41 EASY CAREERS THAT PAY WELL in 2023 (Updated)

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Easy careers that pay well are ones that you can complete without any formal training or that are easy to locate. Easy jobs are frequently stress-free and simple. Typically, these positions do not call for a high school diploma or a college degree. To pursue a career, a high salary may be a crucial consideration.

The careers that pay well, but don’t require a degree, are listed below :

#1. Purchasing agents

Purchasing representatives, also known as buyers, assist businesses in assessing potential suppliers and products. One of the simple professions that pay well is this one. They frequently conduct supplier and service research before placing orders for products based on price or value. Since they schedule orders, check payments, and confirm deliveries, this occupation is widespread in retail. The typical wage is about $48,334.

 #2. Voice Actor

It takes more talent than skill to be a voice actor. These people market their voiceovers for use in commercials, audiobooks, video games, cartoons, and other media. The majority of voice actors operate from the convenience of a recording studio. It is a fulfilling career with a potential hourly wage of $36.68 in the United States, according to Zip Recruiter.

#3. Blogging

Another way to make money while working a few hours per day or week is through blogging. But because you might not get results right away, this is a long-term investment. Before you can start making money from it, you must first invest some time.

Naturally, this is one of the most flexible jobs you can have because you get to decide how much time to devote to building and expanding your blog. Blogging is an easy career that pays well

#4. Librarian

In a library, librarians are in charge of the books and other materials available to the public. They frequently keep their facilities clean, arrange their catalogs, and make sure resources are available. Additionally, librarians may plan neighborhood gatherings or host special events at their locations. Taking care of the library’s budget is another aspect of this job. An easy job with good pay is this one. This is one of the well-paying Careers that is easy to do. 

#5. Real Estate Appraiser

Appraisers determine the overall worth of buildings and other items. These professionals can work in real estate, conducting home inspections and providing sellers with potential value estimates. They also work in the insurance industry as collision damage appraisers and in specialty fields like fine jewelry as damage appraisers and gem and metal valuation specialists. A real estate appraiser earns an average salary of $54,358

#6. Massage Therapist

Massage therapist is one of the well-paying Careers that is easy to do. Depending on the needs of their clients, massage therapists work one-on-one to provide various massages. When tailoring the massage to improve their clients’ well-being, they frequently talk with them about any discomfort or other symptoms that might arise. Along with performing administrative duties like maintaining customer lists and handling payments, these therapists can also provide recommendations for patients based on their conditions. Being a professional massage therapist is one of the well-paying Careers that is easy to do. 

#7. Customer Service Representatives

In a variety of industries, customer service representatives take orders, handle returns, and respond to customer questions. A customer service representative estimates $59,498 yearly. It is one of the well-paying careers that are easy to do. These individuals frequently engage with clients via phone calls and online chat while working in retail or corporate settings. When people have problems with goods or services, they are frequently the first point of contact. 

#8. Chauffer

Transporting passengers from one place to another is the job of chauffeurs, who are also professional drivers. These may be used by individuals to transport them to their destinations or by organizations to carry a variety of passengers. They frequently work in the hospitality industry, where they may also load and unload luggage, maintain the vehicle’s condition, and give customers a satisfying experience. It is a simple career that pays well. 

#9. Sales Representative

Sales representatives are one simple job with pay. They assist businesses in generating revenue by working in various industries. They frequently handle customer management, lead generation, follow-up on potential sales, and contract negotiations. In this line of work, sales representatives frequently have a daily quote outlining how much they need to sell to contribute to the company’s overall objectives. This is one of the well-paying Careers that pay well. 

#10. Novelist

Average salary: $45,296 per year

Novelists produce works that contain made-up narratives. They develop storylines, characters, and plot ideas as well as do extensive research on various plot points. Publishers receive the novelists’ story proposals and collaborate with editors to enhance the authors’ writing. Some authors specialize solely in a particular literary subgenre, such as historical fiction or fantasy. Being a novelist is one of the easy and lucrative careers.

#11. Food critic

Average salary: $49,687 per year

Food critics try and assess meals before reporting on their findings for magazines, newspapers, websites, and other media outlets. It’s one of the simpler and well-paying careers. On radio or television, some food critics express their views verbally. Along with the flavor of the food, they discuss the setting, service, and food presentation. In addition, food critics are well-versed in baking and cooking methods as well as the development of various cuisines and modern culinary trends.

#12. Park Ranger

Park rangers and park wardens are the titles given to those responsible for overseeing and securing a public or private park. Their main duty is to ensure the environment and wildlife of the park are protected. One of the best and easiest jobs you can have that pays well is this one.

#13. Sommelier

When patrons enter a restaurant, sommeliers provide recommendations on wines and offer them bottles of wine. They research wines to determine the variety of grapes used, the vineyard where the bottle was made, and the vintage or year that each bottle was produced. It is simple to do and one of the better-paying careers. The best wines to pair with different foods are known to sommeliers, who can also make suggestions for appropriate bottles based on client preferences.

