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Property management vacation rental software is designed to assist with the management of clients, reservations, and facility upkeep. Using this type of software, vacation rental companies can keep track of their guests’ satisfaction while they are away. Staff members use it to schedule and plan rental periods, while managers and supervisors use it to keep an eye on daily activities like upkeep and maintenance or visitor traffic. Sales and marketing also use it to advertise. You must have one thing to make the most of your rental properties and to use your time as efficiently as possible: Rental management software

If your business oversees vacation rentals, you are familiar with the difficulties in controlling bookings, payments, and property maintenance. Software for managing rental properties during vacations is used to address this issue. The use of software for managing rental properties helps businesses keep track of all the important information about their portfolios.

Vacation Rental Software 

Vacation rental software is made to make it easier for hosts and property managers to let out their entire homes, hostels, or even just individual rooms to travelers. The software not only streamlines manual procedures but also aids in scaling and wise decision-making for short-term rental companies. A furnished apartment, home, or expertly managed resort-condominium complex is rented out to tourists as a temporary vacation accommodation in place of a hotel. The majority of vacation rentals take place in privately owned vacation homes, so the selection of lodging is wide and uneven. 

Some vacation rentals, especially condos or apartments, provide many of the same services hotels do to their visitors, including check-in at the front desk, round-the-clock maintenance, in-home housekeeping, and concierge services. These days, a lot of “hospitality, timeshare, and premier independent resorts…that were previously only accessible through purchase options such as whole, fractional, or timeshare ownership” provide daily rental accommodations.

Typically, this kind of software is integrated with online travel agencies, allowing vacation rental providers to advertise their services. It is typical for vacation rental software to offer integration with facility management software, even though the majority of solutions offer the most fundamental facility management functionality. 

Features of Vacation Rental Software

#1. Booking Calendar

With options to sort them by date, unit, channel, payment status, and more, you can see all of your reservations in one location.

#2. Reservation Management 

Rental software can assist a business to create, modify, and cancel reservations to guarantee that you always have up-to-date information about your guests and their availability.

#3. Guest Communication

Send and reply to messages from a single unified inbox, as well as set up automated messages that include directions for checking in, solutions to frequently asked questions, and deals.

#4. Accounting Tools

 Advanced accounting features will help you run your business like a pro by ensuring that you accurately collect the correct amounts from guests and submit taxes and commissions.

#5. Payment Processor

You can charge payments and deposits, as well as automate payment schedules, using the built-in payment processor.

#6. Reporting 

Utilize dashboards and reports made specifically for tracking metrics like occupancy, RevPAR, and customer satisfaction scores to keep track of performance.

#7. Integrations

You can maximize the functionality of your vacation rental software by integrating it with supplementary third-party applications like MailChimp, PriceLabs, Zapier, RemoteLock, and Duve.

Benefits of Vacation Rental Software

#1. Records Communications With Guests and Bookings

Your vacation rental software gathers all reservations from all connected channels and stores them in a single, central database so you can view them all simultaneously. Making new reservations, editing existing ones, and interacting with visitors are all possible through the same interface.  

#2. Saves a Ton of Time

You can avoid spending time on administrative tasks by using vacation rental software. By automating time-consuming tasks like guest messaging and reviewing, a property management system (PMS) can greatly reduce the amount of time you would otherwise need to spend managing such activities. Consequently, a central inbox and dashboard are provided, enabling you to view, manage, and access information from third parties as well as your listings.

#3. Connects Your Property to Websites for Online Reservations

Vacation rental software frequently includes channel manager functionality, which enables integrations with well-known booking portals like Airbnb and Additionally, the program enables you to manage your website and provide direct online booking capabilities for visitors without the need for coding expertise.

#4. Controls Accounting and Reporting

Keep track of your finances, collect deposits and payments, and produce customized reports that analyze your data in several ways to give you the most comprehensive picture of your performance.

#5. Increases Revenue by Creating New Revenue Channels and Streams

Your listing may not receive bookings from other vacation rental websites if it only appears on Airbnb. The increased visibility provided by vacation rental software may result in higher occupancy and revenue for your property. 

Best Vacation Rental Software 

#1. Hostaway

The vacation rental software Hostaway is hosted in the cloud. It enables hosts to focus on growing their businesses rather than spending less time on mundane tasks. Hostaway has a user-friendly mobile app and is excellent for property managers who are constantly on the go. one of the systems with the most rapid growth for effective property management, offering a complete platform to automate and streamline every aspect of the work of a host or manager of short-term rentals.

In addition to being user-friendly and flexible, Hostaway offers property managers cutting-edge solutions. Users can handle all of their marketing, sales, accounting, reporting, payment, and communication requirements through the dashboard and mobile app. As a result of the software’s team-centric design, it’s simple to train staff, keep them satisfied, and grow your business all at once! Additionally, Hostaway offers a booking engine, a WordPress website, as well as marketing and sales tools for managing your priceless direct bookings. It’s also easy to manage accounting, payments, owner statements, and smart locks.  

