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Say Insurance is an online-only provider of auto insurance plans and is a part of the Shelter General insurance firm. The company is an excellent choice for safe drivers with spotless driving records because it bases estimates on your driving history.

But before you make a decision, let’s go over the cost of coverage, the claims procedure, and the financial and customer ratings of Say Insurance auto insurance. This will assist you in determining whether Say Insurance can provide you with affordable auto insurance.

What Is SayAuto Insurance?

Say auto Insurance was founded in 2016 and is a division of Shelter General Insurance, an organization that has provided distinguished insurance for over 75 years. Say Insurance is committed to providing an easy-to-use, entirely online vehicle insurance service.

It allows users to manage their policies while on the go with a mobile app. The software serves as an all-in-one solution for all of your auto insurance needs and is compatible with both Android and iPhone users. Using your mobile, you can make payments, view your ID cards, and file claims.

They provide a variety of ways for clients to communicate with them to make the process of getting auto insurance as easy as feasible.

Say Auto Insurance Review

Say auto insurance is an online-only division of Shelter Insurance, was established in 2016 and provides auto insurance to citizens of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee, among other states. The company covers the majority of automobiles, trucks, and SUVs; however, motorbikes, vintage cars, some luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, and cars with racing modifications are not.

Say only provides auto insurance, so you should search elsewhere if you’re looking to combine several kinds of coverage.

What You Should Know

#1. Gives Policyholders Insurance Scores

Insurance companies employ rating criteria, including credit-based insurance scores, to estimate the likelihood that you will make a claim. Policyholders with higher scores usually qualify for reduced rates if all other factors are similar. Typically, insurance firms don’t give applicants this information unless they specifically request it.

It gives policyholders access to insurance scores so they can better understand how their financial situation may impact their scores and how those scores may impact their insurance costs.

#2. Customers Who Renew their Policies Every Six Months May be Eligible for Loyalty Discounts. 

When an insurance policy comes up for renewal, the firm creates a “Say score” by adding 50 points to an insurance score. This score is then used to set your rate for the following six months. The corporation adds fifty extra points each time your coverage is up for renewal.

Say will add 100 points to your insurance score if, for instance, you renew your policy for the second time and your current score is 750. This will result in a Say score of 850. You might save more money if your score was higher. Customers save 4% on premiums for every 50 points the company adds to your score, claims Say.

#3. Only Provides Minimum Coverage for Auto Insurance

Say provides basic coverage options such as medical expenses, reimbursement for rental cars, roadside assistance, and coverage for liability and property damage. You might have to deal with a separate insurance provider if you search for policies with specialized coverage, including gap, classic car, or custom equipment.

Knowing How Say Insurance Addresses Claims for Auto Insurance

#1. Claim Filing Process Ease

Say Insurance makes it easy for policyholders to file claims by providing a clear and straightforward procedure. Clients can start the claims process in a few different ways: online, over the phone, or via the mobile app. Because of this versatility, people can select the approach that best fits their requirements and tastes.

#2. Average Time Spent Processing Claims

When a consumer has unexpected damage or an accident, the effectiveness of the claims processing provided by their auto insurance provider is critical. Say Insurance works to give a prompt claims resolution procedure, while exact processing periods may differ depending on the particulars of each case and its complexity.

When managing claims, the company’s dedication to openness and client pleasure carries over, intending to minimise inconvenience during trying times.

#3. Client Opinion on Settlements and Distributions of Claims

Consumer reviews are a priceless tool for assessing how well an insurance provider handles claims. Customers have given Say Insurance great feedback on how well they resolve claims and payout.

Say Insurance has an average Better Business Bureau customer rating of 4.5 out of five stars, which speaks to its commitment to satisfying policyholders’ requirements and expectations throughout the claims procedure.

How Does Say Auto Insurance Work

How, then, does, say, auto insurance operate? Let’s examine the specifics.

#1. Superior Methods of Payment

Let’s say that Auto Insurance takes payments by bank transfer, credit card, or debit. You can use these three alternatives to sign up for autopay as well. They require an autopay method on file. However, you can alter your payment method online anytime. 

The purpose of the mandatory autopay is to lower your risk of forgetting to pay for your monthly policy and to help you avoid late fines. Before your bill is due, you can also make a one-time manual payment or an early partial payment. 

#2. Rate Raising 

Say Insurance’s prices may rise for several reasons, like most auto insurance providers.

Where you occupy: Your premiums may vary by state legislation or regulations since the state oversees the insurance sector. By zip code, rates also differ. Your premium may vary if you recently moved to a different area. 

  • Your Wheels

The worth, make, and model of your car will all affect your rates. Before visiting the dealership, find out how much insurance will cost for the make and model of your choice to avoid any unexpected rate rises. 

  • Insurance Score

To determine how big of a danger you would be to insure, your insurance score is derived from your credit report and insurance history. Your prices may change as your credit or insurance score does. Your prices are affected by a separate insurance credit score you will start when you join Say. To help even out your score in the event of volatility, add 50 points to your account each time you renew. 

  • Claims

Your rates may be affected by making a claim, depending on the extent of the collision, the driver’s history, and who was to blame.  You should take advantage of any increase in your auto insurance premiums to shop around for better deals on coverage. You can compare rates from more than 75 reputable organizations using our free rate comparison tool. It takes five minutes and is quite simple. 