#14. Video Game Designer

A video game designer is in charge of the development and testing of video games for gaming consoles and computers. They work with teams to develop captivating narratives, alluring user interfaces, and player-incentive goals. They use coding languages to create instructions that video game consoles and computers can understand. Video game developers not only test their games but also fix any issues that arise. One of the fun, simple jobs that also pay well is video game design. 

Easy Careers That Pay Well Without a Degree

#15. Community Health Worker 

The health advocates in their communities are community health workers. They work together with members of the community and healthcare professionals to promote health and wellness. A community health worker is a simple position that anyone can perform. It is a well-paying profession. A community health worker is one of the careers that pay well without a degree.

#16. Personal Care Aide

This is one of the careers that pay well without a degree. To get ready for the day, prepare meals, and go about their daily activities, personal care aides assist people with chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, and mental illnesses.

#17. Delivery Truck Driver

Delivery truck drivers unload their priceless cargo in a variety of places, including workplaces, universities, apartment complexes, and houses in residential neighborhoods. They are essential for moving products from one location to another. A delivery truck driver is one of the careers that pay well without a degree. 

#18. Fitness Instructor

Someone will benefit for years to come from your assistance on the difficult path to improving their fitness and health. Personal trainer gets to know their clients and their physical capabilities before developing a tailored plan for fitness success.

Along with coaching them one-on-one through workouts, they provide their clients with the tools they need to carry on with this work independently. Without a degree, becoming a fitness instructor is a simple and well-paying job. They track their development over time and modify their workouts as needed to improve performance.

#19. Firefighter

They respond to catastrophes like fires, floods, medical emergencies, and automobile accidents as well as situations involving hazardous materials to assist those in need. Without a degree, you can pursue well-paying careers in firefighting. Performing it is also simple. 

#20. Skincare Specialist 

Before making recommendations on how to improve a client’s skin quality, a skincare expert will first assess the condition of the client’s skin. One of the simple careers you can pursue without a degree is this one. It can also pay you well. 

#21. Flight Attendant 

To be considered for a position as a flight attendant, you should at the very least have a high school diploma and prior experience in the industry. There may be additional specifications, such as physical ones, depending on the airline. This is one of the easy careers that can pay you well. You can do this without a degree as well. You must also possess some soft skills to deal with clients’ inquiries, respond to drug tests, and otherwise demonstrate your suitability for the entry-level position.

#22. Virtual Assistant

One of the simple careers you can pursue without a degree is working as a virtual assistant, which can be financially rewarding. You can accomplish a lot as a virtual assistant. The diversity of the virtual assistance industry allows you to specialize in a particular area. For instance, you could assist with tasks like managing social media accounts, updating blog posts, and responding to client emails.

According to various statistics, US virtual assistants make between $20.51 and $25.59 per hour. Rather than being paid monthly, the majority of your pay for this job will be paid hourly. 

Easy Careers That Pay Well With Little Schooling

#23. Logistics supervisor

A logistics manager directs the supply chain’s operations. Logistics managers work primarily in warehouses to make sure that stock is accurate and staff members distribute goods on schedule. They keep track of the associates’ travel routes as they transport goods from the warehouse. A logistics manager is one of the easy jobs with good pay that requires little education. 

#24. Agricultural Manager

One of the simple careers that pay well with little education is an agricultural manager. He oversees farming operations. Agricultural managers choose the best conditions for planting new crops and buy supplies to make sure the harvest goes smoothly. They also think about how the environment and market conditions might affect their work.

#25. Commercial Driver

A commercial driver drives a truck to deliver and transport goods, hazardous materials, and other materials. Drivers regularly inspect their vehicles and have a commercial driver’s license. This is an illustration of a simple career that needs little formal education and can be lucrative. To unload shipments, they can also handle heavy machinery.

#26. Transit Police Officer

A transit police officer ensures the security of passengers on streetcars and other forms of public transportation. Transit police officers secure the area, detain suspects who trespass without paying fares, and look into cases of stolen property. They are also emergency responders and don’t need much education. It is one of the simple careers with good pay. 

#27. Web Developer

A web developer is a technology industry professional who designs web applications. This career only requires only a high school diploma. the design process, web developers troubleshoot the programs to make sure they work properly. A web developer requires little schooling to do. It is one of the easy Careers that pay well. They also strive to make the interface easy to use and appealing to users.

#28. Registered Nurse

An authorized health care provider known as a registered nurse (RN) assists in providing patient care and formulating treatment strategies. A registered nurse can perform this job with only a little education. The RN works with doctors to provide for the patient’s needs while also educating families about their medical conditions. For instance, nurses may specialize in providing care in ERs. This is one of the easy Careers that pay well. 

#29. Construction Manager

A construction manager is the supervisor of a building site, and requires little schooling to carry out this job. . Construction managers set employee expectations as well as building process budgets when leading a project. This is one of the few easy Careers that pay well. They also update clients about their progress.

#30. Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist performs routine dental procedures on patients, including teeth cleanings and screenings. They require little schooling. As licensed professionals, dental hygienists recommend consistent brushing and flossing for patients to maintain oral health. This is one of the few examples of easy Careers that pay well. They work in dentist’s offices and explain treatment plans to patients. 

