ALLSTATE INSURANCE REVIEW 2023: Coverage, Cost & Quotes

Allstate Insurance
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Allstate is one of the largest and most well-known insurance companies in the United States, offering a wide range of products and services, including auto, home, life, and business insurance. The company is known for its strong financial stability, excellent customer service, and competitive rates.

In this Allstate insurance review, we will take a comprehensive look at the company’s products and services, as well as its pros and cons. We will also provide tips for getting the best deal on Allstate insurance.

How Does Allstate Insurance Work?

In every state, Drivewise is accessible. The app uses the data it collects to calculate the amount of the discount you are qualified for. You won’t receive a discount, but your rates won’t increase if you engage in risky behaviour. Many customers who have reviewed Allstate insurance say this is an excellent benefit because other competitors’ habit-tracking programs can potentially increase drivers’ premiums.

Milewise Allstate

Milewise, another usage-based choice from Allstate insurance, is a pay-per-mile scheme accessible in 21 states. You pay a base payment daily, and an extra fee per mile travelled when using the programme. To track your miles and expenses, just put the Milewise gadget into the diagnostic port on your car and utilize the Allstate mobile app.

Cost of Allstate Auto Insurance

The average yearly premium for Allstate is $2,135, over twice as much as the average rate for the entire country, which is $1,547. The lowest average annual premium among the firms in our assessment is for USAA. With the second-lowest total premium for auto insurance, Geico is typically around $900 less expensive yearly than Allstate.

In every driver category we looked at, including teen drivers, older drivers, drivers with a history of accidents or DUIs, and drivers who buy the bare minimum coverage allowed by their state, Allstate also has some of the highest average yearly premiums.

It’s crucial to remember that various factors influence auto insurance premiums, so your actual expenses may vary from those shown in our examples. Comparing quotes from many insurance providers is the best approach to discovering the lowest insurance costs.

Allstate Insurance Review

According to our ranking of the Best Auto Insurance Companies for 2023, Allstate, AAA, Farmers, and Travellers are tied for sixth place. Every subcategory we looked at, including customer loyalty, customer service, and the possibility that current customers will renew their policies, received average to below-average marks. According to our research, Allstate Insurance has some of the most costly insurance prices in our ranking, with an annual rate higher overall than the national average. Additionally, insurance for older, adult, and teen drivers is typically more expensive than for drivers with poor credit or a history of speeding tickets.

#1. Allstate Client Support

In the Customer Service subcategory, Allstate and Progressive are tied for eighth place, scoring 4.1 out of 5. According to our evaluation, USAA offers policies only to people in the military community, earning it the top spot for customer service. No. 2 is the American family.

Just 1% of poll participants express extreme dissatisfaction with the customer service received, while 54% of respondents indicate they are entirely satisfied with Allstate’s customer service. Conversely, nearly 51% of clients say they are happy with how simple it is to contact Allstate’s customer support.

#2. The Allstate Claims Process

Allstate, Progressive, and Travellers are ranked seventh in our Best for Claims Handling subcategory. Each of the three insurance providers has a rating of 4.0. Only AAA, with a score of 3.9, was lower. About 42% of those who participated in the poll expressed complete satisfaction with the ease with which they could submit a claim to the organisation, and 42% said the same satisfaction with the status updates they got during the procedure.

#3. Allstate Loyalty to Customers

Allstate rates poorly when it comes to customers’ propensity to recommend their insurance as well as their likelihood to renew. In the subcategory of likely-to-be-renewed, it is tied for seventh place, and among the companies most likely to be suggested, it is tied for sixth place. Allstate ranks No. 6 in a four-way tie for total customer loyalty, placing it in the middle of the pack.

Allstate Insurance for Home 

Regular house insurance policies from Allstate cover the following:

#1. Residence Coverage

This safeguards your home’s exterior, including the walls, roof, and related structures. A typical policy covers loss or damage from weather-related events (such as hail, wind, and lightning), fire, smoke, theft, and vandalism.

