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Among rental properties, the eRenterPlan renter’s insurance product is popular. Several apartment rentals associated with eRenterPlan may present this as the most convenient way to meet rental insurance needs because it has worked with thousands of property managers across the United States.

Regarding affordability, however, eRenterPlan’s premiums, which run about $16 a month, are marginally more costly than the $13 monthly average for renters insurance nationwide. Meanwhile, policyholders have minimal options for add-on coverage and are restricted to a small number of personal property coverage and deductible alternatives. There are no ways to lower the cost of premiums because this supplier does not offer discounts.
So the question is, “Is this the best fit for you?” Relax as we go over all you should know about eRenterplan insurance. 

What is ErenterPlan Insurance? 

eRenterPlan works with rental properties to provide tenants with simple-to-get, entry-level renters insurance. ERenterPlan does not directly offer renters’ insurance coverage. LeasingDesk Insurance Services is the source of the insurance plans they offer. Between eRenterPlan and a few renters insurance underwriters, LeasingDesk Insurance Services serves as an insurance broker.

American Modern Insurance Group, American National Insurance Company, and Markel Corporation are the three partner businesses underwriting the insurance plans that eRenterPlan sells.

ErenterPlan Insurance Review

It’s not only homeowners to worry about; tenants also need coverage to safeguard their personal property and shield themselves from responsibility in the event of an accident at the rental.

Renters insurance is available everywhere. One choice is eRenterPlan. Many tenants are sent to eRenterPlan when their apartment complex demands insurance. Regretfully, the company will only provide coverage in that manner. Only buildings registered with LeasingDesk Insurance Services, a California insurance company, are eligible for eRenterPlan plans.

Before acquiring coverage, if you have been referred to the company, read this eRenterPlan evaluation. We’ll assist you in determining whether you should choose this insurance company or hunt for coverage elsewhere.

About eRenterPlan Insurance 

In reality, eRenterPlan does not underwrite insurance policies. American Modern Insurance Group, Markel, or American National Property and Casualty Company backs your coverage when you purchase an insurance policy. You can still use eRenterPlan to get a price if your building isn’t listed with LeasingDesk. However, CoverMyStuff, a partner, will handle the coverage instead of eRenterPlan. 

eRenterPlan Insurance Cost

The details of the policy you are interested in, where you reside, and your apartment all affect the coverage options. Your insurance premiums will go up, or you might not get coverage if your pet has hurt someone, if you or any of your co-tenants have filed a damage claim recently, or both.

To provide you with an estimate of the costs associated with eRenterPlan, we conducted a test using a participating apartment complex located in the 33549 zip code of Lutz, Florida. If tenants in this building were to pay in full now, at one time, they would be required to pay $189.00 annually or $18.25 per month.

Included in this cost are the following options for coverage:

  • A personal liability policy worth $100,000,
  • $30k in coverage for personal belongings
  • $250 in policy deductibles.

There is a $2.50 monthly billing cost if you enroll on a monthly plan. Although this price is more than some offers from competitors, it is not the most you could pay for an apartment in the same zip code with comparable coverage.

Meanwhile, Erenterplan insurance covers the following at its basic level:

#1. Liability:

You must obtain $100,000 in personal liability coverage to purchase an eRenterPlan policy. Personal liability coverage offers protection if someone is hurt while at your flat and you are sued.

Additionally, it may protect you if your pet hurts someone else—for example if your dog bites someone. It covers court damages up to policy limits, whatever settlement you achieve with the injured party, and your legal costs.

Unlike other insurers, you cannot choose how much personal liability coverage you can get through eRenterPlan. You have to purchase $100,000 of insurance.

#2. Private Assets

It is up to you to decide how much coverage you want for personal property. You can accept or reject personal property coverage, or you can choose to purchase coverage for $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, or $40,000.

Personal property insurance will cover any potential damage to your property. In the event of a fire or flood in your flat, private property damage insurance would cover the cost of replacing or mending any damaged goods.

Your landlord’s property insurance should typically cover the flat, but your belongings are usually not. Thus, you will require personal property coverage if you want to ensure that you can replace your belongings in the event of an emergency.

#3. Refundable:

There will also be a $250 deductible for property damage insurance. This implies that before your insurance starts to pay for damages, you are responsible for paying the first $250.

