HIGHEST PAYING RETAIL JOBS: Best Highest Paying Retail Jobs In 2023

Highest paying retail jobs
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  1. Highest Paying Retail Jobs
    1. #1. Cosmetic Consultant
    2. #2. Buyer
    3. #3. Pharmacy Attendant
    4. #4. Shopping Manager
    5. #5. Customer Support Manager
    6. #6. Regional Loss Prevention Manager
    7. #7. Customer Service Manager
    8. #8. Retail Account Manager
    9. #9. Store Manager
    10. #10. Retail Franchise owner
  2. Highest Paying Retail Jobs 2023
    1. #1. Mask Creator
    2. #2. Retail Project Manager
    3. #3. Consultant for Loss Control
    4. #4. Online Store Project Manager
    5. #5. Retail Agent
    6. #6. Loss Control Supervisor
    7. #7. Marketing Director
    8. #8. Manager of Market Development
    9. #9. Retail District Manager
    10. #10. The Inventory Planner
    11. #11. Ecommerce Supervisor
    12. #12. Representative of Loss Prevention
    13. #13. District Director
    14. #14. Cosmetic Advisor
    15. #15. Assessment Manager
    16. #16. Manager of Loss Prevention
    17. #17. Manager of Regional Loss Prevention
    18. #18. Manager of Area Loss Prevention
    19. #19. Manager of eCommerce Merchandise
  3. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida
    1. #1. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Retail Sales Representative
    2. #2. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Part-time Retail Sales Associate
    3. #3. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Associate in Retail Sales-Centreville, VA
    4. #4. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Tavares, Retail Sales Associate
    5. #5. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Associate in Retail Sales, Part-Time (ABC Spirits and Wine)
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Numerous job titles are included in the category of retail. Some retail professions take place in unconventional settings, such as door-to-door sales that don’t have a physical site. Car salespeople, apparel store owners, grocery store employees, etc. are just a few examples of jobs in the retail industry. However, through this post, you will get to know the highest-paying retail jobs in Florida U.S.A 2023.

Highest Paying Retail Jobs

Okay, let’s take a closer look at what retail actually is for a second before discussing the best-paying retail jobs. In the end, any employee who assists customers in obtaining those goods or services works in retail. This covers all types of workers, from infomercial phone line operators to commissioned fine art salespeople to grocery store cashiers and beyond. It can also include various levels of management as well as support personnel like stockers and warehouse workers.

The following are some possibilities to bear in mind if you wish to acquire one of the highest-paying retail jobs:

#1. Cosmetic Consultant

Customers are not merely sold things by beauty professionals. Instead, they go above and beyond the fundamentals, assisting clients in making the best decisions and, perhaps, even managing some minor renovations along the road.

As one of the highest-paying retail jobs, you need to know a lot about the products you’re selling, but you also need to be able to explain how to use them. In exchange, it is undoubtedly feasible to receive retail compensation of $13.27 per hour, which is above average.

#2. Buyer

In order to obtain the goods your business will utilize to stock its shelves, it is your responsibility as a buyer to engage with manufacturers and suppliers. You can be in charge of contract negotiations in addition to analyzing pricing and delivery timelines. The role may also involve taking action if a manufacturer or supplier falls short of expectations.

Buyers make an average yearly pay of $64,380. However, there is undoubtedly room for expansion beyond that.

#3. Pharmacy Attendant

Pharmacy technicians assist patients with filling their prescriptions in a role that is both retail and medical. They often have cashiering and customer service duties in addition to administering medication under the supervision of the pharmacist.

There is a growing need for pharmacy technicians as they are among the highest-paying retail jobs. You may reasonably expect to earn $33,950 per year along the way. It’s feasible to earn more than $49,130 if you advance in your position.

#4. Shopping Manager

Products don’t just appear in stores at random. Instead, they are chosen specifically. Managers of purchasing have control over this. Along with choosing products, they develop policies and procedures for procurement, plan deliveries with suppliers, and manage a group of purchasing agents or buyers.

A buying manager typically has one of the highest-paying retail jobs. The median yearly income is $121,110.

#5. Customer Support Manager

You are a front-line manager if you are a customer service supervisor. The typical responsibilities include managing a group of customer care employees and handling client issues that have progressed past the first support tier.

One of the best-paying retail jobs for advancement is this one because it frequently serves as a stepping stone to management. A salary of roughly $64,000 per year is also included, but some of the highest earners make more than $83,000.

