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Erie Insurance is a regional auto insurance company that operates in 12 states and the District of Columbia. It is known for its competitive rates, strong financial strength, and good customer service. Erie offers a variety of coverage options, including liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The company also offers a number of discounts, such as good driver discounts, safe vehicle discounts, and multi-policy discounts.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Erie auto insurance, including its coverage options, rates, discounts, and customer service. We will also discuss what customers are saying about the company and its claims process.

What is Erie Auto Insurance?

Erie Auto Insurance is one of the US’s most significant vehicle insurance companies. Since its founding in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1925, the business has expanded to provide services to clients in twelve states. It includes home, life, and business insurance and auto insurance.

Erie Insurance offers reasonably priced, high-quality coverage. Additionally, the business has a long history of using philanthropic donations to promote regional groups and causes.

How Does Erie Auto Insurance from Operate

Erie Insurance is a typical insurance company that charges policyholders payments in exchange for providing insurance protection. The company depends on its more than 13,000 independent insurance agents and more than 6,000 staff to manage its underwriting and risk management procedures with caution to turn a profit.

Reviews for Erie auto insurance

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) data shows that Erie vehicle insurance has a low level of customer complaints. This indicates that Erie’s number of complaints with state auto insurance departments is below average. In addition to premiums and surcharges, concerns about delays or inadequate settlements in the claims processing procedure may be reflected in NAIC complaints. 

In the 2023 CRASH Network report card, Erie also receives an A-, placing third out of 29 insurers in the yearly honour roll. The CRASH Network surveys experts in accident repair regarding their interactions with insurance companies. A good grade could be attained by following manufacturer-recommended repair techniques, employing high-quality repair parts, and responding to customer claims promptly and satisfactorily.  

About Erie Auto Insurance

Based in Pennsylvania, Erie Insurance provides business, home, life, and vehicle insurance in 12 states and Washington, D.C.

It provides standard auto insurance coverage, including comprehensive, collision, underinsured motorist, property damage, bodily injury, and personal injury. It also offers specialized coverage choices for recreational and collectible vehicles, including boats, RVs, and vintage cars.

Beyond basic auto insurance, its comprehensive policy covers shattered glass, personal belongings, pets, and roadside assistance, in addition to roadside assistance, locksmith services, and transit costs if the insured vehicle is not operable.

In addition, customers can choose from a $10,000 survivor benefit, more significant coverage limits, a declining deductible, and additional coverage for rental automobiles following an accident.

Who Needs Auto Insurance from Erie?

Erie Car Insurance can be a good choice for renters, homeowners, and anybody needing several policies. When combined, the many extra insurance options that Erie offers can lower the overall cost of auto insurance.

Given that Erie provides Rate Lock and First Accident Forgiveness, it might also be a viable choice for drivers on a tight budget. Customers who use Rate Lock have their premium rates fixed until they modify their policy, such as adding a driver or moving to a different primary residence.

Erie’s auto insurance program covers twelve states (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C.).

How to Obtain an Auto Insurance Quote in Erie

Entering your ZIP code on the Erie Insurance website is the first step in obtaining a car insurance quote. Next, you will provide details about your car and any additional drivers you wish to add to your policy, along with your name, date of birth, and address. With only a few clicks, you can quickly check your quotation and any discounts and even tailor your coverage.

You may compare insurance rates more rapidly using a quote-comparison tool like Insurify. Quotes from Erie and other insurance companies can be found in one location. Enter your details to get individual quotations from several insurance companies for the most economical coverage.

What Is Covered by Erie Auto Insurance? 

Auto plans from Erie Insurance will automatically be modified to satisfy state requirements. Additionally, customers can tailor their limitations to suit their needs.

#1. Bodily Harm Liability

Drivers who cause an accident that injures others are protected by bodily injury responsibility. Limiting out-of-pocket costs may be necessary if the impacted party files a lawsuit for pain and suffering lost wages, or medical costs.

#2. Property Damage Liability

Drivers involved in an accident that damages another person’s property or another car are covered under property damage liability.

#3. Personal Injury Protection

Medical costs are covered under personal injury protection (PIP) if you or any passengers are hurt in a collision. PIP usually covers medical expenses, hospital stays, rehabilitation costs, and lost income if an injury prevents you from working.

