5 Ways to Boost Staff Morale 

5 Ways to Boost Staff Morale
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Staff morale is crucial to any business’s success. While you may think your company is meeting your employees’ needs, these five ideas could be the answer to boosting employee morale and taking your business’s success to the next level. 

#1. Recognition 

Recognition of a job well done is vital in any area of life, and recognizing an employee’s achievements could bring them needed validation. 

While informal recognition of small wins is essential for positive morale boosting, sometimes, you want to do something a bit grander. It’s a chance to spotlight a worker who has made a valuable contribution. 

Whether it’s an award ceremony for the whole business or cheering your employees on in their next marathon, showing appreciation couldn’t be easier. 

You can take this recognition one step further with custom medals, which allow you to design medals to suit your company’s style. A medal is a great way to say, ‘I can see your hard work,’ motivating your employee to seek new challenges.

#2. Trial The 4-Day Working Week

The 4-day working week has been making headlines all over the world. Several firms have already tried it with great success. After a trial run, 86% of companies said they would continue the four-day policy. 

In a 4-day working week, businesses reduce employees’ working hours by 20% but keep 100% of their pay. Trials are taking place across the world, and 95% of businesses in the UK said productivity had stayed the same or improved during the shorter week. It’s compelling evidence that putting your staff first increases productivity. 


#3. Introduce Plants Into the Work Space

A recent study introduced plants into offices and found a decrease in stress and positive employee feedback. The study’s findings suggested that small indoor plants could be an economical way to boost productivity since plants reduce stress-related responses.

Such a small change can have a huge impact and increase the general mood of an office. With decreasing stress levels, there is more room for increased mood. 

#4. An Office Dog

This idea won’t suit businesses that have employees with dog allergies, for example, but this is another excellent way to decrease stress and increase mood. There’s even a national ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’ in the US. 

But it’s not just enthusiasm for dogs. Having a pet in the office can have real benefits for employees. They include: 

  • Helps with relaxation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces heart rate
  • Promotes social interaction

A Brighton-based tech company in the UK recently found that bringing in a dog also boosted team morale.

#5. Perks and Benefits

A boost in company morale can come with a re-evaluation of offered benefits. It doesn’t mean eradicating the current benefits that get positive feedback. Instead, why not add another benefit? These could include:

  • A cycle-to-work programme
  • A day or two off for charity/volunteering work
  • An extra day off at Christmas

Final Thoughts 

Boosting morale among employees is crucial to the productivity of a business. Why not start with one idea and see what great change it makes to your employees’ lives and your company?

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