21+ Best Jobs in 2023 that Pay $40 an Hour With and Without a Degree


It is common knowledge that certain jobs pay well. So, who has the highest hourly rates? We’ve compiled a list of jobs that pay 40 an hour or more with jobs that pay $40 an hour with no experience, without a degree, like the one near me.

Finding a well-paying job takes time and effort. Most of us begin small, working adequate jobs that pay the bills. But after a while, we begin to yearn for something more, such as a promotion or a higher salary.

Whether you work in marketing, medicine, or law, there is always a desire to advance up the corporate ladder and secure a high-paying position. Of course, it’s not easy. High-paying jobs necessitate zeal, in-depth knowledge, and years of experience and education.

So, if you want to advance your career and earn more money, take a look at these 25 jobs that pay $40 an hour (or more)!

What Would a Fair Hourly Rate Be?

The National Compensation Survey puts the median pay in the United States at $56,310. At that rate, your hourly wage would be $27. So, you’ll need to make more than $28 per hour to consider yourself well-off. 

What is the Easiest Job to Get Hired?

Waiting tables, customer service specialists, and retail clerks are the most easily obtained positions. The majority of these jobs demand excellent customer service and communication abilities. It’s vital to note that your concept of an easy job may differ from someone else’s, so look for a career that meets your concepts

List of the Best Jobs that Pay 40 an Hour

Let’s get right to it with a list of jobs that pay $40 an hour:

  • Veterinarian 
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Transcriptionist 
  • Business Analyst
  • Notes seller
  • Certified Nurse Midwife 
  • App Developer
  • Business Consultant
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Freelance Writer
  • Makeup Artist
  • Tutors
  • Translator or Interpreter
  • Personal Trainer
  • Massage Therapist
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Bartender
  • Dog Walker
  • Software Developer
  • Power Distributors And Dispatchers
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Elevator Installers And Repairers
  • Lighting Technicians 
  • Subway And Streetcar Operators

#1. Veterinarian

A career in veterinary medicine can immerse you in the animal kingdom, dealing with everything from stomachaches to blood cancers.

Veterinarians also contribute to human disease treatment research on occasion. The majority of veterinarians work in private practice on a part-time basis.

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#2. Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists work with people who have difficult speech problems to help them get closer to “normal” speech.

Many speech pathologists work in schools, while others work in hospitals. A salary of $40 per hour is possible.

#3. Transcriptionist 

A transcriptionist’s job is to listen to audio files and convert them into text documents.

Transcription companies typically pay by the audio minute, so you can earn money for the time it takes to transcribe the entire audio file.

You can easily earn $40 per hour with this job.

#4. Business Analyst

Recently, business analysts have been in high demand. Businesses are gradually realizing the value of a business analyst, which is increasing the demand for business analysts.

A business analyst’s job description includes analyzing the organization’s performance and developing a model to maximize profits. Because of their position in an organization, they may specialize in the marketing department. This career path can pay between $38 and $50 per hour.

#5. A Notes Seller

A notes seller creates and sells study materials to help students. You can upload your materials, see how much you’ll earn, and access subscription benefits through different websites. For example, you can try KeepNotes.

Selling notes is a good way to earn money and help others learn, making it a great career option for those passionate about education.

#6. Certified Nurse Midwife 

Working as a nurse-midwife will provide you with numerous opportunities to make a difference in the world if you want to support healthy mothers and babies. Earnings range from $37 to $68 per hour.

#7. App Developer

Most app developers work on part-time projects in addition to their other tech jobs. It is possible to make a lot of money by developing and training yourself in this field.

This is one of the jobs that pay $40 an hour without a degree.

#8. Business Consultant

If you are looking for a job that allows you to work from home and have business experience, you should consider consulting as a career option.

A good business consultant can expect to earn between $150 and $300 per hour, depending on their qualifications and experience.

#9. Dental Hygienist

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), a career as a dental hygienist is one of the fastest-growing today.

Dentists have recently relied on dental hygienists to share their workload. As a result, working part-time in this field can earn you more than $40 per hour.

#10. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist’s role is critical in assisting people in recovering from surgeries and injuries and regaining mobility. As a result, it is one of the fastest-growing professions. You can earn between $40 and $100 per hour.

#11. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the most profitable online jobs, paying at least $40 per hour.

There are numerous freelance websites where you can find various writing jobs for businesses. However, companies hire writers based on their abilities.

So, if you want to be a good freelance writer, you should have strong writing and communication skills. Understand how to use computers and laptops.

As a beginner, you can expect to earn $30-$50 per article, and as an experienced writer, you can expect to earn $100-$1500 per article. This, however, is dependent on your abilities and techniques.

Upwork.com and Fiverr.com are two of the best places to sign up as a freelancer.

#12. Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist is another great career that can pay you $40 or more per hour. You have the option of charging per hour or person. In either case, you can outperform some professional careers.

