How to Get a New Debit Card After Loss or Damage

How to Get a New Debit Card 
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To prevent tampering and misuse, it should be highlighted that the first step you should take is to get a new debit card after loss or damage. After the card has been blocked, you can apply for new cards to be issued.

New debit cards have become irreplaceable in the age of electronic payments, so banks have made it easy for consumers to request a new ATM or debit card if their existing one is lost, stolen, or damaged.

How to Get a New Debit Card 

When your application for a checking account is approved, you may be given a debit card. If you don’t get a new debit card right away, you can try the following ways to get one:

#1.  Open a Bank Account

When you use a debit card, which resembles a credit card in appearance, money is deducted from your checking account. You must open a checking account at a bank or credit union if you don’t already have one. Depending on your preferences and the options offered by your bank, you can finish that process in person or online. Usually, you need a driver’s license, a passport, and a social security card. You might need an adult co-signer on the account if you’re under the age of 18.

To open the account, you must also provide payment information. Check with your bank to find out what it requires, as balance minimums might vary and can be as little as $1. then submit an application to begin the procedure.

#2. Request Your New Debit Card

You can ask for a debit card associated with the account as part of the account opening process. Sometimes, it could take seven to ten business days for your card to be delivered by mail. However, a lot of banks provide same-day access to a debit card that you can use right away.

#3. Activate Your New Card And Begin Using it.

You must activate your debit card once you have it in your possession. You can often do this quick and simple process over the phone, online, or with an ATM. If you decide to activate the card online, use a secure connection that requires a password to keep hackers from getting in.

You can choose your own PIN for your debit card or use one made by the bank. Often, you can even change it while the card is being activated. Your social security number, birthday, phone number, or any other information that might be used to identify you easily shouldn’t be your PIN. Keep your PIN confidential at all times.

Here Are Four Ways to Apply For New Debit Card to be Issued:

To prevent tampering and misuse, it should be highlighted that the first step you should do how to get a new debit card after loss or damage is to call customer service straight away and block your card. After the card has been blocked, you can apply for new cards to be issued.

#1. Online Banks:

they provide their customers with net banking services that extend beyond simple financial transfers and credit card payments. Open the area of the card after logging in to the website for your specific bank. Locate the card that needs to be replaced in the service request area and choose to submit an application for a reissue ATM Card. Within a few working days after receiving the request, banks send a new card to the registered mailing address.

If you don’t have access to NetBanking, or you are looking for a way to get anew debit card after loss or damage, you can utilize the bank’s phone/mobile banking service online. Users can submit a request for a new card through the mobile applications of all banks. Simply sign in to the bank’s mobile app and choose cards from the menu. Once you’ve determined the precise card number that needs to be replaced, click on service request under the card’s area.

#2. Customer Service:

You can call your bank’s customer care helpline number and speak to a customer service executive to register a reissue card application if you are not online, tech-savvy, or comfortable utilizing NetBanking or mobile apps to submit these requests.

#3. Visit a Branch:

If none of the techniques indicated above work for you if getting a new debit card after loss or damage, you can simply go there and apply in person for a replacement debit card.

What to do When I Receive a New Debit Card

It’s crucial that you take the following actions as soon as you obtain a new debit card after loss or damage:

#1. Make The New Debit Card Active.

You should activate the new card as soon as possible so that someone else doesn’t find it and can’t use it on your behalf.

Most of the time, you have to call a number and follow the instructions to get the card working right away. You can also accomplish this using some banks’ apps or online banking platforms.

#2. Add Your Signature to the Back of it

The majority of debit cards have a strip that says the card isn’t valid until it’s signed.

Another reason to do this step as soon as you get your new card is so that someone else doesn’t find it and sign it before you do, giving them the chance to use it in the future.

#3. Discard Your Old Card by Cutting it up.

The last thing you should do is chop up your old card into as many little bits as you can, preventing anyone who discovers a piece from being able to see all of your personal information. This entails checking that the chip or magnetic strip, as well as the card number and name, are all on separate pieces.

