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Jumia Black Friday offers: 10+ you do not want to miss in 2020 (updated)



Jumia Black Friday is here again! Trust me; you don’t want to miss it.

A credible source confirmed that an Iphone 11 will be available for just N3, 400 as opposed the normal price of 340, 000 thousand naira.

There are lots of amazing offers like this to look out for. It won’t be advisable to miss the Jumia Black Friday event for anything in the world.

In this blog post, we have compiled all the offers you should look out for and save you the stress of scrolling pages and pages to find the best deals.

Without further ado, let’s proceed

Jumia black Friday offers

The countdown has begun.

At the time of this writing, it is exactly a week to the Jumia Black Friday event.

To get the chance to be a winner, it is advisable that you install the Jumia App for faster access to shopping experience.

Here’s 5 important reasons you should have the app downloaded.

1.While shopping on the Jumia App, you are saving 5 times more data than on the mobile site.

2. You will receive instant notifications and be the first to know of the exciting offers available

3. Enjoy a perfect User Interface that allows you find exactly what you are looking for

4. Shopping becomes easier using the app

5. With the Jumia App, you have one touch access to what you love

Want to get the full scoop of the amazing offers to look out for? Keep reading

1.Jumia black Friday flash sales

Jumia flash sales offers you the opportunity to shop for a selected item across diverse categories with up to 70% discount.

The items are always limited in stock, hence the name FLASH SALES.

All that is required is that you pick from 40 diverse items across all categories during the flash sales.

Take a look at the top 5 Jumia Black Friday offers grouped according to categories







1. ITEL A45 – N26,850

2. ITEL A36 – N23,990

3. QUBO P6-5.45’ – N24, 990

4. NOKIA C1 5.45” – N24, 990

5. TECNO POP 2F – N23, 700





4. ELEPAQ 3.8 KVA – N63, 195


2. Jumia treasure hunts

The treasure hunt is a deeply discounted product that is hidden across the Jumia website every Fridays in November, which can be instantly purchased by anyone who finds it.

Every Friday during the Jumia black Friday festival, one lucky customer has the chance to win a treasure hunt deal.

To spot these rare treasures, you’ll have to pay attention to these things during the Black Friday festival:

1.Follow all Jumia’s social media accounts religiously.

Updates, and contests and first announced on all social media accounts.

2. Only one item available for each treasure hunt product announced.

3. The product would not be hidden in their respective category.

You must search thoroughly across all shopping categories to find it.

For example, an Iphone X might be hidden in a shoe section.

4. Immediately you find the product, place an order and make sure you get an order of confirmation. Do this before anything else

5. A jumia affiliate is not allowed to participate.

Mega treasure hunt offers:

1.Iphone 11(1 unit) at N 3, 400

2. 50kg rice (3 units) at N300

3. N 50,000 voucher (2 units) at N 500 each.

3. Jumia N100 sale (On Saturdays by 12pm)

Ever Saturday by 12pm during the Black Friday season, Jumia will offer shoppers the chance to buy electronics, appliances, etc., for as low as N100.

4. Jumia Wheel of Fortune (Spin and win amazing prizes)

Every Mondays and Thursdays by 12pm, customers stand a chance to win amazing prizes in the Jumia Wheel of Fortune. All they have to do is to Spin and Win!

5. Jumia Prime

Jumia prime entitles shoppers to subscribe and receive unlimited free delivery on all Jumia orders during the duration of subscription.
It starts on the 8th of November, and runs till 30th November 2020.

6. Rush Hour

This is the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Times) of all giveaways.

You get the opportunity to get 90% off daily.
It is available to app users only

7. Free delivery

Have the opportunity to get your desired brand products delivered to your doorstep during the Black Friday event.

This offer is available to app users only.

8. Up to 30% off cameras

Are you a photofrapher or videographer? Get the best DSLR cameras up to 30% off on Jumia Black Friday.

9. Up to 40% off digital projections

Digital projections available at a discounted price, up to 40% off. Don’t miss out on this

10. Up to 45% off smart watches

Get the best smart watches for with a discount of 45%.

