Does Addressable Media Have A Positive Impact

Does Addressable Media Have A Positive Impact
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With the marketing industry advancing at an insanely fast rate in order to integrate the evolution of technology into its development, it is no surprise that addressable media is becoming more and more commonplace. “Addressable media” is a term used to describe accurate advertising and marketing that is specifically targeted to certain households and demographics, based on various factors such as age and lifestyle.

This modernized method of marketing is slowly becoming relevant across all sorts of media-sharing platforms. From the internet to TV and everything in between, we have seen a tremendous uptick in the number of hyper-customized advertisements that are being broadcast to potential consumers in recent years—and it’s only just getting started. Though many have expressed concerns, particularly across social media, regarding the privacy-focused ethical side of the topic, advertisers have also been quick to point out the various advantages of this form of advertisement.

For brands and businesses across the globe, addressable media offers a unique opportunity to really get in touch with their core demographic in a way that has, until now, been entirely unprecedented. Being able to collect user data that is backed up by trial-based research in order to efficiently build a marketing strategy that is efficient for both the brand and the consumer is great for the elevation of advertisement as a whole.

Types of Addressable Media

  • Online Advertising Platforms – This can include online tools such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, etc.
  • Social Media – E.G, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Smart TV Platforms 
  • OTT (Over The Top) Content Providers—i.e., any content that is delivered through an internet connection.

The Potential Benefits

Many members of the public have, understandably, been left feeling slightly put off by the prospect of such hyper-personalized content making its way into their homes through the media they consume. It can be difficult for the average user to identify how this marketing model would be useful to them. Read on as we break down a few of the key benefits of addressable media, from the user’s perspective.

  • Optimizes the Consumer Experience- At its core, addressable media exists to make the consumer’s experience more enjoyable and more convenient. With only relevant ads being marketed to individual households, it is much easier for the prospective client to access high-quality products and services that are likely to be compatible with their current tastes.
  • It’s Cost Effective – Another positive of addressable media is how much money and time it saves for the client. Gone are the days of toiling through various different brands while trying to discern which one is right for you – now, the marketer themselves can almost guarantee that your shopping habits are conducive to time and cost efficiency.
  • Encourages General Efficiency: As a user, it can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming to have to deal with advertisements that are not at all applicable to your own wants and needs. Having to research numerous products before purchasing isn’t exactly a maximized customer experience, nor is having to scroll past ads that are irrelevant to the life you lead, and these hyper-personalized commercials are a great way to circumvent that issue.
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