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Using in-app services like Instagram Stories, users can share temporary content that is accessible for 24 hours. So, Instagram users’ profile photos now have a gradient border around them to show that they have new stories. Even if you are already comfortable with the fundamentals of sharing, there are unutilized options in the app that can enhance the originality and appeal of the pictures and videos you include in your Story. So, in this essay, we’re providing a quick and straightforward guide on how to post an Instagram story from a PC.

How to Post on Instagram

It’s one thing to post something random on Instagram. It’s quite another to fully flesh out your post and develop an Instagram content strategy.

We produced a step-by-step guide for how to post on Instagram summarized 

  • At the top of your screen, tap the + icon.
  • Pick a picture or video from your device’s library or take one using the app.
  • Upload several pictures to Instagram.
  • Crop the image
  • Choose a filter.
  • Edit the image.
  • Enter your caption here.
  • Use hashtags to improve your posts.
  • Tag your friends.
  • Include the location.
  • Try using emojis
  • Post the content to additional social media sites.
  • Edit the article.

Consistent Instagram posting can help businesses connect with their audience and improve, but doing it correctly is just as crucial. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to post to Instagram

Step 1. Tap the + Icon at the Top of Your Screen.

Is the plus sign [+] visible in the image above? You may begin there. By clicking the plus sign below, you can go to the following stage.

Step 2. Pick a Picture or Video From Your Device’s Library or Take one Using the App

Instagram will display the pictures that are already on your phone. To post, pick one of those. If you don’t already have one you wish to use, you can also take a picture or a video using the Instagram app’s camera feature.

Click the Next button in the top right corner of the app after choosing and cropping an image there (or a carousel of several images).

Step 3. Upload Several Pictures to Instagram.

Would you like to draw attention to select images in a gallery? Utilizing Instagram’s carousel feature will allow you to do this.

The square-stacked icon is located directly above your photographs on the right. Tap a photo or video after you’ve tapped it. Each image or video that you tap will have a number appear in the corner when you tap here. Where the piece of information will display on the carousel is indicated by this number.

Step 4. Crop the Image

On Instagram, you are not restricted to using only square images. Actually, you are able to share both horizontal and vertical photographs. Pinch the screen on the Library screen to see more of the picture you’ve chosen (play the video below to see it in action)

Although Instagram allows for both vertical and horizontal orientations, the photographs must still fit inside a certain size range. In order to make your photo fit, you might still need to gently crop it.

Step 5. Choose a Filter.

There are many other filter options available on Instagram; to view them all, scroll to the right and click any of them to see an example of how they will appear on your photo.

The filter will be applied at maximum strength by default. However, you can reduce the filter’s effectiveness by double-clicking the filter tile after it has been applied. A scale selector will then show up, allowing you to lessen the effect.

To make additional changes to the image, tap the magic wand at the top of the screen.

Step 6. Edit the Image

You can edit the image to suit your needs by clicking “Edit” in the bottom right corner.

Here are the choices Instagram currently offers for editing

1. Adjust

Using the linear scale at the bottom of the screen, you can adjust the image’s tilt to the left or right by slightly rotating it along the center plane.

2. Brightness

How light or dark an image appears depends on its brightness. When you move the selector to the left, it gets darker; when you move it to the right, it gets lighter.

3. Contrast

This influences how intense the colors are in the image. To boost contrast, move the selection to the right to brighten it and to the left to make the impact smaller (a higher intensity effect).

4. Structure

You can make an image appear to be in high definition by focusing on specific areas of your shot. To make the image “pop,” move the option to the right.

5. Warmth

This helps change the image’s temperature using this feature. To emphasize warm or cool tones in the image, move the selection to the right or left, respectively.

6. Saturation

You may adjust the saturation of the colors in your photograph using this. To desaturate the image, move the option to the left (or completely to the left if you like a monochromatic appearance) or to the right for more saturated colors.

7. Color

You can utilize a variety of hues to give your image-rich color effects. To observe how the image in the preview window changes, simply choose your preferred color.

8. Fade

This effect creates the appearance of a “aged” photograph by weakening the blacks in your image. To intensify the fading, merely shift the selection to the right.

9. Highlights

Controlling the brightness of the highlights in your shot is now much easier. The highlights in your image will go darker if you slide the selection to the left, and lighter if you drag it to the right.

10. Shadows

This makes controlling the strength of the shadows in your shot simpler. The shadows in your image will become darker and brighter, respectively, as you drag the selection to the left or right.

11. Vignette

The image has a vignette that darkens the borders and leaves the middle blank. For the most dramatic vignette, move the selector all the way to the right.

12. Tilt Shift

This enhances the central characteristics by blurring the edges of the image in a radial or linear manner.

13. Sharpen

sharpening increases the clarity of some visual elements, giving softer areas of the image a more dramatic appearance.

Step 7. Enter your Caption Here.

Utilize your creativity to create an engaging Instagram caption that goes with your photo. Writing something can only be good for you because text can aid Instagram’s search algorithm.

Step 8. Use Hashtags to Improve your Posts.

Users can look for hashtags using the Instagram search feature. Therefore, be sure to include the necessary hashtags in your caption. Someone searching for a hashtag might find both your post and those that did if you included it in your description.

Step 9. Tag your Friends

Want a picture of the two of you to be seen by your buddy or their followers? Label them!

You can include hashtags for other Instagram accounts in your post by clicking “Tag People” on the new posts page. You might, however, include their handle (or username that starts with @) in your caption.

Step 10. Include the Location

If you’re on a pleasant trip or at an interesting event but don’t feel like discussing it in your description, you can still state where you are. To give your photo a location, click “Add Location” on the new post page (which makes it easier for people to find your post).

