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It has been estimated by the Pew Research Center that 97 percent of all American adults have access to a mobile phone with texting capabilities. It’s no wonder that firms are exploring text message marketing strategies since the amount of time people spend on their phones continues to rise. Even if there are many good services available, only a select number really shines, especially for smaller companies that care about their customers. We have compiled a list of the best business text messaging services all in this piece

Why Text Messaging Is So Important for Business Services

We understand if the idea of using text messages for professional purposes seems absurd to you.

Reiterating, it’s likely that phone calls and emails make up the bulk of the communication within your firm. Because of character constraints and reduced opportunities for face-to-face communication, the idea of conducting business via text may seem daunting.

That being stated, businesses in the modern era really must incorporate text messaging into their arsenal of communication tools. Advantages include the following are worth thinking about:

#1. So Many Customers Prefer to Communicate via Text

Customers need to feel like you understand them and can work with you.

Our own analysis of consumer feedback shows that the vast majority of people would prefer to receive business communications via text message. Customers under the age of 55 are more likely to confirm appointments or accept offers via text messaging. You can’t afford to ignore SMS, especially if a sizable percentage of your clientele is comprised of millennials. Seventy-five percent of millennials, according to the poll, would rather communicate via text than by voice. It is widely believed that the reliance on texting while shopping will increase among Generation Z and subsequent generations of consumers.

However, why is there such a fervor for texting? Texting, on the other hand, saves a lot of time. As the saying goes, “time is money,” and that adage has never been more true than in today’s fast-paced society. While short message service (SMS) may not be the best medium for developing meaningful relationships with clients, it is perfect for rapid check-ins and confirmations.

Consider the case of 24-Hour Tees. As their name suggests, they offer a lightning-fast 24-hour turnaround on bespoke T-shirt orders. So, it’s crucial that they have round-the-clock access to their customer service team.

#2. SMS Is a Low-Maintenance Way to Make Sure Your Business Is Always “On”

In continuation of the previous point, being reachable by SMS ensures that your company is always operational.

Any business texting service, for instance, lets you confirm orders and appointments even when the office is closed, saving you yet another email or phone call with customers.

To the same extent that these autoresponders make your organization more accessible, they also appeal to customers who prefer not to interact with a human being directly.

Even if you know nothing else about business, you can probably write some texts for your company. In contrast to emails and phone scripts, business texts are typically shorter (160 characters) due to character constraints.

Since most SMS marketing platforms let you design your own templates and autoresponders, you can essentially “set and forget” many SMS campaigns. You can always contact us again via phone or email if you need to.

How do businesses send out mass text messages?

When sending out a group SMS, you’ll need to specify the shortcode you want to use. Everyone who has signed up to receive messages with that particular code will do so. By allocating a different shortcode to each list, you can create more than one.

Best Business Text Messaging Services

The eight greatest business text messaging services are listed below to assist in the implementation of SMS marketing initiatives. You can use this manual as a jumping-off point to zero in on the best option for your needs and budget. Now is the time to begin.

#1. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is a voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology; therefore, it enables users to make and receive calls through a data connection. Since all of your text messaging services, phone logs, and voicemails with a certain contact can be accessed in one place, this service is also the best option for business use. As a result, all previous discussions can be revisited and continued without any effort.

Unlike most of the other services on this list, OpenPhone does not charge per text or limit the number of texts you can send within a given plan, so you never have to worry about going over your allotment of text messages.

#2. Google Voice

Google Voice for business isn’t designed to handle high volumes of text messages.

To be fair, it’s a solid resource that comes in at a slightly lower price than its competitors.

However, it works best for small businesses that only need to send a few messages or follow up on a small number of leads or customers. Google Voice could help you save money if you don’t need to send out bulk SMS messages.

Moreover, if you’re currently a Gmail or Google Workspace user, switching to Google Voice is a no-brainer.

Keep in mind that Google Voice’s enterprise SMS features are pretty basic. You can’t use a toll-free number, a snippet, or an automated response using Google Voice. If you don’t require a lot of messaging services and are seeking a cheap messaging platform, Google Voice may be a good option.

