BUSINESS GRANT FOR DISABLED ADULTS: 21+Options to benefit from

Business Grant for Disabled Adults
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Are you a disabled adult seeking a business grant? Well, it’s your lucky day as this article is about to reveal every information you need as it relates to private and federal grants for individuals with disabilities, funding for disabled entrepreneurs in South Africa, and business grants for disabled adults in Canada.

Starting up a business is always challenging for everyone but it gets more difficult when it comes to individuals with disabilities. Those are pretty hard to come by. But like I earlier hinted, there’s a fix.

Yea, you guessed right; this post.

So let’s get started already …

For the most part, there are two types of disabled grants, one for personal use and the other for business use. Our focus, however, wil be on business grants for disabled adults plus other funding options to benefit from.


Business grant for disabled adult IN SOUTH AFRICA and private grants for individuals with disabilities
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Business grants are seed tokens either from the government or private bodies to help start a small business. The general notion over the years has been that it is almost impossible for business owners with disabilities to access grant opportunities considering how seemingly difficult it is for individuals without disabilities. This is what we were led to believe.

Well, let’s pump the brakes right here.

True, operating a market might be a more challenging feat for them but certainly not with accessing grants. In fact, have a better chance of earning grants because of their disabilities. There are several grants available to disabled individuals. Some of them help to make their homes more accessible, especially if mobility is affected by a wheelchair. For example, they can go into constructing railings, ramps, wheelchair access, and even elevators. You can also use the grant to pay some of your bills or even start up a business.

These grants are to help integrate adults with disabilities,” or those who have medical, psychological, or psychiatric impairments. However, according to the Disability Employment Policy, Disabled employees make up a small portion of the U.S. labor force — less than 21 percent in 2011. Also, with the U.S. Census data as of 2009, only a little more than 15 percent of workers with disabilities are entrpreneurs, with 40 percent owning small businesses, as of 2009. Therefore, both governmental and private organizations offer, directly and indirectly, grants to assist their small businesses’ startups.

However, the applicant must be 18 to 59 years of age with a medical assessment report not older than three months confirming permanent, severe disability.

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In Canada business grants for disabled adults are often a big deal to track down because the Government of Canada is careful about actually using the phrase “small business grant.” Whereas, phrases like awards, subsidies, rebates, and non-repayable loans are more likely to pop up on their official government sites. Howbeit all you’ve got to do is peel off your eyes for available opportunities.

Canada also provides grants for disabled adults small business owners. But, it’s sometimes difficult to approve due to their highly specialized nature. An alternative however would be to take advantage of the Canada Small Business Startup for disabled adults Assessment and you’d be provided with resources you need to succeed at launching your business in a minute.

Guidance & Advice for Canadian Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Applying for funds is easier with the support of someone who knows where it can be gotten. Below are some excellent sources of business advice and guidance that could ease small businesses with disabilities.


South Africa is one of the top conducive environments for a business operation with an increasing economy. Such an environment produces enterprising ideas that were down due to a lack of funding for people with disabilities. Funding for disabled entrepreneurs in South Africa is adopted by the African government for small business startups to curb unemployment rates and stimulate economic growth. Business ideas are not all that really matters as no business can survive without adequate funding. You can finance small business start-ups in South Africa by funding the enterprise with your own money, borrowing funds from friends and family, or seeking assistance from South African private investors or venture capital firms.

Funding for disabled entrepreneurs schemes in South Africa often mandates small business start-ups looking for funds to present a professional business plan with figures and statistics that can prove the long-term success of the business.


Startup funding is a worry that never leaves your mind until it is met. There are different ways to fund a new business, but some entrepreneurs tend to search for private funds available to them. I’ve put together a few lists of private grants and other sources of startup funding for individuals with disabilities.

#1. Blind Business Association Charitable Trust (BBACT)

This body supports blind or partially sighted individuals, offering them grants for business start-ups. They also provide support and encouragement to those who are starting up or have already established their small businesses. Their aim is to offer advice, conferences., seminars, and mentor disabled adults.

#2. Stelios Philanthropic Association

This is another private grant for individuals with disabilities and exceptional entrepreneurial spirit in the face of significant barriers. Annually this body offers an award worth £100,000. This is an award funded by EasyJet founder, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou in conjunction with disability charity Leonard Cheshire.

#3. The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust is basically for 18-30-year-old disabled adult entrepreneurs. They are also grants for new businesses and market research with vital market information for setting up an enterprise. However, this is achieved through the help of experienced business mentors that help those with these disabilities to succeed in their new businesses.

#4. Trading Places Awards

This private grants scheme provides grants to individuals with disabilities who might have lost their employment because of a disability. The purpose of the grants is to set up a small business. It is runnd by Barclays Bank Trading Places Awards scheme.

#5. UnLtd

UnLtd with its six regional offices and a head office in London,offers grants to disabled ones wishing to become social entrepreneurs in improving the society. Its a great strategy in curbing unemployment and improving the disabled life.

#6. Capital Enterprise

This body runs networking and training events. It is also a scholarship scheme. Therefore disabled entrepreneurs who live in London can seek grants from the New Entrepreneur Scholarships scheme run by Capital Enterprise. This is to help with the cost of starting up new businesses. Also, this grant covers up to £1,3 00.

#7.The Jose Blakely Memorial Grant

The José Blakely Memorial Grant comes annually to individuals who want to increase their independence or make an impactful effect on their lives.
Interested people should apply by selecting José Blakely Memorial Grant and fill in your information.


Each year there is always a federal grant for disabled adults to start up businesses. For the most part, they are non refundable. It is one of the most effective grant options even though their selection methods are pretty strict.

Federal Grants for disabled business adults to start business can also be helpful with other expenses like medicals, feeding, housing, etc. Thus, below are a list of government websites you could possibly apply for small business grants.

However, these grant agencies are not specifically for assisting businesses run by entrepreneurs with disabilities, they are also open to those without disabilities. The only requirement though is that your business niche must correspond with the grant criteria.


Being disabled doesn’t hinder you from being prosperous through small business. There are small business funding opportunities from the government and private agencies that you can always seek to raise capital. Furthermore, with these agencies have been listed discussed above, I hope you make the best use of them to get the necessary capital and kick start your business and expand. Also, there are options for loans if grants don’t work for you.

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