HOW TO FIND PURPOSE IN LIFE: Top 2023 Practical Hacks & Guide


If you haven’t given your purpose much thought, you may have some preconceived notions about what life is all about. Most of the time, we get these ideas about life from how we were raised in our families and communities. Our lives are meant to get married and raise children. Or perhaps it’s obtaining a certain financial goal or standing in society. Read on to learn how to find purpose in life books after retirement.

How to Find Purpose in Life 

The majority of individuals desire, among other things, to find meaning in their lives. Whether or not we realize it. Even though it sounds lovely, achieving it can seem difficult. However, these kinds of successes frequently don’t result in the kind of fulfillment that comes from discovering your unique sense of purpose. A personal sense of purpose is more of a continual influence on the world, big or small than it is a definite ultimate objective. Your why is your purpose.

In addition, your sense of purpose serves as both a compass and a foundation. through the years and from day to day. Purpose provides you with stability and a sense of direction, even when things go wrong and the world seems to be turned upside down. Finding meaning is crucial to leading a happy, fulfilling life because of this.

Even if it might seem high to ask what your mission is, it’s an important question to ask. and attempting to respond. Greater success and joy in all aspects of your life can be yours when you discover your mission.

What Is the Purpose of Life?

“The aim of life” is a topic that philosophers have explored and debated for ages. We won’t attempt to respond to that here. Your life’s purpose is important. Most people eventually ponder the question, “Why am I here? ” It might be an exciting or terrifying question. Embracing the unsettling nature of this existential query can result in a stronger sense of self and more fruitful future directions.

Your life’s work is as distinctive to you as your fingerprint. Each of us has a unique set of abilities, life experiences, skill sets, and interests that excite us. Although it is connected to these, the purpose is what makes you who you are. Even though the day is gloomy, you’re exhausted, and you know the chores and challenges that lie ahead will be difficult or even monotonous, this is what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning.

Why Is It Important to Find Purpose?

Finding your life’s purpose may seem like a nice-to-have, but it’s more crucial than you realize. Better physical and mental fitness are benefits of leading a purposeful life. Additionally, it lowers the danger of chronic illness. Even extended life spans have been observed, according to numerous research.

Feeling a part of something larger than oneself gives one a sense of purpose. Finding your inner purpose by serving others might benefit you, yet experiencing isolation and loneliness can lead to an existential crisis. Your mission will undoubtedly evolve during the course of your life. Staying connected to your purpose can be facilitated by ongoing growth and advancement.

How to Determine Your Life’s Purpose:

Outside of you, has anyone else ever questioned what their purpose is? Only one-fourth of American adults, according to a survey, think they have a distinct sense of purpose. If you are one of the remaining 75% of people, use these 12 suggestions to launch your search for meaning and purpose in life.

#1. Become Growth-Oriented

A growth mentality is connected to feeling purpose-driven. You can choose your goal and decide to pursue it by developing personally over time.

#2. Describe your own Distinct Self-image

You might be able to manage your stress and find harmony in your life by creating your vision statement. It also acts as a road map for accomplishing your goals by highlighting your primary values and priorities. A purpose statement inspires you as you work toward your specific objectives and guides your decision-making in a way that is consistent with your beliefs.

#3. Give Back

Your sense of meaning and purpose in life may be enhanced by giving or participating in prosocial activities. As a result, you benefit yourself while also helping others.

#4. Seek Out Opportunities to Assist Others 

You might want to contribute your time or money to a cause that interests you, volunteer in your community, offer your abilities or give your time or skills. Consider performing random acts of kindness as a way to brighten someone’s day rather than employing other strategies.

#5. Be Grateful

According to the prosociality study, participants’ sense of purpose enhanced when thankfulness and charity activities were emphasized. Another study found that being thankful and being prosocial both activate the same reward pathways in the brain. Additionally, it discovered that practicing thankfulness may encourage acts of kindness and goodness, both of which have been linked to a sense of purpose.