#31. Transportation Inspector

A transportation inspector looks at how the various modes of transportation are run. This career is simple to pursue and requires little formal education. Inspectors put efficiency and safety first. They fix brakes to prevent accidents and check the communication systems to make sure operators can always get in touch with someone. One of the professions that can pay well is that of a transportation inspector. 

#32. Real Estate Broker

Agents who buy and sell real estate work with a real estate broker. To do this job, they only need a little education. Brokers offer advice on how to improve a home’s appeal to potential buyers to clients who are selling their residences. It is also one of the easy careers to do that pay well. They also go over the deals that agents do.

#33. Software Programmer

Software is created and designed by software programmers. They are in charge of checking that software complies with present performance and security standards. They only need a little education to do this job. You can work as a computer programmer without having a bachelor’s degree in computer science. You can learn computer programming online as an alternative. Through online courses, you can gain practical programming skills in about six months. This career is easy to do and can pay well. 

#34. Clinical Laboratory Assistant

An assistant in the clinical laboratory runs blood tests and examines bodily fluid samples. Additionally, they clean the lab’s equipment and surroundings, stock it with chemicals and reagents, and sterilize everything. The associate degree course of study for clinical laboratory technicians lasts two years. consequently needs little formal education. One of the few jobs that are simple to perform and can be well paid is this one.

#35. Physical Therapist Assistant

One of the few jobs that pay well and is simple to do is that of a physical therapist assistant. They create and oversee treatment programs for people receiving physical therapy. To do this job, they only need a little education. The physical therapy assistant records the outcomes after a patient has finished a treatment plan and gives them to physical therapists for final assessment. By earning a two-year associate degree and passing the Physical Therapist Assistant Exam, you can work as a physical therapist assistant.

#36. Train Operators 

To move people and goods from one location to another, train operators operate trains and other types of rail transportation. A high school diploma is necessary, as well as completion of a six-month operator training course. Hence, little schooling is needed. It is one of the easy Careers to do that can pay well. 

Best Easy Careers that Pay Well

#37. Personal Shopper

A career as a personal shopper may be the best fit for people who prefer advising customers on their purchasing needs and wants. The job entails talking with customers to find out exactly what they’re looking for and helping them make the purchasing process as simple as possible. One of the best easy careers that pay well is this one. They frequently assist at every stage, from advising on the best products to following the package until it arrives at your door.

#38. Product Tester

Product testing is one of the best and easiest jobs to get that pays well. His responsibilities vary depending on the company. The general functions include making sure that the products adhere to quality standards, inspecting supplier materials before they are used in production, and performing complex product testing with the required tools.

#39. Administrative Assistant

This career path can begin with an entry-level position. An administrative assistant requires only a few formal educational requirements and administrative skills. It is one of the best and easy Careers that pay well. 

Being an administrative assistant entails performing a variety of administrative duties, such as taking calls, setting up appointments, maintaining records, and writing memos. It also entails looking after office files, producing reports, and providing excellent customer service. As a result, this calls for a variety of skills, including attention to detail, problem-solving, written and verbal communication, organizational skills, and others. 

#40. Data Entry

No college degree is necessary for jobs in data entry. It does, however, need some elementary schooling, such as attention to detail and some computer literacy. As a data entry clerk or specialist, you’ll be responsible for entering data from the source into the appropriate files, among other duties like compiling and analyzing information to make sure it is placed correctly and reviewing data for accuracy. This position is typically hourly-paid and remote, allowing you to work from home most of the time. It is one of the best and easiest careers that can pay well.  

#41. Personal Driver

As a personal driver, you can assist your clients by driving on their behalf. Some people favor using private drivers over doing it themselves. This job is one of the best and easy careers that pay well. You may only require a valid driver’s license and clearance from the criminal justice system to become a personal driver.

What Is the Most Relaxing High-Paying Job?

Since everyone has a different definition of what it means to be “easy” to work, there are many different types of easy jobs that pay well. A person’s definition of an easy job may include one or more criteria, such as:

  • Minimal stress
  • How much do you enjoy the main tasks
  • Minimal public interaction
  • Almost no time constraints or deadlines
  • Little criticism
  • Physical ease or minimal physical demands
  • No demands for overtime or fewer than eight hours per day
  • Either light workloads or a lot of downtimes
  • Not making crucial or life-or-death decisions
  • Low academic requirements
  • Rarely is there a need to think deeply?
  • How quickly one can learn the required skills
  • Fewer obligations


Therefore, it might be a good idea to start honing your skill set in these areas if you plan to look for employment in the future. However, keep in mind that being hired requires more than just having the right skills.

There are other crucial factors as well. If you’re prepared to start your career or leave your current job and don’t want to invest a lot of time and money in school, there are careers you can enter with just a high school diploma and some additional specialized training

41 Easy Careers That Pay Well FAQs

What Are the Easy Career that Pay Well Without a Degree

  • Personal Care Aide
  • Firefighter
  • Delivery Truck Driver

What Are the Easy Careers That Pay Well?

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Web Designer
  • Software Designer
  • Video Game Designer

What Are the Easy Careers that Pay Well with Little Schooling

  • Agricultural Manager
  • Registered Nurse
  • Flight Attendant
  • Commercial Driver
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