LIVING WILL FORM: A Comprehensive Guide for US Citizens

Living Will Form
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In as much as you can’t predict when incapacitating illness or injury might occur to you, consider making a living will form to help your family members and health care provider in the kind of medical care you need regarding life-sustaining. This article is a comprehensive guide for us citizens, with highlights on free living will form in Pennysylvania, Florida, and New York. However, before talking about a living will form, let’s remind you what living will entail.

Living Will

This is an important document, that helps you in times when you’re unable to communicate your wishes on your own for whatever reason. Without a living will, your family members or health care providers may not know your medical preferences regarding life-sustaining and end-of-life care Therefore, If you want to make a decisions regarding your medical care even before the need arises, consider making a living will template or form. Each state has its own laws regarding what to include in your living will document.

A living will is not limited for specific class or members of the society. It includes for all citizens over the age of 18. Thus a living will should be created if you are in the under listed categories.

  1. If your religious beliefs prohibit the certain life-sustaining procedure
  2. When traveling abroad for an extended period of time
  3. Undergoing a surgery
  4. If a terminal, chronic condition or illness
  5. If You’re engaged in a risky profession such as firefighter or force

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Can You Write Your Own Living Will UK?

You can write your own will, but if it’s complicated, you should consult an attorney. To ensure the validity of your will, it must be signed in front of witnesses. You can either make a formal change to your will (known as a “codicil”) or draft an entirely new will if you need to make changes.

What Is the Main Drawback of a Living Will?

The three key disadvantages of a living will are as follows: However, there are limitations to living wills, including their reliance on physician compliance and the fact that they aren’t always made available to medical staff.

Living Will Form

A living will form or an advance directive is a legal document that guides a person regarding what they want for their end-of-life care and medical treatment. It helps the care provider to administer treatment base on the information contained in the document.

Similarly, this form outlines actions or treatments that medical workers should administer if you fall into a coma or unresponsive, such as how to prolong your life or manage pain. A living will document gives you a peace of mind, and makes clear your medical to your family.

Conversely, if you wish to make the decisions regarding your medical care as mentioned above, take into consideration a living will form. Also, have it in mind that this form varies from state to state. Each state has its own laws regarding what to include in your living will document or form. However, a standard living will form should include the following elements:

  1. Declarant: This is an adult of sound mind who expresses their end-of-life wishes
  2. Artificially Provided Nourishment and Fluids: preferences for feeding and hydration via a tube
  3. Witnesses: This often depends on the state law and requirements. Some states may need two non-relatives to act as witnesses.
  4. Notary Public: They are alternative or additional witnesses to certify or attest to the validity of your signature.
  5. Signatures: This legal documents demand that the declarant, witnesses, and notary public must all sign the form for validation. Furthermore, after completing your living form document, keep the original copy for yourself. Thus you can as well send copies to your physician,health care agent, or anyone directly involved with your estate plans.

What Are 4 Things That Should Be Included in an Advance Directive?

Advice on What to Include in a Living Will or Other Advance Directive. Whoever you’ve appointed as your healthcare proxy, including their full name and contact info. Details of the care you would want provided for you if you were unable to express your wishes yourself. States have slightly different forms and question sets.

Free Living Will Form

A living will form is a legal document that helps you define your healthcare treatment and end-of-life decisions.

living will form
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Besides in many states, a living will is an advance directive, that often contains a medical power of attorney. It allows a trusted individual to make medical decisions on your behalf. The living will form is often referred to as an advance medical directive. Moreover, you can download a free-living will form from the internet.

Living Will Form Pennysylvania

A Pennysylvania living will form is a legal document that states the health care treatment of a patient upon losing their inability to communicate. It is however related to end-of-life care, life-sustaining procedures, and organ donation. Additionally, the patient or the principal outlines their health care decisions in the document. Equally important, the principal would also have to designate a medical decision-maker, or health care agent.

This document allows you to declare your wishes for life-sustaining procedures under certain circumstances in Pennsylvania. You may also designate someone to make health care decisions for you in the future. Unlike other states, you can use the Pennysylvania Living Will form if You want to specify your wishes such that it will be carried out accordingly. Conversely, If you are facing the possibility of surgery or diagnosed with a terminal condition as well as having declining health.

Living Will Form Florida

In the state of Florida, living will form is a legally bonded document that allows a person to create a health care directive as a guide to health workers towards the treatment wishes of the person.

Moreover, the Florida advance health care directive provides the means for a patient to choose what medical treatment they receive when they can no longer convey their wishes to their medical practitioners or family members. However, with respect to the US statutes $834.241 to $674.230. Also, the Florida advanced health care directive requires at least two witnesses in the signatory in the living will form. Although they will become invalid if the patient is found to be pregnant. In addition, you should note that the living will facilitator only becomes effective if the principal can no longer make decisions for themselves.

New York Living Will Form

A New York living will form is a document that is not necessarily legal in as much as ” there is no statute governing living wills. There is no standard living will form in New York. Thus, they only recognize and accept living will form as valid if they provide clear and convincing evidence of the person’s wishes. Hence It’s recommended that you consult with an attorney to be certain that the document is as clear and convinceable enough.

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Finally, a living will form is a helpful document, especially if you want to have control over your medical treatments. It allows the agent you choose can make the decisions for you depending on what you’ve written in the document. Moreover, a living will document, and medical power of attorney serves the same purpose. They both help with your medical wishes. Furthermore, the living will is the one that specifically deals with any end-of-life situations that relate to your health care. Conversely, the medical power of attorney covers a wider range of healthcare decisions but it is only effective when you can no longer speak for yourself.


The attached free living will form above and other pieces of information contained in the article are for informational purposes. It does not provide a bit of legal advice. We urge you to consult an attorney if you find it wise to make a living will form.

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