SALES SECRETS: The Hidden Sales Secrets That Increase Profit.

sales secrets that increase profit.

It’s not new to face rejection after rejection in your pursuit to make sales. Everyone does and the more you persist the more people avoid you. There are sales secrets that increase profit you haven’t learnt. When you learn these sales secrets you will get to close more sales and increase profit. The following are the sales secrets that increase profit. They aren’t new it’s just that you’ve not discovered them.

#1. Build Rapport:

you wonder while you spend so much money developing quality proposals that inevitably will catch attention but you end up not been called for the project? Proposals alone don’t win the project! Yes, it’s a bitter truth.

You wonder why you’ve to visit an office to make sales and you get rejected severally till you’re almost frustrated. The more you persist, the more you’re avoided by people who think you’re a nuisance. You’re told, “The manager isn’t around” right from the gate even when you obviously can see the manager from the office window.

Proposals alone don’t close sales, persistence makes you a nuisance.

The moral is that all sales are built on relationships. Before pushing for sales, build a rapport first.

This is where persistence should help. Be persistent about building the relationship not about closing a sale. People know the difference.

They want to feel your genuine interest in them before they can give interest in whatever you want to offer. Someone you’ve not spoken with for over 6 months, then you walk into him in a mall and start telling about this new product you’re selling. If you’re the one, how would you react? Or you call him for the first time only to tell him about your new product. Renew the relationship first.

You might not have the time to build this relationship with someone especially if it’s someone you have never met before. Then let someone he trusts well introduce you. Same with submitting proposals, let someone introduce you and preach your Goodwill added to your wowing design.

People tend to trust you when they have a level of rapport with you. There are gimmicks on building rapport but people are wise enough to know when they are manipulated. It won’t close sales rather it closes the door when people discover ingenuity.

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Consider instead building rapport the old-fashioned way: Be your best self, find things in common, it could be that you both went to the same school or worship in the same church or putting on the same shoe or an award in the office you’ve also won. Be friendly and helpful. People rarely buy from someone they do not like and, conversely, will go out of their way to buy from someone they do. Another instant way to build rapport is to find out what real customers want.

#2. Find Out What the Customers Want:

The most frustrating form of sales is trying to sell to someone what he doesn’t need. You must understand that sales are not about finding a product and then trying to sell it. It’s finding a need and then offering a product that solves that need at a place and price they want to buy provided you make enough profit to sustain the business. By so doing, you save energy and time. sales are much easier that way.

This is why you must link your product to the need of the customer. They want to know how your product will solve their problems not so much about how wonderful your product is or the sophisticated features.

If you want to succeed in sales, you will focus on the benefits to the customer, on how your product solves their problem. Do not focus on your product’s features. Benefits, not features, is Sales Secrets 101.

This is a sales secret that increases profit.

#3. Introduce the Product/Topic:

When you’ve achieved the above, it’s now time to talk about the product. You’ve gained trust through your rapport, so there are high chances you’ll close the sales.

This is one of the top secrets of car salespeople. They give you a variety of options in a very friendly welcoming “feel at home” manner. Ask seemingly innocent questions to know your taste and budget while directing your cars of such ranges. It makes you feel like, she understands your needs or ego as the case may be. This is a sales secret that increases profit.

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#4. Get them emotionally involved:

sales secrets that increase profits

A shoe salesman wants you to wear the shoes not necessarily to check for size match but to birth in you that feel, emotions, and imagination of how good you look on it. Same with the car dealer, she tells you to sit, hands the key to you, and asks you to take some time to drive the car.

This builds an emotional connection and a sense of ownership as though the car is yours already. If you’re not strong enough, you’ll make more of an emotional conclusion than a logical one. Humans are more of emotional beings than logical beings. This is another sales secret that increases profit.

#5. Highlight benefits:

People want to see their problems solved. A car might solve a different problem, for different individuals. One might buy just to feel belonged to a class of the society, one might buy for the simple reason of having a car. You must know what their needs are and tailor your benefits to their needs.

People buy Mobile phones for different reasons. Yes talk about the features but if you don’t explain how the features attend to those needs then it’s of no gain. Highlight benefits and tailor it to needs.

#6. Give an Incentive to Close the Sale Immediately.

Incentive could be something that will help them buy now. A sense of urgency to make them quickly buy or make a monetary commitment. An example could be buy now and get 7% off with 2 months’ support.

If it’s a seminar you want people to register it sound like register now and qualify for a free seminar guide and an ebook that cost 20$ for free or register at the venue and pay for the ebook too. The goal is to create urgency and close the sales immediately. Don’t forget to add money-back guarantee.

Sales Secrets FAQ’s

What is the secret to sales success?

To achieve genuine sales success, we must master a number of skills. Mastery is the key to sales success. Mastery is defined as extensive knowledge or expertise in a specific subject or activity.

What makes a great salesman?

A good salesperson should be truthful from the start and only aim to sell you something that will benefit your personal and professional success. And, sure, that involves being truthful – even if it means losing a transaction. Be truthful with the customer about what the organization can genuinely offer.

How can Psychology help in sales?

Sales psychology is a method that investigates the psychology of your target market in order to offer your services and products. Instead of persuading them that they require your product, you develop ways to advertise to their current wants and requirements.

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