#6. Regional Loss Prevention Manager

Regional loss prevention managers are upper-level jobs in loss prevention who concentrate on increasing profitability and decreasing shrinkage across numerous stores. They train store staff and managers in addition to putting policies into place, making sure the proper technology is in use, and creating new standards.

Regional loss prevention managers make an average of $86,140 per year, which makes them a good option for anyone looking for high-paying retail jobs. Additionally, the top 10 percent earn more than $113,000 annually, demonstrating the potential financial success of a career in loss prevention.

#7. Customer Service Manager

Keeping customers satisfied is the top objective for customer service managers. They frequently train personnel to provide the greatest customer service, in addition to hand-picking customer service teams, making sure they uphold the company’s standards and aim to surpass expectations at every turn.

One of the top-paying retail jobs available in 2023 is what many people believe to be a customer service manager. The tasks are primarily supervisory at the top levels. You still have the opportunity to influence the client’s pleasure, though, which can be satisfying. Furthermore, a yearly wage of roughly $94,000 is not out of the question, and the top 10% of earners regularly exceed $128,000.

#8. Retail Account Manager

The job of a retail account manager is a little different. These experts are employed by product brands rather than working at the shop level. They are in charge of keeping up ties with client retailers and arranging orders in order to make sure their employer’s goods are accessible to customers.

Retail account managers frequently spend time promoting new products or lines of merchandise that the store doesn’t stock. This occasionally entails giving demos to make sure the customer is aware of what the product has to offer.

Retail account managers typically make $62,000 a year. Some earn significantly more, up to and above the six-figure threshold, though.

#9. Store Manager

Your responsibility as a store manager is to supervise one specific location’s operations. You’ll often be responsible for a variety of tasks, including managing all key activities, handling budgets, hiring, training, and overseeing personnel.

Retail store managers typically make $61,569 per year on average. The top 10% earn more than $82,000 yearly, though.

#10. Retail Franchise owner

Being a franchise owner is one of the most profitable possibilities when it comes to the best-paid retail jobs. Then you can work under the name of a well-known brand while still having a lot of operational control by investing money to build a certain kind of chain retail store.

The amount you can make varies greatly depending on your location, brand, niche, operation area, and other factors. Because of this, it is challenging to estimate your potential salary for the position.

Although it’s not impossible, a salary of about $64,000 a year is possible. Additionally, if you have multiple locations, your income may increase significantly.

Highest Paying Retail Jobs 2023

There are some retail positions that do require high school certification. However, here are the most-paying retail jobs in 2023:

#1. Mask Creator

A mask designer prepares templates for the manufacture of microchip processors and electronic components. In this line of work, you produce schematics using computer-aided drafting (CAD) software. Working with clients to identify the programs and features you require for the integrated circuit (IC) board is one of your tasks. The layout of the circuit board is then drafted. Custom blueprints and cell-based schematic creation are among the other responsibilities. Although Cadence and other CAD programs are used by the majority of mask designers, some prefer to use more conventional tools. Aside from overseeing integrated circuit board design, you might also troubleshoot any probable issues. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $100,000 to $130,000 annually

#2. Retail Project Manager

As one of the highest-paying retail jobs in 2023, in this job you need to develop and carry out plans as a retail project manager in accordance with the specified business goals of a retail establishment or organization. As part of your duties, you might communicate with suppliers to guarantee stock or merchandise delivery, plan with suppliers for adjustments to orders or delivery procedures, instruct and supervise staff on project goals and metrics, set deadlines and reporting objectives for projects, and take other steps to guarantee project success.

Although the majority of your duties are the same as those of non-retail project managers, you still need to have a deep awareness of the retail industry in general and the particular requirements of your firm in particular. You must be aware that your projects have a beneficial impact on this connection because they may fundamentally alter how customers engage with and perceive the company or brand. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $90,000-$119,500 per year

#3. Consultant for Loss Control

Payscale: $60,000-$105,500 year.

To shield employers from financial loss, firms partner with loss control consultants. This could be lost as a result of retail losses, industrial accidents, and financial responsibility. It is your responsibility to suggest measures to reduce these hazards. As a loss control consultant, your duties include analyzing a company’s safety and loss risks, putting into practice employee and company-wide safety, theft, and inventory loss prevention methods, carrying out routine risk assessments, and assessing insurance and worker’s compensation claims. You can do your job for a single company with numerous locations or for a number of smaller stores. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $60,000-$105,500 a year.

