Online Marketing: Meaning and Important Tools You Can Use For Your Business

online marketing
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With the advent of technology, many small businesses are recognizing the importance of online marketing. Local brick-and-mortar businesses used to be able to disregard online marketing in favor of more conventional strategies. But, as consumer habits evolve, buyers are much more likely to do online research before making a purchase. In fact, they might even do some online product research while they’re in the store. In general, every company should incorporate some online marketing into their mix of marketing strategies or else risk losing out on customers. Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about online marketing, from the types to the tools you need for your business. And. if you need help starting out in online marketing, we’ll see how an agency can help.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing, usually referred to as digital marketing, is the process of using web-based channels to inform potential customers about a company’s brand, goods, or services. Email marketing campaigns, social media, advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and other strategies are utilized for online marketing. The goal of marketing is to connect with potential customers through the platforms they already use to read, search, shop, and interact online. In other words, follow the customers.

Online marketing, which largely makes use of digital platforms to draw in, engage, and convert virtual visitors into genuine customers, has a lot of advantages as well as difficulties.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

The ability to gauge the success of any particular campaign and how visitors attracted via various digital marketing channels engage with a digital experience is a major advantage of using digital channels for marketing a company or product. To find out where and how a customer’s online trip ended in a purchase, further analysis of the visitors who become paying customers is possible.

Types Of Online Marketing

#1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The purpose of SEO is to raise a company’s position in Google search results, which will subsequently increase traffic from search engines to the company’s website. To do this, SEO marketers look up the terms people use to seek information online and include them in their own material. The content on your web pages, the way other websites link to you online, and the structure of your website are just a few examples of the numerous components that make up SEO, according to the “Beginners Guide to SEO” published by top SEO software business Moz. estimates that an SEO expert can earn roughly $70,999 annually.

#2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click describes boosted search engine results and paid adverts. This type of digital marketing is transient, so if you stop paying, the advertisement disappears. PPC is a method of boosting search traffic to a website for a business, much like SEO.

#3. Social Media Marketing

This covers everything a company does on social media platforms. Social media is very well known to everyone, but marketers need to have a smart and integrated approach when using it. Social media marketing is much more than just publishing content to social media platforms and answering comments.

#4. Content Promotion

To raise brand awareness, content marketing uses narrative and information sharing. The ultimate objective is to persuade the reader to take a step in the direction of becoming a client, such as asking for more details, joining an email list, or completing a purchase.

#5. Email Promotion

Email is still one of the most efficient marketing strategies, despite the rise of social media, smartphone apps, and other platforms. It might be a component of a content marketing plan that offers consumers value and, over time, turns audiences into customers. According to the American Marketing Association, email marketing experts are experienced at assessing consumer interactions and data and making strategic decisions based on that data. They also understand how to reach the largest possible audience.

#6. Mobile Advertising

This type of online marketing focuses on reaching your target audience on their smartphone or tablet. Mobile marketing reaches people via text messaging, social media, websites, email, and mobile applications, mobile marketing reaches consumers. Marketers can create offers or exclusive content that are specific to a place or moment in time, such as when a customer visits a store or an event.

#7. Marketing Analytics

The fact that digital marketing is incredibly trackable and measurable is one of its main benefits. Coupons and other direct mail promotions were once the sole trackable marketing materials. You could tell the message had an impact if the customer used the coupon. With the use of analytics, marketers can now monitor user activity at a very granular level, including how frequently users click links, how long they stay on websites, how frequently they receive emails, and much more.

#8. Affiliate Marketing

The increasing prominence of industry insiders and social media influencers is used in affiliate marketing. Your company will collaborate to advertise your goods or services with these outside influencers in exchange for payment. Influencers will interact with their followers through articles, blogs, or videos while working together to increase revenue and generate new leads for your company.

Online Marketing Tools

Here are some online marketing tools that will help you launch your business:

#1. MailChimp

With more than 12 million users, MailChimp has established itself as one of the leading global providers of email marketing services and digital marketing solutions.

