30 Best Degrees to Get in 2023
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Choosing the best degree is important, but so is making sure your major will result in a successful long-term career. STEM degrees are still the best to pursue in 2023. Anyone who is pursuing a degree usually has the intention of getting a job or beginning a career after they graduate. However, obtaining a degree today does not always guarantee employment. You must possess a degree that is highly sought after and accurately reflects the state of the labor market. First and foremost, earning a degree online has benefits. The list of online degrees below has the highest potential for high salaries. 

Here are a few sectors that are expected to develop and grow.

Best Degrees to Get

#1. Engineering Degree

Traditional professions like civil and petroleum engineering are still in high demand, but jobs directly related to technology are expanding at the fastest rates. Engineering services will be crucial in several fields, including robotics, oil and gas extraction, renewable energy, and infrastructure reconstruction.

#2. Psychology 

Over time, the availability of psychological and counseling services has increased. Clinical psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, private counseling, and organizational psychology are just a few of the popular careers in the large field of psychology. Law enforcement, business, sales, teaching, and criminal justice are among the fields where a psychology degree can lead to entry-level employment.

#3. Healthcare 

In the present and the future, healthcare professionals have a big impact on communities. Providing care for patients is just one aspect of this enormous and diverse industry. 

#4. Computer Science 

Due to their aptitude for developing web-based solutions to issues and novel means of communication, specialists like software developers are currently in high demand. More and more people are relying on apps to connect, run their businesses, shop, and have fun. Because of this, more businesses are using data science to gather their data, integrate privacy laws, and do other things.  

#5. Business 

Students who complete a degree program in general business administration graduate with a broad understanding of the business world as well as managerial and leadership abilities that will enable them to work in a variety of positions. You can choose the best degree by considering the particular business field in which you are interested. This is one of the best degrees to get online in 2023

#6. Finance

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in finance can pursue several careers, such as those of an accountant, financial analyst, or financial advisor. A finance degree is still one of the best degrees to get online. The average annual salary for those working in finance is $68,350.

#7. Applied Mathematics

An education in applied mathematics equips graduates for careers in engineering, science, and computer science. Actuary, computer programmer, and logistician are among the professions one can enter with a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics. Furthermore, an individual with a degree in applied mathematics typically earns $101,900 annually.

#8. Economics

Students of economics gain knowledge of how economic systems operate and affect society. Financial analysts, actuaries, and market research analysts are among the jobs that economics majors frequently hold. with a $104,340 median yearly income. In summary, an economics degree is one of the top-ranking degrees to get in 2023.

#9. Management Information Systems

Students can learn about information systems and their applications in the business world by majoring in management information systems. System analysts and database administrators are frequent career choices for management information systems majors. Professionals working in management information systems typically earn $142,530 per year.

#10. Physics

There are many career options available to physics majors, including those in application engineering, data analysis, and design engineering. Physics majors gain knowledge of various branches of science and mathematics as well as the practical application of these concepts, and their average yearly salary is $120,950.

#11. Nursing

A nursing degree will give graduates the education and experience necessary to pursue careers as registered nurses or other types of nurses. There is a high demand for nurses. Registered nurses make an average of $71,730 per year in compensation. So, if you are looking for one of the best degrees to study, you can choose to study Nursing.

#12. Operations Management 

Operations managers work to maintain control over the procedures that determine business outputs. Operating systems, quality control, product design, supply chain management, and inventory control are all topics you’ll study as an Operations Management major. Obtain a Mid-Career Salary of, on average, $107,000. 

#13. Cybersecurity 

Information security analysts and cybersecurity consultants strive to safeguard computer networks against such risks as well as other types of intrusions like identity thieves and rival businesses. In summary, cybersecurity is one of the best degrees to get online in 2023.

#14. Project Management 

For projects involving goods or services, they coordinate things like timetables, staffing, and budgets. According to the Project Management Institute, project managers can “consistently create better outcomes for businesses, community, and society worldwide.”

#15. Business Administration 

Students majoring in business administration study management, ethics, and business theory. Students concentrate on both the effectiveness of the company’s daily operations and more practical business applications. In addition, strategic planning and research abilities, accurate forecasting abilities, and entrepreneurial abilities are also developed. These abilities are crucial in the fast-paced business environment.  

#16. Marketing 

One of the most flexible majors and one of the top choices for college students is marketing. Students majoring in marketing can find employment as market research analysts, product managers, advertising managers, and other marketing-related positions. One of the best online degrees to get in 2023 is marketing

#17. Biomedical Engineering 

One of the engineering fields that are expanding the quickest is biomedical engineering. Engineering, biology, and medical principles are all covered in biomedical engineering courses for majors. 

#18. Statistics

Statistics majors are constantly in demand as big data continues to power the modern world. Data collection, analysis, and interpretation are skills that statistics majors learn. Students majoring in statistics may also choose to take courses in allied disciplines like computer science, life science, or physical science to help prepare them for careers in a range of fields. A statistics degree is still one of the top-ranking degrees to get in 2023.

