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Loan Builder
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A PayPal service called LoanBuilder offers short-term financing for small businesses. It can be used in place of PayPal Business Loans effectively. Contrary to popular belief, it is distinct from PayPal Working Capital, which functions similarly to a merchant cash advance. On the other side, LoanBuilder functions more like a conventional company term loan. One of the numerous distinctions between the two products is the repayment plan. Compared to PayPal Working Capital, LoanBuilder loans are created for quite different types of businesses and cash flow problems. In this article, we will learn more about some business loan builder and their relatives like Paypal and the Nav loan with their requirements.

Loan Builder

Small businesses can get quick loans from LoanBuilder. It was originally owned by Swift Financial, which PayPal purchased in 2017. Thus, WebBank is the financial institution that provides the funding, and Swift Financial, now a PayPal affiliate services the loan. A business term loan is the conventional product that mimics PayPal Business Loans the most. The difference is that borrowers make automatic weekly payments rather than monthly ones.

How Does Loan Builder Work?

LoanBuilder offers business loans with durations of 13 to 52 weeks and sums ranging from $5,000 to $500,000. The application procedure is short and simple, and in certain cases, funding is made accessible the very following day. LoanBuilder by PayPal levies a fixed borrowing cost that ranges from 2.9% to 18.72% of the loan amount in place of the standard APR. Thus, if you borrowed $50,000 at a 15% fee, for instance, your total repayment would be $57,500. For the duration of the loan term, the repayment amount is then divided into equal weekly payments. Thus, if the term was 26 weeks, your weekly payment would be $1,450.

There aren’t any additional expenses, such an origination fee or any unstated charges. Only in the event of a returned or late payment, which carries a $20 fee, would you be required to pay more. As the name suggests, one fantastic feature of LoanBuilder is the ability to customize your loan. When requesting a loan, a borrower specifies the amount they want to borrow as well as the loan’s preferred term.

What Do You Need to Apply for Loan Builder?

You must include the information shown below in order to submit an application for a PayPal Business Loan:

  • Total yearly income
  • Beginning of the business
  • Social Security number of the owner
  • Organization Tax ID number
  • Business bank statements for the last four months

Only in cases where PayPal is not used for payment processing are bank statements required. If you do, PayPal’s system will already include this information. You could be required to supply further financial data. Without PayPal payments or a PayPal business account, you can apply for a LoanBuilder loan. A legitimate company checking account is required.


Potential borrowers must fulfill the following requirements in order to qualify:

  • 9 months or more in business.
  • 620 on the personal credit score.
  • Minimum $42,000 in annual income.

One of the lowest requirements for this kind of small business loan is Loan Builder’s need for revenue. When compared to traditional banks, many fintech startups need $100,000 or more in annual income.

What Are the Advantages of LoanBuilder?

LoanBuilder is regarded as short-term financing because of its terms, which can last up to 52 weeks. Most short-term funding sources normally only give out lesser sums, up to $250,000.

On the other hand, LoanBuilder provides up to $500,000. Because of this, LoanBuilder is the best option for companies that urgently want big sums of cash, which is a common occurrence in the small business world.

Additionally, LoanBuilder allows you to tailor your loan amount and terms, unlike other payday lenders. This will make it possible for you to match the precise cost and timeline of your desired investment to the loan.

What Are the Disadvantages of LoanBuilder?

Although LoanBuilder offers flexibility in terms and amounts of borrowing, there is no flexibility in the repayment plan. Every borrower is required to make weekly payments.

These payments may significantly strain your finances when coupled with LoanBuilder’s astronomically high-interest rates. You can be given the option to select the repayment schedule that best fits your cash flow from other short-term lenders.

Additionally, there is no financial incentive to pay off the loan early even though LoanBuilder does not impose prepayment penalties. When you apply, some business lenders don’t calculate your entire fee. Therefore, paying early results in lower interest and penalties than if you paid according to plan.

How To Apply with LoanBuilder

Apply by following these procedures.

#1. Complete a 5–10 Minute Survey

An online questionnaire is thus useful to evaluate eligibility, and it is said to take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. You must also fill out the questionnaire with the essential company and personal information, including the loan’s purpose, yearly revenue, number of full-time employees, and industry.

#2. Choose the Loan Amount and Conditions.

If pre-qualification goes well, you’ll be also prompted to enter the amount and terms of the loan you’d like to take out. Your choices will influence the fees you pay and how much you pay each week.

#3. Execute Your Loan Agreement

After customizing your loan, you will get an email from a PayPal employee in around five minutes. This email will either request additional documentation, such as bank statements, or it will include your loan agreement.

