How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

how to watch instagram stories anonymously
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At some time, many of you have been that shady ex trying to continually track your former flame or pore through your Bumble match’s social media profile to grasp who they are before falling into the ‘dating trap’. You don’t have to worry because you can watch their Instagram stories anonymously. Whatever the cause, Instagram is a safe refuge for keeping up with the current events in a person’s life.

Many of us have brazenly visited other people’s Instagram stories while knowing they would see our name on the viewer’s list due to our insatiable curiosity. Let’s take you through some of the best practices to help you watch Instagram stories anonymously!

Can You View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Instagram currently does not provide a built-in solution for reading Stories anonymously since it violates Instagram’s policy and terms of service. So, an official anonymous Instagram story reader does not exist and will not be available in the future. There are, however, solutions for viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

If you’re wondering how to browse Instagram Stories privately, the solutions explained in this post will undoubtedly come in handy. As a result, you will be able to watch Stories without logging in or being seen.

The basic methods to see any publicly posted or shared Story as an anonymous user are outlined below.

While there is no official way to watch Instagram stories anonymously or without disclosing your identity, there are a few strategies that allow you to fool the app’s algorithm and get things to work. Please keep in mind that these approaches have drawbacks and restrictions, so use them only if you’re inquisitive. Continue reading!

Best Ways To View Instagram Story Anonymously

Here’s an easy way to find out how to read Instagram Stories anonymously:

  • Create A New Instagram Account
  • Switch To Airplane Mode
  • Slide And View From Adjacent Stories
  • Use Third-Party Online Tools

#1. Create A New Instagram Account

This is a simple method for watching Instagram Stories anonymously. To view Instagram Stories that do not show your genuine name, you must first create an Instagram account. The benefit of creating a separate Instagram account is that you can use it for other Instagram activities if you don’t want your genuine identity to be disclosed.

It is straightforward to set up a new Instagram account. However, we recommend that you utilize a VPN or mobile data to create an Instagram account from a different IP address to avoid Instagram flagging your new page.

After creating a new Instagram account, you can easily spy on and watch Instagram Stories anonymously from that account. You now know how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously from another account!

#2. Switch To Airplane Mode

It is possible to see someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously by enabling airplane mode on your mobile device before tapping on them.

You can theoretically see one without being seen because Instagram automatically preloads numerous stories to enable rapid viewing even when you don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi or data connection.

While you can use an anonymous Instagram Story viewer app, this method is easier because you don’t need to install third-party software to read Instagram stories anonymously. Here’s what you should do:

  • Log in to your Instagram account and open it.
  • Find the user whose story you want to read anonymously.
  • Wait for their story to appear at the top of the screen once you’ve landed on their profile.
  • After you’ve read the story, go into Airplane mode on your device to disable the internet connection.
  • Now, touch on the user’s story and proceed to see it as usual.
    Close the Instagram app and disable Airplane mode after viewing the story.
  • The Instagram story can now be read anonymously, and the user will not be alerted that you have done so.

There is, however, one caveat. If the person has shared a very long story (such as a lengthy video), you may not be able to see all of it. If the user has contributed a large number of story slides, they will not pre-load and you will only see a few of them.

#3. Slide And View From Adjacent Stories

This method is only effective if you are already tracking the person. Instead of clicking on the Instagram Story you wish to see, you can click on the Story of another account adjacent to it.

Because Instagram runs Stories back-to-back, you can view the first frame of the following account’s Story but not properly click on it by lightly holding the swipe. This means you may get a sense of what’s going on in the first Story without having your name appear on a “Seen by” list.

Similarly, you can view the last frame of someone’s Instagram Story by clicking on the first Story of the next account and lighting sliding back to view the last Story of the prior account.

The main disadvantage of this strategy is that you can only watch the first story if it’s a photo because movies aren’t available in this manner. Second, you’ll be one ‘inadvertent swipe’ away from seeing the complete story, rendering the entire process pointless.

#4. Use Third-Party Online Tools

Users can access Instagram Stories anonymously and without being tracked using a variety of techniques. There are a number of third-party apps and websites that claim to allow you to watch someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously and without logging in.

However, using a third-party service comes with a privacy cost. It does keep users from knowing who watched their story, but you send additional information from your web browser (such as your IP address, cookies, and other browser fingerprinting information) to an unknown individual or organization — whoever runs the site.

Some of these sites will not enable you to see private Stories, but if the user is public, you should be able to watch them without revealing your identity to the poster.