#3. SimpleTexting

With SimpleTexting, managing SMS marketing campaigns is a breeze. With this service, you may expect a simple and straightforward user interface (UI).

Although one-on-one customer texts are supported, the service’s primary value is in facilitating the management of marketing programs that involve the mass distribution of texts to a predefined group of recipients.

In addition, you can use the auto-responder feature of SimpleTexting to send out informational texts, reminders, and discount codes to new clients after they have engaged with your brand via a particular keyword. If a customer is interested in your company’s current dog food specials, they can text PAW to your company’s phone number. If there are any bargains that match their criteria, the auto-responder will send them to them.

Further, SimpleTexting has built-in apps that provide access to more advanced marketing solutions. You can use these to conduct text-based polls, surveys, and giveaways. Better understand your client’s needs by sending push alerts and analyzing their clicks on the links you share with them.

For 14 days, you may test out SimpleTexting at no cost. There is no time limit on the trial, and you can send up to 50 messages every day. You can upgrade to the paid service at any time by purchasing credits and paying as you go.

#4. SlickText

SlickText is one of the best business text messaging services because it offers a low price point, a plethora of automation features, the ability to create your own keywords, and a simple-to-use interface.

Setting up a keyword allows you to add contacts, begin sending messages, and view stats. SlickText comes with a few extras, such as the capacity to host contests and build assets like flyers, text-based surveys, and opt-in web forms.

It’s a decent service overall, although the rates are a little steep. It offers nine packages that are all essentially the same. Furthermore, US and Canadian prices vary from one another. SlickText might have simplified things by offering fewer plans that varied only in pricing and text allowance rather than in additional bells and whistles.

#5. TextMagic

There is a pay-as-you-go texting app called TextMagic. Since there is no need to commit to a monthly contract, it is ideal for startups or sole proprietors with fluctuating text messaging requirements.

The app’s streamlined design doesn’t skimp on functionality. For instance, you can still use your TextMagic number for things like creating marketing text lists, making use of sophisticated reporting, and getting responses to API calls.

Alternatively, if you text using your personal phone number, you will receive texts on your mobile device. In addition to scheduling auto-replies to incoming messages in real-time, you can establish templates for recurrent text messages like booking confirmations or appointment reminders.

#6. EZ Texting

For those who aren’t tech-savvy, EZ Texting streamlines SMS advertising. EZ texting will walk you through sending your first text message as you learn to use the mobile app’s UI.

Contests, vouchers, and discount codes can all be sent using the SMS marketing platform. There is potential for increased interaction with customers when all of these resources are used together.

The SMS marketing service not only interfaces with your email marketing software, but it also provides you with SMS statistics, so you can see how well your marketing campaign is doing overall.

#7. RingCentral

RingCentral is a VoIP service, while the others are all landline telephone providers. It’s a means of group interaction by phone, text message, electronic mail, and other channels.

RingCentral’s versatility as a business messaging platform goes far beyond simple texting. You can make as many calls to the US and Canada as you like, and you can monitor the success of your SMS marketing campaigns right from the dashboard.

However, if you have a small workforce, RingCentral isn’t the best choice. RingCentral’s pricey plans, where the amount you pay per user depends on the size of your team, are suited for business users with sufficient funds to cover the service’s per-user costs. Most of the features that make RingCentral so popular aren’t included in the base plan, so you’ll have to upgrade if you need it for business purposes.

#8. Textedly

The surface of Textedly is unassuming, but behind the surface, you’ll find advanced capabilities like auto-replies, bulk SMS, and pre-scheduled texts. Textedly provides all the features you’d expect from a robust messaging software, and then some.

All this comes with the lowest per-text price of any service on the list. However, the use of auto-replies, personalized SMS messages, and drip campaigns will incur an additional one-time fee. Textedly also isn’t upfront about how much it charges for MMS.

How Do Businesses Send Out Mass Texts?