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How to get the best out of Jumia Black Friday

The first step you will need to take is to install the Jumia App.

Some goods may be available at significantly reduced prices in the ‘App’ only.

Through the app, buyers will enjoy access to promo codes, and these codes offer additional discounts.

To get the app installed, all you need to do is visit Google Play store or Apple store to download it.

With the app, you will get notified about the most exciting offers on Fridays.

Secondly, subscribing to the Jumia’s newsletters is a wise thing to do. They send out useful newsletters to subscribers during this period.

The third way to win is to follow all social media handles i.e Instagram, Facebook and Twitter religiously.

Every new post will keep you updated on new offers that await you.

Jumia Black Friday days and time

1.Friday, 6th November 2020 – 12:00am and 6:00pm

2. Friday, 13th November 2020 – 12:00am and 6:00pm

3. Friday, 20th November 2020 – 12:00am and 6:00pm

4. Friday, 27th November 2020 – 12:00am and 6:00pm

Final words

Now that you have all the necessary information you need for the event, shine!

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Chidinma Ofoegbu is a creative writer and blogger passionate about growing people and brands.

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BABY BOOMER: Definition, History, and Retirement




A baby boomer is a term used to describe a person born between 1946 and 1964. The baby boomer generation makes up the majority of the world’s population, especially in industrialized nations. It represents about 20% of the American population.

As the largest generation group in American history (until the Millennium generation grew slightly),  baby boomers have had a significant impact on the economy. As a result, they are often the focus of marketing campaigns and business plans.

History of Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers emerged after the end of World War II when birth rates soared in the world. The infant explosion was known as a growing Baby boomer. During the growing season, about 77 million babies were born in the United States alone, which is about 40% of the American population.

Many historians say that the condition of Baby boomer may have many causes: people who want to raise a family that they left behind during World War II and the Great Depression, and who are confident that the coming era is sure and successful. In the late 1940s and 1950s, wages increased, and businesses as well, with a wide range and variety of products available to consumers.

With this new economic prosperity, there was a migration of young families from cities to suburbs. G.I. Bill allowed returning soldiers to buy affordable housing in the suburbs. This resulted in better neighborhood values ​​created by the husband taking care of the care, maintenance of the wife’s home, and their children.

As neighborhood families began to use new forms of credit to buy goods such as cars, equipment, and television, companies began marketing efforts to target these children, growing boomers as well. As the boomers approached puberty, many were dissatisfied with this ethos and the consumer culture that accompanied it, which spurred the youth farming movement in the 1960s.

This large group of children grew up paying a ten-year social security tax that funded their parents and the retirement of grandparents. Millions now withdraw from each year.

As the longest surviving generation in history, boomers are at the forefront of the so-called longevity economy, regardless of whether they earn income from workers or, in turn, use the taxes of younger generations through their checks. social security.

According to a recent AARP report, baby boomers spend $ 7 trillion a year on goods and services. And even though they are getting older (the youngest will be in their fifties by the end of 2019), they still have corporate and economic power – 80% of the country’s total wealth is boomers.

Baby Boomers and Retirement: Why Boomer Retirement is different

The first members of the children’s generation were able to retire in 2012. In many ways, the way they spend their years after work differs from that of their parents, who are often part of the older generation.

Longer retirement

Most people in previous generations worked as long as they could and few were lucky enough to have a retirement that would be considered gold by today’s standards. The prosperity of America after the Second World War made things better for the older generation who benefited from the workforce who had six employees per retiree. Most of this generation were able to retire at the official age of 65 years.

One change from then to now is that a large percentage of 77 million American baby boomers are expected to live 10 to 25 years longer than their parents. Those who retire in their 60’s can expect to live at least 25 years longer. So your retirement will be longer.

Higher Expectations

Far healthier, more energetic, and their kids are now grown boomers who can afford to take at least an early retirement to fulfill travel dreams and other bucket list items. Those who reach retirement age are now healthy enough to run a marathon, build a house, and even start a business.