#6. Turn your Pain into Purpose

Everybody has difficulties throughout life. By overcoming these obstacles, we hone our special abilities and viewpoints. Many people look for assistance when attempting to manage a significant life change. Some people discover their vocation by offering support to others who are dealing with similar difficulties.

#7. Consider your Hobbies

Based on your interests and activities, you might be certain of what you want to do for a living. However, it could be challenging to find them. They can cause us to lose track of them since they are so deeply ingrained in the way we think. Ask those who know you best if you are unsure of your passions. Without you realizing it, you’re probably already chasing them in some way.

#8. Participate in your Neighborhood

By joining a community, one can increase their sense of belonging and purpose. Once you’ve chosen your purpose, you’ll find that many other people share your interests, values, and hobbies.

#9. Spend Some Time by Yourself

Only you can decide what self-care means to you; it can take many different forms. You could find it beneficial to take walks in the woods, pay attention to your breathing, or write down your challenging emotions in a notebook.

#10. Take Time for Self-Care

Because our minds are most creative when we are calm. When you compete with yourself, you cannot help yourself or others.

How to Find Purpose in Life After Retirement

People often think of retirement as a time to relax and enjoy not having to do anything. However, statistics reveal that a significant portion of retirees have stress and health problems as a result of feeling isolated in their new lives. Stress may also result from a lack of strategy or from merely feeling unfulfilled. For the best quality of life, your retirement lifestyle should include a variety of activities that keep you involved, connected, and engaged. Here is how to find purpose in life after retirement.

#1. Social Engagements

This is the first step in figuring out how to find purpose in life after retirement. Finding meaning and purpose by socializing with other retirees can be quite beneficial. You can try the socializing suggestions below:

#2. A Club Membership

To find purpose in life after retirement. Check out the neighborhood organizations in your area that assist the elderly to see if any of them strike your interest.

#3. Work as a Volunteer for a Nonprofit

You’ll have more time in retirement to devote to assisting others. You may participate in useful activities while also giving back to your community by volunteering with a nonprofit organization.

#4. Taking Part in Local Events

Many neighborhood businesses hold senior evenings during which they provide specials and other incentives to draw in seniors. A fantastic approach to networking with other retirees and getting great deals is to go to some of these events.

#5. Playing Mentally Demanding Games

It has been proven that playing games that challenge your brain as you get older can keep your mind active. You can keep more active and have a higher chance of leading a meaningful life after retirement if you have a sharp, observant intelligence. Additionally beneficial to your health, brain exercises help keep your memory sharp.

#6. Put your Health First

Everyone can feel better about their health if they eat well and stay active, but retirees feel better about their health the most. Consider learning a new sport. Seniors enjoy golf because it is a low-impact activity that keeps them active and strengthens their core. Pilates and walking clubs are other sports and pastimes.

Most fitness centers that provide classes typically have at least one program intended just for senior citizens.

#7. Join a Retirement Community

To find purpose in life after retirement, you can join a retirement community. Since they enrolled in independent living retirement facilities, the emotional and physical health of many seniors has improved. Retirement homes that offer independent living allow you to preserve your privacy and independence while still receiving several advantages like social activities, transportation help, food guidance, and fitness tracking.

How to Find Purpose in Life Books

Everything is covered in this compilation, from biographies to fiction. The people who read or listened to the books or CDs about them are said to have been affected by them. A great book has the power to change your life! Get ready to broaden your perspective and elevate the quality of your life. Here are books on how to find purpose in life

#1. The Book Life on Purpose: How Doing What Matters Most Transforms Everything by Victor J. Strecher

If you need further proof that choosing your mission is a wise choice. This is one of the best books to read on how to find your purpose in life. It all boils down to the relationship between your overall degree of happiness, your health, and your life’s purpose.

Author Dr. Vic Strecher examines the relationship between the two in his book Life On Purpose using information from research, his personal experiences, and other sources. You can lead a happy life if you choose.

