MOM BLOGGER: What Is It &What You Must Know

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Blogging is one of the lowest investment businesses requiring only a laptop, a bright section of your house, and an internet connection. A mom blogger is often referred to as a blogger whose blog falls under the motherhood/parenting niche. Black mom blogger, on the other hand, is a blog written by women about family and motherhood where they give answers to their audience in terms of family, parenting, and pregnancy tips. Single mom blogger also writes about the pros and cons of being a stay-at-home mom or the issues of balancing your work life and home life with children. Stay with me as I take you through mom blogger and its classifications based on content, advertising, and religion-wise.


The term mom blogger covers any female writer who mentions children and occasionally writes about issues relating to parenting without needing any special qualifications, classes, or an aesthetic lifestyle to run a good mommy blog. All you need is dedication, passion for children, and a willingness to let others catch a glimpse of your wild, wonderful life. If you are interested in becoming a mommy blog expert, here are a few classifications of things you should know.

Classification based on content

  • Single parents’ mommy blogs
  • Autistic awareness mommy blogs
  • Stay-at-home mother-mommy blogs
  • Crunchy mom mommy blogs
  • Academic mommy blogs

Classification based on platform

  • Vlogs
  • Blogger
  • How–to
  • Social media

Classification based on advertising

  • Product-trial
  • Couponing
  • Multi-level marketing

Classification based on Religion

  • Mormon mommy blogs
  • Southern Baptist mommy blog
  • Christain mommy blog
  • Quiverfull mommy blogs

How Do I Become A Successful Mom Blogger?

There are several points to necessarily put in place before embarking on the journey of being a mom blogger. Below are the guidelines you need to start, run, and make a living as a super mom blog:

#1. Make it a passion

To become a successful mom blogger you must make sure it’s in you because not every mom is a natural blogger. You will need to ask yourself these few questions to know whether you can run your mom’s blog or not:

  • Do you have the zeal necessary to handle failure and rejection while learning from your past mistakes?
  • Are you creative and can provide great ideas fast for your audience?
  • Do you have spare time and strength to volunteer to the blog on daily basis?
  • Do you have basic writing skills?
  • Can you learn how to make money from your blog?

If the above questions are answered correctly, then consider yourself a great mom blogger.

#2. Find a Niche

The very next important thing is to know your niche which means you must know your areas of interest and focus on them. Secondly, think of places you already have the knowledge or talent that will be of benefit to your audience. Lastly, your choice of topics should be what you are passionate about because it will help lift your head high when obstacles present themselves.

#3. Review the Competition

Before embarking on blogging, make sure to find out people who are already into it as this will help you build up great idea opportunities to get an insight about what to write. Choose a couple of them and read through them, then work on your blog to present it as more useful and interactive to your audience. Hence, this is one of the best ways to be a successful mom blogger.

#4. Choose a platform

WordPress is the best free blog site platform to host your mom’s blog on. Choosing a platform will enable your ability to understand what it’s all about. With these pieces of information in hand, set your site on by turning these opportunities into great content for your target audience whether you are creating articles, audio, or video, you must build your base before reaching out to your audience.

#5. Start Blogging

Now that everything is done, start blogging about what you are passionate about which will of course be of great use to your audience. Blog directly and link it to other social media platforms, create excellent and engaging posts about your niche, and add nice images and videos. The above tips will go a long way in helping you be a successful mom blogger.

Who Is The Highest-Paid Blogger?

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How do You Become a Mom Blogger on Instagram?

#1. Post varieties of content

After you must have created an Instagram account, the next thing is to post varieties of content including:

  • Photos or videos of your baby or children
  • Photos or videos of your family and friends
  • Photos or videos of yourself
  • Posts about parenting and mothered
  • Posts about your day-to-day activities

#2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to meet new people on Instagram. Therefore, use hashtags relevant to your kind of content and audience only. For instance, if you are a mom influencer who posts about motherhood, use hashtags such as #momlife, #motherhood, and the rest.

#3. Reach out to other mom influencers

You can do this by commenting on their photos or videos, tagging them in your post, and sending them a direct message. This helps to build strong relationships with other influencers and also grow your followers. 

#4. Use high-quality pictures

If you must be a successful influencer, you must use quality pictures using a friendly camera or a phone, then take your time to properly edit them before posting. There are free editing apps you can use like VSCO, Lightroom, and snapseed.

#5. Create thrilling content

To make your account stand out, it is important you post unique content in the form of creative photos and videos in interesting blog posts. NOTE, people are following because there are interested in what you have to say, so be careful of the insights and opinions you post.

  Examples Of Mom Blogs

  • Mama Natural: pregnancy and postpartum
  • Alpha Mom: caters to pregnant mom
  • Scary Mom: pregnancy and parenting
  • The Better Mom: A Christian lifestyle mom blog
  • Smart Mom Ideas: pregnancy and meals ideas for newborns and toddler
  • Mothering: Information about natural parenting strategies
  • The Taylor House: Tips for back-to-school, recipes, and parenting
  • At Home With Natalie: A lifestyle and DIY blogger
  • Lucie’s List: Helps with parenting products
  • A Mom’s Take: Parenting topics on older children

Christian Mom Blogger

Christian mom blogger is a blog used for sharing and spreading the gospel. Christain mom blogger is done by sharing their faith journey, interpreting the bible verses, missionary works, and inspirational stories, or providing bible study content online with potential audiences globally. Christain mom blogger helps in reaching out to people who aren’t religious and showing them the ways of GOD. There are lists of things you are expected to see in Christian mom blogger such as:

  • Bible Reading Challenge
  • Christain Leadership
  • Faith Journey
  • Bible Journaling