It’s unlikely that you will have more than 2,000 members when you first launch your company. For this reason, you may get started with MailChimp early using the service for free as you get your feet wet with email marketing and then migrate to a paid plan as you scale.

#2. HubSpot

HubSpot has emerged as a leading provider of CRM, sales, and marketing software.

You are well aware of the significance of a properly functioning marketing funnel. You can use the tools that come with this software for:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Lead management
  • landing pages
  • Calls-to-action
  • Marketing automation
  • Email
  • Analytics

When you rely on HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing tools, no detail is overlooked.

#3. MobileMonkey

With MobileMonkey, your consumers can talk with you and you with them automatically, making it a must-have chat marketing automation tool.

Any firm that wants to engage with its consumers should set up a customer chat system because 75% of customers say it’s better than email or phone communication.

Everything you require for customer chat, including Instagram marketing tools, Facebook messaging lead ads, and live chat, is available on one platform with MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey makes it simple to build up automation to answer, gather lead information, and push leads directly into your other marketing platforms. You can utilize one inbox to view and respond to incoming messages from all of your messaging accounts.

#4. Trello

Trello is a digital marketing tool that makes it easier to organize projects and communicate with your team. If you want to avoid wasting time and aggravation, this is a good digital marketing strategy.

For instance, before publishing a blog post, you can share it on Trello. This provides other team members the chance to examine the post, comment on it, and suggest adjustments that might make it stronger before it goes live.

Email used to be the finest method for team collaboration in the past, before Trello and other comparable apps. While to some extent this is still beneficial, it can also cause confusion, missed communications, and frustration.

Anything pertaining to your online marketing plan may be shared in one location with Trello. Setting up a board just requires a short amount of time. Even better, you can rapidly send out invitations to every member of your crew so that everyone can join in right away.

Although not the only tool of its kind for online marketing, Trello is unquestionably the finest. This application is excellent for teamwork when it comes to marketing-related duties.

#5. Hootsuite

Regardless of size, age, or sector, social media is a critical component of the success of every business. In fact, if you want to succeed in the digital age, social media marketing is a necessity.

You can schedule social media posts in advance using digital marketing platforms like Hootsuite, which will save you a ton of time.

#6. Google Analytics

Analytics, one of the best free tools from Google, needs to be incorporated into your digital marketing plan right now. It’s actually one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available, in my opinion.

You may track every action taken by every visitor to your website by adding the Analytics code in just a few minutes.

Many people think of this as nothing more than a traffic-generating tool, but if you know what you’re doing, it may truly have a significant impact on your marketing approach.

Consider the capability to identify the source of your traffic:

You may be aware that a specific social media campaign is bringing a lot of visitors to your website. With the use of this information, you can modify your future tactics in an effort to achieve the same outcomes.

Or perhaps you discover that a specific collection of keywords is greatly enhancing your organic traffic. Once more, you can focus on these keywords, making sure to bear them in mind while you develop future material.

One of the digital marketing tools you can’t ignore is Google Analytics. Implementing this at the beginning is a crucial choice for your digital marketing plan. The information you can gather is quite valuable.

#7. KISSmetrics

You should invest as much time as possible in digital marketing in the early stages of your company. But do you really want to make choices that have no bearing?

The only way to concentrate on the strategies that are giving you the best return on investment is to track and analyze every move you make.

You can quickly identify what is working and what is not across all of your campaigns with KISSmetrics.

Consider its Analytics offerings as an illustration. A funnel report allows you to Followerwonk 8.

While this is a fantastic way to interact with your audience and drive traffic to your website, it will only be effective for you if you have a well-thought-out strategy.

You may refine your social media marketing plan with the use of tools like Followerwonk, which can be used to examine your Twitter analytics data, for example.

#8. Ubersuggest

In addition to being a difficult undertaking, keyword research can be costly due to the cost of premium keyword research tools. Ubersuggest isn’t your standard free software, therefore it won’t give you much in the way of benefits.

