Twitch Affiliate vs Partner: Requirements, Ratings and Earnings

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner
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Do you know that streamers can monetize their content using the Twitch Partner and Affiliate programs? Well, this comprehensive article has all the information you need if you want to start streaming on Twitch and earn money. Just keep reading to find out more on Twitch affiliate vs partner payout, and requirements!

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner

It’s easy to become a Twitch Partner, but many streamers continue to hold this position with no assurance that they will eventually receive the desired checkmark.

Many people even give up on the chances that have come their way because they think that if they just put in a little more time and effort, they will eventually reach partner level and then be able to grow their stream.

Streamers frequently don’t realize how one program varies from another or what they are even there for, thus ignorance is the major cause of this.

What is Twitch Affiliate and Partner?

As streamers try to monetize their channels, there are two main relationship types they can have with Twitch: Affiliate and Partner.

To qualify for either classification, a content creator must reach a predetermined standard. Although “Partner” status has more advantages, achieving “Affiliate” status is simpler and quicker.

You must at least sign up as an affiliate in order to monetize your Twitch channel through subscriptions, advertisements, or Twitch Bits. Before being able to become a Twitch partner, you must first become a Twitch affiliate.

Also, it is possible to be a partner without first being an affiliate. It is just not common. In order to become an affiliate, creators must stream for 500 total minutes across seven different broadcasts, averaging at least three viewers concurrently over the course of 30 days.

Additionally, that channel needs to have at least 50 followers. The absolute prerequisite for monetizing your channel is this. On your Creator Dashboard, on the Achievements page, under the “Insights” option, you may keep track of all of your advancements toward becoming an Affiliate.

Twitch Affiliate and Partner Overview

Once you have achieved the Affiliate level, you may use the same page to monitor your efforts toward becoming a Partner.

After reaching Affiliate, you must stream 25 hours over 12 different streams with an average of 75 viewers to become a Partner. You will then have the chance to apply for the Partner Program. However, it won’t assure you of Partner status.

Streamers can access subscriptions, advertisements, and Twitch Bits as monetization features by signing up to become an Affiliate. Additionally, depending on the number of subscribers they have, affiliates receive one to five sub-emotes.

Affiliates can establish polls and channel point incentives for viewers, and they receive 14 days of VOD storage (or longer if they have Twitch Prime). Similar benefits apply to partners, but they also have full access to the transcode choices, 60 days of VOD storage, 60 maximum emotes broadcast delay settings and squad streaming options.

They can also create stream teams, use a self-service emote tool, and receive special treatment when waiting in line for customer service.

Most significantly, partner status includes the recognizable verified channel badge. What prospects are shared between Twitch Partners and Affiliates? Let’s find out.

Prospects Shared between Twitch Partners and Affiliates

The number of slots for each of the first through third level emotes that affiliates and partners can add will increase in proportion to the number of their paid subscribers. There is a requirement for companions, which is 5 level-1 emotes, besides 1 second-level and 1 third-level emote.

Even if he has many paying subscribers, a buddy can only add a maximum of 7 emotes. Partners are NOT subject to this restriction; they may move around freely by adding even a hundred smiles.

Streamers can add subscriber badges for both statuses, just like they can add subscriber symbols for the chat. An affiliate may previously add sub-badges for a year (for 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of subscription). Even if the streamers had subs whose streaks had lasted more than a year, there used to be a ceiling.

However, Twitch changed this feature in the summer of 2021, allowing Partners and Affiliates to create custom graphics for long-time subscribers (1.5 years, 2 years, 2.5 years, etc.).

In addition, in August, they will make subscriber badges available to seasoned subscribers who have remained devoted to a stream for up to 9 and 10 years. Ad revenue can be generated by both Partners and Affiliates.

Unfortunately, not every region can afford to spend a lot on advertising. In the CIS, these numbers are insignificant, therefore one cannot rely on this source of revenue.

Both types of streamers are eligible for monthly withdrawals. Partners will still need to wait 10 to 15 days longer for their money. Every month, the system checks your funds and sends them to the streamers’ payment account if the amount of income in 30 days surpasses $100.

This transfer is free for Partners, but Affiliates MUST pay for the SWIFT transfer ($22), which is deducted immediately from your Twitch account and does not require any other payments. If $100 was sent, only $78 will be received once the SWIFT transfer fee is deducted.

Twitch Partner vs Affiliate Requirements

Below are the requirements for both Partner and(vs) affiliate on Twitch.