Main features:

  • Channel manager: sync your listings on, Airbnb, Expedia, and Vrbo.
  • Manage the maintenance and cleaning crews from one location with the auto-task manager. 

#2. Guesty

The software from Guesty offers short-term property managers and management firms a complete solution for streamlining the intricate operational requirements of short-term rentals. Users of Guesty can manage listings from a variety of online travel agencies, such as Airbnb,, Agoda, and TripAdvisor, as well as make use of the company’s guest-focused tools, such as the Unified Inbox, Automation Tools, 24/7 Guest Communication Services, Payment Processing, and more. Managing properties is challenging. Guesty makes it easy

In addition to allowing you to import other channel calendars via iCal, Your Porter has direct integrations with Airbnb, Vrbo, and Because the first two listings are free on Guesty, it’s best for hosts who oversee at least two homes. 

Main features

  • Manage all of your channels from a single calendar with the help of the channel manager, which syncs prices and availability.
  • Automated messages: simplify communication with your visitors and send messages whenever you like. 
  • Pricing: Starts at $34.00 per month.

#3. Hostfully

This is a tool for building direct booking websites and a platform for managing properties. containing features intended to make property management operations easier to run and expand.

The Hostfully Property Management Platform allows business owners to manage marketing initiatives, collect client security deposits, and view the number of reservations for particular dates. Additionally available are a central calendar, a contact database, expense management, reporting, team collaboration, instant messaging, and other features.   

#4. Hospitable

Hospitable is a platform for short-term rentals that enables you to automate administrative procedures and enhance your guest experience. Its direct integrations with VRBO and Airbnb allow you to synchronize your calendars and avoid double bookings. Since the first two listings are included in Hospitable’s starting price, hosts who oversee at least two properties are the most advantageous.  

Main features

  • Automated messaging reminds visitors to leave reviews by sending out messages.
  • Task scheduling: Organize routine tasks like cleaning, upkeep, check-ins, and check-outs on an automated basis.

#5. OwnerRez

OwnerRez is a complete reservation management system. This is a well-known solution for managing vacation rentals, making it perfect for landlords with up to three properties. You can manage reservations and upkeep, plan payments, and get useful reports with OwnerRez. OwnerRez can connect to OTAs like Vrbo,, Airbnb, and 2 properties beginning at $35 monthly

#6. Lodgix

An online tool for managing and booking vacation rentals is called Lodgix. It aims to make property managers’ jobs easier by providing efficient modules and practical marketing tools. Expedia, Flipkey,, Vrbo, and TripAdvisor are all directly integrated with Lodgix. It’s a fantastic option for hosts who run advertisements across all of those channels. Lodgix is ideal for property managers with seven or more rentals because its starting fee covers the first seven listings. 

Main features:

  • Sync your listings on all of your channels with the help of a channel manager.
  • Utilize messaging tools to promptly respond to questions and monitor those that result in reservations.
  • Send emails to visitors, employees, or vendors automatically using automated communication.
  • Pricing: Starts at $69.99 per month. 

#7. Lodgify

Using the software Lodgify, vacation rental managers can reduce time spent on administrative tasks, connect with popular channels, and boost bookings. There are many websites that it has API connections with, including Expedia,, Vrbo, Airbnb, and Vrbo. You can import more channels by using iCal links. It works well for property managers of all sizes, from modest hosts to larger organizations. 

Main features

  • Maintain automatic calendar synchronization across all of your channels as a channel manager to avoid overbookings.
  • With a property management system, you can automate tasks, manage guests, make reservations, and manage tasks more efficiently. 
  • Pricing: Starting at $13.00 per month plus a 1.9% booking fee (available only as a yearly plan).

#8. iGMS

This is a vacation rental management tool that supports hosts in managing short-term rentals efficiently daily. Through a single interface and access to the same cutting-edge functionality via the mobile app, the software enables users to manage all of their Airbnb, HomeAway, and Vrbo accounts. There are also templates, management tools for teams and pricing, automated messaging for easier guest interaction and reviews, and much more.

Property Management Vacation Rental Software 

A property management system centralizes the bookings and management duties for your vacation rentals. Keeping track of rental properties is made easier by property management software, which is a type of software used by vacation rental businesses. Landlords and property managers can use them to control bookings, payments, and maintenance requests.

Additionally, marketing and promotion of vacation rentals can be assisted by the software. The software can help vacation rental businesses save time and money by automating a variety of regular and tedious tasks. Additionally, it can assist businesses in keeping track of the visitors to their vacation rental homes. Property management software can also assist businesses with advertising and publicizing their vacation rentals. 

