24 Easiest High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs[up to 10k]

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Affiliate marketing networks might cost thousands of dollars each month but also bring in thousands of dollars in monthly revenue for independent marketers and business owners. This article explores the 24 easiest, high-ticket affiliate marketing programs and also answers the question, how do I become a high-ticket affiliate marketer?

Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Profitable? 

Affiliate commissions for selling expensive items will fluctuate based on the kind of sites you promote. Some high-ticket affiliate marketing programs even pay you up to $500 for bringing in new customers. Some may advertise large one-time commissions.

There are successful affiliate marketers out there that can maximize their returns from such initiatives.

24 Easiest High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

#1. Semrush

Through Semrush’s affiliate program, you can earn handsome commissions by recommending consumers to the industry’s leading SEO tool. There are already more than 10 million users around the globe. Anyone from a complete newbie to a seasoned pro in the field of affiliate marketing would benefit from reading this. The Semrush affiliate network is perfect for you if you are an SEO professional who wants to tell others about a great SEO tool.

Average commission rate: $200 per sale; $10 for trials

Niche: SEO

Cookie duration: 120 days 

Click here to join the Semrush affiliate program.

#2. Mangools

This high-ticket affiliate marketing program earned a reputation as one of the best keyword research tools available. Mangools provides not only KWFinder but also four additional robust SEO tools. Besides KWFinder, they also provide the following tools: SERPWatcher, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and SiteProfile. You should be an expert student of affiliate marketing to benefit from this. This program was designed specifically for use in the SEO and Internet marketing industries.

Average commission rate: 30% recurring commission 

Niche: SEO

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payment: Through PayPal upon reaching a minimum threshold of $150

Click here to sign up for Mangools.

#3. Affilorama

This is one of the 24 easiest high-ticket affiliate marketing programs. If you’re a competent affiliate marketer, you can make a lot of money. If your audience is interested in affiliate marketing and sales, this high-ticket affiliate marketing program will be most effective if it directs them to the top paid membership sites in the niche.

Average commission: 50% commission 

Niche: Affiliate marketing

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal

Click here to join Affilorama as an affiliate.

#4. SEO PowerSuite

You can track your rankings, analyze your links, conduct site audits, and keyword research, and much more with SEO PowerSuite (formerly known as Link Assistant). Affiliate marketers whose target markets are primarily interested in purchasing an affordable, all-inclusive SEO toolset are the best candidates for this type of program.

Average commission rate: 33% commission (up to $100 per sale)

Niche: SEO

Cookie duration: 90 days

Payment: PayPal

Click here to join the SEO PowerSuite affiliate program.

#5. SpyFu

SpyFu is a good option that provides generous commissions of 40% on each sale. Anyone who signs up for SpyFu’s $299 Team plan through your referral link will earn you $119.60 per month. Affiliate marketers specializing in the Information Marketing (IM) sub-niche will find this tool the most useful.

Average commission: 40% recurring commission (up to $120 per sale)

Niche: SEO

Cookie duration: 365-day tracking cookie

Payment: PayPal or wire transfer

Click on this link to join the SpyFu affiliate program 

#6. Kinsta Affiliate

When you recommend new customers to Kinsta for their managed WordPress hosting, you can earn up to $500 in one-time commission plus 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions. Any business can benefit from promoting web hosting affiliate sites like Kinsta. Affiliate marketers with some experience selling “high paying” programs will find this most useful.

Average commission: $50 to $500 for every referral along with 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions.

Niche: Web hosting industry

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal 

Sign up as a Kinsta affiliate.

#7. WPEngine Hosting

This is one of the 24 easiest high-ticket affiliate marketing programs as you may earn $200 for each sale with WPEngine, making it one of the highest commission rates in the web hosting market. WPEngine is a good choice for a high-ticket affiliate marketing program if you want to advertise an affiliate program with a large referral commission because you may earn $50 for every sale that is referred by an associate you refer. On top of that, commissions for incentive bonuses begin at 5 monthly sales.

Average commission:  $200 or 100%

Nich: Web hosting

Cookie duration: 180 days

Payment: PayPal

Click here to become an affiliate for WP Engine.

#8. Rose Hosting Affiliates

If you’re looking to increase your passive income, you may consider promoting a web hosting service that pays monthly commissions for referrals. Then you need to join the Rose Hosting VPS affiliate program. Affiliate marketers of all skill levels will find this an ideal fit for promoting reliable web hosting services. And if you’re in any kind of business and want to recommend a web hosting service that pays you money every time one of your referrals makes a payment, Rose Hosting is an excellent program to promote.

Average commission: 50% commission on the first month’s payment along with 10% monthly recurring commission.

Niche: Web hosting

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal

Click here to sign up for the Rose Hosting affiliate program.

#9. Bluehost

If you’re looking to promote an inexpensive hosting service that still has superb hosting options, Bluehost is one of our high-ticket affiliate marketing program websites to recommend. Anybody who wants to promote cheap hosting solutions can do so by promoting the Bluehost affiliate program, which offers generous commissions on sales.

