APPLE CREDIT CARD: The Apple Credit Card Review 2023

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The Apple Credit Card (iCard) Review 2023 offers an in-depth look into the Apple Credit Card Review. With its various features, including virtual account management and a rewards program, the Apple Credit Card 2023 deserves a close look by anyone considering a credit card. This review will provide you with a complete overview of Apple credit card customer service, apple credit card app, apple credit card review, apple credit card benefits, apple credit card payment, and what makes the Apple Credit Card 2023 a great choice.

What is an Apple credit card?

The Apple Credit Card, also known as the Apple Card, is a credit card offered by Apple Inc. in collaboration with Goldman Sachs. However, it was introduced in the United States in August 2019 and iCard App is designed to integrate with Apple’s ecosystem of products and services.

How Apple card works

The Apple Credit Card is a credit card offered by Apple that is primarily designed for users of Apple devices. The iCard offers cash-back rewards depending on how you use it. If you use the card with Apple Pay, you can earn 3% cash back on purchases made from Apple and select merchants, and 2% cash back on all other Apple Pay transactions. Moreover, if you use a physical card, you will only earn 1% cash back.

One unique feature of the iCard is the “Daily Cash” system, which allows you to earn cash back on every transaction in real time. Similarly, you can use this cash to make purchases with Apple Pay, apply it as a credit towards your card balance, invest it in a linked Apple high-yield savings account, or send it to a friend who also uses Apple Cash.

The iCard also offers several other features such as color-coded spending categories, integration with Apple Maps to track your spending, a slider tool to calculate interest charges, and the ability to share the card with family members. Additionally, the iCard has no annual fees, late fees, or foreign transaction fees.

Apple Credit Card Overview:

The Apple Credit Card is a digital-first iCard designed to be used primarily with Apple devices. It is available to eligible customers through the Wallet app on iPhones and the Wallet & Apple Pay app on iPads and Apple Watches. The prestigious investment bank Goldman Sachs issues the card.

Apple Credit Card Benefits and Features

The iCard comes with several benefits that make it an appealing option for users. The following are some of the key benefits of the iCard:

#1. Daily Cash Rewards Program:

One of the standout features of the iCard is the Daily Cash Rewards program. However, users earn cashback on every purchase made using the card. The cashback is credited to the user’s Apple Cash card daily and can be used for purchases, bill payments, or sent to friends and family. The cashback percentages vary based on the purchase category.

#2. No Annual Fees:

The iCard benefits include that; it does not charge any annual fees. This means users can enjoy the benefits of the card without having to pay a yearly fee for its usage.

#3. No Foreign Transaction Fees: Another

iCard benefits are that the card does not impose foreign transaction fees, making it an attractive option for international travelers. Moreover, users can make purchases abroad without incurring additional charges typically associated with foreign transactions.

#4. No Late Payment Fees:

Apple Credit Card holders do not have to pay late payment fees. However, it is always advisable to make timely payments to avoid interest charges and potential negative impacts on credit scores.

#5. Privacy and Security:

As with other Apple products, the credit card emphasizes privacy and security. Each transaction is authorized with Face ID, Touch ID, or a unique dynamic security code, ensuring that the user’s information is protected.

#6. Seamless Integration with Apple Pay:

Apple Pay is a digital payment method that works well with the iCard. Ultimately, users can make secure contactless payments at supported merchants worldwide using their Apple devices, adding to the overall convenience of the card.

#7. Financial Tools:

Apple’s credit card app provides users with financial tools to help manage their spending and monitor their credit usage. The app categorizes expenses, provides spending summaries, and sends payment reminders.

#8. Physical Titanium Card:

While the primary use is digital, customers can also request a sleek titanium physical card for transactions at locations that do not accept contactless payments. Furthermore, the physical card displays only the cardholder’s name, omitting other sensitive information for added security.

#9. Creditworthiness and Eligibility:

To be eligible for the iCard, applicants need to meet certain criteria, including a minimum credit score and income requirements. Goldman Sachs evaluates applicant information such as credit history and income before issuing a credit card.

#10. Interest Rates and APR:

The iCard offers a range of APRs based on creditworthiness, and the rates are subject to change. However, understanding the APR is crucial, as it determines the cost of borrowing money when carrying a balance.

Apple Credit Card Customer Service

Apple Credit Card Customer Service is provided by Goldman Sachs, the issuing bank of the card. Users can reach out to Goldman Sachs for inquiries, support, or assistance related to their iCard. Here’s how to access customer service for the iCard:

#1. Contact through the Wallet App:

If you have the Apple Credit Card linked to your Wallet app on your Apple device, you can access Apple Credit Card Customer Service directly through the app. Look for the “Message” or “Contact” option, where you can initiate a conversation with a customer service representative.

#2. Goldman Sachs Customer Service:

You can also contact Goldman Sachs customer service for the Apple Credit Card through their dedicated phone number. The phone number should be available on the back of your physical iCard, on your monthly statements, or on the official Goldman Sachs website.

#3. Apple Support for Apple Pay:

For any issues related to Apple Pay or the Wallet app, you can reach out to Apple Credit Card Customer Service through their website, Apple Support app, or by visiting an Apple Store. However, for account-specific or credit-related inquiries, it’s best to contact Goldman Sachs directly.

The Apple Credit Card Rewards Program:

The rewards program of the iCard has evolved over the years. In 2023, it continues to offer Daily Cash with enhanced cashback percentages on select categories, such as Apple products and services, dining, and entertainment.