Christian Mom Blogger Types

  • Christain blogs for men: True advice on manhood and religion
  • Christian blogs for women: Helps to parent through their faith
  • Christian blogs for couples: Helps you work on your relationship in faith
  • Christain blogs for Kids: Great games and activities for kids
  • Christian blog for Bible Studies; Provides all the resources you need

How To Start A Christain Mom Blogger

If you are a Christian mom blogger passionate about spreading the word of GOD and making use of the new digital world, Below are steps to take before starting,

#1. Find Your Niche

Blogging isn’t always sweet until so much work has been done before you start, meaning there are lots of stages to starting a Christian mom blogger. First is to find your niche and figure out what your target audience is to attract as much traffic to your blog, instead of writing a general Christian blog. There are lots of potential audiences you can attempt to reach such as,

  • Christian parents
  • Christain Home teachers
  • Christian college students
  • Christian women
  • Young Christians

#2. Choose a blogging platform

Choose any of the social platforms of your choice (e.g Facebook, Youtube, etc) and link them to your website which means you are not reliant on a single platform to reach your target audience and that is because you can constantly update them. Your website should be one of the blogs offering the following services,

  • Blogs giving advice and aid to people with health issues
  • A relationship advice blog with biblical inspirations
  • A website offering valuable ideas for Christian women
  • A ministry blog that teaches theological principles
  • A devotional blog that supports bible studies

#3. Choose a domain name and hosting plan

This is very important as it is your website home address. It is what people type into their browsers and adds to their favorites, so they can return to your content at any time. This means your domain needs to represent your Christian mom blogger properly. After this, you will need a hosting provider like Siteground as your web host for fast and decent performance.

Key factors to note before choosing a domain name

  • It shouldn’t be limited to only your Christian blog
  • It must align with your niche
  • It should be a . com domain
  • Make it short
  • Use synonyms where necessary

#4. Pick a theme and brand for your Christian blog

Your theme must blend with your website. You can choose a free or paid theme like WordPress to furnish your web and make it professional because, without a theme, your site is empty. The next is branding and creating a logo. Choose colors that suites your brand because they impact your website negatively or positively.

#5. Start creating content and promote your blog

Finally, You can now share and write about the word of God loaded with great ideas for your blog. Keep in mind, however, that it’s better to create Keyword-focused content because they provide you with specific target keywords, hence, making your blog rank well on search engines. Pull traffic to your site by promoting your Christian mom blogger. Consider the following promotional strategies,

  • Share posts to Christian communities
  • Optimize your blog posts
  • Ask your church to promote your blog
  • Capture emails and send newsletters

Christain Mom Blogger Examples

  • SKYLER CLARK: Pregnancy and counseling
  • HEIDI ST. JOHN: Blogs about marriage and parenting
  • CHELLBEE: Blogs about the Christian lifestyle
  • SARAH: Blogs for Christian mothers
  • NATASHA CRAIN: Blogs about biblical values in children

Black Mom Blogger

Black mom bloggers are experts on finding a midwife to handle micro-aggressions at work to help black moms journey into motherhood, life, and career. In addition, black mom blogger offers podcasts, live events, videos, and inspirational social media posts.

Black mom blogger provides a lot of first-person content with expert advice to get a variety of viewpoints so you can learn from other moms. In fact, black moms act as anchors for children while inspiring them in form of caretakers, teachers, cheerleaders, and best friends.

Qualities Of Black Mom Bloggers

Of course, not everyone is a blogger and has the essential qualities, we will show a few qualities a black mom must possess to be a blogger:

  • You must be very sensitive to microaggression
  • Raising carefree children
  • The ability to validate yourself and your children
  • Being able to teach children about density
  • Providing answers to all challenges

Black Mom Blogger Examples

  1. Kayla Eubanks( @ twochocolatefaces)
  2. Angela Webber ( @_mynameismama)
  3. Lizzy Mathis( @lizzymathis)
  4. Rattles and Heels
  5. Mommy Talk Show

Single Mom Blogger

Single Mom bloggers are referred to blogs written by women that are writing about family and motherhood where they give answers to their audience in terms of family, parenting, and pregnancy and let people know about the issues and challenges of being a single mom or the issues of balancing your work life and home life with child or children.

Being a single mom blogger is one of the most daunting life challenges which is why they use their website or social media platforms to reach out to other single mom bloggers, letting them know they are not alone in the journey of pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, recipes, DIY, inspiration and health-related issues. Challenges single mom blogger face includes

  • Maintaining a work/life balance, because they are expected to provide for their children
  • They experience emotional struggles
  • Lack of financial support
  • Pressure to make decisions

Examples Of Single Mom Bloggers

  • The life of a single mom
  • Dallas single mom
  • Single parent and strong
  • Confessions of a single mom
  • Single Black Motherhood

How Can I Ease The Struggles Of Single Motherhood?

These 4 steps will go a long way to easing your stress as a single mom blogger

  • Build a strong support system: Admit your need to friends and family
  • Connect with other single moms: Find online groups or gatherings of single moms or share your experience with someone or blogging
  • Make out time for yourself: seek help for babysitting from friends and family
  • Seek professional assistance; seek psychological, financial, or general help.

Benefits Of Mom Blogger

  • Encouragement of what we do and how we do it
  • Support when we needed it most
  • Instant advice
  • Means of livelihood
  • Mistakes and corrections daily

In Conclusion

Mom blogger writes about parenting advice, mom life hacks, and product reviews using social media accounts to share content from their blogs. Mom bloggers strive to create a like-minded community with smart mom ideas to support other moms on their journey in life. They also share the pros and cons of being a stay-at-home mom or the issues of balancing your work life and home life with children using real-life problems to provide potential solutions to them.

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