#2. How to Get SH*T Done: Why Women Need to Stop Doing Everything So They Can Achieve Anything by Erin Falconer

You might find it challenging to pinpoint your objective because other responsibilities are taking up your concentration. If this is how you would describe yourself, then this is one of the books to help you find your purpose in life that will interest you.

This is one of the best books on how to find your purpose in life. It teaches you how to delegate tasks, order your priorities, and find contractors. The rest doesn’t matter. As a result, you’ll have more mental freedom and clarity, which will help you focus on your goals and passions.

#3. Get Your Happy Back: 7 Principles to Get Unstuck and Take Back Your Power! by: Diamond Leone

We believe that fear is one of the major barriers to understanding your goal. I am aware that it is for me. It’s possible you haven’t tried anything comparable before, that you have and it failed, or even that you are running across resistance from family members. No matter what you are going through, just keep in mind that you are not alone.

Author Diamond Leone instructs us on how to level up, play bigger, and create great new habits in her book Get Your Happy Back, among other things, to help us get past these worries and limiting beliefs. with the goal of regaining our happiness.

#4. The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose by Oprah Winfrey

When I learned about Oprah’s book about purpose, I knew I had to include it because she has always been inspiring. She also believes that everyone has a purpose and that everyone may live a life that is guided by it. In her book The Path Made Clear, she lays out what she sees as a framework for leading a meaningful life, assisting you in realizing your deepest vision of yourself.

#5. Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Techniques for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose by Gabrielle Bernstein

Stress is another factor that prevents us from realizing our objective. If you enjoy meditation or want to learn more about it, you should pick up a copy of Miracles Now.

This book has a number of meditations that are appropriate for your style of life. The author has selected uncomplicated solutions for 108 simple issues like stress, fatigue, impatience, envy, and resentment. There will therefore be something available to you when the meditation is over to help you feel more emancipated.

#6. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by: Eckhart Tolle

This moving book focuses on the issues we face as a result of our fixation with our egos. In A New Earth, the author offers a different approach and explains how the ego can lead to animosity, jealousy, and grief. With paragraphs like “The basic source of discontent is seldom the situation, but your views about it,” you can know you are about to learn a lot from this book.

#7. Understanding Your Potential: Discovering the Hidden You- Dr. Myles Munroe

Dr. Myles in this book said that all men, including you, were sent to the world with limitless credit, but only a few draw to their full extent. He went ahead to define potential as a dormant ability, reserved power, untapped strength, unused success, hidden talents used, and capped capability

He made mention of certain heroes from the past whom we all get to hear of today because they discovered their purpose. The likes of Michaelangelo, Shakespare, Mozart. Dr. Munroe also referred to some names in the bible. The essence of Understanding Your Potential is to ensure that people get to live to the full extent of their potential. You Can!

#8. Following God’s Plan For Your Life_ Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin

Dr. Hagin is a renowned preacher of the gospel who through his teachings and books has transformed many lives today. Following God’s plan for your life is one of the books which has helped many, (myself too) in the area of self-discovery.

In chapter one of this book, Dr. Hagin used a quotation from Hebrews 12:1 to explain that we all were created for a purpose, and it is only God that can help us discover what it is we were created for. If you are yet to read this book, please do so right away. But if you have read it in the past, well….read it again! It is worth it.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Your Purpose in Life?

That’s because your genuine inner self is aware that your inner and outer selves are not in harmony with one another. The latter is frequently a fake self, but because it has been so satisfying to your ego, you have connected with it. 

What Is My Life Purpose?

The main driving forces behind your existence the motivations behind getting out of bed each morning make up your life purpose. A feeling of purpose can control behavior, shape goals, provide a sense of direction, and give life meaning. Some people associate their vocation as meaningful, fulfilling work with their sense of purpose.

How Do I Find My Path in Life?

  • Get to know who you are.
  • Think about your interests and your passions.
  • Inquire about your strengths.
  • Whoever knows you the best should give you advice.
  • Think about your ideal way of life and your desires.
  • Investigate your choices.
  • Think about the advantages and the pitfalls.


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