ERenterPlan Insurance Coverage

It’s crucial to obtain renter’s insurance while renting an apartment. Tenants need insurance coverage to safeguard their valuables and to shield themselves from liability in the event of an accident at home, even though purchasing insurance may seem like something that homeowners or landlords should worry about.

Renter’s insurance is available everywhere. One choice is eRenterPlan. Many tenants are sent to eRenterPlan when their apartment complex demands insurance. Regretfully, the company will only provide coverage in that manner. Only buildings registered with LeasingDesk Insurance Services, a California insurance company, are eligible for eRenterPlan plans.

Before acquiring coverage, if you have been referred to the company, read this eRenterPlan evaluation. We’ll assist you in determining whether you should choose this insurance company or hunt for coverage elsewhere.

ERenterPlan Insurance Coverage

#1. Personal Property:

Everything you own is covered by an eRenterPlan. Thanks to complete replacement cost coverage, your renter’s insurance will replace your belongings if they are lost, stolen, or damaged by a covered occurrence. This is a benefit you shouldn’t pass up.

#2. Additional costs of living

Your renter’s insurance will cover the cost of finding alternate housing if a covered event—like floods or storm damage—makes your rental unit uninhabitable. The loss of use element of a renters policy, which you can set up to pay up to 100% of your personal property limits, often covers lodging and meals.

#3. Personal liability

 You may be held responsible for any injuries or damages to personal belongings in your rented property. Personal liability insurance pays for the costs of any lawsuits or subsequent medical care that arises from an accident of this kind.

#4. Roommates

eRenterPlan understands if you share your coverage with two, three, or even four roommates. A single policy can include you and up to four housemates without adding any extra costs. Remember that everyone’s property and liability are subject to coverage limits, so you may need to raise your limits.

#5. Water damage:

Even if it was your fault, your insurance will pay for the cost of replacing or repairing your possessions.

#6. Dog Bites

Renters with high-risk dog breeds will appreciate eRenterPlan’s readiness to cover all breeds. However, they limit coverage on animals with a history of biting and violent behavior.

#7. Extra Coverage 

There aren’t many extras or policy modifications with an eRenterPlan policy. These could change based on your criteria for a leasing office, the underwriting business, and your location. Among the possible endorsements are:

  • Pet damage: Pets can chew up carpets or use the living room as a litter box, among other things you wish they wouldn’t do. Pet damage protection from eRenterPlan will take care of you in that situation.
  • Identity recovery: This additional amount can assist in defraying costs associated with identity theft recovery.
  • Remedial bed insect treatment: Professional treatment is necessary to eradicate a bed bug infestation from your flat. This additional coverage takes care of such costs.
  • Jewelry: If you own valuable jewelry, eRenterPlan provides extra coverage.
  • Protection against earthquake damage to personal property: This covers such costs.
  • Reduction of hurricane policy deductible: This add-on might lessen the amount you must pay out of pocket following a storm if you have a separate hurricane deductible.

Cost of ERenterPlan Insurance

According to the website, coverage premiums start between $15 and $20 monthly. This is at the upper end of the national average of $180 a year, or $15 a month, and does not include any add-ons or more significant coverage limits. Additionally, a lack of discounts means policyholders do not have alternatives to save on premiums outside of increasing deductibles.

Some things that could boost renters insurance rates include

#1. Credit Score 

Renters with favorable credit scores frequently pay lower rates than those with bad scores. This is so since it’s a sign of your financial accountability and your credit rating. Insurance companies view those with financial management issues as a higher risk. If your insurance rates are affected by your credit score, consider raising it by getting a free copy of your credit report and checking it over for mistakes.

#2. Claims Background

Similar to your credit score, having a history of multiple homeowner or renter claims may put you at a higher risk of making another claim. Almost invariably, this will raise your rate. One good thing with eRenterPlan is that if you file a single claim, your insurance rates won’t increase.

#3. Select Coverage Limitations

The personal property coverage of your renter’s insurance should cover the loss of your valuable personal belongings (as well as those of your roommates). The liability coverage your renter’s insurance offers should also feel adequate to you. On the other hand, the insurance cost is directly related to the quantity you buy. When obtaining free quotes, be cautious to verify the statistics and make any necessary revisions because low initial rates might only offer minimal coverage limits that are inadequate for your circumstances. Additionally, remember that in certain places, eRenterPlan policies cannot allow you to change the coverage limits.