SMS marketing is used by companies of all sizes to keep their present and potential consumers up to speed on company news, sales, and other relevant information. Text marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising because each message costs less than a cent. A bulk SMS service may also be used by some companies for internal messaging.

Do Chat Rooms Still Exist?

You can find them today. Online chat services are still widely used. It is still extremely common to have real-time conversations with complete strangers. It is also worth noting that many people from all over the world use country-based chat rooms. Traditional chat rooms also aren’t updated to meet users’ needs in the modern era. Users’ ability to remain anonymous when chatting online is said to be a contributing factor to the phenomenon’s widespread appeal. Therefore, you can have a conversation with anyone without revealing your true identity. When a conversation is over, there is nothing left to bring up the bad parts of it or to remind you that you had to save it.

What Is the Difference Between Group Chat and Group Text?

If you have a short list of receivers and the time to message each of them individually, then sending a group message is a good option. However, mass emails come in handy when you have a long list of people to whom you want to convey the same information.

The cost of each communication quickly mounts up if you have a high number of receivers. Since there is no ‘automatic’ mechanism, responding to each communication is also a hassle. If you have a modest number of receivers and the time to send each one individually, then group messages are a helpful tool. However, mass texts come in handy when you wish to communicate with a large group of people at once.

Despite first impressions, the cost per message sent to a large group of people might be quite significant. In addition, there is no “automatic” method, so responding to each message is a hassle.

What Will Text Message Marketing Be Like in 2023

In 2023, text message marketing will likely experience even greater growth, making it crucial for businesses to utilize this powerful marketing channel. However, a looming impediment can stand in the way. Businesses must register their toll-free numbers by 2022 in order to continue using that number for text message marketing under a new rule adopted by cellular network carriers.

800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833 are some examples of prefixes for toll-free numbers. Usually, the verification form is accessible online via a company’s text message marketing provider. For SMS marketing clients, certain businesses may impose their own verification dates; therefore, to ensure that your messages continue to be sent, verify the specifications of your particular supplier.

Make sure to only communicate with customers after receiving their consent to receive communications. Shutterfly and other businesses have discovered that badly managed text message marketing operations can result in legal issues. The photography and image-sharing business were recently sued over allegations that it sent pre-written text messages to clients who had not given their consent.

Having clear agreements with customers and then adhering to them is the best practice. Receiving an opt-in confirmation for a few messages is one thing. Sending dozens of texts to a customer without their permission is quite another. Customers must have an easy mechanism to stop receiving your SMS messages at any time.

How Do I Choose an SMS Provider?

These are crucial elements that each company should take into account when selecting a supplier or enterprise SMS service.

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Message delivery
  • Customer service and 24-hour support.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Integration
  • Experience

How Can Businesses Track the Efficacy of Text Message Marketing Campaigns?

An essential element in the process is tracking your text message marketing efforts. It’s critical to understand whether the content you deliver to potential consumers is being read. Start by verifying that your messages have been delivered in order to follow your campaign and gauge its effectiveness. You can track this with the help of some text message marketing providers, like TextMagic. Check how many visitors clicked on your site as a result of engaging with the content you supplied. These two basic actions will help you gauge how well your campaign is doing.

What Distinguishes an SMS from a Text message?

There is no distinction between SMS and text messages, which is the first and most important thing to understand. A text message can be delivered from one device to another using SMS, or Short Message Service.

How Do Businesses Get Automated Messages?

Starting an Automated Texting Service: Step-by-Step Instructions
Select a program that sends automatic texts.
You can register for a free account and add an SMS phone number.
Organize your contact and text subscriber lists.
Create a keyword for your text message autoresponder.
Establish office hours for texts sent outside of such hours.


Is SMS marketing still effective?

SMS messages are more effective than emails. Only 20% of their emails are opened.

Is SMS marketing illegal?

Sending unsolicited commercial text messages to mobile devices is prohibited by the CAN-SPAM Act, which is administered by the FCC.

Is SMS becoming obsolete?

As for that question, the answer is NO. When considering the widespread use of text messages between individuals, their prominence as a means of communication is undeniable.


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