Cheap Progressive Renters Insurance Cost in Michigan
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In Michigan, it can be difficult to find renters insurance at cheaper prices. Renters make up a relatively small share of Michigan’s housing population, which means the state’s renters insurance market is less competitive and more expensive than in other states. Progressive Renters insurance is a cost-effective way to safeguard your belongings against theft or damage in Michigan.

Renters Insurance Michigan 

Michigan law does not mandate that tenants carry renter’s insurance, but many landlords will not sign a lease with you unless you can prove that you have adequate liability coverage. A typical policy will cover your belongings up to a maximum of $20,000, your liability if someone is injured on your property, and your loss of use if your home is rendered uninhabitable.

You can protect yourself and your belongings from financial loss and satisfy your landlord‘s liability insurance requirements with a renters insurance policy in Michigan. Theft protection, medical bills, and even temporary housing expenses are just some of the things that renters insurance can help with. 

Renters insurance is a cost-effective way to safeguard your belongings against theft or damage. Fire, theft, and extreme weather can all wipe out your possessions, but insurance can help replace them. Even if you do not think you have enough possessions to warrant purchasing Michigan renters insurance, there are still benefits to having a policy.

What Michigan Renters Insurance Covers

Liability, personal property, loss of use, and medical payments to others are the standard components of Michigan renters insurance, with additional coverage available through endorsements and floaters.

Here’s a rundown of the various forms of protection:

#1. Liability Insurance

If you are at fault in an incident that results in harm to another person or their property, liability insurance can help cover the costs. Most likely, this coverage will also pay for your lawyer’s fees if someone sues you. 

#2. Personal Property

If your belongings are damaged by a covered event, this section of your renter’s insurance will pay to replace them. If you want brand-new equipment, you will need to pay more for an RCV policy than you would for an ACV policy.

#3. Additional Living Expenses

If a covered peril renders your dwelling uninhabitable, this provision ensures that you will receive financial assistance to cover the additional living expenses incurred as a result. The costs of staying away from home, such as lodging, food, and temporary housing, are covered by the insurance policy.

#4. Loss of Use

If you are forced to relocate because of an emergency and require repairs to your apartment, you may be eligible for relocation expenses. Typically, this will cover the price of lodging, as well as the cost of food and laundry.

#5. Medical Payments

If someone is hurt while visiting your home, your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for a portion of their medical expenses.

#6. Endorsements/Floaters

There is always some sort of endorsement you can add to your insurance policy for a small monthly fee, and every insurance provider has them. This is like the extras that come with home warranty plans. Protecting against identity theft, earthquakes, and high-value belongings are just some of the more common add-ons to renters insurance.

Best Renters Insurance Michigan

#1. Lemonade

Lemonade is a cutting-edge insurer that streamlines the claims process for its policyholders. The company provides a mobile app that makes it easy to submit claims and check on their status. When compared to other insurance companies, Lemonade’s processing time for claims is significantly shorter, often by several weeks.

Plans from Lemonade start at just $5 per month, making it easy to protect your Michigan apartment from potential risks. You can get renters insurance through the Lemonade app on your phone in less than two minutes. Claim filing is just as easy and fast on a mobile device, and you will get paid quickly, too. 

#2. Geico

Geico provides exceptional customer service and makes it easy for new renters to understand the various coverage options available to them; as a result, the company is an excellent choice for individuals who have never before purchased renters insurance.

Geico’s coverage is also exceptional, boasting reasonable deductibles in addition to generous coverage limits. The only drawback to using Geico as your renter’s insurance provider is the fact that the company does not underwrite its own policies; rather, a different insurance company does.

#3. Allstate

Allstate renters insurance is a good value for people who already have or are planning to get multiple insurance policies from Allstate. However, the renter’s policies purchased separately from it can be quite pricey.

The coverage provided by Allstate is reliable and provides above-average coverage limits in addition to excellent discount options. Because of Allstate’s one-of-a-kind insurance discount for retired renters who are at least 55 years old, we recommend this company to senior citizens.

#4. Liberty Mutual

When compared to the other providers in this analysis, Liberty Mutual’s renters insurance policies are among the most competitively priced. A policy can be obtained for a starting price of $5 per month, which is significantly less than the national average price of $15 per month. You will receive coverage for medical payments to others, loss of use, personal property, and liability for an additional cost when you pay that price. 

