5 Reasons To Use BOPP Packaging Bags For Your Business

5 Reasons To Use BOPP Packaging Bags For Your Business
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Finding the right packaging for your products can be a challenge. This is particularly true if you’re shipping things like grains, seeds, and other agricultural goods. Packaging can make or break your business. It will be the first thing your customers will see once they get your product. Also, you’ll need something durable to ensure the safety and quality of your products, but also something cost-friendly, as you don’t want to overspend. In this case, you may want to opt for BOPP packaging bags. Here are 5 reasons to use BOPP packaging bags for your business.

This article discusses what BOPP bags are, their uses, and the benefits of using them for your business. 

What Exactly Are BOPP Bags?

Short for biaxially oriented propylene bags, BOPP bags are produced by laminating reverse printed films to a woven fabric and then manufactured into a bag. The film is stretched in both machine direction (AMD) and machine direction (MD), resulting in a material with superior strength.

It is one of the most preferred packaging options in various industries and can be used to pack and store:

  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Food items
  • Pets and animal feeds
  • Construction materials
  • Seed and grasses
  • Resins and chemicals

Benefits Of Using BOPP Bags For Your Business

#1. Durable Packaging

As mentioned before, BOPP woven bags are preferred due to their durability. 

The process of creating a BOPP bag extrudes and stretches the material in two directions— laterally and longitudinally. This stretching helps create more durable and fatigue-resistant products. Bags made from BOPP can carry the heavy load placed in them and still maintain stability.

In addition, BOPP bags are also known to resist general wear and tear of packaging, transport, and loading. In particular, the machines used to fill bags can put a lot of stress on a bag, however, BOPP bags can stand against some of the toughest machines. 

#2. Customized Options

Branding is a huge deal these days. It helps in creating a memorable impression on consumers and allows your clients and customers to distinguish themselves from competitors. Your brand is built to be a true representation of what your business is and how you wish it to be perceived.

That said, you’d want to incorporate your brand into your packaging. And opting for BOPP bags allows you to do just that. BOPP bags allow you to easily customize every packaging to show your business’s logo or design. 

This is because BOPP bags respond well to printing and being laminated. The BOPP films applied to woven polypropylene bags help achieve the specifications and vibrant look needed for your packaging. 

Not only that, but it is also colorfast which allows the printing to last. Since BOPP bags use reverse-printed graphics, meaning that the graphics are printed on the inner side of the bag’s outer layer, their labels and prints are incredibly durable and resistant to fading. It doesn’t run or can’t be scratched or rubbed off. So, even if your product travels across states or the globe, your brand image remains intact. 

#3. Resistance To UV Light And Moisture

Ultraviolet rays are known to cause the degradation of certain food items and other various goods. BOPP bags can protect your products against UV rays and sun damage, ensuring high-quality products.

Also, preventing moisture is very important when storing or selling dry goods, especially food. The good news is that BOPP bags are essentially waterproof bags. The woven propylene resists moisture intrusion, keeping mildew and mold at bay. This ensures that the contents remain dry and clean, and prevents harmful contamination and bacterial growth.

#4. Eco-Friendly

Excessive packaging is seen every day across the world. From plastics in waterways to the toxic byproducts of manufacturing and production, the environmental impact of packaging items is enormous.

Fortunately, people are becoming more aware of the impact they have on the environment. With more and more countries pushing toward environmentally-friendly options, your business should think about how to reduce its negative impact on the environment. 

If you want to opt for sustainable packaging, BOPP bags allow you to achieve just that. While BOPP bags are not biodegradable, their durability and strength make them reusable and recyclable. This alone helps saves reduce waste that goes to landfills. In addition, the printing method used for BOPP bags requires no water.

As consumers become more aware of environmental issues, they’re constantly looking for businesses that are trying to do better and make a difference. This makes BOPP a good choice for your business, making your consumers feel great about purchasing from you. It would also contribute to reducing the negative impact on and damage to the environment. 

#5. Cost-Effective

Your business can save money by using BOPP bags. 

For one, the durability and strength of BOPP bags speak for themselves. This means you don’t have to worry about damaged packaging that compromises your products. Seepage and contamination are also prevented, guarding your product. 

Secondly, BOPP uses fewer layers than most packaging materials. This means that it weighs less, saving a bit more money on shipping. 

In addition, the bag requires little storage room while waiting for your machinery to fill them. With the saved storage space, you can expand your operations or provide more storage space for finished products. In addition, filled bags also need less space, allowing you to safely stack them without worrying about damaging your products. 

Its recyclability and reusability also save on disposal costs and boost overall investment.

Why Is Bopp Used for Packaging?

Bird seed, pet food, deer corn, and animal nutrition items are frequently packaged in biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), a hard plastic. Due to its durability and capacity to support the weight without quickly breaking, it is also the packaging of choice for minerals and grains.

Is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Biodegradable?

Despite the fact that BOPP plastic cannot be broken down, it is nonetheless environmentally benign. It can be recycled and used again. In fact, it can be recycled numerous times without losing any value.

Are Bopp Bags Recyclable?

BOPP plastic film can be recycled and used again. In fact, it can be recycled numerous times without losing any value. Recycling waste boosts revenue while lowering the carbon footprint of your business.

What Type of Food Packing Is the Most Environmentally Friendly?

Some of the most environmentally friendly food packaging currently available includes glass jars, food-grade stainless steel, bamboo, rice husks, and cellulose-filled gelatin films.

Can You Print on Bopp?

One of the most often used label materials is BOPP, which is ideal for the majority of applications. Bottle labels, food labels, vape labels, cannabis product labels, bespoke roll labels, and many more goods frequently employ BOPP label materials, which offer a perfect printing surface.

Is Bopp the Same as Cellophane?

Both natural and cellophane-BOPP have similar qualities and can be used interchangeably. Nevertheless, BOPP and natural cellophane are also recyclable. Due of the difficulty in obtaining natural ingredients, cellophane made of BOPP is less expensive.

Is Bopp Heat Resistant?

A barrier version of the BOPP-based heat-resistant films is also offered. All culinary and personal care applications where a moisture & oxygen barrier is crucial can utilize the end pack constructed with barrier heat-resistant film.


Take Away

Choosing the right type of packaging bag for storing and shipping your goods is an important decision you’ll make for your business. 

By now, you should have an idea why the BOPP bag is a reliable option for your business’s packaging. It is strong and durable enough and is resistant to weathering damages to protect your goods from the time it leaves your facility until the moment your customer opens them. 

And it’s not just any boring, packaging bag, either, as it allows you to include your branding design to make it more memorable and enticing to customers. Since it is reusable or recyclable, you can also appeal to your eco-friendly consumers.

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