#4. Online Store Project Manager

An e-commerce project manager is in charge of the project’s business development, marketing plans, and execution. You will be expected to do market research, evaluate potential marketing and sales tactics, and plan site projects, which will involve hiring and training people as well as discussing with management the businesses and the needs of the clients. An IT, computer science, or business-related bachelor’s degree is required for this position, along with several years of relevant experience. For this career, you must have excellent oral and written communication skills as well as leadership abilities. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $57,000 to $104,000 annually

#5. Retail Agent

A retail agent is one of the most paid jobs in 2023. They work in the insurance sector and buy insurance from firms or brokers on behalf of customers. You might deal with auto, health, life, or other insurance products as a retail agent. You compare the advantages of several insurance providers to choose the plan that best suits your client’s requirements. Although you don’t need a formal education to work as a retail insurance agent, you do need to be very good at organizing and communicating. As one of the highest-paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $51,500 to $100,000 per year.

#6. Loss Control Supervisor

Finding solutions to lower a company’s risk exposure is one of your duties as a loss control manager. To create and implement safety policies and procedures, lower risk, and keep a better-than-average loss experience, you are expected to track and evaluate trends in the business and the industry related to the number and severity of claims. You schedule visits with the management, representatives from the loss control department, and other safety services when losses occur. To determine high-risk areas that demand loss control services, you speak with the claims department. Additionally, you educate new hires on how to preserve a culture that is risk-free and results-driven. Analyzing data, reporting safety-related information to satisfy regulatory standards, and creating and writing documents needed by the loss control department are other responsibilities. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $62,500 to $98,000 annually

#7. Marketing Director

In response to local market demands, merchandise directors, as one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, will create and oversee strategies for distributing merchandise to stores. You oversee a group of merchandising staff, control product, and supply lines, check the stock levels in stores, and develop consumer-focused product assortments specifically suited to each location. Merchandisers employ market data and customer insights to produce products that meet local market needs. To obtain insights and spot market opportunities, you collaborate with the company’s numerous departments as well as its customers. Instead of overseeing the company’s complete merchandising requirements, some large corporations have regional merchandising directors with duties over a specific geographic area. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $38,000 to $95,000 annually

#8. Manager of Market Development

A market development manager looks for fresh clients and commercial ventures for their firm. As a market development manager, you might deal with particular items or concentrate on a specific region or industry as a market. Your profession includes market research, establishing connections with businesses or potential customers, and making sales pitches. You can also handle orders from customers, provide marketing collateral, or oversee stock and inventory to guarantee there is enough stock to complete orders. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $42,500 to $91,000 annually

#9. Retail District Manager

The responsibilities of a retail district manager include managing the operations, store management, and training at a collection of retail establishments that fall under your purview. You are responsible for making routine store visits to check on managers’ adherence to corporate policies and the achievement of sales targets. You will do this by looking over P&L figures. When a site is struggling, you collaborate with the management and salespeople to create new objectives and strategies to boost store performance. You collaborate closely with corporate human resources to recruit new managers and train them in the company’s sales, brand management, and product knowledge policies and goals. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $49,500 to $82,500 per year

#10. The Inventory Planner

A merchandise planner monitors trends in product inventories to make sure that retail establishments have the appropriate amount of stock. Working responsibilities include working with the firm buyer, analyzing prior sales to detect trends; figuring out how much inventory to keep on hand, and increasing sales by using sales data analysis to influence merchandising decisions. To succeed in this field, you must have a keen mathematical mind and excellent analytical abilities. As one of the highest-paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $62,000-$80,500 per year

#11. Ecommerce Supervisor

E-commerce managers are in charge of a company’s whole online operations, such as marketing, web upkeep, and advertising. You are in control of all facets of site design and development as an e-commerce manager, including marketing and sales. Managing the online personnel, dealing directly with shipping companies and suppliers, and handling customer care issues are some of your other duties. To succeed in this field, you must have experience in business, IT, and marketing. Strong interpersonal abilities are also necessary. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $48,500 to $80,000 annually.

