TRAVEL CAREERS: Flexible Best Travel Careers with No Experience in 2023


Seeing the country—or the world—doesn’t have to be something you do exclusively on vacation. There are many travel jobs that make it easy to make money and satisfy your wanderlust at the same time. We looked through the best travel-related career options to find ones that let you travel. These aren’t all jobs that require travel; rather, they are career options that allow you to travel whenever you want. They also come with a good salary, low unemployment rates, and perks like a good balance between work and life. Let’s look at BCD travel careers, the highest paying travel job, what to study if you like to travel, the best career for traveling around the world, and jobs that require international travel with no experience in this post.

How to Find Travel Careers

If you’ve chosen to make a career move and pursue a job in the travel industry—or one that permits you to travel—consider the following steps:

  • Determine your interests: Do you want to work in the travel sector or perhaps you’d prefer a job with a travel component, such as a home-based business with travel opportunities that are less customer-facing? Knowing your preferences for what you want to do on a daily basis might help you narrow down specific positions.
  • Begin your job search: Once you have a better notion of the type of work you want to do, you can begin your job search for remote employment on Indeed or a broader travel sector opportunity. If you’re shifting careers, look for roles where the job description matches your skill set.
  • Interview practice: While applying for jobs, focus on your elevator pitch and prepare for interviews utilizing the same platform as the interviewer. If you apply for a job on a cruise ship, for example, the recruiting manager may conduct interviews through video conference.

Best Travel Careers

The best part-time and full-time travel career opportunities in 2023 are listed here. Remember that these travel-related careers are not for everyone. Some occupations do not require a degree or education, while others are the highest-paying travel jobs that require sophisticated skills and experience. Here are the travel careers you’ve been looking for, without further ado.

#1. Freelance photographer

Photographers, like other freelancers, work on their own time and for themselves. This freedom allows them to travel wherever they choose or for a specific job. Freelance photographers may specialize in a specific type of photography, such as portrait photography, nature photography, or fine art photography, which allows them to create their brands.

#2. Actor

Actors play characters on stage, in cinema, and on the job, as well as in radio and animation through voice acting. They use their acting abilities to help tell the tale of a play, musical, or novel adaptation. They must travel to sets for their jobs, which may be in another city, state, or even country. For example, stage actors may travel as part of a touring group.

#3. English instructor

An English teacher’s job is to educate students in the English language and literature. They take courses that help students improve their spoken and written communication skills and understand the ideas behind how to use English well. They teach grammar and spelling, as well as writing and reading comprehension. There are many opportunities for English teachers to teach English abroad, which gives them the chance to travel to different countries.

#4. Tour guide

Popular tourist destinations offer a plethora of jobs for avid travelers and history buffs. Tour guides that speak multiple languages are always in demand in famous cities, national parks, and world heritage sites. Communication and interpersonal skills are required, and fluency in a foreign language is encouraged.

#5. Flight attendant

Flight attendants like that they can make a steady income and travel almost full-time on the job. Patience and customer service experience are required for this job in the travel sector, as is the ability to work long shifts with many flights per day. There are hundreds of airlines in the world, so you can choose one that shares your basic values and interests in geography.

#6. Travel agent

As a travel agent, you will book vacations or travel trips for individuals or groups of people. You should be relatively knowledgeable about popular travel destinations as well as itinerary preparation. You may also need prior experience with travel planning software.

#7. Au pair

This includes being a nanny for a family in another country. Au pairs are in charge of taking care of children and making sure they do their homework, attend tutoring sessions, and finish other school projects, as well as any other tasks their parents give them.

#8. Travel blogger 

Travel blogging allows you to write about your passions while traveling around the world. As a blogger, you’ll need a variety of skills, such as web design, copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media management. You’ll also need to be committed to posting and improving your content regularly. It takes time to build a large enough readership to make a living, but once you do, travel writing can be a full-time or part-time job.

#9. Bartender 

Many travelers have supported themselves by working in bars, and it allows them to meet people from all over the world. Bartenders are almost always in demand, regardless of location or season. Bartender jobs are more likely to be found in mid to large-sized cities.

#10. Cruise ship worker

The national average income varies according to position. Bartenders can earn between $48,785 and $79,086 per year, while casino dealers can earn around $1,300 per month and servers can earn between $2,098 and $4,000 per month.

What Should I Study if I Like to Travel?

