15+ Grand Opening and Reopening Ideas for Any Business

Grand Opening Ideas
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You’ve worked tirelessly for months, if not years, to get your company up and operating. Finally, it’s time to celebrate your first day on the job. Of course, a grand opening both commemorates your achievements and marks the beginning of your next customer-facing chapter. A grand opening party also shows your new neighborhood and potential consumers what to anticipate from your company. Not sure where to start? This guide got you covered. We have covered over 15 grand opening ideas for your big or small business including a store or even a salon. Let’s get to it!

What’s a Grand Opening?

A grand opening is usually held by a new brick-and-mortar business to present itself to the community. But as more and more brands shifted online, grand opening business ideas evolved to fit the virtual realm. Even those who temporarily closed took advantage of the opportunity to make a big impression on an existing business by hosting a grand reopening ceremony.

Your brand’s grand launch isn’t just a one-day event; it has a buildup to it.

However, creating hype for your company should begin far before the launch date. Your brand’s grand launch isn’t just a one-day event; it has a buildup to it. In this section, we’ll look at real-world examples of virtual grand openings, in-store events, and other grand opening ideas to help you come up with your own business.

Why You Should Host a Grand Opening Event for Your Business

A spectacular opening is only one method of marketing your new firm. Targeting your ideal prospective customer should be part of a bigger marketing strategy. However, it is a very effective tool for achieving certain goals as you launch. An in-person event at a retail store, for example, can connect you with other business owners, the local business association, and local citizens. In addition, a well-timed launch day offer can entice followers to become your first customers.

However, if you have multiple ideas to celebrate your grand opening—virtually, in-store, or in person—there are many benefits to doing so. You can:

  • Generate press. When it comes to public relations, you can sell your narrative to journalists when you first launch, but inviting them to an event is like a lob—you’re not directly asking them to write about you, but maybe they’ll be motivated to do so after meeting you and seeing your place.
  • Meet individuals in your community. This is especially crucial for retail locations, but it is equally important for internet firms that plan to sell mostly locally. Hosting a special event (in person or online) can build word of mouth in your neighborhood, allowing you to reach out to potential clients.
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  • Reward early backers and followers. If you want to throw an exclusive event or give a promotion to your pre-launch subscribers and followers, you are rewarding them for their early support.
  • Increase your social following. Online grand opening ideas could include a social giveaway or a follower-only promotion.
  • Create an email list. Creating a countdown page or pre-launch landing page is an excellent approach to collecting emails before going live. When you finally launch, you should have a sizable list of people to invite to a party or give a grand opening discount code to.
  • Gather useful UGC (user-generated content) and testimonials. Live events or social media contests can be used to encourage your customers to share their experiences in your area, as well as with your product or brand. You’ll also get access to a library of content that provides respectability to your business through real client testimonials.
  • Begin establishing ties with other brands and stores. Connecting with local company owners may lead to opportunities for collaboration, collaboration, and general assistance.

What About Grand Reopenings?

Who doesn’t enjoy an excuse to throw a party? A big reopening event or campaign can assist you in reconnecting with loyal customers, rewarding them for their patience, and introducing any changes that occurred while your firm was closed. The excitement surrounding this “do-over” may spread to new customers as well.

15+ Grand Opening and Reopening Ideas for Any Business

There are numerous ways and ideas to commemorate your huge grand opening day, and you should select the one that best matches your organization. Explore this list for innovative grand opening ideas and instances of successful businesses that have previously existed.

#1. Build Buzz With Social Media

One of the finest ways to attract a huge audience for your grand opening is through social media. Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat, but don’t forget about local social media apps.

#2. Promote Your Grand Opening With Table Tents

Collaborating with other local companies to display table tents prior to your grand opening is an excellent approach to establishing brand recognition while also promoting the big event.

#3. Attempt To Break A Record

Try to smash a world record related to your business on the day of your grand opening. This is an excellent advertising point and a unique pull for your company that is guaranteed to attract a large number of viewers (and possibly participants). For assistance with business-related grand opening ideas, visit the websites of The Guinness World Records.

#4. Put Your Name On Promotional Products

Whether you’re doing a grand opening or not, giving free promotional things with your name on them is a terrific idea. Use promotional materials before, during, and after the big day to keep your company front of mind.

#5. Don’t Neglect Traditional Media Channels

While online social media is a wonderful tool for publicizing your grand opening, don’t overlook conventional media outlets. TV, radio, newspapers, and other print media are still wonderful ways to spread the word about your new business and grand opening.

#6. Pass Out Flyers

Posting posters on telephone poles and public bulletin boards has been practiced for many years. It has remained a popular kind of advertising since it is inexpensive and effective.

#7. Organize A Fundraiser

Collaboration with a local charity to generate donations for their causes is an excellent method to attract the socially conscious to your grand opening. Choose a cause close to your heart — or one that benefits your local community — and give the proceeds from your grand opening to that organization.