#12. Representative of Loss Prevention

As a loss control representative who works with insurance underwriting, it is your job to inspect businesses and write reports that are used to decide if a corporate insurance policy is eligible for coverage. Your responsibilities include assessing a company’s working environment and primary operations facility, as well as its safety practices and compliance with insurance company regulations. A loss control representative also does loss control surveys and gathers information about how the business works so that an insurance company can figure out how much risk it is taking by insuring the business. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $39,000-$79,500 per year

#13. District Director

District managers are management experts who are responsible for managing a number of shops, eateries, branches, or other sites within a given area. In this position, you evaluate each site’s productivity, create methods to boost sales or profitability, and implement those ideas across all branches in your district. You can also frequently visit each location to make sure everything is running smoothly. The hiring and training of new employees, including branch managers, and ensuring that each store follows business regulations are additional duties. A lot of district managers begin their careers in one place and advance to supervisory positions before applying for manager positions. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $53,500 to $78,500 annually.

#14. Cosmetic Advisor

As a cosmetic consultant, it is your job to give people advice about cosmetics and beauty supplies. You work in a retail setting, perhaps at a department store cosmetics counter or a beauty supply store. Your core work obligations include sales and basic customer service, but you might also have extra responsibilities, including instructing customers on how to use makeup and other beauty products. To thrive in a profession as a cosmetic consultation, you must have the exceptional product knowledge and client service abilities. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $32,500 to $76,500 annually.

#15. Assessment Manager

An appraisal manager is in charge of valuing and assessing tangible assets like real estate, works of art, machinery, and other physical assets. You often work for a bank or an insurance business in this position. Assessing the value of the property before it is sold or after it has changed hands is one of your obligations and responsibilities. If you want to provide a suggestion about whether a bank should extend credit or think about lending money in the form of a mortgage or another loan, you may undertake cost analysis or provide an estimate. You can evaluate a prospective buyer’s collateral to see if it’s enough to reduce any risk the lending institution could assume. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $37,000 to $76,000 annually

#16. Manager of Loss Prevention

As a loss prevention manager, it is your responsibility to prevent theft of company property, such as retail store inventory, and to look into cases of employee fraud, shoplifting, and other types of loss. Your duties will include hiring and training loss prevention personnel, such as security guards; assisting with the implementation of the loss prevention program at your site; and training staff members to spot problems that affect retail loss and shortage control. Together with other store managers and supervisors, you coordinate your efforts. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $45,000 to $75,000 annually

#17. Manager of Regional Loss Prevention

$37,500 to $75,000 per year in salary

A regional loss prevention manager is in charge of a certain geographic area’s inventory management tactics as well as company security processes to prevent theft of goods. To protect customer safety while visiting retail places, you must also create security standards.

As one of the most paying retail jobs in 2023, a regional loss manager’s tasks and obligations include gathering data and statistics from your locations and evaluating each store’s performance in terms of following loss prevention policies. You assist in the recruitment and training of security personnel, as well as doing routine work and performance evaluations pertaining to loss prevention.

#18. Manager of Area Loss Prevention

A major business or organization may have many locations under the control of an area loss prevention manager, who oversees loss prevention. Working on inventory control, loss prevention programs, security enhancement, building security, and the evaluation of corporate assets are among your career’s duties. You evaluate the systems that are currently in place, create action plans and strategies, put safety programs and awareness campaigns into practice, train staff on how to handle particular situations while maintaining a safe environment, help with an internal audit, and develop and enforce company policies. Dealing with both internal and external theft is part of your responsibilities. As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, the range of salaries is $37,500 to $74,500 annually

#19. Manager of eCommerce Merchandise

Range of salaries: $46,500 to $72,500 annually

An organization’s internet marketing and customer experience are developed and improved by an eCommerce merchandising manager. You’ll manage the internal search for customers to swiftly navigate and search for the items they want. You’ll also create marketing strategies, conduct customer research, and manage the internal search.

As one of the paying retail jobs in 2023, along with these tasks of eCommerce merchandise, you can also be expected to organize a product photo shoot, conduct promotions, and report the progress of projects to the appropriate department leaders. An eCommerce merchandising manager also has to manage and train the people who work in the marketing department.

Having seen the highest-paying retail jobs in 2023, we will be looking into retail jobs in Florida

Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida

The retail jobs in Florida have a wide range of payment with their different work. Here are the various paying retail jobs in Florida, with their responsibilities and requirements.

