PERSONAL GOALS FOR WORK: How To Set Personal Development Goals

Personal goals for work
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One may ask, “Do I need personal goals for work?” It is work, after all (engaging both mentally and physically), and it takes up most hours of the day. So what does planning have to do with how I work? Goals must be set to work efficiently and achieve certain heights in your personal work sphere. We will take you on a tour of setting personal work goals, its example, and the need for evaluation.

What Do We Mean by Personal Goals for Work?

It simply means having guidelines for improving your strength, character, passion, and time. Knowing when to rest and when to continue striving hard for your ideal result.

For instance, a college student striving to make a first class must set personal goals to emerge victorious. This demands drafting a timetable for how his or her life will go for the four or five years he or she will be spending in college, as the case may be. There would be time for other things on the timetable, including partying, playing, hanging out, etc. So, for a practical and achievable time spent on each activity, there should be a goal where such students prioritize the most important things to attain a first-class.

Likewise, it is for any sphere of life in which one wants to grow and win

Having stated the above, there are kinds of work: such as career, job, passion, and various other examples of personal work goals 

For anyone you find yourself with, there is a need for a personal goal to attain greater heights. Personal goals are for you and not anyone else. These are goals you make for yourself with respect to your career, relationships, health, education, finances, etc., for its advancement or growth.

Having a personal goal can help you, especially in a situation where you work just for the pay or for the fun of it. The truth is, without an aim or purpose, you will soon grow weary and want something new, which might be very tasking, most of the time leaving you with the option of staying without focus or vibe. Make a personal goal for work today, and thank me later.

Example of Personal Goals for Work 

Let’s say, for instance, that you are the secretary in the procurement unit of an organization or company, and you aim to be a remarkable secretary that everyone looks up to or loves coming in contact with.

To Be a Remarkable Secretary in the Procurement Unit of AZ Inc, here are typical examples of personal work goals for you.

#1. Be a Keen Listener

Being able to listen and hear all a person has to say without interrupting in between words should be considered a secretary. People like it when you listen to them or give them your full attention. It tells them that you have an interest in why they are Here.

#2. Emotion management

Managing/controlling your emotions and not allowing your mood to affect your work is also a great help. You may be furious over a drunk driver who bumped into your car or over an argument with your spouse, friend, partner, or colleague on your way to work. This is where and when emotional management is of great essence. While some people appear to be born with the ability to control their emotions, most require assistance to acquire it. Recognize and manage bad feelings because it has a great deal of influence on your work.

#3. Dedication

Put in all your effort and be hardworking. Undoubtedly, work dedication boosts your chances of success, promotion, and ability to work with challenging people. Indeed, It may take a while. So you should be persistent in getting ahead and attaining great heights.

#4. Yearn to Know or Learn More

Find opportunities to learn and know more so you can execute your work effectively. Remember, knowledge is power. Continuous improvement enhances a person’s or company’s production, sustainability, adaptability to change, and capacity for innovation.

#5. Communication skill

Be a clear communicator; let what you say to be precise and straight to the point. Avoid ambiguity and answers such as “maybe,” “I think so,” “it should be,” and “whatever. Effective communication is the key to building a network, etc.

#6. Improve your skill

Educate yourself more on how you work or tackle issues. This is where your dynamicity is of great importance. The more you improve your skill, surely, the better opportunity you tend to create for your work. Thereby; making it spectacular.

#7. Time management

There is also, time management which is very important, knowing when to do what you intend. Do not mix up time; there should be a specified time for getting things done. By stipulating or allocating time to your daily activities, you create no room for a lackadaisical attitude. Thus, make every minute of your day count.

What Are Good Personal Goals for Work?

What do we mean by a good personal goal? In simple terms, it means to aim for or propose something achievable, attainable, and realistic. Aiming for something over the moon is a wrong personal goal, and how do I know this? It’s simple: how do you intend to do it if you have no knowledge or desire (no means) to achieve it? It is a wrong personal goal if there are no realistic and practical steps to achieving it.

In essence, there must be steps to achieving a goal for it to be a good personal goal.

Moreso, your goals should be time-bound, specific, attainable, and motivating to be a good personal goal

Below is an example of good personal goals for work (becoming a business owner)

  • Getting more education or enlightenment for your proposed idea or skill will help sharpen and help you become an expert in that field. You should know the pros and cons of the business you are about to venture into.
  • Investigate and learn how the people already in the business do it. Also, you can bring in any personal skill or individual difference to make yours spectacular.
  • Networking (getting to know people and having contacts) is of vital importance. It is the backbone of any successful career. The network builds and paves the way for opportunities.
  • Know your competitors in that sector.
  • Know the need or demands of your prospective audience or customers.