Instead of moving into old-age communities, many are moving to smaller towns that offer employment and educational opportunities. Some boomers are moving to urban areas for services such as public transportation and cultural attractions.

Some with limited resources are withdrawing to countries with a lower costs of living outside of the United States, such as Mexico, Portugal, and the Philippines. Forty-five percent have no pension plans, Forty-five percent have no retirement savings, according to the 2019 Boomer Expectations of Retirement report of the Insured Retirement Institute.

More investment options, less investment security

The older generation had fewer investment options: regular bonds and certificates of deposit. But these are surefire ways to make a living. That doesn’t apply to boomers. In addition, there are more opportunities in the long run and the need to at least take investment risk in order to keep up with inflation.

Foreign investment options

Today’s boomers are facing a growing world of income security. The investment industry has released many investment ropes – and many new and exciting ways to lose it all.


If they felt threatened, the boomers’ parents could buy stocks that pay dividends. At the time, many industries that paid dividends, such as money and services, were highly regulated. Decades of law enforcement have made these industries unpredictable and dangerous. Hence, the certainty of previously expected dividends or returns on capital is now uncertain.

Rising instead of rising interest rates

In the 1980s, when the older generation retired, interest rates were around 18%. This was good for rescuers (and bad for home buyers). In 2010 the rates were as low as possible, less than 1%. The long-term decline in interest rates provides a positive return for collateral investors.

Boomers face a completely different situation. Instead of lowering interest rates, there is an option to raise interest rates in retirement.

Personal savings instead of pensions

The older generation could have lower incomes for everyone, but most of their members also had a company or union pension which could be huge after a lifetime for the same employer as usual but the economy changed.

Many large companies merged or disappeared, and unions fell from 20.1% of employees in 1983 to 10.5% in 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics.

In addition, traditional corporate pensions have been abolished for the time being by providing 401 (k) programs, IRAs, and other investment vehicles that are responsible for saving individuals. Because they were the first generation to see this change, many boomers didn’t start saving enough or early enough.

As with the federal pension known as Social Security, there are concerns that it may be scarce. The problem is that the baby boomer generation is much larger than that of previous generations. The next-generation X is very small, and even the millennial generation larger than the boomers is not big enough to cope with the increasing longevity of the boomers.

Unless the structure of social security changes, it is estimated that there will not be enough taxpayers to support full social security payments for the number of retirees from 2034. At the time when toddlers were employed, there were six of every retiree. However, it is estimated that by the time an entire generation of baby boomer reaches retirement age, the ratio will drop to three to one.

Shortage of pension funds

Many are not saving enough money, and boomers have had a great economy at the crucial moment of their retirement savings. Many seniors jumped on expensive investments, and mortgages in the early 1990s, to struggle to make those payments a few years later. Many were completely beaten or their mortgages underwater.

Many boomers scrambling to piece together an adequate nest egg following the 2008 subprime fall in the mortgage industry and the subsequent stock market crash resulted in many people struggling to collect enough eggs. Many of them later turned to borrowing for equity in their homes as a solution. While house prices are rising again, some boomers still cannot benefit from selling their current home for a cheaper price.

For those in debt, savings have been pushed back. In addition, boomers who responded to the big economy by going conservatively with the remaining savings got a second hit: by not holding enough of their portfolios in stock, they missed the next big bull market and risked leaving the nest egg. At the same time, wages have not risen sharply for many parts of the population.

How Baby boomers can prepare for retirement

Some of these measures can helpbaby boomers travel to retirement

Don’t retire (at least not too early)

One idea may be the most common: don’t retire. Or at least delay it beyond the age of 65 or 66 years (depending on your date of birth). If that means working long hours, seeking advice, or getting a timely appearance, being part of the staff, it can help increase financial and emotional well-being.

If money allows, boomers can also wait until they are 70 years old to claim their social security benefits. If they postpone profits, they can receive 132% of their natural monthly grant. This, along with increased income and savings from continuing to work, will make retirement easier.