#2. Protection from Liability

This applies if someone files a lawsuit against you for unintentional injuries or property damage and finds you or a resident relative legally liable. Liability insurance can assist in paying for settlement costs, attorney fees, and other related legal expenditures.

#3. Coverage for Personal Property

This holds for the items in your house, including apparel, appliances, electronics, and furniture. High-value objects, such as jewellery, artwork, and antiques, usually have limited coverage; however, supplementary coverage can be obtained. It would be beneficial for policyholders to inventory their personal belongings in case of a future claim. Replacement cost value (RCV), which is the current market price, or actual cash value (ACV), which accounts for depreciation, may be used to reimburse you for destroyed or damaged products, depending on the specifics of your policy. Study up on ACV vs. RCV.

#4. Visitor Health Protection

This can assist in paying for the medical costs of a visitor who sustains injuries on your property or those unintentionally caused by a family member. It helps defray the expense of various medical operations, such as hospital stays, X-rays, surgeries, dental work, and ambulance transportation.

How Do I Purchase Homeowners Insurance from Allstate?

Follow these procedures to get Allstate homeowners insurance:

#1. Determine the amount of coverage you require

Determine how much it will cost to replace your belongings and reconstruct your house. You can estimate building expenses in your area with online tools and a home inventory.

#2. Select the method you want to get your quote in

You can begin the process by visiting the Allstate website, calling the company, or using their online directory to locate an agent.

#3. Get Your New Insurance

Using the website will provide you with an estimate and instruct you to call an agent to finalize the quote when you enter the necessary information.

#4. Contact Your Mortgage Provider to Terminate Your Current Coverage

Notifying your lender that you have changed insurance is essential if you have taken out a mortgage for your house. To prevent any potential coverage gaps, ensure your new policy takes effect before cancelling your old one.

Allstate Insurance Categories

#1. Teen Drivers’ Allstate Rates

In general, teenagers are among the most expensive drivers to insure. Allstate’s annual average rate is about 36% higher than the national average for female teen drivers, while for male teen drivers, it is more than 33% higher. The company offers prices in this category that are more than twice as high as those of USAA, our study’s provider with the lowest rates for teen drivers. If you’re looking for insurance for a teenage driver, consider State Farm or Geico. For young drivers who are female, State Farm has the lowest rate, while for those who are male, Geico has the lowest rate. Farmers have the most expensive auto insurance rates in this category for both men and women.

#2. Allstate Young Adult Driver Rates

Younger drivers’ auto insurance is still more expensive than older, more seasoned drivers, but it is typically far less costly than teen drivers. For both male and female drivers who are unmarried and 25 years of age, the average annual cost of an Allstate policy is about $600 higher than the national average.

If they are eligible for a policy, young adult drivers searching for reasonably priced coverage might want to look at USAA, which offers the lowest prices in this subcategory. If not, young adults can choose from Geico’s second cheapest prices. According to our research, Farmers have the highest rates of drivers in this age bracket.

#3. Allstate Speeding Ticket Rates

Your auto insurance cost may increase significantly if you have a speeding citation on your driving record. For drivers who have received a ticket, Allstate’s average annual rate is significantly higher than the national average. Compared to the national average, the company’s sample premium for drivers following a speeding ticket is more than 25% more

#4. Allstate Senior Drivers Rates

Our data indicates that Allstate pays older male and female drivers at rates more significant than the national average. For women and men, respectively, the average yearly rate of the company is 44% and 42% higher. According to our analysis, Allstate has the highest rates for senior drivers among the companies.

The cheapest auto insurance for senior drivers is offered by USAA, typically $1,050 less expensive annually than Allstate. For drivers in this age group, State Farm provides the second-lowest rates—more over $800 less annually than Allstate.

#5. Allstate Adult Drivers Rates

In general, rates for drivers in their 30s are less expensive than those for teenagers and young adults. Allstate’s annual premium for adult female drivers is around 42% higher than the national average, and its yearly rate for adult male drivers is nearly 39% higher than the national average. The lowest average yearly rates in this category are found with USAA; Allstate’s prices are the highest for adult drivers that we could find, more than twice as expensive.