Personal Goals for Work Evaluation

Work evaluation goals are targets set, mainly with the help of a director or an administrator, to oversee the achievement and attainability of such goals based on your desires, needs, and passion.

Example of a personal work evaluation goal: In a fashion design company, the HR manager can help her employees set attainable goals for the benefit of the employee and the company at large.

Why Personal Goals for Work Evaluation?

Personal work evaluation goals help motivate, checkmates, improve, achieve, direct, and understand/gain clarity to assigned goals. Taking them one after the other with vivid illustrations:

  • Motivate: This is the excitement the supervisee creates for the employee to see reasons to take up the task and move on to achieve the set goal.
  • Checkmates: This is an essential purpose for personal work evaluation. Just as the legislature, the judiciary, and the executive are watchdogs for each arm in the three tiers of government, so also is the evaluator of the employee. One may tend to write down a goal and start off achieving it quickly, but most times, one ends mid-way into achieving it because of a bit of relaxation, fatigue, etc. If there is anywhere you tend to miss the steps; the supervisor helps you back on track.
  • Achievement: Achieving the desired result is the main aim of setting a work goal. Having a supervisor enables faster goal achievement as you are guided to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  •  Improvement: The evaluation also helps one attain a better and more excellent result. Excellence stems from a well-valued work goal that adds more value.
  • Gaining clarity: By generating a list of tasks and functions, supervisors can specify employee roles during the orientation process of a new employee. Thereby making the work goal very precise and understandable.
  • Direction: Knowing what, where, and how to focus on your work goal is necessary, and this can be well achieved with the help of a supervisee who helps the employee keep focus 

Setting Personal Goals for Work

How do I get my personal work goals? Is there a particular way of setting work goals?

You may need assistance rekindling your passion for work and setting personal objectives.

The following paragraph will deal with how you can get the spark or motivation required to start setting your personal goals for work.

  • Reach out to others, tell them of your intention, passion, or skill and get to know their insight /take on it because you might get a revelation about what you never considered necessary.
  • Your attitude and thoughts can also affect the setting of your personal goals, either negatively or positively. Having the right attitude towards your needs or passion can also be a stepping stone in setting personal goals/objectives
  • You can get personal work goals through your inspirations, or you can do it this way; identify what makes you happy and fulfilled (Your Purpose) and set your goals. Your ambitions will help you thrive in your work, whether you want a raise, a promotion, or you want to create a new work.
  • A Counselor can assist you in formulating or analyzing your goals and providing the perspective and responsibility required to realize them.
  • The benefits attached to your talent can, therefore, motivate you to set personal work objectives. It can also be used to achieve personal job goals.

What Is a Professional Goal?

Professional goals are the long-term aims you have for yourself in the workplace; they may be linked to attaining a certain level of education or success in business that is already widely recognized.

What Is the Difference Between a Professional Goal and a Personal Work Goal?

While professional goals tend to focus solely on the career aspect, personal goals also include things like health, happiness, relationships, and overall well-being, as well as achieving a certain degree of education or accomplishment in business that is already publicly acknowledged.

To Sum It Up  

Personal goals for work are indispensable for anyone who is a great achiever. Evidently, the idea, plans, aims, and proposed objectives must leave the mind and be penned down or documented with the help of an evaluator or supervisor to direct and help pilot the set goals, sieve the good personal (realistic) work goal from the bad(unrealistic) ones for a better and effective result.

Set personal goals for your work today, following these guidelines and the example of personal goals for work, and watch yourself achieve that dream of yours

Now get started!!!


What is a good personal goal for work?

In simple terms, it means to aim or propose something achievable, attainable, and realistic. More so, your goal should be time-bound, specific, and motivating to be a good personal goal

What is work evaluation in personal goal seting?

Work evaluation goals are targets you set mostly with the help of a director or an administrator to help oversee the achievement and attainability of such goals based on your desires, needs, and passion.

How can one get goals to set for work?

You can get personal work goals by your inspirations or you can do it this way; clearly identify what makes you happy and fulfilled (Your Purpose) and set your personal work goal.

Why Personal Goals for Work Evaluation?

It helps motivate, checkmates, improve, achieve, direct, and understand/gain clarity to assigned goals.

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