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Insuring a Ford car with minimum liability coverage costs about $1,336 annually. We’ve put together some excellent tips and calculators to help you estimate and find your unique cost to insure because, of course, there are a lot of factors (including location, driving history, and driver age) that could influence your genuine insurance cost. Therefore, you need to know how ford car insurance costs. This article entails everything you need to know about Ford insurance; the agency and the cost. Enjoy the ride!

The Ford Story

Henry Ford and eleven other investors established Ford Motor Company in 1903 as an American automaker. After the company was reincorporated in 1919, Ford, Clara, and their son Edsel became the sole shareholders together with their respective heirs and the Ford Foundation (established in 1936) until January 1956, when the common stock was first available for sale to the public.

The company manufactures trucks and passenger cars in addition to auto parts and accessories. The corporate headquarters of the corporation are situated in Dearborn, Michigan.

What Is Ford Insurance?

Ford Insurance is a usage-based insurance program that allows Ford drivers to obtain coverage for their cars. The manufacturer provides nationwide underwritten insurance, which pays discounts for safe driving based on connected car data. Ford Insure is available to owners of qualified vehicles produced after 2020. Drivers can receive a 10% discount upon enrollment and up to a 40% reduction following a four- to six-month trial period. 

You may be curious about the cost of insuring your Ford if you are a Ford enthusiast or considering purchasing one. The average annual cost of comprehensive coverage in the US is $1,674. Conversely, personal factors like your vehicle type, coverage requirements, and claims history, as well as demographic factors like age, gender, and location, affect your insurance rates.

This implies that any or all of the aforementioned factors could have an impact on the overall annual cost of car insurance. Different car insurance companies use different formulas to determine premiums, so your coverage may cost more depending on the brand and model of your car.

Ford Credit Requirements

The financial division of Ford Motor Company is called Ford Credit. It provides flexible payment options for customers purchasing Ford cars. New or certified pre-owned (CPO) Ford cars are available for purchase or lease.

Although there are no minimum or maximum credit scores, we discovered that drivers who were accepted for Ford Credit had an average credit score of 739. This does not imply that the Ford dealership where you buy a car will require you to have a credit score that close, but it would increase your chances of being accepted. Having a thorough employment history and income details are two more Ford Credit requirements.

How Much Is Ford Car Insurance?

Ford cars are well-known for their adaptability, longevity, and high standards of quality. When it comes to pricing, most Ford models are bang in the middle, and that includes car insurance premiums. Your choice of a Ford car model is one of the main elements that affects how much your car insurance will cost. The Ford Escape is one of the newest models that doesn’t break the bank. The Ford Mustang has a reputation for having high insurance costs. 

Vehicle ModelAverage Annual Premium
Ford C-Max$1,696
Ford Edge$1,551
Ford Escape$1,468
Ford Expedition$1,861
Ford Explorer$1,611
Ford Fiesta$1,598
Ford Flex$1,696
Ford Focus$1,779
Ford F-Series$1,509
Ford Fusion$1,834
Ford Fusion Energi$1,834
Ford Mustang$2,006
Ford Taurus$1,863
Ford Transit Connect$1,415
Source: The Zebra

How Much Is Insurance for a Ford Mustang?

The Ford Mustang is typically expensive to insure. For this model, the annual average cost of car insurance is $1,571.

CompanyAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$1,582
Source: MoneyGreek

How Much Is Insurance for a Ford Mustang Mach-E?

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has a high insurance cost based on average car insurance rates. For this model, the average annual insurance cost is $1,784. 

CompanyAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$1,564
Source: MoneyGreek

How Much Is Insurance for a Ford Mustang EcoBoost?

The third most costly vehicle to insure is the Ford Mustang EcoBoost. For this model, the annual average cost of car insurance is $1,359. The Ford Mustang EcoBoost has reasonable car insurance costs when compared to other car models and brands.

CompanyAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$1,342
Source: MoneyGreek

How Much Is Insurance for a Ford Taurus?

Go through this information below to know how much the insurance Ford Taurus cost.

CompanyAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$1,266
Source: MoneyGreek

How Much Is Insurance for a Ford Focus?

Wondering of how much the insurance Ford Focus cost? Check this out!

CompanyAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$1,218
Source: MoneyGreek

How Much Is Insurance for a Ford Explorer?

The cost of the insurance for a Ford Explorer varies according to the provider you choose to get it from Although it is not too expensive. Check this out!

CompanyAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$1,225
Source: MoneyGreek

How Much Is Insurance for a Ford F-150?

The cost of the insurance for a Ford F-150 varies according to the provider you choose to get it from Although it is not too expensive. Check this out!

CompanyAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$1,142
Source: MoneyGreek

How Much Is Insurance for a Ford Escape?

The cost of car insurance for this model is not expensive when compared to other models. Here is how the much the insurance for a Ford Escape costs according to some providers:

CompanyAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$1,182
Source: MoneyGreek

Features of Ford That Affect Insurance Prices

The following are the features that affects the price of Ford insurance:

#1. Cost of the Parts 

When deciding how much to pay out on a car insurance claim, the average cost of repairs is always taken into account. If your car needs expensive repairs because of imported or hard-to-find parts, your insurance rate will almost surely be higher than if your car only needs simple repairs. Fords are quite common in the USA, with the Ford F-150 holding the title of best-selling vehicle for 40 consecutive years. Mechanics usually have no trouble tracking out replacement components.