Health plan

Boomers who grew up free in the 1960s and 1970s often paint a picture that they will live forever – and in fact, many are in better shape than their ancestors of that age. However, the human body is unaffected. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol increase in an influential population.

Cancer and heart disease are the leading cause of death. Then there is dementia: According to the Dementia Research and Prevention Institute, it is estimated that every sixth woman and every tenth man over the age of 55 will experience dementia in his or her lifetime.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 70% of Americans do not have a will to list their medical needs, such as: B. if they have to be treated in a life-sustaining way if they can no longer express their wishes.

More than 30% of those 65 and older have not made a will stating how their wealth should be distributed at the time of their own death, leaving the door open for a variety of legal and financial problems.

Leading leaders are still in their early 70’s. This is the time to make decisions about health care and who should be responsible for their lives and finances if they are unable to make responsible decisions because of illness or inability to work. Boomers should not leave these decisions to others. you have to do it yourself.

It is also advisable to consider long-term care insurance and other ways to pay for services in old age. This is especially important for young boomers, who are reasonably priced.

Make a Will

More than 30% of those 65 and older have not made a will stating how their wealth should be distributed at the time of their own death, leaving the door open for a variety of legal and financial problems. Again, boomers have to make a will or review it to make sure it still fits their needs.

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This is not another long story.

Get to know the diversity and uniqueness of Nigerian products you never thought exists.

The GO NIGERIAN TRADEFAIR is a National event organized by The Association of Titan Entrepreneurs (ATE).

This event is designed to improve the standard of living of Nigerians by giving the local producers a global platform to showcase their product.

Wouldn’t it be nice to change someone’s life by registering to attend a trade fair?

Through partnerships with international bodies, this year’s edition comes in style with the theme “Source Locally, Sell Globally”

You’d be amazed to see what can come out of our country Nigeria.

Don’t be part of the “So Nigerians can produce this type of thing gang”. Come and see for yourself, and be glad you did. An opportunity they say only comes once.

You are probably wondering, it’s a trade fair, so what’s in it for you? Maybe it’s not worth the stress. But let me tell you why it’s worth your time.

  • You will get to meet over 500 entrepreneurs, share ideas, connect and build long-lasting relationships. You know part of the Nigerian survival starter pack is “connection”,
  • You get amazing, durable, affordable, and high-quality Made-In-Nigeria products designed specifically to suit your needs,
  • You get access to over 10,000 shoppers, you never know when they can come in handy. If there’s anything the year 2020 has taught us, it’s to always have a plan B,
  • You get to engage with well experienced stakeholders, build connections, learn, and teach.
  • You get to meet top notch business influencers that can help you boost sales and maximize profits in your business.

With all this, the GO NIGERIAN TRADEFAIR is definitely a place to meet the right entrepreneurs.

So, don’t wait to be part of the crowd that will hear the scores. Secure your spot, and remember it’s just for 72 hours. Even Christmas lasts for only 24 hours.

Get on board, and register by clicking this link. CLICK HERE

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AliExpress Black Friday 2021: All you should know (+ best 2021 deals for you)



AliExpress Black Friday has arrived and prices are now at the lowest possible prices we’ve ever seen this year.

We can assure you that whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it on AliExpress with an affordable price tag attached.

The offers available ranges from home ware, fashion, accessories, top tech, to games and toys, etc.

We’ve got two things for you today. First, you’ll get to see all the latest and greatest opportunities to save on offer at AliExpress throughout the Black Friday event in November 2020.

Secondly, you will garner proper insights on how to shop on AliExpress during their Black Friday event.

AliExpress Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is an event where shoppers get amazing discounts on products they buy to mark the festive season.

Have no idea what AliExpress is? Keep reading.

AliExpress is a global multi-seller retail store that offers everything from fashion, home wares, accessories, top tech, toys, and games and beyond.

It was launched in 2010, and is made up of small businesses in China and other locations.