#8. Advertise On Custom Paper Cups

Make arrangements for local coffee shops, cafes, and other eateries to serve their drinks in custom-printed paper cups (with your information on them) to promote your grand opening. They’ll be glad to lower their prices for a while, and you’ll gain some wonderful advertising for your company.

#9. Book A Band

On the day of your grand opening, hire a band to play classic hits for your customers. You can not only promote the band ahead of time to get people excited but the sound and activity on the big day will also pull people to your event.

#10. Hire A Caterer

If you’re starting a new restaurant or offering snacks at your place of business, provide delightful delicacies from your menu as a sample of what guests might expect. Hire a caterer to supply finger appetizers and other delights for your grand opening if you are not in the food sector.

#11. Catch People’s Attention With A Publicity Stunt

Organizing a publicity stunt is an efficient strategy to generate excitement about your grand opening both before and during the event. Create a flash mob or a human billboard, for example.

#12. Harness The Power Of Nostalgia

Many people are drawn to the past decades. By organizing a 70s, 80s, or 90s-themed grand opening, you may harness the power of nostalgia and attract more people to your grand opening. Choose a decade that is meaningful to your target demographic and decorate it with artifacts from that time period.

#13. Pick A Theme

Theme parties are really popular right now. You can capitalize on this popularity by structuring your grand opening around a theme, such as a favorite TV show or movie.

#14. Make a celebrity appearance.

People flock in large numbers to see celebrities. Make use of this knowledge to attract people to your big opening.

And don’t assume you have to enlist the help of a big movie actor to make this happen (though it would be fantastic if you could). Local influencers can have just as much clout as their more famous colleagues.

#15. Provide Extreme Discounts

Discount some products or services by 50%, 60%, or 75% at your big opening. This will inspire visitors to try your business and then return if they like what they see.

#16. Set Up Outside

Set up a booth or exhibit outside your business while other events are taking place inside to entice customers in.

#17. Bring in Local Artists

By integrating local artists in your grand opening, you may give your business a distinct vibe while also strengthening your ties with your community. You can even keep their work on display after the grand opening to demonstrate and promote your community-mindedness.

#18. Go, Guerilla,

Utilize the power of guerrilla marketing while publicizing your grand opening. Chipotle, for example, employed local college students to attend public events. They threw Chipotle t-shirts (folded in the shape of a burrito) into the audience while they were there.

#19. Provide Something for Children

If your company caters to families, make sure to provide something for the kids. Clowns, bounce houses, caricature artists – events like this provide entertainment for youngsters of all ages while adults inspect your establishment.

#20. Provide Guided Tours

Guided tours provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for customers to view behind the scenes of your new venture. Schedule tours every hour or every half-hour during your grand opening to give customers a comprehensive overview of everything you have to offer.

How Do You Make a Good Grand Opening?

You can be able to make a good grand opening for your business using the top most efficient ideas we just listed above. Follow up with each of those grand opening ideas and watch that store or salon business blossom.

What Do You Do at a Grand Opening Event?

What you do for your grand opening is determined by the kind of your business and your budget. You can arrange anything from a simple online contest when you open your website to an in-person party at your physical store.

What Do You Say at a Grand Opening?

If you are organizing an in-person grand opening event, introduce yourself and your business, explain your brand narrative, and thank your guests for devoting their time to join you in celebrating.

What Is a Soft Grand Opening?

A soft opening is a customary event that takes place several days or weeks before the grand opening. The major goal of the soft opening is to train the personnel on how to properly serve guests and collect feedback on food service aspects.

What Is Easy Food for Grand Opening?

Popcorn, Hot Dogs, and Snow Cones are available. The classic popcorn, hot dogs, and snow cones are an easy approach to food for a big opening. Machines for producing these dishes can be hired or purchased at a reasonable price.

What Time Should a Grand Opening Start?

The time of day is also crucial. If you want to make it a morning event, don’t make it any earlier than 8:00 a.m. Choose a time between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for a luncheon grand opening reception.

Do You Take a Gift to a Grand Opening?

The business opening gift is an excellent approach to demonstrate your concern. It is one of the methods to express your delight and share in their joy. It appears simple, yet it has numerous advantages. First and foremost, delivering great opening presents to owners can significantly improve the relationship between the two sides.

Who Do You Invite to Your Grand Opening?

Invite the appropriate people! Of course, you should invite your friends, family, and neighbors to your grand opening, but here are the key audiences you should target for your event: Potential clients, the media, and local businesses that conduct direct business with you.


Starting your first business, or your tenth, is a cause for celebration. And enduring a temporary closure also merits one. An entrepreneur’s labor might feel never-ending, but an occasion like a grand opening allows you to calm down and reflect on how far your company has come—from your first win to your most recent. What’s the best part? You won’t be celebrating by yourself. You’ll be raising a glass with your future consumers, kicking off your relationship with a boom.


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