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jobs with flexible schedules
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Career arrangement with flexible schedules is an informal or formal agreement between an employee and an employer that provides alternatives to any job that is outside the 9-to-5 working hours allowing employees to work at a time convenient for them or where they feel they can maximize their productivity and befits their lifestyle. Part-time jobs with flexible schedules also permit you to work from the comfort of your location. Nowadays, individuals choose online jobs with good pay and flexibility to achieve a better work-life balance while pursuing other laid-down goals for themselves. Stay tuned to get more insights on good paying jobs opportunities with flexible schedules because having control over your working hours is a huge bonus! 

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Flexible Careers

There are several things to consider when looking for online jobs with flexible schedules so you can find a great place to work after you must have done your research and found the one that suits you and your values. Let’s take a closer look at five things to consider…

#1. Your Location

Your location should be your utmost consideration when figuring out “what to look for in a job.” While you may find a perfect career path and salary, the opportunity might not be worth a long, expensive, and stressful commute because working from home will be saving you time and expenses. Therefore ask yourself these questions,

  • How long does it take to get there? 
  • Will I need to use public transportation? 
  • Is there traffic on my way there? 
  • Will I have to leave home very early in the morning? 
  • What time can I expect to get back home?

#2. Equipment and Technology

Provision for tools and technology is among what to consider When you are looking for a new job as a remote worker.  Make sure the company has the right tools to do the job effectively, for instance, a computer, laptop,  network(WI-FI,  ), etc. The following are  things to look for 

  • Technologies you will be working with
  • How do you get access to tools
  • Hardware and software provided
  • Backup procedures for your work

Some companies assume that investing in the right tools and technology is a waste of money so make sure the company is willing to adopt new technologies to continue improving the workplace and yourself in the future. For instance, introducing development skills for its staff and in-house training to update you on new developments.

#3. Work-life balance and Flexibility Of Your Workplace

Flexibility and work-life balance are the paramount elements to consider in your career search. It’s best to find a company that offers flexible options to align with your current needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for the perfect work environment because it depends on what’s best for you and your lifestyle. Having a proper work-life balance means equivalency between your profession and the ability to schedule and structure your working hours. This aspect can be achieved if compromises are reached during interviews.

#4. Understand The Companies Expectations

Similar to every other consideration, knowing and understanding the company goals helps you make a better choice. Hence, find out about the employer’s expectations both in and outside of your flexible working agreements.

#5. Salary And Entitlement

The salary should be able to cover your needs and expenses. It is significant to know both the salary evaluation and entitlement to make sure it is worth your skills and performance. Doing this would help you determine what is left after you removed expenses from your initial salary. In addition, find out the salary range for jobs you are considering so that you can better negotiate a starting salary.

Types  Of Jobs With Flexible schedules

If you’d like to pursue a career where you can choose an agreed-upon time, consider these flexible job positions:

#1. Account Manager

An account manager handles the relationship between a company and a client. They provide the client with project updates, check market updates, up-selling services, and evaluate solutions to problems. The position is flexible as their schedules are dependent on the client’s needs. Furthermore, previous experience is often required.

#2. Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are positions anyone can qualify for after they must have undergone the three-month real estate agents training.  After being certified, you can work in a property management business, brokerage, or independently. Daily responsibilities involve various administrative, marketing, and communication tasks as they market and sell real estate. In essence, those with their own real estate business might assign some responsibilities to other agents and manage negotiation or transaction processes.

#3. Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager is among jobs with flexible schedules as they share a brand’s positioning with the media and the general public. They generate media kits, and pitch stories to the media so their client can share their product or brand story. They organize conferences, and trade shows and write press statements. Public relations manager enhances their client’s public image through articles, news stories, and education.

#4. Content Writers

To succeed as a content writer, you must poses excellent skills in writing. The content writer forges content like articles, emails, social media posts, and sales ads gotten from research aligning with the brands or websites and marketing to the targeted audience. In addition, content writing is among the best online jobs with flexible schedules not minding the fact that it is very competitive.

 #5. Dispatch Delivery Courier 

Another online job with flexible schedules is a job for almost everyone because you have the benefit of choosing your work time. With the flexible nature of this job, you can work for as many companies as you wish depending on your productivity level. The only requirements are a valid driver’s license, a driving permit, a smartphone, and your familiarity with the geographical setting because you will be needed to deliver parcels to people’s doorsteps.

What Companies Offers Flexible Schedules?

While it’s still possible to find part-time jobs by responding to adverts, through word of mouth, or via local flyers, it’s now faster and easier to find part-time work through online job sites.


BELAY is a virtual solutions company founded In 2010, Known for offering jobs in administrative, consulting, sales, accounting & finance, and HR & recruiting fields with the aim of helping trustworthy, reliable, enthusiastic, and self-motivated professionals who are ready to learn while earning a living.BELAY is dedicated to offering workplace flexibility as a part of both its company culture and recruiting process. In addition, it is the best “because it allows and empowers” everyone on the team “to exercise a healthy work-life balance and genuinely find joy” in their work. 