It is owned by AliBaba group holding Limited, a Chinese Multinational company that specializes in e-commerce, email, internet and technology, and is founded by Jack Ma and co.

They don’t have physical stores, so all transactions are done online and shipped to their buyers.

This year’s black Friday event promises to be an unforgettable one.

We’ll take a look at some important things you’ll need to know about AliExpress in the next few paragraphs.

Why should you buy from AliExpress?

There are so many reasons why Nigerians by from AliExpress.

Let’s take a look at some to encourage you to take part in the Black Friday event:

a. There are over 100 million products online: Virtually everything happens online, all you have to do is order from the comfort of your homes.

b. Getting your money back is guaranteed: There are lots of problems that can be associated with shipping, but not to worry, if the product sent to you fails to meet its demand, you can ask for return and get your money back.

c. Millions of good products

d. Payment is easy with AliExpress

e. Shoppers send their feedbacks. This is very useful, so you can be guided as you take a tour on the website.

How to create an account on AliExpress

Before you buy anything on AliExpress, you’ll need to have an account created.

Necessary requirements include: email, password, mobile number, shipping address.

To open an account won’t take you more than 5 minutes of your time.

Alternatively, you can sign up with Google, Face book or Twitter account.

Does shipping take place in Nigeria ?

Definitely! You can order a product from anywhere in the world and get it in Nigeria.

All you need to do is select a shipping method of your choice.

Here’s a list of shipping methods that ship to Nigeria:

AliExpress standard shipping, China Air Post Registered Mail, Singapore Post, FedEx, UPS, POS Malaysia, and so on.

Note that, choosing a shipping method depends on the item or seller you’re buying from, some products requires multiple shipping methods to choose from.

While for some others, you might just see a single shipping method.

List of common shipping methods you will find on AliExpress and delivery time

1.AliExpress Standard Shipping (20-35 days or 3- 4 weeks on average)

2. China Air Post Registered Mail (23-43 days or 3-5 weeks)

3. Singapore post (22-24 days or 3-6 weeks)

4. POS Malaysia (34-54 days or 4-6 weeks)

5. UPS (14-23 days or 2-3 weeks)

6. FedEx (7-15 days or 2 weeks)

7. EMS (15-27 days or 2-4 weeks)

8. DHL (9-18 days or 2-3 weeks)

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How do I structure my shipping details?

Ensure to give clear current resident.

Include your Address, city, state and ZIP code.

In case you don’t know your zip code or postal code, simply Google the name of your city + zip. E.g.: Wuse zone 5 zip code.

Also, you can pay using your debit card.

Majorly, the MasterCard and Visa can be used to make payments on AliExpress.

Verve card doesn’t work during international web transactions.

Does AliExpress participate in Black Friday?

Yes, AliExpress Black Friday begins on the 23rd of November.

Here’s what to expect from AliExpress on Black Friday:

1.Up to 50% off women shoes

Enjoy getting up to 50% off women shoes.

2. Flash sales

Get discounts on smart watches, jewelleries, tech products and fashion, up to 90% off.

See top 7 flash sales to look out for:

a.WOMENS WATCHES 2020 GENEVA – N5, 349 (91% off)



d. LITE 2020 FASHION FULL CIRCLE TOUCH SCREEN – N 12, 694 (82% off)




3. Up to 80% off on fashion

You’ll get the chance to shop for a wide range of fashion items and enjoy getting up to 80% off.

4. Up to 50% off cameras

Are you a photographer or videographer? Now is the best time to get your DSLR cameras at a more affordable cost.

5. Up to 50% off home & garden

Get the best garden equipment for your home at a discount of 50%

Are AliExpress discounts real?

This is the first question most people ask, and we can understand the doubts.

Yes, the discounts are real. Things sold on AliExpress are cheap compared to other online and offline stores.

AliExpress Black Friday 2020 days

AliExpress Black Friday starts on November 23rd and last till November 27th.

Final words

You could be the next lucky winner; all you need is to master the tips and clues shared in this blog post.

If this post was helpful, hit the share button right away.

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