposed to rental listings, allow users to integrate all of their property listings in one place, enhancing leads and conversion rates.

#4. Management of Leaders

You will need to arrange and manage the follow-up process as more people reply to your listing.

Independent landlords who use Avail receive fast email notifications when a lead contacts them via Avail or third-party listing websites.

The app then allows you to respond to potential tenants, schedule virtual or in-person showings, and ask pre-screening questions.

Landlords can also plan appointments and invite prospective tenants using calendar integrations.

#5. Rental Application Online

You can begin the process of finding the ideal renter for your property when potential tenants apply to your listing.

Avail provides landlords with a pre-made tenant application form that they can send to candidates. The form requests common tenant information such as:

  • Contact information
  • History of dwelling
  • Income
  • Pets
  • Work experience
  • Identity confirmation
  • Total number of co-applicants

Furthermore, the Avail landlord program contacts past landlords to determine whether the applicant paid their rent on time and maintained the rental property.

The form also includes screening questions concerning evictions, smoking habits, felonies, and other issues.

Users must be on the Unlimited Plus subscription to customize the application template with custom questions.

#6. Background Investigation

Landlords may demand that prospective tenants purchase formal screening reports.

These reports contain extensive financial and legal information about applicants in order to assist landlords in identifying qualified candidates.

Avail allows landlords to add the following background checks in their online applications:

  • TransUnion’s credit report comprises the applicants’ credit score and history, insights, account summaries, and tradelines.
  • Check national and state databases to see if an application is on any federal watch, sex offender, or terrorist watch lists.
  • Eviction report – Conduct a search across all states to determine an applicant’s eviction history.

Each study costs $30 individually, or $55 for the complete package.

#7. Leases in the Digital Age

Avail includes a number of pre-made and state-specific lease agreement templates that have been reviewed and approved by lawyers.

The electronic leases are comprehensive and include the following sections:

  • Disclosures
  • Attachments
  • Clauses
  • Lease conditions and information from the lessor
  • Household regulations
  • Fees for rent and security deposits

Only the Unlimited Plus plan allows for the customization of clauses and rules.

Tenants, on the other hand, can digitally sign the lease agreement with their name and email address.

#8. Rent Collection Online

Avail is a simple and easy-to-use landlord rent collection app.

  • Landlords can register their bank account to collect rent payments, while tenants can add their credit/debit card for scheduled payments.
  • Rent can also be paid by direct bank payments (ACH transfers) by tenants.
  • Tenants will be charged a fee of 3.5% of the transaction amount for credit card payments, and $2.50 for ACH payments.
  • If you have the Unlimited Plus plan, your tenants will not be charged these costs.
  • It should be noted that Avail provides electronic receipts for all payments.

#9. Analysis of Rent Prices

Avail, in collaboration with RentRange, offers rent analysis studies to assist you in determining the appropriate rent level for your home rentals.

The report includes rent estimates and vacancy rates for surrounding comparable properties, as well as data comparisons for up to ten comparable rental properties.

The detailed report also includes charts and graphs for the following data:

  • Rental standards
  • Market days vs. county vacancies
  • Rent trends in the county by bedroom and type
  • Criteria for rental saturation

#10. Calculator for Rental Property

The rental property calculator is a wonderful software tool for real estate investors to use if they are purchasing a property.

You can enter the asking price, down payment, repair costs, financing details, and gross rent into the calculator, and it will calculate the following:

  • Rate cap
  • Property’s monthly revenue
  • Return on investment in cash
  • Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Multiplier for gross rental income
  • Operational costs

#11. Maintenance Monitoring

Avail allows tenants to submit maintenance requests straight from the platform. They may include photographs as well as a full description of the damage.

Landlords will be alerted via email of the request and will be able to react via Avail without having to visit the property.

#12. Tenant Advantages

Avail, as an end-to-end platform, allows renters to create accounts and access the following features:

Tenants can construct detailed profiles that contain their employment and residency history, responses to standard application questions, and background checks.

Online rent payments – To prevent late fines, tenants can add credit cards and set up automatic rent payments. They can also pay with ACH.

Lease signing – Avail allows tenants to digitally sign lease agreements on any device.

Maintenance tickets – Tenants can create maintenance tickets and send them to landlords immediately.

CreditBoost – Avail allows tenants to submit on-time rent payments to TransUnion for $3.95 every reported month in order to improve their credit score.

Pros and Cons Of Avail Property Management


  • Avail offers an all-inclusive package of solutions for independent landlords, including property marketing, digital lease signing, online rent payment, and maintenance tracking.
  • Avail provides a free plan that includes all of the main features that an independent landlord may require.
  • Users can advertise their properties on up to 12 third-party property listing websites using the platform.
  • Even inexperienced landlords can afford the platform’s premium plan.
  • The platform is simple to use because the landlord software has an intuitive design.
  • The built-in lease module keeps track of all leases sent and received.


  • There is no mobile Avail rental app.
  • Instead of a live customer representative, the website chat help is provided by a chatbot.

Avail Application Fees

There are no fees for tenants to utilize Avail. Some things may be charged to tenants depending on landlord subscriptions and other circumstances.


Prospective tenants can freely share their Renter Profile. This will include contact information, a history of residency, and income statistics.  

Applicants’ screening reports might be requested by landlords. This could be a Credit Report, a National Criminal Background Check, or an Eviction History. Applicants normally pay these directly. However, they can also be billed to the landlord if wanted. It is up to the landlord to decide which reports should be performed. Any fees associated with these reports can be paid on the site with a credit or debit card.


Tenants are encouraged to connect a bank account so that payments can be arranged for ACH transfer. All credit or debit card payments will be charged a 3.5% convenience fee to the tenant. There are no service costs withheld from the amount funded to landlords.

The ACH fee is eliminated for tenants whose landlords have Unlimited Plus subscriptions. Tenants whose landlords have the free Unlimited subscription will pay a small cost of $2.50 per payment.  


CreditBoost is an optional service that tenants can add to assist boost their credit score by reporting on-time rent payments to TransUnion. When they opt-in, $3.95 per month will be added to their rent.

Failed ACH Payments:

If an ACH payment is not honored by the tenant’s bank, a $15 NSF fee will be applied to their next Avail payment. Avail keeps the fee to offset the costs we spend. Avail does not charge any fees for rejected credit/debit card payments.

How does Avail Com Make Money?

Avail costs $2.50 for bank transfers and 3.5% for debit and credit card transactions.

What Does Avail Status Mean?

An avail status indicates that the casting director or producers of a project have requested that an actor be available for the shoot day. It is a notification of a potential job opportunity.

How Do I Delete My Avail Account?

You can ask Avail to remove your account by emailing [email protected]. Only your personal account and Account Information will be deleted as a result of this request. Avail will not erase information relating to you that is on the account of another User (for example, a signed lease to which you are a party).

What Credit Report Does Avail Use?

Avail uses TransUnion Credit Reports 

In Conclusion,

As a sole landlord, you must wear many hats. It takes enough time to maintain properties, evict renters, hunt down payments, and also have a unit ready for move-in.

Much of the administration in Avail is automated. Reduce time spent on administration is a wonderful place to start if you want to become a more efficient landlord.

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