5 Reasons Why Hiring a Video Production Company is a Great Business Investment

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Video Production Company is a Great Business Investment

For many companies, the idea of launching a video marketing campaign can be pretty intimidating. Not only will they have to determine the best way to distribute the video content, but they’ll also have to figure out how to produce it in the first place. This is why many organizations decide to ask professionals for help. For example, Charter & Co is a video production house based in Chicago that walks its clients through every step of the process. From developing the content to adding the final touches in post-production, they take care of it all.

However, this type of service isn’t cheap, especially if you want top-notch video quality. The benefits are usually greater than the costs, but the high initial price tag can still cause some companies to hesitate. Is this really the right decision? According to the considerations below, the answer is “yes”.

#1. Increased conversion rates

Eyes on the page aren’t worth much if they don’t result in boosted profits. The question is, how can you ensure that your video marketing campaign actually results in genuine conversion, in addition to clicks and views? Most video production companies will be able to help you with that.

It takes a fair amount of strategizing to leverage the power of video marketing. No matter how well-designed a video is, it may not have much effect if it just gets dumped on a website or social media platform, and left to do its thing. There are other considerations to take into account, such as:

  • Optimum video length. How much time are viewers likely to spend watching?
  • Best platform. Social media platforms are great for one type of content, YouTube works best for another type, and the company’s website could work best for yet another.
  • Post frequency. Is this video a standalone project, or part of a daily upload schedule?
  • Type of video content. What are viewers supposed to get out of it? The video could be entertaining, informative, or anything in between. And keep in mind, video marketing goes far beyond simple advertisements; they could include how-to videos, meme videos, and much more.

By properly implementing these strategies, a brand can see increased conversion rates and boosted profits.

#2. Seamless post-production experience

For a team that doesn’t have much experience in producing videos, post-production can actually be more of a struggle than filming. Why? Because it requires the use of advanced software programs, special effects, matching the visuals to the audio, and much more. It takes the raw footage and turns it into something that consumers will actually want to watch.

This stage will also determine the “feel” of the video. Do you want it to be a short-form banger for social media, or a cinematic documentary-style video that evokes strong emotions? Even the smallest misstep in post-production could have viewers shaking their heads in confusion, instead of getting immersed in the content that’s been so painstakingly created.

Another advantage: for every man-hour that the video production spends on post-production, your team will probably save several of their own. Inexperience leads to a lot of second-guessing and wasted time; not only would the result probably be sub-par, but they would be costly as well.

#3. Access to top-notch equipment

The quality of a video is, in many ways, dependent on the quality of the equipment that was used to film it. If the team used a mid-range camera and an improvised lighting setup, that’s going to limit the quality of the final product – no matter how many hours they spend in post-production. If, on the other hand, they used top-of-the-line cameras, specialized lighting equipment, high-quality audio recorders, and other standard video production equipment, that’ll also be reflected in the final product. The colors will be cleaner, the shots will be steadier, and the audio will be crystal-clear.

Why is this so important for video marketing? Because viewers will be able to tell if corners were cut during the production process. If it’s obvious that the producers didn’t take the video seriously, then the viewers are less likely to take the video seriously themselves.

#4. More convincing storytelling

What makes a video advertisement compelling for consumers? The storytelling. Every shot has to strike exactly the right tone, creating a cohesive experience for each viewer. That’s not all, though; the video also has to capture the brand’s voice, highlight its values, and deliver the message in a way that’s both engaging and entertaining.

Just think about the most compelling video ads you’ve seen. You may not have noticed any particular element that evoked your response, but that’s just it – every element worked together perfectly to produce the desired effect. Whether it was an emotional SPCA commercial prompting viewers to donate, or Budweiser’s Superbowl ad, they both presented the message clearly and effectively. A video ad that’s produced with in-house resources may still have its moments, but it’s unlikely to have the same level of storytelling as a professionally produced video.

#5. Helping the brand stand out

Brand recognition can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, and video advertising is a great way to increase brand recognition. To illustrate, what comes to mind when you think of “chocolate”? For many people, their mental image would probably include a popular product like a Hershey’s chocolate bar, M&M’s, or something along those lines.

This isn’t just because these products happen to be affordable and tasty; it’s because these brands are highly recognizable. If this is a goal for your company as well, video marketing is a great way to make that happen. Videos can convey a ton of information in just a few seconds of content, plus they’re more eye-catching than other forms of advertisement.

The takeaway

Hiring a video production company comes with several benefits; the main one, of course, is a more effective video marketing campaign. From the brainstorming stage to the delivery of the final product, a video production company will be able to guide you through every step of the process.

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