#1. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Retail Sales Representative

This major retail chain is opening numerous locations in the counties of Orange, Seminole, and Osceola. The ideal applicant puts the needs of the customer first and strives to provide top-notch service during each customer interaction. Here are the requirements and responsibilities of one of the highest-paying retail jobs in Florida.

Requirements for Retail Sales Associates

  • It is within driving distance of Orlando, Florida.
  • A polished presentation
  • Powerful communication abilities.
  • Experience at the beginning (0–5 years)
  • A strong ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
  • The capacity to resolve concerns and complaints with a positive attitude and efficient solutions.

Responsibilities of a Retail Sales Associate

  • Control customer communications in-store
  • Greeting customers and responding to their inquiries, concerns, and problems.
  • Consultations on client success
  • Provide customers with advice on how to effectively use the product or service based on their individual needs.
  • Keep up with current product information.
  • Make sure the information provided to customers is correct, current, and strategic by acting as a product expert.
  • CRM interaction tracking.
  • Keep track of customer interactions in the internal system to promote relationship building and cross-functional awareness.

#2. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Part-time Retail Sales Associate

Within a store location, the consultant is in charge of every facet of the customer experience across several industries (retail, rental, bespoke, and omni-channel). The consultant must be client-ready and consistently provide a top-notch experience in order to support and favorably affect a culture of customer obsession in this role. The consultant is expected to contribute as a member of a high-performing team by showing trust, dedication, and a commitment to getting things done. To quickly adjust to new programs and produce the desired results, the consultant must successfully traverse change.

Both Mental and Physical Requirements

  • To find and pick up items that are on the ground level and to help consumers put on shoes, stoop or kneel down. To mark jeans for modifications, hunch or kneel down. To access supplies and/or items that are above shoulder level, use a ladder.
  • To hang or remove items from racks or to place them on customers, lift your arms and reach over your head.
  • Operate a computer and cash register while performing physical activities, including stooping to the other side of the counter to exchange money and gripping, pulling, pushing, and folding goods to package purchases for customers.
  • Most of the work shift, often up to twelve hours per day, five or even six days per week, is spent standing and moving around.

Essential Purposes

  • Display the industry-standard selling methods for retail sales, sales of personalized apparel, and rentals for special occasions as instructed by management and detailed in corporate training materials.
  • Continue to support and take part in team selling.
  • From the initial welcome to the final contact after the transaction, develop a relationship with your customer.
  • Participate in tracking and have a beneficial influence on achieving the metrics and sales volume goals for the store. Reach and sustain your individual volume target while keeping above-average sale quality.
  • Use tailors whenever possible for all alterations and fits. Be able to accurately fit the consumer and offer suggestions for adjustments when tailors are not accessible.

#3. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Associate in Retail Sales-Centreville, VA

To bring the T-Mobile brand to life, Sales Representatives and Mobile Associates (MA) collaborate as a Retail Team of Experts. T-Mobile is their everything! They are brand representatives who energize and arouse interest in our goods and services. They are fixated on the connected world and flourish in a fast-paced setting where technological advancements, consumer needs, and the retail experience are all constantly changing.

In order to advance to the next level as a mobile expert, new experts in this profession actively work with their teams to develop their skills and competencies. You must finish new hire training satisfactorily in order to work as a mobile associate. Here are the requirements and responsibilities of one of the highest-paying retail jobs in Florida.


  • Enhances our ability to serve and sell to clients while delivering the greatest possible customer experience and cultivating loyalty by:
  • Whether online, through customer service, or in-store, assisting customers in continuing their buying adventure from where they left off.
  • Investigating each person’s needs and offering practical demonstrations of the newest and best technology available.
  • In addition to the basic device and service package, side-by-side selling aims to identify customized solutions that keep our clients connected to the people and lifestyle they love, including everything from one-of-a-kind accessories to cutting-edge Internet of Things (IOT) gadgets.
  • During the purchasing process, assist your consumers by asking meaningful questions, providing detailed responses, and sharing your expertise.


  • An enthusiastic customer advocate who longs to connect and have fun with our customers while being themselves.
  • Aspire to join the revolutionary T-Mobile retail team.
  • Competitive spirit and self-assurance are needed to succeed in a high-pressure sales atmosphere.
  • Willingness to collaborate with colleagues and store managers to learn from and share best practices while delivering customer service and problem-solving.
  • Effective at striking a balance between performance and customer experience objectives.
  • Six months of experience in sales or customer service, preferably in a retail setting

#4. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Tavares, Retail Sales Associate

You will work in a friendly, competitive environment that fosters self-initiative and professional development as a retail sales representative at PCS Mobile Solutions. In addition to paid training, we will give you a competitive salary and benefits package. Since we favor internal promotions, you’ll have the chance to take on more significant responsibilities. Your perseverance and commitment to your profession will be rewarded!

