TOP PRODUCER REVIEWS: Features, Pricing & Services

Top Producer Reviews

Top Producer has long been one of the most popular real estate CRMs, with tens of thousands of agents, trainers, and brokerages relying on it for their own operations. Top Producer includes drip campaigns, marketing materials, and, most importantly, the Market Snapshot function, which helps homeowners stay involved long after the transaction is completed. In this guide, we will provide solid reviews on the top producer CRM software, it’s pricing, customer service, and the top producer 8i feature.

What is Top Producer CRM?

Top Producer CRM is a contact management solution for real estate agents and teams that is cloud-based. The software includes an improved HTML5 interface that allows clients to manage their businesses from anywhere using their touch-screen mobile devices or desktop computers. Top Producer X equips agents with the tools they need to maintain relationships throughout the client life cycle, allowing clients to form long-term relationships with referral partners, leads, and clients via integrated websites, texting, and automated marketing packages.

Top Producer 2020 includes search-and-save MLS property functionality, an auto-update contacts option, and email tracking capacity, among other features. Furthermore, direct interaction with daily calendars simplifies follow-up, while MLS integration allows you to track, save, and search for properties, enhancing job productivity.

Top Producer also improves accountability by providing users with a simple platform that integrates X Factor data to help them create closer relationships with potential clients. Finally, the company’s team of professionals provides free one-on-one coaching and support services to ensure that each customer is successful in accomplishing their goals using this technology.

Benefits and Insights of Top Producer

Why should you utilize Top Producer? Let’s look at the Key differentiators & advantages of Top Producer

  • Easily Create a Website: Prebuilt designs, simple tools, and an intuitive interface make it simple to create an agent website.
  • Connect With Leads: Using real-time engagement tips, ensure leads don’t fall through the cracks by following up swiftly.
  • Keep Clients Up to Date on Market Changes: Connect with MLS sources to stay up to date on the latest price reductions, new job postings, and sold properties.
  • Increase Leads: Increase the number of leads by automatically integrating Zapier for importing leads created by Google Forms, Facebook ads, and other sources outside the CRM.
  • Get Free Help: The support team offers to coach and will assist with website setup if necessary.

Best Features of Top Producer

Top Producer CRM has the following advantages:

#1. Prebuilt Templates and Action Plans

Top Producer features a wide range of CRM solutions, the most important of which are those for keeping in front of your client. These systems start with a massive library of lead incubation routines, scripts, email campaigns, and templates, as well as some non-digital marketing assets such as leaflets and postal templates.

It also offers many of the other features that people look for in a contact manager, such as lead rating (A, B, C, etc.).

#2. Integrations

Top Producer receives a “B” on integrations and will most likely do most of what has to be merged. It partially solves this problem for those it doesn’t use its FiveStreet collaboration, which is a lead routing system. FiveStreet is an excellent solution for teams and brokers who need to route leads not just to agents but also to other tools outside Top Producer.

Top Producer’s MLS connectivity is excellent, allowing you to instantly auto-populate a listing to create flyers and marketing materials or initiate a transaction workflow.

#3. Market Snapshot

One of the Top Producer’s most popular tools is the Market Snapshot. It is intended to help both buyers and sellers by serving as a listing alert for buyers and a home valuation tracking tool for sellers.

It’s a terrific method to connect the buyer’s search to your CRM and keep track of what your buyers are looking at! Meanwhile, it’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with homeowners by automatically sending them information about what’s going on in their community and maintaining your name in front of potential sellers and referrers.

Top Producer also provides real estate agent websites for lead collecting, but these are not required.

#4. Top Producer X

Top Producer 8i was losing consumers for a long time due to its outmoded, ungainly design. This Top Producer 8i is still out of date and cumbersome (see the hazards section), however, Top Producer X addresses these concerns.

TPX is a new interface that is officially still in beta but is available to all CRM users. It is essentially a separate CRM with a lot more streamlined interface for viewing and organizing your contacts and CRM tasks.

It is still in its early stages, but it is a step in the right direction for Top Producer, who appear to be genuinely interested in providing a better user interface for their agents. If you like the 8i version, you can continue to use it, and Top Producer has no intentions to discontinue it in favor of TPX entirely.

Downsides of Top Producer

Let’s go over some of the drawbacks that Top Producer CRM users have discovered:

#1. Awkward to Use

Top Producer X, as previously stated, is a new user-friendly interface that may be utilized in place of the old Top Producer 8i. And, while Top Producer X appears to be promising, 8i still has the most functionality.

The Top Producer 8i primary dashboard is actually quite nice. It includes “Follow Up Coach” work recommendations, such as contacting people in your database who haven’t been contacted recently.