The interface of this digital marketing tool is straightforward to use, making it simple for newcomers to access the data they’re looking for. Starting with a root term or domain that you wish to research is the first step. You can upgrade to a paid program and receive up to three free searches each day using the free version.

If you’re considering running an ad campaign around a particular phrase, Ubersuggest offers helpful keyword data such as total search traffic, difficulty, and paid difficulty.

You’ll see historical statistics as you scroll down that will show you how that keyword has changed over time. This is useful for figuring out seasonal keywords or ones that are popular right now but could lose popularity later.

In order to update existing content or create a content marketing strategy, you also receive keyword ideas and suggestions that are pertinent to the one you’re searching for.

Ubersuggest is a fantastic free keyword research tool that is a great option for new users and has enough value to warrant purchase as a paid product for those who are developing their businesses.

Online Marketing Courses

You can learn the abilities, frameworks, and tactics necessary to involve your audience in your message, your company, or your product on digital platforms by taking online marketing courses. Yet, there are a lot of online training options available, making it challenging to sort through programs and decide which ones are worth your time and money. Here are some of the best online marketing courses you can choose from:

  • ClickMinded — Digital Marketing Course
  • Alison — Free Diploma in E-Business
  • Digital Marketing Institute — MSc Masters in Digital Marketing
  • Digiteers — Social Media Marketing Intensive
  • Hubspot Academy — Email Marketing Certification Course: Get Certified in Email Marketing
  • Google Digital Garage — Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Coursera — Digital Marketing Specialization
  • Simplilearn — Digital Marketing Certification Training
  • Udemy — Digital Marketing Course
  • Udacity — Digital Marketing Nanodegree

What Is An Online Marketing Agency?

An online marketing agency can offer a wide range of services or specialize in digital marketing strategies.

A full-service online agency often provides end-to-end solutions for your online presence, from establishing and implementing your comprehensive digital marketing strategy to branding your company, designing your website, and optimizing it for higher rankings in search engine results.

An online marketing agency may offer a wide range of services if it focuses on digital marketing techniques, from an overall strategy to content marketing, email marketing, social media advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, influencer marketing, PR services, and much more.

Why Is An Online Marketing Agency Necessary?

If you run a small online store as a side business or as a hobby and don’t have the time to advertise and develop your brand yourself, you might want to think about hiring an agency to assist you with your marketing efforts if:

  • You recently launched an e-commerce website and are unsure of how to deploy or where to begin with digital marketing.
  • You own an established small firm but you find it more cost-effective to outsource marketing services to an agency than hiring an in-house marketer.
  • Your company is expanding swiftly, so you need to speak with experts in digital marketing to figure out how to scale your marketing initiatives.

According to your tastes, business kind, and industry, you can choose a local or worldwide agency if you decide to hire one.

How Can An Online Marketing Agency Assist in Brand Growth?

Experts from a digital marketing agency may assist you with important aspects of your online promotion once they have joined your team.

Let’s look at the most significant advantages working with an agency can provide.

#1. Developing and carrying out your digital marketing plan.

Your marketing efforts could fail if you don’t have a solid plan, leaving you with no real results.

An agency can use its resources to develop a plan by carrying out market and audience research, developing consumer profiles, outlining buyer journeys, and carefully selecting when, when, and how to market your business to achieve the greatest outcomes.

Once your strategy has been established, you can work with an agency to develop a clear marketing plan that includes doable actions for achieving both short-term and long-term objectives.

#2. Establishing essential message statements for your brand.

It’s a given that the majority of the world’s population will eventually be able to utilize the internet, but the number of people who will do so is still quite small.

Your vision and mission statements, your brand voice style guide, your short, snappy tagline, your clear, succinct, and benefit-focused value proposition, a so-called elevator pitch that can help you explain your business in a single sentence, and more can all be considered key brand positioning statements.