All you’ll need is prior experience using your makeup kit and a good result. To become a professional, however, you must first obtain a certificate from one of the cosmetology schools.

Makeup artists are becoming the highest paid in the cosmetology industry, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Tutors are in high demand because they are eager to assist students with their academics. And, as academics become more difficult and college admissions become more competitive, both parents and students are hiring tutors for extra assistance.

If you’re looking for a part-time job that pays you by the hour, tutoring is an option. It doesn’t matter if the students are in grade 3 or higher education; if you have a track record of good grades, you can put all of your knowledge to good use.

With or without a degree, you can expect to earn $40 per hour on average, though your experience and teaching skills will influence your pay rates positively or negatively.

#14. Translator or Interpreter

If you have a talent for languages, you can pursue a career as a translator or interpreter. Companies with international offices need translators and can hire them directly or through a third-party agency that matches translators with unusual jobs.

So, depending on the project, you can earn around $40 per hour as a translator or interpreter. Many translation companies are remote-based and so, you can work from anywhere in the world. An example of a remote-first translation company you can apply for is Tomedes.com as they’re always on the lookout for multilingually talented individuals.

#15. Personal Trainer

For someone who enjoys working out and spending time at the gym, becoming a personal trainer is an excellent career choice.

Personal trainers frequently work with their clients one on one. They assist in developing a perfect fitness plan and workout routine for each client based on their specific needs.

They also make certain that their client follows their specific routine.

If you work as a personal trainer, you can earn between $40 an hour and $60 per hour.

#16. Massage Therapist

You can’t overlook the importance of getting a massage once in a while if you want to live a healthy life. Massages are included in many wellness and health plans, which has increased the demand for massage therapists.

If you want to earn good money while working part-time, becoming a massage therapist is the way to go.

A massage therapist’s job is entirely appointment-based, and it is a flexible and well-paying one.

Any experienced massage therapist can earn up to $40 an hour.

#17. Adjunct Professor

An adjunct professor’s job is similar to tutoring. However, earning more money is a better option, especially if you have experience and expertise in a specific subject.

Part-time classes can be taught by an adjunct professor at an online school or a local school. You can also choose to keep your day job and work as a teacher on weekends.

#18. Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors, like personal trainers, perform similar duties, these jobs can pay $40 an hour without a degree. A career as a fitness instructor allows you to work part-time. You can create and adhere to your schedules and teaching appointments in addition to your other obligations.

As a beginner, you could expect to earn around $30 per hour, but with experience, you could easily earn $40 an hour or more.

#19. Bartender

Working as a bartender in one of the highest-paying weekend jobs available.

Although the hourly wage for bartenders is not particularly high, you can earn an additional $10 to $75 depending on the type of bar and customers.

#20. Dog Walker

Dog walking may appear to be a strange job, but it can provide extra income if you are skilled. This is one of the low-stress part-time jobs that can be extremely beneficial to your health.

As a dog walker, your job description entails handling other people’s pets and caring for them while the owners are away.

You can earn between $15 and $50 per hour, and if the period is long enough, you can easily charge $300 per week.

#21. Software Developer

Software development is one of the fastest-growing professions. As a software developer, you can expect to earn between $35 and $60 per hour, depending on the nature of the job.

In addition, as a freelance software developer, you can earn extra money in an hour.

However, as a software developer, you must have technical knowledge of software development and be proficient in coding.

#22. Power Distributors And Dispatchers

The power distributors and dispatchers monitor and operate the equipment that transports energy to end users. Power distributors and dispatchers are employed in industries other than power plants, including railways, transportation, and government.

To protect linemen from shock, distributors and dispatchers reroute electricity during disasters or maintenance. During times of peak energy demand, they also start up additional power generators. This is one of the jobs that pay 40 an hour.

#23. Commercial Pilot

A commercial pilot, as opposed to an airline pilot (who typically requires a bachelor’s degree), can fly charter planes, jump planes, air ambulances, banner-towing flights, and agricultural flights.

All pilots, including commercial pilots, must be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Licensure is granted following flight training and at least 250 hours of flight time. This training can be quite costly (up to $83,000), but you may be able to apply for flight school financial aid.

#24. Elevator Installers And Repairers

This is one of the jobs that pay 40 an hour. These workers install, repair, and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and other similar machinery. Elevator installers and repairers must be comfortable working in both small spaces and at heights, as this job frequently requires them to do both.

Taking shop, math, technology, and physics classes in high school will provide you with some of the necessary skills for this field.

#25. Lighting Technicians 

Lighting technicians install lighting and other equipment for concerts, plays, churches, cruise ships, television shows, and other venues.

Lifting heavy equipment and securing it at dizzying heights is a common part of the job. During events, lighting technicians also operate lightboards. They are usually in charge of the equipment’s set-up, take-down, and transportation.

Many lighting technician positions are part-time, and work can be sporadic depending on the crew and venue. The majority of the work is completed at night and on weekends. When you’re on the road for a job, things like food and lodging are usually taken care of for you. However, these are among jobs that pay 40 an hour.