Average commission: $65 

Niche: Web hosting industry

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal

Click here to join the Bluehost affiliate program.

#10. HostGator

When you refer customers to either Bluehost or HostGator, both of these companies will pay you a handsome commission. You may earn $125 each transaction with the HostGator affiliate program, and that’s the greatest part if you can generate 21 or more sales every month. Consequently, if you make 21 or more sales in a month, as opposed to 5 or fewer, you will receive much larger commissions. HostGator is your best bet if you want to promote a web host that also provides monthly hosting plans.

Average commission: $50 to $125 

Niche: Web hosting

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal

Click here to become a HostGator affiliate.

#11. Hostinger

If you’re looking to promote a high-paying web host that truly delivers faster website performance, Hostinger is the best high-ticket affiliate marketing program because it provides clients with inexpensive price alternatives while still providing SSD storage (which means ultra-fast servers). Promoting Hostinger’s hosting plans is simple, and even a new affiliate can begin earning money in the first month. The affiliate program at Hostinger is wonderful because the company offers very low prices. When compared to other web providers like Bluehost, HostGator, ChemiCloud, etc., they are far more cost-effective.

Average commission: $60 to $100+ 

Niche: Web hosting

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payment: PayPal 

Click here to sign up for a Hostinger affiliate.

#12. PureVPN Affiliate  

This is another one of the 24 easiest high-ticket affiliate marketing programs as more than 3 million people worldwide rely on the VPN service, and the company has one of the best affiliate systems available. Affiliates of PureVPN can earn a 40% to 100% commission on sales they generate. In addition, they provide a second layer of their affiliate program that can double your revenue. Bloggers, vloggers, and other content creators who aim to inform their audiences about how to circumvent censorship and protect themselves while online are included.

Average commission rate: 40% annual plan and 100% monthly plan

Niche: Virtual Private Networks

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Payment: Direct bank transfer and PayPal

Click here to Sign up as a PureVPN affiliate.

#13. Surfshark Affiliate

As a top-tier VPN service, Surfshark provides an abundance of useful tools, such as private DNS & leak protection, two-factor authentication, a zero-logging policy, and more. Earn a substantial 40%+ profit with Surfshark’s affiliate program for every sale made through your links. The Surfshark Affiliate Program is perfect for any video host, blogger, or affiliate marketer wishing to promote a top-tier premium VPN service.

Average commission rate: 40% revenue share on their plans

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment: Direct bank transfer and PayPal 

Become an affiliate for Surfshark.

#14. NordVPN Affiliate

Promote a VPN that is fast, secure, and dependable with the NordVPN affiliate program. A variety of security protections, such as those against Malware, advertisements, and tracking, are available. A wonderful affiliate program to join if you write about or provide services related to online security, quicker Internet, and related topics is NordVPN.

Average commission rate: 40% (on 6 months, 1 year, and 2-year plans) and 100% (on a monthly plan); 30% commission on ALL renewals 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment: Direct bank transfer and PayPal

Click here to Sign up as a NordVPN affiliate

#15. GetResponse

Most affiliate marketers already know about GetResponse, as it is one of the highest-paying email marketing platforms and offers generous, ongoing fees for each customer referred via affiliate links. GetResponse is a powerful tool for any affiliate marketer, no matter how much experience they have.

Average commission: 33% recurring commission 

Niche: Email marketing

Cookie duration: 120 days

Payment: PayPal

Click here to become the GetResponse affiliate.

#16. AWeber

There are millions of people using AWeber as their email marketing solution, and the company has been in business for almost 20 years (they started way back in 1998). This makes it one of the 24 easiest high-ticket affiliate marketing programs as it also has the highest conversion rate for both new and experienced marketers.

Average commission: 30% recurring commissions 

Niche: Email marketing and lead generation

Cookie duration: 365 days

Payment: PayPal

Sign up for AWeber affiliate.

#17. ConvertKit

To make it simple for bloggers to take care of all their email marketing needs, ConvertKit was developed. Affiliates can earn substantial ongoing payments, making it one of the rare email marketing services of its kind. ConvertKit’s email automation, drag-and-drop sequence builder, connectors with e-commerce, landing page, membership site providers, and so on make it an attractive choice for a business with a primarily digital marketing or blogging focus. This program is ideal for intermediate to advanced levels of affiliate marketing. Excellent for those specializing in IM.

Average commission: 30% recurring commission 

Niche: Email marketing and lead generation

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payment: PayPal

Click here to join the ConvertKit affiliate program.

#18. Leadpages

Are the people visiting your website business owners or digital marketers interested in expanding their contact lists? Then, suggest they check out Leadpages, one of the most successful affiliate networks currently available. Leadpages has a ton of tools, such as lead boxes, pop-ups, etc., to effortlessly convert visitors into leads and sales, making it ideal for intermediate to advanced affiliate marketers whose target audience is primarily aiming to develop profitable online domains, courses, membership sites, etc.

