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Finding the best cheap life insurance companies that cover your essentials doesn’t have to be impossible. By comparing different term life insurance policies, you may select the most affordable option for your needs. Our experts have researched the market and found the best cheap life insurance companies and policies so that you may achieve your financial goals without breaking the bank.

Cheap Life Insurance 

We researched cheap life insurance company policies with low premiums, helpful customer service, and a solid track record of financial stability to select the most cost-effective options. The best low-cost life insurance providers are listed below. 

#1. Haven Life

MassMutual, a business that receives high marks for its financial stability and customer satisfaction, provides coverage through Haven Life. It offers term insurance both with and without a medical exam.


  • Two distinct term life insurance plans are available.
  • There is no need for a medical exam to join Haven Simple.


  • Haven’s basic life insurance policy is for people younger than 55 only.
  • Some insurance plans may not be accessible in your state.

#2. Guardian

The term, full, and universal policies are all available from the Guardian. Guardian provides a cheap term life insurance company that can be upgraded to whole and universal life.


A++ AM highest rated for fiscal stability


Insurance policies can only be obtained from a licensed broker.

#3. State Farm

Among the many cheap life insurance options available from State Farm are term life, whole life, and universal life policies. It has a solid reputation in the areas of both financial security and customer satisfaction.


  • A++ AM is the highest rating for fiscal stability
  • Inability to schedule a medical exam


Coverage with no medical exam, but at a low cap

How Much Is Life Insurance?

The price of a cheap life insurance company’s policy depends on a number of criteria that insurers use to calculate your risk. The higher your premium, the riskier your profile is considered to be. Simply put, premiums increase in proportion to the severity of the risk that the insurer may have to pay out claims. The cost of your life insurance policy depends on a number of variables.

  • The Amount Covered: Insurance premiums are calculated based on the death benefit.
  • Although term life insurance premiums are often lower than those of permanent policies due to the lack of cash value accumulation, annual increases are possible with some term insurance plans.
  • The cost of a term life insurance policy rises in proportion to its term length. 
  • Because men don’t live as long as women, their life insurance premiums are higher. 
  • Health and medical background: Premiums are often higher for smokers and those with a higher risk of developing chronic diseases than for those who do not smoke.
  • A person’s age is a major factor in determining their insurance rates.
  • Lifestyle factors: If you normally live a riskier lifestyle (if you have hobbies that entail potentially risky activities) or have a high-risk profession, you might pay extra.

Best Cheap Life Insurance 

Buying life insurance coverage that best meets your needs and budget doesn’t have to be out of reach. Shopping around and comparing different term life insurance policies is the best way to obtain low-cost life coverage. Our life insurance experts have researched the market and found the firms with the most affordable policies so that you may achieve your financial goals without breaking the bank.

#1. Symetra

Symetra’s SwiftTerm policy offers the lowest rates in our analysis, making it a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly term life insurance option. Qualifying applicants may also get instant approval.


  • Analyzed insurance companies have extremely competitive premiums.
  • Approval and coverage are available promptly for select candidates.
  • Some applicants can skip the exam if they don’t want to.


  • You can’t submit an online application before you talk to a representative.
  • Maximum issue age of 60, lower than numerous other insurers we researched.
  • The maximum coverage of $3 million is less than what some other insurers under consideration offered.

#2. Pacific Life

The PL Promise term life insurance policy from Pacific Life has a far lower minimum face value requirement than any of the other policies we looked at. Based on our research, we also concluded that Pacific Life provides consistently low rates and high-quality coverage options.


  • There is no cap on the quantity of protection provided.
  • There are a few add-ons, including coverage for terminal sickness.
  • Up until age 70, you have the option to switch to a universal life insurance policy.
  • Rates that are, on average, lower than the competition.
  • Renewal is assured up to and including age 95.


  • Only a universal life insurance policy conversion is allowed.
  • You’ll want to work with a broker to get insurance.

#3. Haven Life

Haven Term has low premiums and provides eligible customers with Haven Life Plus. Benefits include secure cloud storage, wellness tools, and the option to make legally binding estate plans that outline your final wishes.


  • Completely web-based application process, leading to rapid acceptance for those who qualify.
  • Most insurance plans have an optional rider called Haven Life Plus.
  • C.M. Life Insurance Co. is a subsidiary of the financially stable insurance company MassMutual.


  • Term-life products are not convertible.
  • The states of Florida, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Washington do not carry Haven Life Plus.

#4. Penn Mutual

Penn Mutual’s Non-Convertible Term policy is well-rated because of substantially lower-than-average customer complaints compared to competitors. It offers low prices, but you’ll have to pay more if you want to switch your insurance.