Say Insurance’s Digital and Technological Features Vehicle Insurance

#1. Features and Functionality of Mobile Apps

Say Insurance provides a mobile app that is easy to use and works with most Apple and Android smartphones. Customers may use the app to create a My Say account, retrieve their ID, get roadside assistance, pay bills, adjust policies, and—most importantly—file claims whenever they want. Customers may easily access crucial features at their fingers, thanks to the app’s capabilities.

#2. Capabilities for Online Account Management

Say Insurance offers online account management features that make managing your insurance policy easy. Clients can examine policy details, adjust their coverage, and retrieve critical documents by logging into their accounts on the business website. Customers may now manage their policies more easily and with greater control, thanks to our online portal.

#3. Digital Resources and Tools

Say Insurance offers online materials and tools to assist clients in selecting the right policy. Online quotation calculators, insurance education materials, and policy information access are a few examples of these products. These digital resources’ accessibility guarantees that clients know the necessity to choose wisely for their insurance requirements.

For clients wishing to manage their policies and submit claims effectively, Say Insurance is a contemporary and practical choice thanks to these technological and digital capabilities.

Say Insurance Auto Insurance Claim Process

#1. The simplicity of Making a Claim (Over the Phone, Online, and Mobile Apps)

Say Insurance lets clients submit claims via various channels and provides a simple and convenient process. A claim can be submitted via mobile app, phone, or internet. This flexibility guarantees that customers can choose the approach that suits them best, making the claims procedure hassle-free.

#2. Average Claim Processing Time

Say Insurance is committed to giving timely service to their policyholders. While precise processing periods may vary based on the nature of the claim, the company endeavours to handle claims swiftly to minimise any disruption for its consumers. The exact processing time for your claim will be communicated during the claims filing procedure.

#3. Client Opinion on Settlements and Distributions of Claims

Positive comments have generally been received from customers regarding Say Insurance’s claim settlements and payouts. In January 2021, drivers rated the claims centre as 90% satisfied, per a survey given to new clients. This suggests that Say Insurance’s claim handling, including settlements and payouts, is highly regarded by its clients.

Pros and Cons of Say Auto Insurance

Say Insurance provides clients with a basic set of coverage options that include medical payments, comprehensive, collision, liability, and uninsured/underinsured coverage.

Pros of Say Auto Insurance

#1. Easy to Use

Say Insurance is a suitable option for drivers who wish to manage their policy while on the road. Because it is simple to use and navigate for consumers of all ages, its mobile app is ideal. 

#2. Modifications to Payment:

 You can modify and change your payment method from anywhere using the app. Making manual payments directly from your mobile device is simple. You can pay the remaining balance of your auto insurance upfront to earn a discount, for instance, if you receive a bonus at work.

#3. Roadside Assistance

Every insurance policy comes with roadside assistance. Say pays for one incident’s worth of roadside assistance up to $100. This covers gasoline delivery, auto towing, dead batteries, and locking your keys inside. Direct calls are simple to make using the app, and it’s always open. 

Cons of Say Auto Insurance 

#1. Auto-Pay Needed

All Say clients must maintain an active autopay mechanism. Say is a small business, so this provides them with some security. Your payment will be processed using the payment method on file if you neglect to make a manual payment that month. If you go over your monthly budget or if your paycheck is delayed, that could add to your stress level. 

#2. Restricted Accessibility:

Let’s say that insurance is only offered in six states.

Say doesn’t bundle anything; it just provides motor insurance. You must look elsewhere to combine your auto insurance with your home, rental, or other insurance policy.

Is Say Insurance Legit?

Say Insurance is a division of Shelter General Insurance, which has provided distinguished service for almost 75 years. Say Insurance is committed to providing an easy-to-use, entirely online vehicle insurance service. It allows users to manage their policies while on the go with a mobile app.

Who is Known for Cheapest Car Insurance?

Veterans and those in the military can get favourable rates from USAA. According to our investigation, Auto-Owners and Westfield offered the most affordable auto insurance for other drivers. Westfield is a Midwest-based regional insurer that covers ten states.

If you have caused an accident, especially one that injured someone else, you should expect your auto insurance premiums to increase when it comes time to renew. Compared to a motorist with a spotless record, the average rate increases by 40% nationally, meaning an annual increase of roughly $830 is incurred.

What is the Disadvantage of Say Life Insurance?

The primary drawback is that this benefit requires monthly or yearly premium payments. For the majority of people who have debt, children, or other financial obligations, the benefits of owning life insurance exceed the drawbacks.

Which Company Gives the Best Insurance?

American Family, Auto-Owners, Nationwide, and USAA are the top auto insurance providers. Only active military personnel, veterans, and members of their immediate families may purchase USAA auto insurance.

The state, your driving history, and other unique characteristics will determine which auto insurance provider is ideal for you. Comparing auto insurance quotes from several providers will show you which can offer the best deal for your circumstances.


Say auto Insurance is available in six states, so if you live in one of those places and drive safely, you should add this firm to your list of comparison shops. Say Insurance offers you free roadside assistance and accident forgiveness in addition to stackable auto insurance discounts as a client perk. Finally, Say auto Insurance is probably a suitable option if you prefer to deal with your insurance provider only online.


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