Study degrees for travel are college degrees that can lead to jobs that require varied amounts of travel. These degree programs are available at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels and cover a wide range of courses of study and industries. Majoring in travel studies is a fantastic choice for students who want to travel professionally, explore international career options, and profit from seeing new places while working. The following are some study degrees that may lead to travel-related careers:

#1. English

A degree in English may assist you in securing work as an English instructor abroad. Being an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor allows you to travel to other places and teach English to non-native speakers. You can teach at public, private, or international language academies overseas.

#2. Foreign affairs

Getting a degree in foreign affairs is a great way to get ready for a job as a diplomat, politician, or foreign affairs officer. These careers may require travel to foreign countries for international meetings, summits, and talks. During political campaigns, you may potentially travel across the country.

#3. Aviation

People who want to fly or work on aircraft like planes, helicopters, and spaceships might want to get a degree in aviation. A degree in aviation may help you grow in a career as a commercial or private pilot who flies planes to domestic and international destinations. A degree in aviation could be a good choice for people who like flying, engineering, and traveling.

#4. Marine Science

In most marine science degree programs, you will study and learn about the plants and animals that live in the ocean. As a marine biologist or a similar type of expert, you might go to different marine locations to check on the health of the ecosystems there. You might spend time on boats and ships doing long-term research on marine life in many different places in the United States and around the world.

#5. Archeology

An archeological degree can help you pursue a career as an archeologist. Archeologists are experts in the study of old structures and artifacts from human civilizations. As an archeologist, you might travel to dig sites all over the world to extract, conserve, and study old human ruins, artifacts, and fossils.

#6. Paleontology

Paleontology degrees prepare students to investigate and study plant and animal fossils. As a paleontologist, you may travel to different dig sites to excavate, preserve, and evaluate fossils of extinct species. Paleontology can be a fascinating career that allows you to travel while helping the scientific community comprehend prehistoric vegetation and creatures.

#7. Nursing

A degree in nursing is a great way to get ready for jobs in health care that allow you to travel. Travel nurses take jobs in places where there aren’t enough nurses and take care of patients there. They may work in hospitals, clinics, or long-term care facilities in other countries.

#8. Geology

Geologists study the solid and liquid materials that make up the Earth and other terrestrial planets. They may study research on rock formations, minerals, geodes, and solidified liquids. A geology degree can allow you to study more about our world while seeing amazing geological places such as mountains, caves, rivers, and mines.

#9. Art history

Degrees in art history prepare students to study and critique the history of man-made art. This usually refers to visual art such as paintings and sculpture, but it could also refer to forms of performance art such as dance and music. As an art history major, you may be able to travel to sites known for their contributions to the arts to examine and study great masterpieces.

#10. Physical therapy

Getting a degree in physical therapy can help you get a job as a physical therapist. Physical therapists frequently work with patients to diagnose and treat injuries, as well as to rehabilitate muscles, joints, and bones in order to restore function. Working with a professional sports team as a physical therapist may allow you to travel.

What Is the Highest-Paying Travel Job?

While the hospitality business is more generally linked with travel careers, there are many other careers related to traveling both nationally and globally. The following list includes the highest-paying travel jobs that allow you to travel across the world as part of your job.

#1. Sales manager

  • $175,376 is the average annual salary

Sales directors are in charge of all aspects of sales for their firm. This job requires a lot of travel in order to meet customers, represent the company at conferences, and do other things.

#2. Airline pilot

  • $140,601 is the average annual salary

Most airline pilots need to have a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science or a related field. An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate is also required. As a pilot, you will have the freedom to explore each city where you land.

#3. Cruise ship director

  • $136,000 is the average annual salary

A cruise ship director is in charge of supervising all of the other crew members on board. You must have substantial hospitality and/or entertainment experience to flourish in this job. However, if you qualify, you will be able to visit a range of cruise ports.

#4. Creative director

  • $126,297  is the average annual salary

Advertising and branding are handled by creative directors. They collaborate with designers, authors, and other creative team members. In this profession, a bachelor’s degree in advertising or communications will be useful, and you’ll most likely be traveling to meet with customers on a regular basis.

#5. Travel publicist 

  • $116,000 is the average annual salary

Travel publicists provide public relations services to hotels, airlines, and other businesses. A bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, or business is required. Some employers like to see a master’s degree in public relations. Travel publicists are constantly on the move, visiting clients and attending press trips.

#6. Hotel general manager

  • $116,000 is the average annual salary

A bachelor’s degree in hospitality is required to be a qualified hotel manager. You might get a job at a foreign hotel or in a new city where you’ve never lived before. Hotel managers may also be required to travel to industry events.