Minimum Followers5050+
Stream on7 different days12 different days
Average viewership3 concurrent viewers75 concurrent viewers
Stream for8 hours in the last 30 days25 hours in the last 30 days

As you can see, in order to be a Twitch Partner, you must first become a Twitch Affiliate. You can find both requirements as achievements on your Creator Dashboard.

They are:

  • Path to Affiliate
  • Path to Partner

Advantages of Twitch Partners

Here is a list of significant distinctions and advantages available solely to partners.

  • Streamers and the platform typically split subscription revenue 50/50, although some partners may assert up to 70% of the revenue in their favor.
  • They do not permit Twitch Partners to stream on other networks.
  • A check mark appears next to each partner’s nickname.
  • They may give some Partners a spot on the Twitch homepage at the scheduled time, which increases viewers’ engagement.
  • Twitch partners have access to special online and offline events where you may meet helpful people and learn essential information firsthand.
  • As you can see, the Partner Program not only offers advantages but also places limitations on streams.

Some purposefully decide not to sign up for the Partner Program so they can continue to broadcast several streams or create original online content for use on other platforms (that is, for example, prohibited by Twitch rules). Both categories of authors get access to practically all the essential capabilities at the same time.

Whatever anyone may claim, the partner program does not actually offer any perks that are exclusive. You won’t see an increase in the audience just because your stream has a checkmark next to it. It is entirely up to you if you choose to pursue the partner program.

However, take advantage of the chances that the Affiliate Program presents to you. Don’t wait to start your stream community until you get the desired checkmark; otherwise, you run the danger of slowing down the rate at which your streams are growing.

Twitch Affiliate Vs Partner Payout

The twitch affiliate vs partner payout depends on your viewership, not on the program you are on.

Both earn revenue from the same sources, and there have been cases of affiliates earning more than partners. Dream, one of the biggest internet personalities out there, is only on the Twitch Affiliate program, and he still makes more money per stream than half of the partners on the platform.

By definition, partners make more than affiliates since they have a bigger audience. But it is right here where the key differences like more emote slots start to make a difference.

Do Twitch Partners Make More Than Affiliates?

Many streamers wait several months before receiving payment after becoming Twitch affiliates. Twitch will only pay out $100 in earnings as a minimum.

A streamer would need to have 40 total subscribers after deducting Twitch’s 50% cut before being allowed to withdraw their revenue. Twitch Partners make more money than Affiliates.

Many larger streamers have customized agreements where this proportion is increased, while they initially set the base cut-off tier 1 subscription at 50%.

Depending on the tier of the subscriber, the normal split for Twitch Partners includes:

  • Tier 1: 50/50
  • Tier 2: 60/40
  • Tier 3: 70/30

Although there are always exceptions, individuals who have attained Partner rank offer more entertaining content and have a larger audience than affiliates. These thriving communities enable Partners to negotiate a larger monthly payout from Twitch.

What Is the Point of Twitch Partners?

Twitch partners are creators who the company values highly and sees as ambitious.

They overcame many obstacles to secure a relationship with Twitch and showed that they are incredibly dependable streamers who have already been successful in creating a powerful community.

The Twitch partnership can be thought of as the operator’s award given to those that totally dedicate themselves to their work as creators and are prepared to go above and beyond for their goals.

The most efficient and lucrative method of making money from streaming is to have the partner status, besides being a very strong figurehead.

Is Becoming a Twitch Affiliate Worth It?

Twitch Affiliate is worthwhile if you only want to stream on Twitch because you will gain access to features like emotes, channel points, and the option to have subscribers on your channel.

You might wish to delay becoming a Twitch Affiliate if you still want to stream on other platforms. 


It’s not all that noticeable when comparing Twitch Partners and Affiliates. See our aforementioned steps if you want to become a Twitch Affiliate if you aren’t already one. If you are a Twitch Affiliate but not yet a partner, keep working hard and keep your head up!

I hope this article was helpful in explaining the differences between the payout and requirements for being a Twitch affiliate and(vs) a Twitch partner.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner FAQs

Do affiliates on Twitch get paid?

If viewers use the link on your stream to purchase the game you’re playing, Twitch Affiliates also receive a portion of the proceeds. For supporting a Twitch streamer, your audience will receive a Twitch Crate and you will receive a 5% income share.

Can you quit Twitch affiliate?

Yes, you are free to leave the Twitch affiliate program. However, if you join Twitch as an affiliate and later change your mind, you will never be able to take advantage of the affiliate benefits.

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