But then it all goes apart. Navigating through your contacts, or simply searching for contacts, is neither intuitive nor enjoyable. I frequently discovered that getting where I needed required multiple clicks. For example, once on a contact’s page, their information is not in a single pane but is spread across multiple.

With more experience and practice, it will undoubtedly become second nature. But, in my opinion, Top Producer’s poor user interface is its worst flaw.

#2. No App

Top Producer does not have a mobile app, however, it does have a mobile CRM called Top Producer CRM Mobile. This may or may not be enough for working on your CRM while on the go.

#3. There is no transaction management.

Previously, Top Producer collaborated with Reesio, a transaction management platform owned by Move. Reesio, on the other hand, was discontinued in 2019.

That was unfortunate because Reesio was a fantastic transaction management application with a simple and user-friendly UI.

Top Producer offers several integrations and will work well with your preferred transaction management software, but it has limited functionality in its own system for tracking this process.

Top Producer CRM Pricing

The current Top Producer CRM pricing list contains the following items:

  • $109/mo for Pro
  • $299/mo for Pro Teams
  • $35/mo for Top Producer Website
  • $20/mo for FiveStreet

The CRM is $109 a month and includes Market Snapshot.

The Pro Teams edition supports up to five users and offers team features. With any of the plans, a separate website costs $35 per month. FiveStreet’s lead routing solution costs $20 per month.

There is no free trial available, however, you can request a live demo and visit their official website for more information on Top Producer CRM cost.

Top Producer Reviews: What Users Think

Top Producer has changed its CRM and other products several times in the last few years, resulting in varied internet reviews. However, subsequent CRM assessments have been positive. Clients appreciate how simple it is to use and how helpful the customer support team is. Many reviewers notably mention how they’ve been using Top Producer for decades and how it’s been a critical tool in expanding their real estate enterprises.

  • G2: 3.1 out of 5 based on 117 reviews
  • Capterra: 3.5 out of 5 based on 165 reviews
  • GetApp: 3.5 out of 5 based on 165 reviews

Negative evaluations, on the other hand, come from dissatisfied customers who demand things that Top Producer can not provide, such as scheduling and managing appointments using the app. Some bad evaluations come from customers who utilized the product successfully until modifications were made, while others come from customers who requested platform changes but have yet to see them implemented.

It’s critical to assess Top Producer website reviews and the product demo to discover what functionality it does and does not provide and whether it’s a good fit for your demands. Consider Zoho CRM or LionDesk if you require a CRM with additional features.

Ease of Use for Top Producer

Top Producer reviews virtually unanimously state that the platform is simple to use. However, because it has been upgraded in recent years, some customers are dissatisfied with features that have been lost or have not yet been upgraded. This is most likely why they’ve provided a variety of onboarding choices; if you want to ensure that you know exactly how to use the product, invest in a professional or concierge setup.

Top Producer Alternatives and Competitors

The companies listed below are all in the CRM software area. They are best defined as products that assist real estate agents in managing communication and follow-up with prospective and existing clients. They are as follows:

  • Big Purple Dot
  • BrightDoor
  • Contactually
  • Follow Up Boss
  • Knock CRM
  • LionDesk
  • RealOffice360
  • RealtyJuggler
  • Realvolve
  • Referral Maker
  • Wise Agent

Who Owns Top Producer CRM?

Top Producer® is a trademark of Top Producer Software Corp. and Top Producer Software, Inc., both of which are subsidiaries of the Constellation Real Estate Group.

Is Top Producer a CRM?

Top Producer is a powerful CRM that can create action plans, track birthdays/anniversaries every contact, and much more.

How Does Top Producer Work?

Top Producer ® is a web-based CRM solution designed for Real Estate agents and brokerages. The technology assists real estate agents in personalizing follow-up and managing clients from the first point of contact through long-term repeat and referrals.

Does Top Producer Provide a Website?

Top Producer provides real estate CRM tools such as client management, website development, and free MLS connectivity.

How Much Do Top Producers Charge?

A top-tier producer, on the other hand, can want anywhere from 2% to 5% of the album’s earnings. Finally, how much a producer earns per song and album is determined by their skill level, experience, and negotiation skills with potential clients.

What Is the Number 1 CRM Platform?

Salesforce is a corporation that has achieved international success. It has a large customer base and provides the best-valued CRM on the market.

In conclusion

Following our comprehensive Top Producer review, we recommend it for real estate professionals looking for a CRM primarily for managing, tracking, and connecting with leads and contacts. It’s powerful social enrichment and lead management tools, as well as MLS connection and Market Snapshot, make it suitable for real estate agents and teams. Furthermore, as compared to other solutions, the Top Producer CRM cost is relatively low.


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