#2. StudySmarter UG

StudySmarter UG is self-described as a leading ETech startup on a mission to empower everyone to achieve their educational goals with its intelligent and content-agnostic platform. As an employer, StudySmarter offers job seekers the opportunity to work at a place that “doesn’t feel like work at all,” doing what they love with ambitious 

#3. Amazon

Amazon is the largest and most recognized online retailer in the world created in 1994 offers jobs in account management corporate, customer service, and retail while permitting its teams to decide which model works best for them—in-office, hybrid, or fully remote— Amazon maintains a work-from-home program designed to cater to international candidates eager and qualified to work remotely. 

#4. CrowdStreet

CrowdStreet is the leading online commercial real estate investing marketplace where employees,  customer, and individual investor joins the CrowdStreet community to learn and invest directly in institutional-quality private real estate deals from the comfort of their homes and flexible work hours for its staff. Hence, with the aim of delivering the best online real estate investing experience and making it easy for individual investors to diversify their portfolios.

#5. e2f

e2f portrays itself as a leading innovator in data and language operations providing customizable tech solutions for digital content since 2003. As stated by the company, today’s global marketplace has increased the demand for e2f’s services to an all-time high, and the team helps hundreds of clients cater their business to an international audience.

To aid its growth, e2f  employs qualified project management, translation, computer & IT, HR & recruiting, and operations professionals, among others, to join the team. To support a flexible workplace, e2f has enabled 100% remote opportunities with the ability to work from anywhere and become part of a “worldwide family” passionate about multicultural understanding and inclusion.

Part-Time Jobs With Flexible Schedules

A part time job is a form of employment that involves working fewer hours per week than a full-time job agreed upon by both the employer and the employee. They work in shifts and they are often rotational.  According to the International Labour Organization, the number of part time workers has increased from one-quarter to half in the past 20 years in most developed countries, excluding the United States.

Also, it is required that part time workers be treated no less favorably than full time workers. The struggles between employees and their hectic schedules brought about companies offering part time positions that give room for higher flexibility found in nearly every career field and function well for any number of positions.

Reasons To Consider Flexible Part Time Jobs

  • Part time jobs with flexible schedules make it easier to manage both house, and family work and still be able to work even after childbirth. Working part-time is ideal for family-oriented individuals – especially those who value the opportunity to pick up their children from school. Furthermore, part-timers may save on daycare expenses, which may exceed the extra money earned by working full-time.
  • Part time jobs give room for other activities Arguably the biggest advantage of working part-time is the increased free time with which to pursue extracurricular activities. ( such as hobbies and other entitlements). For instance, with part time job you can decide to further your education, learn a skill, or achieve life-related goals while earning at the same time.
  • The productivity of a part time worker is higher than that of a full time worker because of lower stress and low job motivation. Also, a part-time position may serve as a stepping stone that affords the flexibility to obtain the certification needed to find roles in their desired profession.
  • Employees who are able to withstand or recover quickly from health issues last longer in part time jobs and this also promotes a smooth transition into retirement
  • Studies show that full-time workers tend to feel worn out due to insufficient time needed to exercise, enjoy the sunny outdoors, and generally commit to a healthy lifestyle. Also, better work–life balance, and a more flexible work area, Working less fits the lifestyle of simple living, earning, and spending less can contribute to climate change.

Types Of Part Time Jobs With Flexible Schedules

#1. Dietitian

Dietitians and nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition and their job position is to advise clients on how and what to eat in order to achieve a certain health or body goal. For example, weight loss or managing conditions such as high cholesterol. Dietitians can work in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and private practices by supporting patient needs through phone calls and video calls but they can also work as part time employees. 

#2. Blogger

Blogging is a lucrative career allowing you to choose your working hours and not requiring any educational qualifications which depend on the size of your blog and your niche. With a loyal blog audience, bloggers can make money through displayed advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling courses, and promoting online products. If creating content is your hobby and expertise start blogging and start making money.

#3. Software Consultant

Software consultants usually have extensive experience in software engineering or software development to be updated with the latest technology and software trends. Many companies hire software consultants to provide their expertise in this field. In addition, with a great resume and portfolio, you can acquire clients online and make a lucrative income as a part time employee.

#4. Web Designer

In this day and age, one of the most effective ways to prove a business’s credibility is through establishing a strong online presence and having a well-designed website. According to the BLS, the employment of web designers and web developers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029 which is relatively faster than other careers and industries. consider making it your career and if you have an interest in website designing and start your own web design business even as a part time career.

#5. Social Media Managers

With the popularity and influential power of social media, almost every business needs a social media manager to help manage and expand its online presence. Social media managers’ responsibilities include running social media adverts, analyzing key metrics to improve performance, and creating engaging content to promote the business. Aside from working with the marketing team in a firm, social media managers can also choose to work as part time staff or even start their own agency.

Online Jobs With Flexible Schedules

These online jobs with flexibility allow you to work from anywhere at any time while earning a livable wage. Working online is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the flexibility, diversity, and income-earning potential that online jobs provide. This first list is best for anyone simply because there’s such a wide variety of successful people working these good paying online jobs with flexible schedules and they don’t require any special degrees or certifications.