These messages and instructions can help you communicate effectively with your audience, deliver the proper message, and capture the attention of your target audience right away.

#3. Taking care of your reputation online.

Your reputation may be the most valuable asset in your e-commerce company. Not just because it helps you keep your regular clients, but also because it has a big impact on how many new customers discover your brand online.

A digital marketing company can help you locate appropriate online business directories and rating platforms to post your company profile on and assist you to get more customer reviews, better product ratings, and drawing in more qualified leads in order to help you manage your reputation.

#4. Deciding which marketing channels are best for you.

Although omnichannel marketing has been a popular approach, this does not necessitate constant presence across all channels. A marketing firm can assist you in making appropriate channel selections so that you can better serve your clients.

One of the following situations could result from selecting the best channel for your online store:

  • If you just offer a little number of handcrafted goods, Instagram promotions can be sufficient.
  • You might start a Google Adwords campaign in addition to Facebook, Instagram, and an email newsletter if you own a growing online clothing company.
  • You could receive the best return on investment (ROI) with LinkedIn advertising and content authored by professionals to boost your credibility and authority if you run a B2B company and want to target decision-makers in big businesses.

Knowing where your potential clients spend the most time online, how they generally consume material, the kind of content they prefer, what influences their decision-making process when making an online purchase, and other online habits is the simplest approach to choose which platforms to be active on.

#5. Planning, implementing and reporting on all of your campaigns.

An agency may assist you with research, creation, testing, measuring, and fine-tuning your campaigns after you’ve decided on your marketing channels.

A digital marketing company may provide copywriting services for your website, landing pages, product descriptions, sales pages, and other areas. Or, you may create long-form content such as blog posts, case studies, white papers, and other things, and then assess its results.

In addition, an agency can offer designers to produce unique illustrations for your social media campaigns, hire a video production team to ensure that all of your promotional YouTube videos look polished and in line with your brand, or assist you in launching a podcast and expanding your listenership.

#6. To improve commercial outcomes, optimize your website.

Your company website is likely to be linked to your advertising banners, search engine ads, social media campaigns, emails, special offers, and discounts. Make sure your website is quick, dependable, and useful because of this.

You can hire a full-service digital firm to build unique website strategies for your business, assist you to increase visitor engagement, and motivate your website visitors to take an action in order to improve the performance of your website.

To assist you to improve your visibility and rankings in search engine results, optimizing your website may include an SEO audit, link-building initiatives, and in-depth analytics reports.

How to Pick the Best Marketing Agency for Your Online Store

To assess whether an agency is a good fit for your company:

  • See whether there are any ecommerce initiatives in the agency’s portfolio that fit with your brand.
  • Look out the website of the agency to read client testimonials.
  • Look up client and customer reviews and ratings on reliable rating sites.
  • Based on an agency’s location or usual project costs, make a choice.
  • Naturally, the choice you choose will also be influenced by your marketing requirements, tastes, and the range of services you intend to contract out to an agency.

What Are The 7 Cs of Online Marketing?

The 7 Cs of online marketing are consumer, convenience, competition, communications, consistency, creative content, and customization.

How Can I Do Online Marketing?

  • Repurpose your excellent content for use on several platforms.
  • Focus on long-lasting, non-periodic material for social media.
  • Choose the appropriate keywords, then search engine-optimize your website.
  • Regularly publish blog entries.
  • Execute email marketing initiatives.
  • Publicize press releases online.

How Do I Become A Successful Online Marketer?

  • Attain a bachelor’s degree.
  • Develop key competencies in digital marketing.
  • Think about classes, bootcamps, and certifications.
  • Get your first position in entry-level digital marketing.
  • Study for a master’s in digital marketing.


Online marketing is often referred to as web advertising, digital advertising, and search engine marketing(SEM). Although they are methods used in online marketing, online advertising, and internet advertising are not the same thing. Whether you are just starting out with an e-commerce business or you already have a successful online store and want to draw in more customers, hiring a digital marketing agency can be a wise decision.

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