#2. Features for Safety

 Every Ford car now has more sophisticated safety measures, keeping up with technological advancements. Depending on the year and model of your Ford, features including adaptive cruise control, evasive steering, automatic high lights, blind-spot monitoring, and emergency braking may be available. A car with the best safety features may have cheaper auto insurance if the features have been statistically proven to prevent accidents.

#3. Lane-Keeping Device

Another common reason for car accidents is side-swiping another vehicle. Ford’s Lane-Keeping System warns drivers when they stray too far from the center of their lane, helping to reduce sideswipe collisions.

#4. BLIS

Blind spots have been linked to catastrophic auto accidents for many years. The Blind Spot Information System, or BLIS, is a device that lets drivers safely change lanes or enter a roadway by alerting them when it detects potential cars in their blind spots.

#5. Evasive Steering Assist

Rear-end collisions are a common occurrence in auto accidents. Ford’s Evasive Steering Assist technology warns the driver and offers steering assistance for stable handling when an automobile in front of you suddenly slows down or stops.

Additional Car Insurance Products From Ford

Ford owners are required to have car insurance in almost all states. Liability insurance and, occasionally, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are among the minimum coverage requirements that states with mandatory auto insurance policies often have. If you reside in a no-fault state, you can also be required to carry personal injury protection (PIP).

However, minimal coverage insurance could not offer enough coverage or might not be an option if your car is financed or leased. To protect your Ford in the event of an accident, you should think about upgrading to a full coverage policy that includes collision and comprehensive coverage. If your Ford is financed or leased, your lender may require you to maintain certain coverages.

How to Get the Best Ford Insurance

Even though it can be tricky to obtain the best insurance prices, maybe this guide will help you compare rates more widely across different cars and discover fair rates. To receive a customized free quote, just remember the following:

  • Not all insurance companies will give rate quotations to “aggregators” (for example, Progressive, Geico, and other companies frequently decline to provide prices via comparison websites). So, in certain situations, obtaining auto insurance quotes might necessitate contacting the insurer directly.
  • Make sure the insurance costs you’re evaluating have like-for-like coverage. Recall that obtaining the best insurance rate is not the objective, as competitive plans frequently omit essential coverage. Prior to comparing quotes, make sure to choose your level of coverage (e.g., good driving discounts or other member connections) and all future advantages.
  • Examine the insurance company’s claim-free discount. This may affect how much money you save each year if you drive safely. For instance, you may reduce your auto insurance costs by up to 30% with TD Insurance. 
  • Before you sign on the dotted line, consult with an insurance representative who can address any and all of your questions regarding the procedure. Get the best coverage for you and compare prices in advance!
  • Your driving history will have a significant impact on your quote. In the long run, driving defensively can save you a ton of money. Verify the savings offered by the providers for “good driving behavior” and find out exactly what constitutes such behavior.

What Is Ford Preferred Insurance?

A partnership between Ford dealerships and large insurance companies produced Ford Preferred Insurance, which provides NEAR CASHLESS service to all Ford customers in the US.

How Much is Ford Car Insurance?

Our data indicates that the average annual cost of insurance for a Ford is $1,556. The model and year of the car, the driver’s age and driving history, the driver’s location, and the coverage choices made all affect the actual cost of Ford auto insurance.

In What Ways Does My Residence Affect My Insurance?

As a general rule, insurance policies differ greatly by location. Based on where you reside, the actuary is attempting to ascertain the following:

  • Is there a greater chance of an accident in your area? Generally speaking, denser locations have more accidents per mile.
  • Where you drive or live, are the repair expenses greater? The cost of labor for body shops varies significantly between Topeka, Kansas, and Los Angeles.

Does Insurance Cost More for an SUV or Van?

While minivans will result in various vehicle insurance premium costs, their insurance will generally be less expensive. The average cost of car insurance for an SUV was $1,257, while the average cost for a minivan was $930.

Which Is the Best Type of Car Insurance?

Comprehensive coverage, sometimes known as “fully comp,” provides the maximum level of safety available. They are the fundamentals. 

How Does My Age Affect My Insurance?

The age of the insured driver is one of the main factors influencing insurance costs because experience increases with age. Above all, being a young, inexperienced driver can be a major contributing factor to increased insurance costs. Based on information gathered from multiple insurance companies, a 16-year-old driver’s Ford Focus insurance quote might reach $5100. Compared to their female counterparts, younger male drivers are more likely to be involved in at-fault incidents and receive speeding penalties. Their beginning rate is higher as a result.

Between the ages of 30 and 60, expenses normalize as drivers gain expertise and age. A forty-year-old’s insurance for the same Ford only costs $1336. Above these ages, the elderly have greater rates.

What Kind of Insurance Does My Ford Require?

In the event of an accident in which you cause damage or injury to another party, liability insurance is typically required by law. The addition of comprehensive (full coverage) and collision insurance is usually advised as well. 

Do Fords Cost a lot to Insure?

When it comes to insurance prices, Ford cars are often in the cheaper category. However, individual factors like the age and model of the automobile as well as the driver’s age and background can have a significant impact on the actual cost of insurance for a Ford.

Is The Ford Focus Expensive To Insure?

Insurance for a Ford Focus is not expensive. The car’s insurance premiums are somewhat less than the average for all models. The Ford Focus costs $1,759 a year, which is around $180 less than the average for the country.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to compare prices when looking at Ford car insurance quotes in order to make sure you’re receiving the cheapest offer. There are numerous insurance companies at your disposal, or you can handle this on your own. Car insurance providers consider your personal profile and the particulars of your vehicle when determining your insurance prices for Ford Focus models. Therefore, make sure to know how much Ford insurance is from an agency before going for one.


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