#4. Location of the Rental

A rental’s location influences the level of risk it presents. High crime rates and frequent natural disasters might raise insurance costs. Conversely, rental insurance rates may be lower for residences in places that are not vulnerable to storms, fires, or flooding.

#5. Pets

Some rental agreements allow pets, such as those that come with eRenterPlan. Coverage includes liability protection if a dog bites someone and covering for a certain amount of pet damage to your property. Tenants with dogs whose breed is aggressive elsewhere should consider eRenterPlan, as it does not have a restricted breed list. However, if a dog has a history of biting or aggressive behavior, eRenterPlan may decline to cover them.

#6. Deductibles:

The amount you must pay out-of-pocket following a claim before your insurance coverage begins The $250 deductible for ERenterPlan policies is less than many rivals’ entry-level plans.

Erenterplan Insurance Companies

It can be a wise decision if you require practical renters insurance with extensive coverage and your leasing office is an eRenterPlan-recommended supplier. Its prices, however, are often higher than the national average, so you can pay more for coverage than if you choose a less expensive renters insurance company. Those prices are even less appealing when compared to competitors because there are no discounts.

We give eRenterPlan a score of 3.35 out of 5. It has several advantages, and many policyholders seem content with how their claims are handled and their coverage is provided. It does not, however, include all of the features offered by rivals, and other businesses take care of policy underwriting and claim processing.

Is eRenterPlan the best renter insurance option for you? These businesses might be a better match:

#1.  Lemonade

For less money, Lemonade provides equal coverage and an equivalent online experience. It is now much more accessible with the advent of a mobile app. Although not all states offer it, it is an excellent option for renters who want flexible and reasonably priced coverage.

#2. Allstate 

Like Nationwide, Allstate provides many insurance options and multi-policy savings. The cost of an insurance policy varies depending on where you reside, but you may use Allstate’s online assessment tool to acquire rates and estimate how much your coverage will cost. The following are some crucial points to be aware of if you’re considering getting Allstate insurance:

  • It’s the second-best-rated renters insurance provider on LendEDU.
  • A.M. Best and the Better Business Bureau have given it an A+ grade.
  • All 50 states provide renter’s insurance.
  • You can obtain liability coverage, and policies are entirely customizable.

#3. Nationwide

Excellent renters insurance provider Nationwide offers extensive coverage, several savings options, and a user-friendly system for managing policies and quotes. Although it often has slightly higher premiums than its rivals, policyholders can save money with its many discounts.

#4. State Farm

The biggest home insurance company in the United States is State Farm. It provides outstanding possibilities for customization, liability and personal property coverage, and client support. Comparing State Farm’s rates to those of similar companies, they are average. To further lower rates, it also provides a sizable discount for combining house and vehicle insurance products.

How does eRenterPlan Work?

It covers your belongings if stolen, lost, or damaged (primarily); protects you if a water-related disaster damages your property, and protects you if you are sued for causing harm to another person or their property.

Does eRenterPlan Cover Jewelry?

An average eRenterPlan coverage only covers jewelry theft up to a predetermined amount, such as $1,000 or $1,500. You can select a greater maximum if the objects in your collection are worth more than that—water spill.

How do I add an Interested Party to eRenterplan?

Once your coverage is in place, you can contact the insurance company directly to add an interested party, or you can do so when you first sign up for the policy.

Does Insurance Cover Lost or Stolen Jewelry?

Insurance covers misplaced valuables under certain conditions. Loss items are usually not covered for personal property under a house insurance policy; however, a stand-alone jewelry insurance policy or a scheduled personal property endorsement may offer extra protection against unintentional loss.

Why is it Bad to Cancel Renters Insurance?

Long-term costs may exceed short-term savings if you terminate your renter’s insurance. You run a significant financial risk from personal liability and property loss if you don’t have insurance.

When should you cancel your renter’s insurance?

  • The lease you have is up.
  • You no longer need renters insurance and have no desire to have your policy in place.
  • It is now yours to own.
  • You are named on another person’s policy, such as a spouse’s.


Because eRenterPlan is more expensive than many of its competitors, it is not highly customizable, and it is only available to residents of buildings that have registered with LeasingDesk. Most consumers should consider searching elsewhere before obtaining rental insurance through eRenterPlan.


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