Liberty Mutual is the insurance provider that renters in Michigan should go to if they are looking for a renters insurance policy with the most affordable rate possible. 

#5. State Farm

Whether you need renters insurance to meet a landlord’s requirement or are just trying to save money, you might want to consider State Farm. Our cost data shows that their premiums are consistently lower than those of many rivals. There are better options for coverage elsewhere, but it has flexible options for deductibles and personalization.

In addition to extensive coverage for your belongings, State Farm also provides four optional endorsements that can further strengthen your policy. Its local insurance agents form a vast network that adds a human touch to business transactions.

#6. Nationwide

Consider Nationwide if you want flexible insurance that can be tailored to your specific needs. Coverage extensions, such as those for theft, earthquakes, and floods, are available on top of the standard renter’s insurance policy.

Your premiums can go down even further if you protect your rental property with modern safety features like fire and burglar alarms, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Brand New Belongings, available from Nationwide, provides enhanced coverage for your personal property by replacing the value of your items as if they had never depreciated.

#7. USAA

USAA is a financial services company that helps military members and veterans. Renters insurance from this company is highly recommended for military families in Michigan, as it provides comprehensive protection at an unbeatable price. Not only does USAA offer identity theft protection, but it also covers military uniforms and equipment, something you will not find with any other insurer.

The USAA policy includes coverage for liability, personal property, and medical payments to others, three of the four most common types of renters insurance. Unlike standard renters insurance policies, USAA provides coverage for natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

Every service member and their family can get renters insurance from USAA, no matter where they live. As is standard in the insurance market, the company provides seven supplemental policies. In addition, it provides only four different discounts, which is fewer than the majority of insurance providers. The insurance company provides coverage for valuables like electronics and collectibles, as well as discounts for installing safety measures.

USAA provides the most affordable Michigan renters insurance rates among the most well-known insurance providers in the state. Military personnel, both current and former, and their families are the only people who can join USAA. 

Quickly estimating your insurance costs and managing your debt are both possible with the insurer’s online resources.

#8. Farmers

Farmers offer a wide range of convenient online resources for renters, such as a renters insurance calculator. They also provide several discount choices that can help lower your insurance premium.

While the average insurance provider provides seven different types of policy coverage, this company only provides three. This means that you might find cheaper insurance rates, but fewer options for the protection you need. 

Renters insurance costs about $13 a month, or $159 a year overall. For comparison, this is how much a Farmer’s renter’s insurance usually costs.

The price you pay for this insurance will depend on the value of your possessions and the level of protection you select. Get a free, no-obligation renters insurance quote from a local Farmer’s agency by calling today!

Get instantaneous quotes and manage your policy with the insurer’s mobile app. You can do everything, from making a payment to filing a claim, entirely online.

Renters Insurance Michigan Cost 

When shopping for renters insurance, price is a major factor. Renters insurance premiums in Michigan can range from affordable to expensive, depending on several factors. There may be some Michigan insurance providers who offer renters protection at more affordable premiums than others.

Insurance from USAA is the most affordable option in Michigan, but it is restricted to active duty military members, veterans, and their eligible family members and costs $7 per month. Lemonade and State Farm are two of the most affordable options in Michigan. Renters insurance in Michigan typically costs $182 annually, or slightly more than $15 monthly. This puts the state average above the national average of $180 per year. 

If you own your home, it could cost you thousands of dollars annually in insurance premiums, but renters insurance is much more affordable. 

What Determines the Cost of Michigan Renters Insurance?

When you ask for a quote from an insurance company, they take several factors into account, including your age, gender, and location. What follows is a breakdown of the primary elements that impact your renter’s insurance premium.

#1. Claims Record

Your monthly premium will be more expensive if you have a history of filing claims rather than zero claims. Even though a natural disaster or random theft was beyond your control, you may be punished in the future if you file too many claims.

#2. Amount of Coverage

You can influence the cost of your renter’s insurance by adjusting various policy features. You can lower your premium payment each month by selecting a plan with less coverage, but this will expose you to more risk. Carefully consider the total value of the items you want to insure before settling on a policy’s level of coverage. 

#3. Deductible

Low-deductible policies are less expensive every month, but high-deductible policies have higher out-of-pocket costs before insurance kicks in.