The Documents Needed to Get a New Debit Card

You can get a new debit card once your checking account has been established. You will need legitimate claim a few documents whether you open a checking account in person or online. Different specifications may apply to banks and other financial institutions. Here is a list of certain documentation you might need to open your account, whether you are a citizen of the United States or a foreign national who lives in the country. However, to find out what paperwork you’ll need, check with your banking institution. This may be legitimate:

  • Driver’s license or other photo ID from the government
  • Identification number for individual taxpayers or a social security card
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Passport as Address Verification It must include your name and home address.

Things to be Wary of When Using a New Debit Card

Debit cards are a convenient and often safe way to pay, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to use one wisely and keep costs down.

  • Overspending: It’s crucial to keep your spending within your balance because your debit card uses funds from your checking account; otherwise, you risk paying expensive overdraft penalties. By keeping an eye on your account balance using the mobile app provided by your bank or by balancing your checkbook, you may prevent overspending.
  • Debit cards and checking accounts are linked, and some banks levy maintenance fees on a monthly basis. If you keep your account at a certain minimum balance which varies by bank you may frequently avoid paying the fee.
  • Foreign transaction fees: may apply when using your debit card to make purchases or ATM withdrawals outside of the United States. These fees typically amount to 3% of each transaction.

Alternatives to Debit Card

#1. Prepaid Debit Card

Prepaid debit cards can be used to make purchases because they are pre-loaded with money. You can only spend the amount that is linked to the card, much like with a debit card connected to a checking account. Anyone without a bank account can benefit from prepaid debit cards, and parents can use them to teach their kids about money management.

#2. Bank Cards

People often think that credit cards are safer than debit cards because they may offer more protections against fraud liability than debit cards. When someone uses your credit card without your permission, you may have time to find out and dispute the transaction before you are held responsible. When someone uses your debit card without your permission, however, money is immediately taken from your checking account. Because of this, it may take longer to fight illegal debit card charges and get the money back.

#3. Cash

Cash payment, while less convenient than using a debit or credit card, can be a strategy for controlling spending. You can avoid overdrawing your bank account or paying interest on a credit card when you don’t make the full balance payment on time by paying for items with paper money.

How Long Does It Take To Get a New Debit Card? 

Replacement debit cards typically arrive in 7 to 10 business days. If there was any illegal activity on your card, you might get a provisional credit. You’ll be told about it, and it might take up to three months to settle.

How can I apply online for a debit card?

Can I Request a New Debit Card Online? 

Yes, you can request a new debit card online by following these five easy steps.

  • You can request for a debit or credit card on the personal banking or retail banking page of your bank’s website.
  • You can also select the category you want to request for within Debit Cards. Depending on the advantages and needs you desire from using debit cards, you must make a choice.
  • After submitting your information and the necessary paperwork (much of which is already on file with the bank and is just needed for updates or verification), you will need to wait for two to three days before receiving the card.
  • You will also receive a set of private details, such as a Personal Identification Number, or PIN, along with the card.
  • For all transactions and payments, this PIN must be used. Once you have the card and PIN, you can use it whenever you wish to make a purchase.

How Do I Get a New Debit Card With the Same Number?

Typically, when you acquire a new debit card, the card number stays the same. On the new debit card, however, the expiration date and CVV (card verification value) will be different.

If your old debit card has expired or is no longer functional, a new card will be issued with the same number. If your old card has been lost or stolen, or if there has been identity theft, a new card will be issued with a different number.


A debit card may be a practical way to make purchases and withdraw money from ATMs. When checking accounts are offered by banks, new debit cards are extremely simple to obtain from those institutions. Finding a bank with a checking account that doesn’t have a minimum balance requirement or maintenance fees, as well as those that offer interest-bearing checking accounts or incentive checking accounts, can pay off for the finest debit card experience.


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