Average commission: 30% recurring commissions 

Niche: Mostly IM

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payment: PayPal

Join the Leadpages affiliate program now.

#19. ActiveCampaign

If you’re looking for an email marketing platform tailored specifically to marketing automation and customer relationship management for small businesses, go no further than ActiveCampaign. Promoting an Active Campaign is a smart move if you’re looking to reach small business owners that use customer relationship management software.

Average commission: 30% recurring commissions 

Niche: Email marketing and CRM

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal

Become a part of ActiveCampaign 

#20. MyThemeShop

Promoting premium WordPress themes from marketplaces like MyThemeShop (from where one can purchase said themes at discounted rates) is a simple way to make substantial fees per sale if your audience consists of WordPress users. MyThemeShop is an affiliate program that allows anyone, from affiliate marketing newbies to seasoned pros, to advertise reasonably priced, professionally designed WordPress themes.

Average commission: 55% commission per sale 

Niche: WordPress design

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal

Join MyThemeShop affiliate program.

#21. OptinMonster

When it comes to converting website traffic into leads and sales, OptinMonster is a popular choice among marketers and other business owners. Affiliate marketers at any level can confidently endorse this product.

Average commission: 20%  

Niche: WordPress

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal

Sign up by joining OptinMonster as an affiliate.

#22. Elegant Themes

As one of the most advertised websites, Elegant Themes has over 30,000 affiliates worldwide and pays out over $3,000,000 a year in commissions. More than half a million websites are currently using this premium theme, making it one of the most widely adopted in the world. Affiliate marketers of all skill levels can benefit from promoting this collection of premium WordPress themes, which is available at a reasonable price.

Average commission: 50% 

Niche: WordPress themes and development

Cookie duration: 180 days

Payment: PayPal 

Join now as an Elegant themes affiliate

#23. InkThemes

Take a look at InkThemes if you’re in the market for an affiliate program that rewards you for driving sales of WordPress plugins and themes. This affiliate program pays a 30% commission per sale and is open to anyone who wants to promote the highest-paid WordPress theme programs.

Average commission: 30% 

Niche: WordPress design

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment: PayPal

Sign up for InkThemes affiliate program.

#24. Legendary Marketer

Commission:  40%

Niche: Make Money Online

They offer a straightforward, rewarding program. There is a freemium model as well as a paid one. When you upgrade to the professional plan, you can make a 40% commission on purchases up to $8,000, while the basic plan only pays you between 5% and 30%. Legendary Marketer is great since they offer a ton of training materials. For the low, low price of only $7, Legendary will walk you through every step of establishing an affiliate marketing business.

Signing up for the challenge and finishing it will also greatly improve your chances of being accepted as an affiliate.

Sign up for the Legendary marketer affiliate program

How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?

#1. Find a Niche

Success in affiliate marketing requires carving out a certain market niche. You will become an expert in a specific field if you find a niche. Don’t give up if your first attempts at finding your niche don’t yield immediate results; finding the sweet spot is a delicate balancing act.

#2. Choose an Affiliate Program

The following stage, after settling on a specific market, is to select an affiliate program (or several). Selecting a program or affiliate product that fits in with your specialty makes the most sense.

#3. Decide on a Traffic Source

Now is the time to plan how you intend to attract visitors. To be taken seriously as a blogger, many assume that you need to have your website (which costs money). It’s not required at the outset, but having one can help you reinvest in your company and eventually grow into a larger one. Other (free) traffic sources, such as social media, YouTube, and forum-based sites like Reddit and Quora, can help you get started making money as an affiliate marketer.

#4. Create Content to Build Trust

The next phase in any affiliate marketing strategy is to begin producing content that establishes credibility with the intended audience. Why do we spend more than two hours a day glued to our screens? Amazing content.

#5. Grow an Audience

Begin cultivating an email or SMS list at the same time you begin publishing content on your preferred channel. Building your reputation as an expert in your field is facilitated by making use of your email list. You can promote high-priced affiliate programs after you’ve established credibility with your audience. 

#6. Respond and Chat With Your Audience

The last piece of advice for developing your affiliate marketing enterprise is to interact with your target demographic. Engaging your audience in discussion not only makes them feel more connected to you but also helps you rank higher in social media algorithms.


This brings us to our summary of high-priced affiliate programs. In affiliate marketing, you can avoid wasting time and energy on $10 commissions by focusing on larger goals. The opposite is true. Selecting superior affiliate programs and selling expensive products can increase your earnings by a factor of 10.

24 Easiest High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs(up to 10k] FAQs

The most popular high-ticket affiliate marketing programs are Kinsta, WP Engine, Authority Hacker, Fiverr, and SEMrush.

The market for health and wellness items is a sizable one on the internet, so you should expect plenty of competition.

Who is the richest affiliate marketer?

Pat Flynn is the richest affiliate marketer.


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