Top 5 Benefits if you choose to study in Germany

Study in Germany

Most students aspire to have a foreign college education because it can add to their life experiences and broaden their horizons. There are plenty of Western countries like the US, UK, and Germany that are renowned for their world-class education systems and reputed programs for international students.

Germany is one of the leading nations in the European Union that is well-known for its economic prosperity and engineering excellence. German engineering brands have powered the industrial revolution and many scientists from German universities and research institutes have been rewarded with Nobel Prizes.

If you want to study in Germany and want to know what you can get out of your stay in the country, this is the blog for you. Read ahead to explore the top advantages of investing in a German education.

  1. Very affordable college education: Germany has one of the most affordable higher education systems in the world. Since 2014, most public German universities have made college education nearly free for domestic and international students. Even the private universities offer several discounts and financial aids to make your education costs quite less compared to universities in the UK or the US.
  2. Affordable cost of living for international students: Studying in Germany can also be a cheap affair owing to the relatively low cost of living in German cities. While living in major cities like Berlin and Frankfurt can still cost a considerable amount of money, your living expenses can be drastically reduced if you decide to stay in smaller German towns like Dusseldorf.
  3. Ability to pursue your education in English: It is a common myth that you need to be proficient in the German language to be able to study in a German university. In reality, many public and private German universities use English as a medium of instruction along with German. This makes it easier for you to adjust to your studies as an international student even if you don’t know the German language.
  4. Germany is an economic powerhouse: Germany is internationally renowned for its booming economy and financial power. The country continues to be a driving force behind the EU’s economic flexing. Owing to the booming industrial and business opportunities in Germany, you can expect to find scores of employment opportunities as an international student in the country.
  5. Chance to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world: Did you know that the German language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world? Apart from Germany, the German language is an official language in many other European countries including Belgium and Switzerland. Investing in a German education can give you an opportunity to learn the German language and enhance your chances of finding suitable employment in other European countries as well.

Most German universities maintain excellent standards of education and provide a wide range of courses in practically every discipline. A degree from a reputed German university can enhance your global career prospects and add to your domain knowledge.

The German Academic Exchange or DAAD maintains an exhaustive list of all German universities and colleges. You can start your search for a suitable German university and degree from the DAAD website today.

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