Tips On How To Find Online Jobs With Flexible Schedules

Have you been looking for legit online jobs with flexible schedules but were unlucky to find one? Then the good news is that there are plenty of employers that offer flexible work hours, however, you need to know what the boundaries are for jobs that will meet your requirements. 

#1. Examine Yourself

Self-reflection requires being 100% honest with yourself and leaves you with the best options, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What can you do ( skills)? 
  • What are your hobbies? 
  • What drives you to do your best work?
  • Where is my desired location? 
  • What is your wanted salary? 
  • The number of hours a week you are willing to work?
  • How willing are you to travel?

Answering all of these questions will help you identify your strengths, interests, and motivations. Now, apply these procedures to help fall into place with your responses to the questions above:

  • Use online skills assessment tools
  • Take stock of your personal finances by using a personal budget worksheet
  • Talk with your family and LISTEN.  Make sure you understand and value their needs and desires, too
  • Speak with mentors and coaches 
  • Update your resume 
  • Update your  social media

After you do this, you will have developed a framework that will help you identify roles that are right for both you and your family. after that, you set boundaries that will enable you to decide which roles will meet your needs or not.  

#2. Look at the surface

Looking externally means being well structured and learning about companies to determine if they are a good fit for you to apply. You can learn from talking to current employees and hearing about their experiences.  

  • Research companies in your target industries, that are in the geographic region you would like to reside, in or that provide online work options that accept work from any location of your choice.
  • Put a value on these companies and learn as much as possible about their culture and values.
  • Categorize your non-military contacts (local, community, school). if you like the company, ask if they can refer you to a specific role or hiring manager, if appropriate.

A few techniques for doing these are: 

  • Informational Interviews – Reach out to people in positions at companies you are interested in to ask about their experiences at the company, in the role, and in your desired career field. Connect with people at the level you are trying to get hired, up through the level of manager/director (Hiring managers). If you build rapport, you can ask these contacts to connect you with applicable hiring managers (they may be willing to do it without you asking). 
  • Network (In-Person and Virtually)
  • LinkedIn – Message employees (Don’t ask for a job but ask them about their job so you can learn) 
  • Mentors/Contacts through MedTechVets
  • Online search – Company websites, Glassdoor, press releases, financial statements, etc.

At the end of this, you should have confirmed the top 5 companies where you would like to work. You should also have met and spoken with employees and hiring managers at those companies who are in the roles you are targeting before applying for flexible part time jobs

#3. Propose application and follow-up:

Submit your application to the companies you are interested in using their internal system or website and tell your contacts at the company you applied to so that they can track your application or weigh in on your behalf. 

Try to submit applications to at least 5 companies at the same time in parallel and not in series so you Don’t end up in a position where you turn down a job with the hopes of getting another one at a better company. Make sure to evaluate multiple offers at the same time and select the best one without having to turn down an offer from another company that hasn’t made you an offer. It’s ok to apply to roles that aren’t listed online just make a good impression on the hiring manager and they will be sure to remember you the next time a role opens.

Best Online Jobs with flexible schedules

Let us take a look at the legit good paying part time online jobs with flexible schedules

  • Online beauty advisor
  • Freelancer writer
  • Proofreader
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Dropshipper
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social media marketing

Good Paying Jobs With Flexible Schedules

Flexible online jobs with good pay are what over a third of people say is their primary objective when looking for work or a new career. So then, what is considered flexible work? Many people look for flexible hours, like freelance, part-time, and online remote jobs – really just anything with a mobile time tracker option. These types of jobs don’t usually have set hours, and tend to rely on initiative and self-motivation to push through a workload. The main benefit of this kind of work is greater control over one’s life in general. From the obvious flexible work hours to being with family more, many have reported less “burnout” and psychological distress.

Lists Of Good Paying jobs with flexible schedules

Here are some flexible part time jobs that along with good pay From the number of hours, to work shifts, to location, all these jobs have a potential for great flexibility.

  • Information Security Analyst. Average salary:~$90,000. …
  • Software Developer. Average salary:~$100,000. …
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant. Average salary:$60,000. …
  • Physician Assistant. Average salary:$98,000. …
  • Graphic Designer. Average salary:$64000-$100,000
  • Operations Research Analyst.Average salary:$80,000
  • Genetic Counselor.Average salary:$80,000

The Benefits of Good Paying Part-time Jobs Flexible Schedules

  • Improves Retention. rate
  • Attracts Top Talent. 
  • Improves Diversity. 
  • Increases Productivity. …
  • Improves Employee Engagement. 
  • Provides a Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Choice.
  • Reduced office space
  • You can adapt your schedule to fit family needs.
  • You can indulge in self-care.
  • Your employees can pursue passions outside of work.
  • Faster hiring process
  • Your employees can avoid rush hour.
  • You give employees a sense of autonomy.


The demand for online jobs with good pay is only increasing with each year that passes, especially as traditional jobs and the 9-to-5 office positions are gradually taking the back seat to more flexible positions, while online jobs come to the forefront. Traditional work policies are a thing of the past. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time or simply save for a trip,  jobs can provide a lot of flexibility for workers of all skill sets. 

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