Daily Cash Rewards Program:

#1. Earn Cashback on Every Purchase:

With the iCard, users earn cashback on all eligible purchases made with the card. This includes purchases made using the digital card through Apple Pay and transactions made using the physical titanium card.

#2. Different Cashback Rates:

Users earn a higher percentage of Daily Cash when making purchases directly from Apple. This includes purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple subscriptions.

Daily Cash percentages can vary for other categories, such as dining, entertainment, and other general purchases. The specific rates for these categories are subject to change and may vary over time.

#3. Daily Cash Redemption:

The cashback earned through the Daily Cash program is credited directly to the user’s Apple Cash card on a daily basis. The user can then use the cashback for various purposes:

  • Apply the Daily Cash towards future purchases using Apple Pay.
  • Send the Daily Cash to friends and family through the Messages app.
  • Use Daily Cash for bill payments or other financial transactions.

#4. Transparency and No Limitations:

One of the advantages of the Daily Cash program is its simplicity and transparency. There are no complicated points systems, and there is no limit on how much cashback a user can earn.

#5. Redemption Flexibility:

The Daily Cash earned does not expire, allowing users to accumulate rewards over time and use them whenever they wish.

#6. No Redemption Fees:

There are no fees or charges associated with redeeming the Daily Cash rewards. Users can access and use their earned cashback without any additional costs.

#7. Track Daily Cash Rewards:

The Wallet app provides users with a clear breakdown of their Daily Cash rewards, making it easy to track and manage their earnings.

Apple Credit Card Payment

Apple Credit Card holders have multiple options to make their iCard Payments, ensuring convenience and timely bill settlement. Here’s how the iCard payment works:

  • Apple Cash: If you have an Apple Cash balance, you can use it to make your Apple Credit Card payments. Apple Cash is the digital wallet feature that allows you to store money on your iPhone and use it for various transactions, including bill payments.
  • Auto-Pay: To ensure timely payments and avoid late fees, you can set up an auto-pay feature. With auto-pay, your iCard payment will be automatically deducted from your linked bank account on the due date each month. Additionally, setting up auto-pay is a convenient way to stay on top of your credit card payments.
  • Make a Payment Manually: You can also make manual Apple Credit Card Payment through the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how:
  • On the Apple device open the Wallet app.
  • Tap on your Apple Credit Card to view its details.
  • Tap the “Pay” button.
  • Choose the amount you want to pay, which can be the minimum payment, the full statement balance, or a custom amount.
  • Confirm the payment method and the payment amount, then tap “Pay Now” to complete the transaction.

Pros and Cons:


  • Seamless digital application and user experience
  • No fees and transparent pricing
  • Daily Cash rewards program
  • Strong emphasis on privacy and security


  • Limited acceptance at locations that do not support contactless payments
  • Variable APRs based on creditworthiness

How Do I Get an Apple Credit Card?

To get an iCard, you’ll need to visit and apply online. You’ll be asked to provide some personal information, such as your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, and income information. After submitting your application, you’ll find out if you’re approved and receive the card in the mail within a few days.

Does Apple Have a Real Credit Card?

Yes, Apple does have a real credit card. It is called the Apple Card and was released in August 2019. It is a joint venture between Apple, Goldman Sachs, and Mastercard. Therefore, Apple Card can be used both inside and outside of Apple stores, and Apple offers reward points and cash back for customers using the Apple Card.

How Much Is Apple Credit Card Limit?

The credit limit for the iCard varies depending on each cardholder’s creditworthiness and other factors. There is no set maximum amount. However, according to Apple, typical credit limits range from $500 to $10,000.

Can I Get Apple Card in Nigeria?

No, Apple Card is currently not available in Nigeria. It is currently only available in the United States.

Where Can Apple Card Be Used?

The Apple Card can be used to make purchases with Apple Pay wherever Apple Pay is accepted. This includes physical stores, online stores, and in-apps. It can also be used to make payments to certain apps, such as Uber or Lyft, and Apple services such as Apple Music, iCloud storage, and App Store purchases.

How Do I Send Money With My Apple Credit Card?

To send money with your iCard, you will need to first set up an Apple Pay Cash account. Once your account is set up, you can use the “Pay” feature in the “Wallet” menu of your iPhone to send money to anyone who has an Apple Pay-enabled device. When you send money, your iCard will be charged for the transaction.

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To Sum Up

The Apple Credit Card looks like a great choice for those looking to save money on their everyday purchases. With its low APR and no annual fee, it is one of the most attractive credit card options out there. Moreover, the Apple Credit Card review is also very convenient and encourages users to use Apple products, further supporting the company’s brand. In addition, the lack of international transaction fees is a nice perk for frequent travelers. While the card does have a few shortcomings, such as the lack of access to higher spending limits, the Apple Credit Card Benefits and the overall functionality of the card more than make up for these drawbacks.

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Apple Credit Card FAQs

Does Apple Credit Card Have a Bank?

No, the Apple Credit Card does not have its own bank. It is issued through Goldman Sachs, which is a bank holding company that provides a variety of investment and banking services.

Can I Withdraw Cash from Apple Card?

No, you cannot withdraw cash from your Apple Card. The Apple Card is a digital-only payment card, so you cannot use it to withdraw cash.

What Bank Has Apple Credit Card?

Apple partners with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard to offer the Apple Card, which is available to customers in the US.

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