#4. Credit Score

Higher credit score customers typically have lower monthly payments. Managing your debt-to-income ratio, paying down old debts, and maintaining responsible spending patterns are all ways to improve your credit over time.

#5. Location

Renters’ insurance premiums will be higher in areas of Michigan with a higher-than-average crime rate. To mitigate their risk, businesses may charge more to customers they perceive to have a higher-than-average likelihood of filing a claim. Unless you can relocate to a more secure area, this could explain why your quotes are higher than you anticipated.

Additional Coverage

The high number of insurance claims filed by Michigan renters raises an intriguing question.

While Michigan thankfully lacks both earthquakes and tornadoes, it does have a higher-than-average crime rate and brutally cold winters in the northern parts of the state. Here are two more things to think about as you shop for Michigan renters insurance.

#1. Water Damage

If the pipes in your building freeze during the winter, you must have renters insurance that covers water damage. Do not confuse water damage coverage with flood protection, as the two are distinct. Your belongings are safe from floods, sewage backups, and other water disasters with water damage protection.

#2. Theft Protection

Choose a renters insurance policy that includes coverage for theft and vandalism if you happen to reside in a particularly dangerous neighborhood. Even if theft coverage is not part of a company’s standard policy, you might be able to purchase additional coverage as an endorsement. Adding theft coverage to an existing policy may be less expensive than shopping around for a provider that includes it automatically.

Michigan Progressive Renters Insurance Michigan

Progressive partners with other insurance companies to offer renters insurance. Progressive is well-liked because of its comprehensive protections against specified perils. 

When it comes to discounts for policyholders, however, Progressive stands head and shoulders above the competition and offers the best value for money. That is great news, as Progressive charges the highest monthly premium of any company we looked at for basic renters insurance in Michigan.

When you bundle your auto and home insurance policies with Progressive, you can save an average of 3 percent. If you request a quote in advance and pay in full, you can save money with this company. Personal injury protection and water backup systems are optional additions to a renters insurance policy. Financially, Progressive is rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best, but J.D. Power ranks them just below average in their category of renters insurance.

Do People in Michigan Need Renters Insurance?

While Michigan drivers are required to carry auto insurance, renters are not required to do so, even though such coverage is relatively inexpensive. It is a standard requirement of most landlords before they will let you rent their property.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in Michigan?

A standard renters insurance policy will cover your legal responsibility to others, your personal property in the rented space, your additional living costs, and the medical costs of others. You can tailor these controls and the limits they come with to your specific requirements.

Can Landlords Require Renters Insurance in Michigan?

Although Michigan law does not mandate it, many landlords and property management firms insist that tenants carry renters insurance. Renters insurance is not required in most places, but it can still protect your belongings in the event of things like theft or a fire. The state of Michigan does not mandate that tenants carry renter’s insurance, but your landlord may insist that you do so.

What Is Typically Not Covered by Renters Insurance?

Most renters insurance policies in the state of Michigan do not cover damage incurred as a result of everyday activities. Towing fees, lost valuables, and repairs for a stolen vehicle are not covered by renter’s insurance.

Does Renter Insurance Cover Mold?

Only if a covered peril was to blame for the mold damage to your possessions will your renter’s insurance cover it. That would typically be water pooling because of a leak or an internal flood. Pipe bursts and unexpected A/C system leaks are the most common sources of interior flooding. 

What Company Has the Cheapest Renters Insurance in Michigan?

  • Lemonade 
  • Allstate
  • Nationwide
  • Auto-owners

Does Renters Insurance Cover Pest Damage?

However, unlike bed bugs, rodents, termites, or cockroaches typically do not cause damage that renters insurance will cover. If you suspect you have rodents such as mice or rats in your home, you should take immediate action to reduce the risk of expensive repairs and illness. Most of the time, pests like bed bugs, rodents, and roaches won’t cause damage that renters insurance won’t cover.

Why Should You Consider Getting Renters Insurance?

Your personal property is safeguarded from unforeseen disasters like burglaries, fires, and tornadoes with renters insurance. In addition, having renters insurance can shield you from financial ruin if a visitor to your rented property sustains bodily harm.


Renters insurance protects a person’s things in case of a covered loss while they live in an apartment or house they rent. Before you buy Michigan insurance, you should call each company and ask for a free quote. This way, you can compare the different plans and prices.

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