LoanBuilder Funding Fees

The one-time borrowing cost for LoanBuilder business loans ranges from 2.9% to 18.72% of the loan amount. Instead of the customary interest rates that build up over the course of the loan term, this fee is used. Although LoanBuilder loans can be paid off early, there are no savings available and the full fee is still charged. There are no processing, origination, late, or early repayment fees. If a payment is returned, borrowers might be charged a $20 returned item fee.

PayPal Loan Builder

A specific type of lender for short-term loans is a Paypal Loan Builder. Paypal, a provider of financial technologies, created Paypal Loan Builder. When it comes to the 10 Minutes questionnaire season, the Loan Builder can occasionally be quite comparable to a Paypal Business loan.

What are Some Paypal Loan Builder Pros and Cons?

Due to the Paypal LoanBuilder’s limitations as a business loan, it has some advantages and cons similar to other loans. Let’s look at this,

Advantages of Paypal Loan Builder

There are relatively few qualifications needed to be eligible for a Paypal Loan Builder.

  • Approximately 45+ States in the United States of America offer access to The LoanBuilder.
  • A very quick funding period (the loan is disbursed in about one business day).
  • Clear, competitive price without any additional fees or costs.
  • No APR is used, and the only repayment method accepted is a flat one-time cost.
  • A poor personal credit rating of at least 600 is needed.
  • Small firms with urgent financial investments need to have an affordable and quick lending choice.

Disadvantages of Paypal Loan Builder

  • There must be a UCC-1 blanket lien.
  • If the loan is repaid early, there is no exemption.
  • This is not a long-term business financing option; rather, it is a loan for a brief period of time.
  • Not all sectors are covered by this loan, or, to put it another way, not all industries are eligible for the Paypal LoanBuilder.

Loan Builder Review

Swift Financial, the company name listed for LoanBuilder, has a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot based on 5,343 reviews. Negative evaluations are typically the result of incomplete applications, protracted application procedures, and exorbitant interest rates. Insufficient customer service agents are described in other reviews.

Nav Business Loan Builder

Nav is a lending business and a loan builder service for American businesses. It keeps track of your company’s credit history and finds the best financing choices for your operation. Nav assists companies in building a credit profile and assists company owners in obtaining business loans, credit cards, and other services. Nav, a fintech business based in South Jordan, Utah, was established in 2012. Also, Nav provides individualized, data-driven insights to help American businesses make wise choices that will result in revenues and success.

Businesses can seek business loans, get identity theft protection, and manage their credit reports and scores with Nav loan builder. The tradeline reporting option in Nav Business Boost and Business Loan Builder reports Nav payments to the big credit bureaus as a new tradeline.

Nav Business Loan Builder

You register for a Nav account and follow the instructions to tell the service what kind of loan you need and the financial situation of your company. You can choose from the following choices after logging in:

  • Verify your revenue by connecting your business deposit account.
  • To obtain a summary of your credit score, confirm your company’s identity.
  • Browse credit card and general lending offerings.
  • Begin the procedure to receive customized finance offers using your synchronized company data.

Your information is matched to their lenders by Nav, who then shows you the loans and services for which you are most likely to be approved. You may check your eligibility and discover if any of Nav’s lenders are a good fit for you using the free tool.

How Much Does Nav Cost?

The free tier of Nav may include all you require to connect with a lender, but the marketplace also provides subscription tiers that enhance its business services and credit reports. Choose quarterly billing to save 20% on your first quarter or monthly billing to save 20%.

PayPal Loanbuilder Requirements

There are extremely few requirements to qualify for a Paypal LoanBuilder loan if you work in a few specific sectors. If your company meets this requirement, you may be eligible for a LoanBuilder loan, a short-term PayPal financing alternative. Here are the requirements for Paypal loan builder qualifications:

  • You must first have a company with a US location.
  • A good personal credit score of at least 600 is required.
  • The annual revenue of your company must exceed $40,000.
  • Have no open bankruptcy cases.
  • There must be a guarantee for a personal loan.
  • Your business must be at least nine months old.
  • Your company must fall under one of the 490+ industries PayPal LoanBuilder has authorized.

Is Loanbuilder Still in Business?

Yes, the independent finance firm Swift Financial founded LoanBuilder in 2006, making it a legal lender for small businesses.

How Long Does It Take To Get a PayPal Business Loan?

Working capital loans from PayPal can have money in your account in just a few minutes, whereas business loans authorized by 5 p.m. ET can have money available as early as the following business day.

Does Loanbuilder Pull Credit?

Your application will either be accepted or rejected by LoanBuilder following an analysis of your personal credit history and business financials.

What Is the Interest Rate for Loanbuilder?

LoanBuilder charges a fixed fee ranging from 2.9% to 18.72% in place of a customary interest rate.

Who Owns Loanbuilder?

LoanBuilder’s lender is WebBank, while Swift Financial, a PayPal affiliate, handles loan servicing.


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