#26. Salesforce Developer

salesforce developer is a programmer who builds Salesforce applications across various PaaS (Platform as a Service) platforms. They don’t actually have to work for Salesforce, by the way. Salesforce developers’ average pay per hour is $36

#27. Subway and Streetcar Operators

Employees drive subway trains or streetcars along rails, ensuring the safety of their passengers. In an emergency, they may make announcements about safety regulations and delays or direct riders. They keep the lines running on time and radio supervisors about any problems or hazards. Subway and streetcar operators are among the jobs that pay $40 an hour with no experience.

Why do Jobs that Pay $40 an Hour?

Anyone who works hard deserves to be compensated fairly. So, if you’ve realized that your full-time job isn’t paying you enough, it’s time to consider a part-time job.

Here are some advantages of jobs that pay or begin at an hourly rate ($40 per hour):

  • Time flexibility (work whenever you want).
  • Most of these jobs have no age restrictions.
  • High pay rates ($40 – $50 an hour).
  • More family time & save on costs.
  • No monthly targets and less stress.

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40 an hour is How Much a Year?

The total salary for a $40 per-hour job in a year depends on how many hours you work in a day and how many days you work in a week.

The average American works 44 hours per week, or 8.8 hours per day, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Based on the data presented above, we can calculate that a weekly salary of $40 per hour equals $352 per day and $1,760 per week. An average American can earn $7,040 per month in four weeks.

As a result, a job paying $40 per hour is worth approximately $84,480 per year. This is roughly equivalent to the annual salary of most full-time jobs.

What Jobs Pay the Best per Hour?

  • Interior designer.
  • Police officer.
  • Commercial pilot
  • Wedding planner.
  • U.S. Marine Corps officer.
  • Tattoo artist.
  • Political speechwriter.
  • Health coach.

What are the Top 5 Millionaire Jobs?

Millionaires typically work as engineers, accountants, teachers, managers, and lawyers. For the most part, wealthy people do not rely on inherited wealth. 79% of billionaires did not get money from their parents or relatives.

Is $40 per Hour a Fair Wage?

Considering that a 9–5 work pays $40 an hour, a yearly salary of $78,000 is reasonable. To live on, this is not a bad sum. Additionally, you can acquire it through careers in business analysis, sales management, software development, and bookkeeping.

On the other hand, are you unsure if work paying $40 per hour would enable you to handle all of your obligations?

Please follow along with me while I quickly calculate. Assume for a moment that you are willing to go against the grain and devote 7 hours each day for 25 days in a month (considering there are 5 Sundays in a month). Your yearly income at $40 per hour is $84,000.

What kind of lifestyle can you expect from your salary? To begin with, you may buy a $429,395 home with just $80,000 in annual income. This is in accordance with a CBNC report that calculates the number of mortgages that various income levels can comfortably pay down.

The same data demonstrates that you may purchase a $743,587 home if your earnings rise to $120,000, a 6-figure income.

All you need to do to get such a house is to earn an additional $40k a year through a side business.

But first things first: Are you prepared to earn a massive five-figure salary? Learn together.

How Can I Earn $40/Hour Online?

Now let’s be honest.

The occupations that pay $40 an hour or more are probably going to require you to have a formal degree, especially if you’re considering careers in healthcare, IT, etc.

However, many professions merely require that you have a foundational level of expertise. As long as you are an expert in your field, you can succeed even without a college degree.

You might start earning more money as you gain experience and documentation of your exceptional achievement.

Jobs that Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree

Here are jobs that pay $40 an hour without a degree:

  • Full charge bookkeeper
  • Medical coder
  • Carpenter
  • Wind turbine technician
  • Solar installer
  • Tester
  • HVAC installer
  • Personal trainer

What Job Pays you $100 Dollars an Hour?

Anesthesiologists, life counselors, and simultaneous interpreters are the top three positions that pay $100 an hour or more. In the United States, a typical hourly wage is $16. In most cases, you’ll need a degree, qualifications, and training to get one of these positions.


There are numerous jobs that pay 40 an hour or more. They are one of the best ways to supplement your income while maintaining a flexible work schedule. If you are passionate about these jobs, you must attend training and develop the necessary skills.

Jobs that pay 40 an hour FAQs

What jobs pay 40 to 50 an hour?

  • Insurance manager. Average annual salary: $95,200*
  • Marketing manager. Average annual salary: $95,200.
  • Research engineer. Average annual salary: $95,300.
  • Compensation & benefits manager. …
  • Petroleum geologist. …
  • Retail regional sales manager. …
  • Insurance sales manager

Is 40 per hour a good salary?

$40 is about 1/3 better off than the minimum wage. Based on the 50 hours, you will be comfortable and can easily meet your bills, living expenses, rent on modest accommodations, and perhaps a vehicle loan and upkeep on a car.

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