Criteria for Selecting a Pms for Your Vacation Rental Business

#1. Easy to Use

How user-friendly a vacation rental PMS is is among the most critical aspects to take into account. If you or your team are not very tech-savvy, you need something easy to use and intuitive.

#2. Features

The features the vacation rental PMS offers are a crucial additional factor to take into account. Is it equipped with everything you need to run your vacation rental business successfully?

#3. Limitations

It’s crucial to be aware of any restrictions imposed by the vacation rental PMS you’re thinking about. For instance, some PMSs only collaborate with a select few OTAs (online travel agencies) for vacation rentals, including, Airbnb, Vrbo, and others.

#4. Pricing

Naturally, when choosing a PMS, you should also take price into account. Thankfully, there are numerous options at affordable prices.

#5. Customer Support

How quickly your problems will be resolved when you have an urgent problem with a booking is arguably the most crucial component of a rental PMS. Long-term, a lot of other features can be compensated for by strong customer support.

What to Look For in Your Vacation Rental in Terms of Functionality PMS

#1. Channel Management

Most vacation rental property management software enables you to manage content across various channels and bookings. By doing this, you can prevent double bookings for all of your listings across platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo,, and others. 

Direct bookings should be a key component of your ideal property management system, so keep that in mind as you shop around. 

Its booking engine ought to either let you build a user-friendly website that visitors can use to make direct reservations or integrate with the website you already use for direct bookings. 

#2. Guest Communication

Having features that make it simple to communicate with your visitors is another quality of the best vacation rental property management software. This could be a built-in messaging system or automatically generated email templates that you can modify for various message types. You will ultimately save a lot of time and hassle by setting up these types of communication channels. 

#3. Dynamic Pricing

Your vacation rental properties’ prices are automatically adjusted by dynamic pricing tools following changes in market prices and previous sales information for your property. This is an excellent way to boost the income you earn from each short-term rental property without having to manually adjust the price for each holiday, weekend, and so forth.

#4. Accounting Software

Accounting takes time in the vacation rental industry, especially if you manage numerous listings. Since accuracy is crucial in this situation, managing your bookkeeping tasks in one location with your rental PMS is beneficial. You can use it to send and receive invoices, view your overall revenue and profit, and store important data. Just make sure the accounting software is set up to take into account your local settings, including the currency and tax laws. 

#5. Marketing

The best short-term rental property management software will provide a full range of features to assist you in marketing your operation and generating reservations. Additionally, some systems provide automated email marketing tools to communicate with previous customers and advertise special deals to entice them to return. Through the incorporation of social media tools into your website, you can also spread the word about your listings and promotions on social media platforms for even greater exposure.

#6. Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness and proper maintenance of a vacation rental property is one of the most crucial aspects of property management. In situations like these, a system for managing rental properties can be very beneficial.

Most systems for managing vacation rental properties will have some kind of cleaning and maintenance features.  

#7. Reporting

Successful vacation rental managers stand out from the competition thanks to strong reporting and analytics. With the appropriate vacation rental software, you can keep tabs on your business’ performance and pinpoint its weak points. You can, for instance, determine which properties are resulting in the most bookings and satisfied guests, and then adjust your offerings accordingly. 

Vacation rental software is a crucial component of your property management toolkit, regardless of whether you look after a single getaway home, a few condos, or a sizable portfolio of short-term rental apartments. The user experience, price, functionality, and support are just a few of the factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing the best vacation rental software for your hotel. 

What Is the Best Short-Term Rental Platform? 

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • TripAdvisor
  • Expedia
  • HomeToGo
  • Tripping
  • Hostaway

What Is the Best Search Engine for Vacation Rentals? 

For finding accommodations listed on various websites, including Airbnb, Vrbo, and, try HomeToGo, one of the most well-liked vacation rental search engines. Others include: 

  • Airbnb.
  • Expedia.
  • Tripadvisor.
  • Tripping.
  • Vrbo.

How Do I Manage My Vacation Rental From a Distance? 

  • Electronic check-in and check-out
  • Provide a thorough welcome manual.
  • Work with a trustworthy housekeeper or cleaning company
  • Installation of home security systems
  • Fast message response
  • Update your listings frequently.

How Do I Manage an Out of State Airbnb?

  • Permit self-check-in
  • You should automate your property.
  • Make use of cleaning services
  • Utilize a Trustworthy Maintenance Team
  • Utilize laundry services
  • Welcome Manual for Visitors
  • Increasing Security with CCTV
  • Hire A Co-Host
  • Collaboration with a property manager
  • Consider Keyless Entry


Automated messaging, direct reservations, website builders, and channel management are just a few of the features offered by vacation rental property management systems (PMS) to assist you in managing your business. Whether you are the owner of a small business or a large property management company, there are software options and price tiers to suit your needs.

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