#6. Allstate Bad Credit Drivers Rates

The policyholder’s credit rating is one of the elements auto insurance providers use to determine prices, something that not everyone is aware of until they start looking for coverage.

Compared to the national average, Allstate’s rate for drivers with bad credit is over sixteen per cent more. With an average rate of nearly 38% more than the national average, AAA has the highest rate for people with bad credit. At 35% below average, USAA has the lowest rate. Consider looking at Geico if you don’t qualify for a USAA policy and have bad credit. This category’s rate is over 32% lower than the national average.

#7. Allstate Accident Rates

A driver’s insurance rates may increase due to an accident. Drivers with a history of accidents pay more yearly at Allstate than the national average. With a rate about 45% higher than the national average, the company is in second place in this category, behind Farmers. After an accident, USAA offers the lowest rates for drivers, followed by State Farm in second place. American Family ranks third in price in this category, while Travelers ranks fourth.

Allstate Extra Coverage for Homeowners Insurance

There are numerous ways to enhance or expand coverage over what is included in a typical house insurance policy with Allstate. Speaking with an agent or company representative is an excellent idea to get the best policy for your needs.

#1. Personal Umbrella Policy

 Liability insurance is a feature of a regular Allstate home policy that protects you from lawsuits brought by injured guests. However, those plans have a cap, so you might not have enough if you hit your maximum. A personal umbrella policy offers additional coverage against losses and damages resulting from property damage, bodily harm, and personal injury.

#2. Flood Insurance

Allstate, like other insurers, should pay you for water damage from a burst pipe or a broken washing machine hose if the problem wasn’t the result of careless maintenance. The exception is a flood that results from rivers, seas, or other bodies of water overflowing. If you live in a flood zone, your lender may also require separate insurance to provide this coverage.

#3. HostAdvantage

Allstate is the first significant insurance provider to provide coverage for housesharing. This extra insurance helps shield homeowners from damage and theft from renting out their residences.

#4. Identity theft Restoration

If your identity is taken, pay for court costs, missed income, and other associated expenses.

#5. Water Backup

For many homeowners, getting additional coverage for water damage brought on by clogged sump pumps and drains may be beneficial. According to the Civil Engineering Research Foundation, sewage backups are rising at approximately 3% per year, and the average age of sewer lines in America is thirty years.

#6. Scheduled Personal Property

Insurance covers the jewellery, collections, and antiques the owners value as valuables.

#7. Business Property

You should get more coverage if you work from home or keep something connected to your business.

Is Allstate cheaper than Geico?

Geico provides auto insurance that is, on average, less expensive than Allstate. In our industry-wide insurance evaluation, Geico received 9.1 out of 10.0 points in the cost area, while Allstate received 7.4 points. But Geico offers more than just cheaper insurance than Allstate.

How Good is Allstate at Paying Claims?

Compared to other insurance companies, Allstate pays claims well, according to the most recent claims satisfaction survey conducted by J.D. Power. Compared to the industry average of 873 out of 1,000, Allstate’s claims procedure received a score of 889 out of 1,000.

How to Negotiate with Allstate?

  • Don’t accept responsibility. Get medical help right away.
  • Understand How to Determine Your Losses.
  • Verify That You Are Being Paid Entirely.
  • Understand The Buzzwords; Understand How Colossus Operates;…
  • Avert the Low-Ball Offer from Allstate and Make Use of Your No-Fault Insurance.

Is there a Class Action Lawsuit Against Allstate Insurance?

In a class action lawsuit by shareholders accusing the insurance behemoth Allstate of deceiving them by hiding its policy of reducing underwriting criteria to spur development, the firm negotiated a settlement of $90 million.


In addition to the typical coverages that most homeowners want, Allstate provides a wide range of customization and expansion choices. However, ordinary coverage is among the priciest options in our ranking. Customizing a plan is possible with options prioritising energy efficiency and protecting a house when rented out.


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