  • Paying less than the norm.
  • Few insurance policyholders have filed formal complaints with state regulators.
  • A medical exam might not be required of eligible applicants.
  • Online policy administration is available to policyholders.


  • The $250,000 minimum face amount is high relative to the majority of the market.
  • May need to pay more for the convertible policy.
  • There is a very young cap on issuance ages (69), which is low.

Cheap Life Insurance Policy

Term life insurance is typically the least expensive option for many buyers. However, your unique traits and coverage needs will determine the life insurance policy that best suits your budget. Term life insurance is a form of life insurance policy that remains in effect for a specified amount of time, often between 10 and 30 years, as long as premiums are paid. 

Advantages of Term Life Insurance Policies

  • Due to the temporary nature of term life insurance, the premiums are typically more affordable than those of permanent life insurance. Age is a prominent predictor of mortality, which means that senior citizens may pay more for term coverage.
  • Expires at the end of a set amount of time: The duration of a term life insurance policy is set by the policyholder, often between 10 and 30 years. Term life insurance is a good option for people who need financial security just for a limited time, like when their kids are still in school or they have a mortgage to pay off.
  • The premiums on a term life insurance policy will end, and the beneficiary will get no money if the policyholder dies before the policy’s term ends. Though many term policies cannot be converted to permanent policies, many of the top life insurance providers do provide conversion riders.

It’s true that purchasing a term policy becomes prohibitively expensive after a certain age, so it might not be the best value for seniors. Consultation with a certified agent may be useful if you have questions about the many types of life insurance policies available.

The Key to Affordable Life Coverage

Life insurance premiums are highly individual since they are based on factors like age and health status. Insurance rates are more affordable for the young and healthy than they are for the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. These suggestions may help you earn a lower monthly premium on your life insurance policy.

  • You should think about getting covered while you’re young. Life insurance normally becomes more expensive as we get older, so it may be beneficial to purchase coverage when you’re young for reduced rates.
  • Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Skydiving and rock climbing are two extreme sports that can drastically raise your life insurance cost. Indicating to an insurer that you lead a safer lifestyle could be as simple as trading in your risky hobby for something like hiking or cross-country skiing.
  • Take charge of your health and improve the areas over which you have some say. Some examples of such behaviors are eating healthfully, engaging in regular physical activity, and getting plenty of shut-eye.
  • Stop using tobacco products and/or other sources of nicotine. Smoking can create long-term health concerns, which is why insurers normally offer substantially higher life insurance rates for smokers. Quitting can be challenging, but it may have long-term health advantages and lead to lower rates.
  • Evaluate the employment benefits. Individual life insurance policies can be more expensive than group policies offered by corporations. It’s important to remember that after you leave your job or retire, you no longer qualify for these benefits.
  • Examine your current degree of protection. You may not need as much life insurance if you’ve paid off your mortgage and your children have moved out. It’s possible that downsizing your coverage and picking a policy with a smaller death benefit will save you money. Before making any changes to your policy, you may want to speak with a qualified agent or financial adviser.

How Many Years Should I Pay for Life Insurance? 

Twenty-year term life insurance policies are the most common and can protect a young couple’s income as their family develops. Covering big, long-term expenses like a mortgage or student loans with term life insurance that lasts 30 years is a good idea.

Is It Worth It to Have Life Insurance? 

Purchasing life insurance helps ensure that your loved ones will not suffer financially in the event of your untimely death. It can be used for retirement or college savings, debt repayment, everyday expenses, and even funeral costs.

Can You Cash Out Term Life Insurance?

Is it possible to receive a payout from a term life insurance policy prior to its expiration? Due to the absence of a cash value component, it is not feasible to liquidate a term life insurance policy. In the event of your passing before the policy’s expiration, your beneficiaries may be eligible to receive a death benefit from this insurance.

Is 40 Too Late for Life Insurance? 

Life insurance is something to consider at any age, including your forties. After all, you need to plan for the future security of your family from a financial standpoint.

When Should You Not Buy Life Insurance?

The necessity of life insurance is not universal. Individuals who have amassed sufficient financial resources to sufficiently address their end-of-life costs and do not have any dependents typically have the option to abstain from procuring life insurance coverage.

Is It Better to Have Life Insurance or Savings?

In a nutshell, savings might hold you over in the short term, but they probably won’t be enough if your financial situation changes. Only life insurance can provide you the peace of mind to make changes like these. Get a life insurance quote online today or use the table below to start evaluating some choices.

What Is the Downside of Life Insurance?

One notable drawback pertains to the requirement of regular monetary contributions, either on a monthly or annual basis, in order to avail oneself of this particular advantage. For individuals burdened with financial obligations such as mortgage payments, dependent children, or outstanding debt, the advantages of possessing life insurance surpass the disadvantages.


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