#19. Game Design

Graduates can anticipate a wide range of employment opportunities thanks to the expanding video game industry. Computer graphics majors can work in positions related to multimedia design, creative game directing, and character or environment design, or they can pursue careers as game programmers.

#20. Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

Majors in logistics and supply chain management receive training in operations related to distribution, purchasing of materials, warehousing, and production. Graduates with a logistics or supply chain background can work as purchasing agents, distribution managers, or supply chain analysts. Median 

#21. Information Technology

There will be a wide range of expanding job opportunities in the field of information technology. The advancement of hardware, software, and firmware in industries like healthcare, finance, and even entertainment generates a lot of demand.  

Best Degrees to Get Online

#22. Business Administration 

Online business degree programs are the most popular, drawing the most students. Due to its many specialization options and high salary potential, business administration is considered the best online degree to pursue. 

#23. Environmental Science

Online degrees in environmental science are becoming more popular because of the constant need to save energy and protect the environment. Environmental scientists can collaborate with public or private organizations to cut down on waste, clean up polluted areas, and even give policy recommendations. Environmental scientists are expected to earn $137,940 per year with an 8% growth rate

 #24. Finance

The best online degree options include finance. Financial Managers are expected to grow at a rate of 17% overall, which is significantly faster than the average occupation in the current market. With an average salary of $134,180, a degree in finance will rank among the best degrees to obtain in 2023. 

#25. Communication

Graduates who study communication may be prepared for a range of professions. Managers of communications, broadcast journalists, public relations and fundraising managers, and writers are some of these options. With an average salary of $119,860, a degree in communication is among the best online degrees to earn in 2023. 

#26. Nurse Practitioner

Among the highest-paying professions are nurse practitioners. The growth rate for this position is one of the highest among all those that can be pursued with an online degree. By 2030, 121,400 new jobs will have been created at a growth rate of 45%. In 2021, the median income was $123,780.00.

#27. Data Science (Data Analytics)

Big data has accelerated the growth of the field of data science, also known as “data analytics,” making it one of the most sought-after and best online degree programs. Large data sets are analyzed by data scientists to create meaningful and understandable results. With a projected 31% increase, the average salary for data scientists is $122,000.

#28. Cyber Security and Information Assurance

One of the best online degree programs is in cybersecurity. Online privacy and data protection for businesses and the government is a specialty of experts. Information security specialists protect organizational resources and online data. One of the best degrees to earn in 2023 will be in cybersecurity, with a median annual salary of $102,600.

#29. Project Management

With a degree in project management, you can gain a wide range of skills that are useful across many different industries. As a result, it is a constantly expanding and evolving field of study. Everyone can benefit from this degree, whether they want to become more effective leaders or have better organizational skills, problem-solving creativity, or time management. The average salary is $140,000 annually, with an 11% growth rate, making this one of the best degrees to earn. 

#30. Marketing 

Key elements of marketing include creativity, exhaustive research, and astute business judgment. Marketing students gain knowledge of the best practices for marketing across a range of media, including social media, television, and online advertising. One of the best degrees to earn in 2023 is a marketing degree, with an average salary of $141,490.00 per year and a 10% growth outlook.

What Is the Easiest Degree to Earn?

Some of the best and easiest degrees to earn include Theatre, Creative Writing, Social Work, History, Communications and PR, Criminal Justice, English, and Education

What Degree Has the Most Job Opportunities? 

Considering that bachelor’s degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) typically have higher payoffs than other degrees, it is not surprising that these degrees dominate the list.

Which Degree Is Best for the Future?

The best degrees for the future are those in STEM fields, business, nursing, and engineering, as they are still in high demand.

What Are the Smartest Degrees to Get?

The three most desirable degrees are those in applied economics and management, electrical engineering, and computer science.

What Is the Hardest Degree to Get?

The most challenging degrees are Aerospace Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, Architecture, Medicine, Pharmacy, Statistics, Physics, Astrophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Astronomy, Law, Dentistry, Nursing, and Chemistry


The best degrees are those that not only pay off right away after college but also give their holders the chance to advance their careers and earn more money down the road. The majority of college majors that lead to high-paying careers require a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Best Degrees to Get in 2023 FAQs

What are the Best Degrees to Get in 2023

  • Cybersecurity
  • Nursing
  • Data Analytics or science
  • Economics
  • Engineering

What Degree Has the Most Job Opportunities?

Considering that bachelor’s degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) typically have higher payoffs than other degrees, it is not surprising that these degrees dominate the list.

What Is the Easiest Degree to Earn?

Some of the best and easiest degrees to earn include Theatre, Creative Writing, Social Work, History, Communications and PR, Criminal Justice, English, and Education

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