#4. Uninsured or Underinsured Insured Driver

This coverage occurs during hit-and-run incidents or when the other driver’s vehicle insurance is insufficient. When the other driver lacks insurance or has inadequate coverage for your claim, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage makes up the difference.

#5. Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage assists in covering your vehicle’s repair costs in the event of an accident, theft, vandalism, or falling objects. Generally, Erie’s comprehensive insurance covers the replacement of personal belongings, transportation costs, rental cars, glass repair (no deductible), and locksmith services.

#6. Scuffle

Collision coverage kicks in when an insured vehicle is harmed in an accident involving another vehicle or an object, like a fence or telephone pole.

Pros and Cons of Erie Auto Insurance

Pros of Erie Auto Insurance

Several other options from Erie are available, such as gap insurance, rideshare insurance, and coverage for new cars. Additionally, you can lock in your rate until you modify it—for example, by moving or adding a car.

You can receive benefits that other insurers charge extra for if you add comprehensive coverage to your policy. These benefits include no-deductible glass repair, up to $75 in locksmith service, $350 in personal item coverage, and basic rental car insurance.

In J.D. Power’s 2022 auto insurance comparison shopping and claims satisfaction surveys, Erie received good marks.

Cons of Erie Auto Insurance

Erie has filed more complaints with state regulators than is typical for an insurance company of its size. Additionally, the company’s savings aren’t as extensive as those of other auto insurance providers.

Erie also offers limited state availability, offering policies for auto insurance in 12 states plus the District of Columbia.

What Erie auto insurance costs

Erie’s typical monthly premium for auto insurance is $98; that comes to $1,181 annually. That is $457 less than the average rate for a full-coverage policy nationwide. Depending on where you reside, Erie can potentially be the least expensive company in your state.

Further Choices From Erie Auto Insurance

The following extras can be added to or customized from Erie Insurance’s auto policies:

#1. Roadside Support

Erie Insurance provides round-the-clock roadside assistance for flat tires, mechanical issues, dead batteries, and lockouts. Additionally, it will tow your car to the closest repair facility.

#2. Rate Lock in Erie

You may be sure to maintain your initial quotation with Erie’s Rate Lock feature until you modify your policy, including adding a driver or another car.

#3. Erie Auto Plus

The following features are added to your policy by the Erie Auto Plus package:

  • Reducing deductible up to $500, $10,000 death benefit for each year you don’t have an accident
  • Additional days of coverage for transportation
  • Deductible waived in some circumstances, including when replacing a glass,
  • Higher coverage limitations for personal belongings, audio equipment, and locksmiths

#4. Auto Security

Auto Security is offered as a per-vehicle policy. Regarding totaled cars, the newest equivalent model will be used instead of those older than two years, and a comparable two-year more unique model will be used instead of older models. In either scenario, you will have to pay your deductible.

#5. Rental Car Coverage

Erie’s comprehensive policies offer rental car coverage; however, you must add collision coverage if you choose that option. With this add-on, in addition to the small sedan that rental car coverage provides, policyholders can choose from six different automobile classes at varying costs.

#6. Locksmiths Services

With its comprehensive coverage, Erie Insurance offers up to $75 in locksmith coverage.

#7. Personal Things

In an automobile accident, the firm will replace up to $350 of damaged clothing, bags, and other personal things.

#8. Pet Insurance

If an animal is hurt in an insured car, Erie will cover up to $1,000 ($500 for each pet) in medical expenses.

Is Erie a Good Car Insurance Company?

AM Best gave Erie Auto Insurance an A+ (Superior) grade for financial soundness, indicating that they have continuously fulfilled their financial commitments and fulfilled policyholder claims. Furthermore, Erie’s complaint index score on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) was 0.57.

Is Erie the Same as Progressive?

In the United States, two well-known insurance companies are Progressive and Erie. You will find it challenging to decide between the two insurers because they offer much to offer. But regarding insurance prices, Erie is more affordable than Progressive.

Is Erie Good at Paying Claims?

Indeed, Erie pays claims with efficiency. Erie scored above average on J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction survey and was awarded a Superior financial rating by A.M. Best for its capacity to meet financial responsibilities, including paying claims.


Policyholders can confidently rely on Erie due to its good ratings from third-party organizations, extensive range of coverages and discounts, and positive survey results. If you live in one of the states where Erie is available, The Zebra thinks you should choose them for your insurance needs. With Erie, clients may use cost-effective, fully configurable coverage choices and extensive web and mobile services.


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