Top Apps to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Some of the best apps for watching Instagram stories anonymously include:

#1. Story Saver

It is important to understand that the Story Saver app allows users to access Instagram stories anonymously. Users can use this software to download any of their favorite stories directly from their devices. It’s worth noting that, with Story Saver, you won’t have to worry about losing some of your favorite material from your favorite influencers and artists after the full twenty-four hours. In addition, Story Saver is a simple program to use.

When you start the app and touch on the term “Story,” you must enter any username of your choice. Furthermore, you can view people’s highlights and download them anonymously. Most people think of Story Saver as a replacement for Instagram because it allows you to see posts and even use IGTV material. Be prepared to see advertisements when using this software to watch Instagram stories anonymously and freely. You can grab photos, highlights, and even reels while using this software to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

#2. BlindStory

Have you been looking for a way to watch Instagram stories anonymously? Look no further because the BlindStory app has come to your aid. People like this software because of its remarkable capabilities. Some of these features include the ability to watch Instagram stories anonymously and even download stories. Users can perform all of this in HD, and the visual quality will be unaffected. This software is simple to use because it allows users to read material from people they follow.

Furthermore, if you are seeking a specific person, you may easily search for specific people. This software provides a feature known as a story magnet for individuals who have favorite users and want to automatically download their stories. It is critical to understand that the free version has limitations. This means you’ll have to pay for a premium subscription to get all of its fantastic features. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

#3. Storized

If you have an iPhone, you can use Storized to watch Instagram stories anonymously. Storized is the app for you if you want to read Instagram stories anonymously and without interruptions.It, like most other apps, allows users to browse Instagram stories from public profiles. Despite its flaws, it is still regarded as one of the best programs for watching Instagram stories in high quality anonymously.

Storized allows users to browse HD profile images and an account’s whole profile anonymously. Because its developers are very active, you will receive support along the route, as well as some additional features. Keep in mind that in order to browse Instagram stories anonymously with Storized, continuous contact with its developers is required. Storized subscriptions are available at three levels.

The weekly rate is $1.49, the monthly rate is $3.99, and the annual rate is $19.99. Storized does have a free edition, however, it is ad-filled and has restricted capabilities. This software is ideal for individuals who need to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

#4. Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram

The Anonymous stories viewer pro for Instagram is another fantastic program for viewing Instagram stories anonymously. It includes a one-of-a-kind Anonymous mode for individuals who want to watch Instagram stories anonymously. All you have to do to watch Instagram stories anonymously is activate the app. Then you’ll leave the app running in the background and utilize Instagram. Keep in mind that no one will learn about your moves or actions if you use this program. This app can also download the story’s material directly to your phone or mobile device.

#5. Gramster

Gramster is a website where you may watch Instagram stories anonymously. You will be able to watch the stories of all public Profiles, much like the other apps mentioned in this article. You can also download films and photos to your phone. While you can watch Instagram stories anonymously here, you can also set up notifications for new stories to be notified of when they are published. Gramster is also entirely protected by a PIN code. This means that no one can learn anything that isn’t necessary.

Can You Watch an Instagram Story Without Them Knowing?

Using an unidentified account, you can access Instagram Stories anonymously. Turning on airplane mode allows you to view IG stories without alerting the person. Third-party services that promise anonymous Story viewing can be untrustworthy, although some do work.

Can Someone Find Out if You Looked at Their Instagram?

Nobody can see how frequently you visit their Instagram feed or images.

How Do You Unsee Someone’s Story on Instagram Without Blocking Them?

Deactivating your Instagram account is a secure technique to unsee someone’s Instagram story after watching it. After viewing the story, log in to Instagram using a PC or mobile browser.

How Do You See Who Stalks Your Instagram?

Even Instagram for Business accounts is unable to see who has viewed their profiles. They can view statistics such as the number of users who viewed their account in the previous seven days. So you have no way of knowing who is stalking your Instagram.

Are Anonymous Instagram Viewers Really Anonymous?

Anon IG viewer is undoubtedly the most user-friendly and functional service on our list. If you’re solely looking for an anonymous story viewer, this is a wonderful option. The service is fully anonymous and free, and it does not require registration or your own Instagram account.

Wrapping Up!

Instagram does not natively support this functionality. However, utilizing the four smart ways mentioned in this post, it is feasible to access Instagram Stories anonymously.

When the account is made public, the process gets simpler. If the account is set to private, you won’t be able to find or watch the Stories, even if you use third-party tools or download them.

We would like to inform you, however, that accessing Instagram Stories anonymously is against Instagram’s policy and terms of use. We advise you to use Instagram more responsibly and respectfully.


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