You’ll Get the Following as a Retail Sales Representative

  • Paid Instruction
  • An hourly rate that is competitive PLUS monthly commissions
  • Additional revenue from competitions and rewards
  • Product and cellular phone service discounts.
  • Excellent prospects for professional development, etc


  • Wireless experience is not necessary. You can learn wifi from us!
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Generous with his smile, vivacious, and customer-focused
  • Able to prosper in a competitive environment with high speed.
  • Available for flexible retail hours, including evening, weekend, and holiday shifts.
  • The capacity to stand for a long time.
  • Able and eager to learn and enjoy themselves while doing so

#5. Highest Paying Retail Jobs in Florida: Associate in Retail Sales, Part-Time (ABC Spirits and Wine)

Among the highest-paying jobs in Florida, ABC retail team members like interacting with visitors and making sure they have a pleasant experience, which promotes product sales and returns patronage. They are also in charge of making sure that our stores are clean, well-stocked, and organized so that customers enjoy their time there.

Among the Responsibilities are:

  • Greeting each customer as they enter the store and offering them prompt, courteous, and friendly service.
  • Utilize a point-of-sale system to accurately handle cash, take other forms of payment, and apply coupons or discounts to guest transactions.
  • Learn about our sourced and certified products, including wine, spirits, beer, and cigars; how to market and sell them; and how to contribute to corporate and store sales targets.
  • Maintain responsible vendor status during your employment while working at POS, wine taps, growler stations, or tasting tables by verifying age with the appropriate forms of identification.

Task Requirements

  • Candidates must be at least 21 years old.
  • Able to work a flexible schedule as needed by the business, notably on holidays and at night
  • Although it is not necessary to have prior experience to apply for this position, having retail or industry expertise is an advantage.
  • Candidates must be able to move throughout the store for up to 8 hours while standing still, and they must be able to lift up to 35 pounds for stocking items, with or without assistance.

What Companies Pay the Most Hourly?

Companies with the highest pay per hour include:

  • Retail Sales Representative
  • Associate in Retail Sales, Part-Time (ABC Spirits and Wine)
  • Tavares, Retail Sales Associate
  • Associate in Retail Sales – Centreville, VA…

What Retailer Pays the Most 2023?

However, here are the most paying retail jobs in 2023:

  1. Mask Creator
  2. Retail Project Manager
  3. Consultant for Loss Control
  4. Online Store Project Manager
  5. Retail Agent
  6. Loss Control Supervisor
  7. Marketing Director
  8. Manager of Market Development
  9. Retail District Manager
  10. The Inventory Planner

What Retail Jobs Are Paying the Most Right Now?

The following are some possibilities to bear in mind if you wish to acquire one of the highest-paying retail jobs:

  1. Cosmetic Consultant
  2. Buyer
  3. pharmacy Attendant
  4. Shopping Manager
  5. Customer Support Manager
  6. Manager of Regional Loss Prevention
  7. Manager of Customer Service
  8. Retail Account Manager
  9. Store Manager
  10. Retail franchise owner

What Retailer Pays the Most Hourly?

Costco Associate.
If you are looking for a more typical retail position with some of the greatest pay, Costco is the place to be. The retailer is renowned for its outstanding career possibilities and abundance of available roles. With starting earnings of $15 per hour, they are difficult to compete with.

What Is the Lowest Paying Retail Job?

Cashiers and retail sales associates are among the lowest-paid workers in the United States.

What Is the Highest Pay at Walmart?

What is Walmart’s highest-paying position? The highest-paying position at Walmart is that of a software developer. These professionals earn a mean wage of $123,821, or approximately $ 59.53 per hour.

Can You Make Good Money in Retail?

$12.23 is the median hourly wage for retail sales work. However, the finest retail positions pay far more. Sometimes, a retailer goes above and above for their employees by providing remuneration that leads the industry.

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  2. MARKETING MANAGER: Job Description, Salaries & Guide
  3. Project Quality Management Planning Guide (Tools & Software)
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