#7. Luxury travel advisor 

  • $100,000 is the average annual salary

Luxury travel advisors are not the same as travel agents. Whereas travel brokers arrange various types of trips, luxury travel advisers solely work with five-star travel, allowing them to earn six figures per year. Working with a travel agency will assist you in gaining clients.

#8. Foreign affairs analyst

  • $93,427  is the average annual salary

A foreign affairs analyst advises government authorities on economic, political, and foreign policy concerns. It’s critical to know something about the country where you want to work.

#9. Travel Nurse

  • $76,380  is the average annual salary

Travel nurses provide medical care anywhere in the world. You must have at least an RN and, preferably, a BSN to be qualified for this job. You will thereafter be able to accept short-term assignments in different cities or countries.

#10. Oil rig worker

  • $75,511  is the average annual salary

Oil rig workers are paid well for their labor as derrickmen, drillers, or cooks. Because these workers rarely stay on the same rig for more than a few months at a time, they have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world.

Which Career Is Best to Travel the World?

Best Travel jobs in 2023:

  • Travel Blogging.
  • Teach English Abroad.
  • Teach English Online.
  • Yacht Sailing Jobs.
  • Freelance Travel Photographer.
  • Bartending Jobs Abroad.
  • Remote Work & Telecommuting.
  • Become A Local Tour Guide.

Bcd Travel Careers

The BCD Group owns BCD Travel Careers, a leading privately held global travel management organization. BCD Travel Careers, which was founded in 2006, educates travel and procurement professionals on how to grow company travel programs. The company has a 97% client retention rate in the industry and yearly sales of more than $20 billion.

BCD Travel, headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, serves clients worldwide, with operations in over 110 countries across six continents. BCD Travel Careers has previously hired for temporary, occasional, alternative schedule, hybrid, and remote jobs in travel and hospitality.

The company employs over 12,000 individuals and provides a dynamic work environment with flexible schedules, numerous chances for training and career growth, and the opportunity to be a part of a leading, worldwide organization.

BCD Travel offers managed to travel to help travelers, managers, and executives travel better, as well as business travel consulting to help organizations adapt, save money, and lead their industries into the future. BCD Travel Careers is committed to corporate social responsibility and is participating in a number of programs that encourage better workplaces, better businesses, and a better world.

Jobs That Require International Travel with No Experience

These jobs are for the daring, for people who don’t mind packing up and moving somewhere new at the drop of a hat. If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s on the other side, now’s your opportunity. Jobs that require international travel with no experience are a dream come true for the appropriate person.

Jobs That Require Travel With No Experience 

If you’re just starting out in the workforce, don’t worry: there are jobs that pay well and require international travel with no experience. Entry-level jobs that require travel allow you to get your foot in the door and learn on the job.

Some jobs will hire you if you have the necessary skill set or qualifications but lack experience. Others will offer compensated on-the-job training. There are also jobs that pay for travel, lodging, and meals, making things even easier.

Some jobs that may require international travel if you have no prior professional experience include:

  • Hotel professional (desk worker, bellhop, concierge, etc.)
  • Cruise ship staff
  • Tour guide
  • Nanny or au pair
  • House sitter
  • Housekeeper
  • Blogger, freelance writer, or freelance photographer
  • Instructor at a resort
  • Farm worker
  • Flight attendant (you will complete your program and certification through the airline)

So, where would you look for jobs like this? has a separate search box for jobs that require international travel but no prior experience. You can also look at Zip Recruiter and many blog sites that have done extensive research on this subject. International travel jobs for those with little experience may have additional requirements, especially with the new COVID criteria and limits, but if you’re prepared to follow the rules, doors of opportunity may soon open in your favor. Jobs requiring international travel with no experience are available, so you may be able to locate something sooner rather than later.

How do I start a career in travel?

Here’s how to break into the travel industry:

  • Select a job type.
  • Investigate career prerequisites.
  • Think about your educational options.
  • Look for a mentor or an internship.
  • Look for entry-level jobs.
  • Make connections with travel specialists.
  • Go on travel.
  • Improve your communication skills.

Which job is best for girls for traveling

Here are some of the finest travel jobs for women:

  • Language teacher.
  • Freelance writer.
  • Travel blogger.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Flight attendant.
  • Freelance graphic designer.
  • Freelance photographer.
  • Travel agent or planner.


There are so many wonderful travel careers out there in the world, including the highest paying travel job, what to study if you like to travel, the best career for traveling around the world, and jobs that require international travel with no experience, but which are the best for you? When looking for a full-time travel career or a side hustle, you may discover that some travel-friendly jobs aren’t always easy to find. After all, if it were that simple, everyone would do it!


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