The stream between your name and the content block will contain any pictures or videos you post with a location.

Step 11. Enjoy Yourself While Utilizing Emojis.

Emojis are entertaining and can improve the appeal of your caption. Emojis that you believe will go well with your content should be included in the description area. You may, for instance, put a palm tree or a plane in a vacation photo to indicate that you flew there.

Emojis shouldn’t be overused or should only be used sometimes. No one will understand if you publish a photo of the beach with a bowling emoji, for sure. Similarly to this, adding 20 emojis to a message that only barely pertains to it may irritate your followers or make them think you’re desperate.

Step 12. Post the Content to Additional Social media Sites.

Simply switch the button from the left to the right to share your content on other social networking sites linked to your account, such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Click “Share” in the top right corner when you are ready to post.
  • Saved drafts from Instagram

You can also save it to your Instagram Saved Drafts if you’re not ready to share it right now. Simply pick “Save Draft” after clicking the top-left back arrow to go back to the filtering and editing stage.

Step 13 Edit the Article.

Everybody occasionally makes mistakes. If you just uploaded something and discover a glaring spelling error, don’t freak out. Simply press the three dots that appear to the right of your name to select “Edit.”

After making the necessary adjustments for Instagram look, save them. Otherwise, your post is complete and open for everyone to see.

How to Post on Instagram From a PC

You’ll need to learn how to post photos to Instagram from a PC, if you ever need to publish something but don’t have your phone with you. To start a post on Instagram from a PC, you need to follow the detailed guidelines provided below.

#1. Go to

Visit and log into your account before you may post on Instagram from a PC.

#2. Click the Plus Symbol

When you’re ready to post, open your Instagram account on your PC and click the + sign in the upper right corner. The compass and message symbols must be separated by a plus sign (+).

#3. Click “Select From Computer

Once you’ve clicked the + symbol, the “pick from computer” option will become accessible, allowing you to select photos from your computer’s downloads, documents, or desktop.

#4. Add text & tags”

You can modify a photo post on an Instagram after choosing it from your PC and deciding whether to share it. You can choose to crop your image, apply different filters, or leave it as-is.

#5. Prep your Video

After making changes to the Instagram image on your PC, you can edit the post by adding a caption, a location, and/or tags.

#6. Update Settings as Needed

You can alter the post’s settings as necessary. You can choose where it is shared, how comments are permitted, and other factors. Editable elements include the location, number of tags, and caption.

#7. Click Share

You can share the post for all of your followers to see once the photo has been successfully uploaded, modified, and you are satisfied with the outcome.

When you’re finished, you can always use your phone to see how it appears on a mobile device.

How to Post on Instagram Story

A slideshow gallery that, well, tells a story on instagram, is made up of short films, pictures, or text-based narratives post.

To post an Instagram Story in one of the numerous ways: Hit the blue plus sign next to your profile picture, swipe right, or tap the plus sign in the top right corner of the screen. Execute the following several actions after completing one of these.

  1. To snap pictures, tap the circle button at the bottom of the screen, or to record videos, tap and hold the circle button at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up on the screen or click the camera icon in the bottom-left corner to add images or videos from your collection.
  2. You can edit the images or videos by selecting the Aa button (the button with three dots).
  3. Click Done to store your story.
  4. Using the “Your Story” or “Close Friends” icons, choose the accounts you want to share it with.

You can send a photo or video to a friend at the same time that it is uploaded to your Story by selecting the Arrow icon. Simply check the boxes next to the recipients, your story, and the sharing. Your friend will view the image before it vanishes.

If you wish to add more than one image post or video to your Instagram story, follow these instructions again. Within a 24-hour window, every image you post will be included in your story. You can utilize the multi-capture option or choose up to 10 photographs at once from your gallery.

What Should your First Story on Instagram Post be?

First impressions matter, so use your first Instagram post to introduce yourself, explain what you do, and encourage others to follow you.

What do I Need to Know Before I Post a Story on Instagram?

  • Find a few photos you’d like to share with your fans.
  • Use your photo in a creative way.
  • Include some meta-textual information or ask a question to make the caption interesting.
  • The appropriate hash tags.
  • Locations and brands ought to be labeled.

How Does Instagram Pay you to Post a Story?

  • For companies attempting to engage with your audience, create sponsored content.
  • Become an affiliate to earn money by advertising the goods of other companies.
  • Create a product, sell it (either physically or digitally), or charge for a service.
  • open an Instagram store.

Ways to Post on Instagram From my Phone

  • At the top of your screen, tap the + icon.
  • Pick a picture or video from your device’s library or take one using the app.
  • Upload several pictures to Instagram.
  • Crop the image
  • Choose a filter.
  • Edit the image.
  • Enter your caption here.
  • Use hashtags to improve your posts.
  • Tag your friends.
  • Include the location.
  • Try using emojis
  • Post the content to additional social media sites.
  • Edit the article.

How Many Photos Can be in an Instagram Post?

There can only be 10 photos in an Instagram post.

How Many Photos Should you Post on Instagram at Once?

You can submit up to 10 images or videos to Instagram at once.

How Can I Increase my Instagram Followers?

  • Improve your Instagram profile.
  • Maintain a regular content calendar.
  • Plan out your Instagram posts in advance.
  • Engage consumers, brand evangelists, and influencers.
  • Avoid purchasing fake Instagram followers.
  • Display your Instagram wherever you can.
  • Share content that your audience is genuinely interested in
  • Engage your audience in deep dialogue.
  • Find hashtags that are popular among your followers.
  • Take action to please your Instagram fans.


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